MAG Beta 4 Starts…Now!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Jeremy Dunham (PSN ID: zpr_DunhamSmash), Zipper Interactive’s new Senior Community Manager, and I wanted to share some news regarding our latest MAG beta program that we’re kicking off right now. Starting today, we’ve officially moved into our next Beta phase – Beta 4. We’ve made more than 6,000 changes from our last phase to Beta 4, not the least of which include an increased level cap from 40 to 60, a retooled skill tree and experience curve, and an improved ranking system – all based on the feedback from our diligent testing crew.

We’ve also introduced two new major features to Beta 4. We’ve implemented the oft-asked about “proximity chat” feature that allows you to hear enemies communicating as you get closer, or trash talk them yourself as you punch ‘em full of lead. We’ve also introduced Shadow War bonuses. Depending on which PMCs are leading in the number of contracts owned, the entire PMC will earn different bonuses based on gametype. Leading in Sabotage adds experience points, leading in Acquisition increases leadership aura distance, and leading in Domination decreases tactical strike cooldown time.

MAG Beta 1.4 for PlayStation

Other new additions to Beta 4 include improvements to character hit detection and reactions, skill tuning that sees many of the existing skills amped up, refined Leadership abilities and experience points, and numerous other changes that our eagle-eyed testers have spotted over the last cycle.

Beta 4 is exclusive to GameStop pre-orders, and we’ve moved away from our limited pre-scheduled play times and are keeping the servers open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the change in versions and the last phase now at its end, many of the testers who spent their evenings with us over these last weeks are moving on to other pastures. With that in mind, it’s with great respect that on behalf of the entire MAG team, I want to say thanks to each and every one of you who participated for your hard work, patience, and dedication. Just remember, though, you don’t have to say goodbye just yet. If you still want to participate in our current beta that ends on November 20, all you have to do is pre-order MAG at your local GameStop in the USA and EB Games in Canada to get you the exclusive code you need.

Finally, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that over at, we’ve launched our developer blog, which will provide an ongoing behind-the-scenes look at MAG over the next few months before the game launches on January 26, 2010.

Thanks again and I’ll see you on the battlefield.

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  • Wish I could have played it more, but your shoddy update system made me stop playing.

  • Is there anyway a public beta as in everyone will get a chance to download the beta on the PS Store and play it?

  • Thanks for all the welcome updates! Its alot more support than some companies I know…I really really like this game and cant wait for the full retail version to come out.

  • Same here, I’m uncertain about getting this if I don’t know if I will be able to play it or not :\

  • Awesome game. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Prox chat= FAIL!!!!!!

  • prox chat is a no no.

  • What’s wrong with proximity chat?

  • @#4, why wouldn’t you be able to play it?

    Been in the beta for quite some time, and loving every second of it, and cannot wait to get the full version when it comes out.

  • pre-order benefits suck. Why has getting preorders become so important?

  • really? pre order in order to help catch/fix bugs in a beta? many people are un sure to purchase this game due to the fact that many including myself don’t know the mechanics or how the actual game play is going to be. I think the logical thing to do would be to release the beta to everyone interested enough to download it and check it out for themselves. after all, why the hell would I pre order something I have no idea how will turn out at the end.

  • So this is where you ended up after IGN!!! Congrats Jeremy!!!

  • Actually, proximity chat is a GREAT idea – think of how this will deter people from playing music over their mics, have their kids screaming in the background, having a side-conversation on-mic (does get kind of distracting) – though this could really blow your cover for a sniper.
    Of course, I am assuming prox-chat is only for the person talking, not what the squad is hearing.
    I am a little nervous about the amount of tweaking being done (and still to be done) given the release date also.
    Any word if MAG is going to utilize the Cloud like Uncharted 2?

  • i agree, have been in the beta since it started, and i see no reason to goto one certain store months before a game comes out to make sure that i get a copy. their job is to sell games, and how can a person getone if oh, no, you didn’t tell us you wanted it 3 months ago, so sorry, we don’t have it, only the preorders…. sorry what ever happened to word of mouth, and competition, if all everyone ever see’s is goto gamestop and get this, they will be the only place left to go. sorry mag, but you are added to the list of other games that look great, but i’m not gonna go into a store that pressures preorders and overpriced used games, just to keep playing the beta, i’ll wait until the release and then consider buying it.

  • Thank You! Even though I hardly lpayed during the last phase due to the new games and the amount of work I have trying to understand programming in Devry. I have 2 beta codes (Got one for pre ordering Uncharted 2, got another and the Marco Polo outfit when I picked it up) for this phase so I don’t think I’ll be able to play it so I might just give it away online.

    Looking foward to the developer Blogs.

  • So.. to clarify, those of us who have been in Beta 1 – Beta 3 are not automatically included in Beta 4, and we must pre-order to get the code for the beta download? So we should all delete the game content from our PS3 hard drives regardless, as we have to re-download the new version?

    • Silence~

      That is correct. The new beta version is so different from the old version, you would need the new download and EB/GameStop codes to make it work properly.

  • Oh nice, now you guys fix all of the problems. Eh, oh well.

  • I just wish the beta was US only, too many foreigns with fake American accounts, doesn’t that violate the online agreement?

  • What about the first wave MAG Beta testers??? Are we still in or not??? I’m stuck at work and I would love to know…

    • Hey shystie1,

      Yeah, the phase 1 beta testers have finished out their initial period (thanks by the way), so the new phase is for the pre-order folks.

  • Man i pre ordered it, but didn’t get a beta code, that sucks A Lot lol

  • love the game been playing day 1 of the beta but am going to stop playing for now untill january when the full game come out sorry uncharted 2 is just that good .

  • What about the First Wave MAG BETA Testers???
    Are we still in or not??? I would love to know…I’m stuck at work.

    For the people not currently in the Beta should they delete the MAG Beta from their PS3????


  • I love proximity chat. Besides, for a game where you have 127 other teammates it would be ridiculously annoying if they all (or even a majority of them) had MICs and were all yelling commands.

  • im confused if i use a new gamestop code do i have to download it all over again for no reason cause i am down loading it right now and almost done

    • v1.4 is its own download — if you\’re downloading it now for the first time, it should be Beta 4 by default.

      If, for some reason, that isn\’t the case, you\’d would need to download it again (but given your circumstances, that isn\’t likely).

  • I’m gonna go pre-order tomorrow when I get my copy of MW2. Can’t wait, this game is gonna be awesome.

  • get rid of the prox. chat no one wants to listen to it

  • Wow Jeremy Dunham! Man I didn’t think i’d see your name so soon after leaving IGN. Looks like you a got a pretty nice setup “Mr. Senior Community Manager!” Glad to see you’re doing well. :P

  • get rid of the prox chat . we need to comm. with our own group not the other pmc’s

  • HELP ME UNDERSTAND BETTER!!!!!! Are you saying that i cannot play the beta 4?? Why not?? Even if i preordered it?? That doesnt make any sense!! NEED MORE INFO!!!

  • i nead a key where found a key pleaze

  • Shame you’re cutting us out when you make the servers open at more reasonable times. On my work schedule I can’t generally get on at specific times.

    Now that it would be 24/7 I’d be able to play. But because of how poorly I’ve viewed the beta so far, I’m not inclined to preorder it. Looks like Zipper may have lost a customer in me. I hope it’s good enough to buy come release, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • I have been a beta tester for this game since the start of the qore open beta and to all the people who are not sure of the gameplay i can assure you that the gameplay is very tight. At first the game can be very very overwhelming and to be honest for the first few hours I had no idea what to do (but in the menue screen there is a training mode…. but it is not available during the beta). Once i got the hang of things it was very fun. the controls are similar ro COD and teamwork is greatly rewarded to squads that hekp each other out. the ranking system is OK to say the least. often times the person with the highest XP becomes squad or platoon leader which leaves many others not getting the chance to lead (thats th only negative thing that i can think of in the game). Gameplay is very addictive and the beta alone is worth $60 IMO. Customization is very advanced but controlled…. what i mean by this is that there is a loadout limit…. you can only carry a certain amount of gear/equipment in each class but you can change classes during any respawn…. this makes the battlefield even. MAG is a very well rounded game if your squad is smart and works together the game can be very fun….

  • What? I was in Beta from qore and they had the servers down and I could never play it. I think I played it maybe 5 times. And now there oping them up all day long. I think I will be staying away from BETA TESTING for awhile. Plus I’m getting a little tried of shooting games any way. And being honest I really didn’t like it that much So Sorry. Go Colts!!!

  • Wow alot of people just being cry babys, updates are sometimes a problems but who cares if you can finally get it.

    Plus I’m betting with it open 24/7, it means when the game comes out are hard work would go to the game itself and it makes scents that it only be threw GameStop.

    Because if you were just playing it for the beta, then all that data would be a waste and their would be no point moving it over to the full game.

    Best FPS game I played for along time.

  • Jeremy Dunham Did you work for IGN?

  • It was a fun beta. Thanks, Zipper and Sony. Looking forward to the finished product.

  • Just curious… I am a Qore subscriber for a long time and I have not received anything from you for this Beta testing stage. Why is that? I have been waiting for you to send me a confirmation – so that way, I can access… Even at first, second and third waves- I still did not get in or get anything.

    Please make this happen for me.

  • Jeremy Dunham (PSN ID: zpr_DunhamSmash),

    You guys seriously need to get intouch with me. I have 10 years customer service. (Something that needs a little well deserved attn.) I have worked with Cancer, Hepatitis ABC, Rhuem, HIV, AIDS, patients from all back grounds. so i can communicate to these screaming kids you got that are pissed off over this beta.

    1. the communications of times and or avalability is just POOR. WE PREORDERED THIS GAME 4 MONTHS IN ADVANCE AND WE GET NOTHING BUT HEADACHES, the servers come up late, if at scheduled times, you say 24 hours – well “Jeremy Dunham (PSN ID: zpr_DunhamSmash), ” im only on this site because your servers arent up.

    Accuracy is the biggest part of running a responsible business, corporation, company, Team, Cubicle, yourself—- LACKING HERE HORRIBLY. Remind you- that the beta codes were f’d to begin with.

    Frankly i will never pre-order anything from zipper again. i will not buy your games until i rent them. this service has for the most part sucked so far…. we will see how the classic in game booting goes as well.

  • Beyond!

  • I was really disappointed overall, the game just didn’t have look or feel I like. I was excited before I played, but then after the day long update, I wasn’t impressed.

  • THE Jeremy Dunham?


  • Sounds like we have another Socom. Lol

    *thumbs up*

  • I preordered MAG about a week ago and have been playing since. Am I out of luck as far as getting version 1.4 since I used my code for the older version.

  • lol…. LordElite… thats what i thought in my head too… like whoa… THE Jeremy Dunham…. like the guy that is going to lead us into the promise land of that is known as mag….. SERVERS ARENT UP JEREMY!!!!! but you guys only reply 3-4 times anyway… so we have maybe one left.. until you have filled your requirment of useless info……

    • We had a server issue not too long after I posted this, some of you may (and obviously have) run into issues while we fix it.

      The good news is that we immediately identified the server issue once it happened and are in the midst of fixing it now.

      Apologies if you\’re among the group stuck in the no server zone, but we\’re working on it and working on it as fast as we can.

      Also, I consider this \”new guy initiation.\” Haha — no other explanation can fit :)

  • Wait…. Jeremy Dunham of IGN?! Wow congrats on the new job. Must be nice to be finally outted to your former coworkers, I’m sure Gregg will be calling you in a little bit.

  • exactly another socom….

  • I preordered MAG about a week ago and have been playing it since. Am I out of luck as far as getting version 1.4 since I used my code to get the older version of the demo?

  • Mr. Dunham sir, could you PLEASE consider implementing customizable controls and button remapping in MAG (which Zipper Interactive has promised us before).

    I was disappointed in playing the MAG beta that there were no remappable controls and buttons, and I’m not sure if it’s simply because it’s the beta and not yet implemented.

    I would LOVE to be able to remap my controls to have a more COD4 or Rainbow Six style of button layout (i.e., having one of the triggers for sprint, and clicking L3 for crouch, etc.). It would make my experience feel much smoother and more personal.

    • The game doesn\’t come out for a few more months, until we go gold, we\’ll certainly listen to any and all suggestions — that\’s not a guarantee mind you, but we\’re always open to everyone\’s feedback. Always.

  • can’t wait to get this game
    I really want to try this beta
    please may i get one

  • Do I understand right, I have to pre-order if I want to contiune the beta test? If this is true, than this pre-order rule is sux. What if I can’t pre-order (not money reason, just else). Why why why?
    Please give us any chance not to skip 3 months.

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