God of War Collection – Trophy Speed Run

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With the launch of God of War Collection only a week away (Nov. 17th!), we thought we would give you a leg up on earning one of the more difficult trophies in the game, ’15 Min Fight Scene.’ To earn this gold trophy, you have to battle your way to the Loom Chamber in God of War II in under 10 minutes. We got Stephen Peterson, Lead QA Tester on God of War II and a Camera Designer on God of War III, to do a speed run while giving out as many tips as he can. After playing the game a hundred or so times as a tester, he makes it look easy.

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  • First! And this is awesome. I should really buy this game.

  • First Ha! Kind of immature though! Nice post nonetheless =) Speed!

  • Nice looking fwd for this game!!

  • I have half a mind to actually pick this up. I didn’t like the first one after my first playthrough, and only played a few chapters of the second. The price is right.

  • I can’t wait to get this!

  • I can’t wait to pick this up. So awesome

  • Totally picking this up when it comes out AU-side. I haven’t been able to play my PS2 versions for a while… *mumbles*

  • @Apotheosis93, how can you NOT like God of War…I don’t think you were playing the game correctly. You should give it another shot.


  • Awesome games with trophy support.

  • I hate that part in Titan mode so much…nice tips, but was he playing in easy mode?

    Will the GoD3 demo be available NOv 17th?

  • Thx Stephen for showing everyone how easily this can be done. :) Can’t wait to pick this up next Tues and put UC2 and MW2 on the shelf for awhile.

  • Can’t wait to play these two games again and get all the trophies. Until then, MC2.

  • Unrelated to the content of this posting, I just wanted to point out that the age gate implementation on PS Blog videos is _very_ unintuitive and requires way more interaction than is needed. Please add mouse-wheel support and/or convert the entries to drop lists.

  • awsome

  • Awesome but I also don’t like that trophy cuz I like to take my time killing my enemies. And why is it called 15 minute fight when you have to do it under 10 minutes? Also I noticed that the trophy would pop up as soon as you got the trophy unlike the other games where you would have to wait a couple seconds for it to appear.

  • In case you didnt know you have the best job in the world !!

  • This will be a great rent, but not a buy sorry.

  • wow that guy was good sony should totally give him a job

  • Buying 1st day!!

  • This and LBP psp come out on the same day, Why do you have to make me choose. :(

  • @22 BUY BOTH, that is what I am doing! :)

  • can we get this video on the ps store it be cool to have thanks

  • Thanks for this, Ill be sure to use this.

  • Kinda bummed to see that the trophy icons are all the same design rather than having a unique look for each trophy.

  • He did that in 5 min! lol! Doesn’t look too hard.

  • lol, #2 fails big time.

  • Thanks for the tips, will keep them in mind.

  • @ 19

    Rent?…..It’s a great buy, not rent. Sorry….well not realy.

    Great Speedrun! The man is showing some true skill.

  • Wow he did it in less that 5 minutes, thats sick!

    I want to get those trophies badly!

  • woah! was that vortex during rage of the titans in the regular version!? if it was i never knew about it! will definitely be doing that when i play it again for the 5th or 6th time. Then again its nothing compared to over 100. I dont think id want to keep playing a game after that many.

  • Wow I had no idea you could do that tornado thing…now i know…great vid! Cant wait for the game!

  • The 500 and 400 hit combo trophies are the ones I’d really like to get help on lol. “The Gauntlet” was pretty easy to clear in under 15 minutes when I played back on PS2.

  • uh, the guy looks like he needs to run for 10 minutes a day to lose the extra poundage, eh? :D but thanks for the tip! :D

  • this is how amazing the first 2 god of war games are even after being released and buying them both i’m still impressed enough to rebuy them both on blu ray

  • @William

    Anything you could do about getting Amazon an early delivery confirmation would be appreciated. I’d like to get Release Date Delivery, but that won’t happen unless Amazon gets that confirmation. Will you please make a couple of calls?

  • awesome guide, thanks a lot man.
    got the game pre-ordered….just waiting now.
    perfect time to revisit one of my fav franchises in 720p/60 with these lovely trophies :)

    i dont think you need being said that you’ve done a great job testing the first two games and i’m sure GoW3 will be as polished.

    hoping for more guides soon :)

  • These tactics are certainly effective enough for ‘Easy’ and none too difficult for a ‘casual’ to emulate. Insulting to higher level play, but I don’t suspect that was the point of the video…That sort of thing is left to the fans/vets.

    I wish the trophies were less SMALL TIME if only to force players to work a little for them. Relatively few will pose any sort of challenge to even new players. It’s like a ‘selling point’ more than a ‘trophy’.

    I suppose I should not have hoped at all for at least a trophy based on not using EXP orbs (upgrades) and/or extensions *basic Specialty Runs*…but I was sure they would at least make players best ‘Very Hard’ settings before they could get a Platinum for getting everything…

  • That was awesome. Looking forward to picking this up in a few days.

  • Pfft Modern War…what…Kratos will destroy everything!

  • Finished the first one on the PS2 but never played the second, cannot wait.

    Pre-ordered my US copy as no release date for UK :(

  • Haha, I DEFINITELY don’t remember this being so easy back when I played it. XD

    And is the vortex attack a new addition? I don’t remember it from GoW2, but then its been quite a while since I played it.

  • You Got the Touch!
    Climbed the Spiked Column in Hades without taking damage.

    Thats the trophy I am not looking forward to. Hated that bit of GoW1.

  • Can’t wait!

  • That trophy would be so much more challenging in Titan Mode =3

    It took me some time but I eventually did finish the game in titan. I was so proud of myself *-*

    This Game OWNS

  • Never knew the Barbarian Hammer was so beastly. Thank you for showing the me the light. I will definitely buff that weapon to max status when I purchase this. Great video.

  • I’m getting the US version(already pre-ordered my copy) because we wont get it this year in the UK.

    That 10 mins run is going to be a very challenging thing for me. :)

  • If this Kratos goes under 55 mph….

  • cant wait for it,but thats easy or nornal difficulty,look a the damage!!!!!

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