LittleBigPlanet: Sack It To Me – The “Happy Birthday” Edition!

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Well, it’s that time of year, and we wanted to celebrate a year of LittleBigPlanet. The next few weeks we’ll have some bits and bobs for you to enjoy…starting with FREE DLC!

On the PlayStation Store:
In celebration of our birthday, we have two FREE costumes for our community. One new and one revisited – both available for a limited amount of time. How else would we celebrate the birthday of our launch, but with a slice of cake and a spacesuit? Be sure to drop by the PlayStation Store and download it this weekend.

LittleBigPlanet Spaceman Costume LittleBigPlanet Anniversary Costume

Another celebration…Community Picks!
We’re not the only ones celebrating something special. Our friends at LittleBigPodcast are celebrating their 40th episode of one of our favorite shows. Check out this week’s episode, featuring guest appearances from Media Molecule themselves, along with answers to tons of questions from the community.

What’s new in LittleBigPlanet (PSP):
In case you missed it, there’s a new development diary on the LittleBigWorkshop all about PUZZLES. Plus learn more about some of the levels in the new adventure on the PSP.

LittleBigPlanet (PSP) on the PlayStation Store – Two week special!
We know a lot of you are waiting to hear about getting LBP (PSP) through the PlayStation Store, and more specifically, how you can get the cool pre-order costumes too. Well, here you go:

We’re pleased to announce that if you purchase LittleBigPlanet (PSP) through the PlayStation Network from 11/17/09 to 12/3/09, you’ll also get the six Sackboy costumes from UNCHARTED 2, Killzone 2 and MotorStorm.

So now you have two options to get LittleBigPlanet (PSP) plus these costumes – reserve your physical copy at any of our participating retailers, or be sure to purchase the game on the PlayStation Store within the first two weeks of launch.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy!

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  • Happy BDAY LBP! great work mm.

  • Happy B day LBP!

  • WOW that’s real cool that people who buy LBP on a PSP Go,like me, get SIX FREE costumes. Nice one!

  • WOW that’s real cool that people who buy LBP on a PSP Go,like me, get SIX FREE costumes. Nice one!

  • Is the Ratchet & Clank content coming out this year? You teased a while back something like, “Hmm…when does the game come out again?”.

    • Nice memory. I\’ll have to check the schedule. I know that Insomniac has been busy, but with R&C:ACIT just shipped (I hope you had a chance to play it – great game), they might have some spare time for LBP.

  • cant wait 2 weeks!

  • Mark, when are we getting new dev level packs? It’s been 11 months, working on them or no would be good to know! happy Birthday Sackboy!

    • Something is in the works, but maybe not exactly as you put it. You have to remember that in addition to the single player experience, LittleBigPlanet is designed as a platform for people to play online together, creators to express themselves thru the pop-it tool, the community to discover user-generated levels and create experiences for the rest of the world. As you can tell, the focus of DLC is meant to support community via self expression/individualism (costumes) or to provide more creative tools for the millions that have something to share. One analogy is expecting YouTube to come out with a new video. The Metal Gear Solid levels are special because with the introduction of a new gameplay mechanic \”paintinator\”, the team wanted to provide a tutorial/samples of how the item can be used. You got a sense of that in the Creator pack as well. Hope that explains things.

  • How much would all six costumes together cost when they become available to everyone?

    I’m thinking of pre-ordering. But not too sure.

    • Tough to say, because we haven\’t finalized LBP PSP\’s DLC plans, but considering licensed costumes for PS3 Sackboy costumes are $1.99 and you\’re getting 6 FREE, and if you know you\’re going to get LBP PSP, why not?

    • Tough to say, because we haven\’t finalized LBP PSP\’s DLC plans, but considering licensed costumes for PS3 Sackboy costumes are $1.99 and you\’re getting 6 FREE, and if you know you\’re going to get LBP PSP, why not?

  • awesome already new content befor the release, happy B day LBP and keep up the good work MM

  • Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you.. HAPPY birthday to LBP..HAppy birthday to yoooooouuuuuuu!!!

  • This didnt say anything about the psp demo which has a release date of…

  • Do you get the freebies if you buy on Amazon and use the code on the PSN?

    • If you <> @ Amazon, the code you\’ll receive would be redeemable on the PSN (PS Store). The costumes shouldn\’t be available after 11/17 anywhere (except via PSN, when buying the digital version from the PS Store, within the first two weeks)…sorry sounded a bit like our legal group just channeled thru my fingers… :)

    • < > =

    • shesh…darn coding…

      It should say \”If you pre-order at Amazon…\”

  • With free dlc!!!??? well we at playstation are all waiting for the ratchet and clank dlc!

  • Throughout the week free dlc? we at playstation r still waiting for the ratchet and clank dlc!!! soon hopefully, wat about marvel, u haven’t talked about the marvel little big planet for a long time

  • Happy Bday LBP! I haven’t ran the game in awhile, I might jump into it since it’s your anniversary though :)

  • revisited how, do we have to redownload spacesuit if we already have it ._.

  • My birthday is tomorrow so I’m going to assume you made this birthday suit for me as well :p

  • Happy Birthday LBP and those costumes are mine lol

  • Happy Bday LBP!

  • Oh god… LittleBigPodcast is soooo awkward.

  • That was the most pointless thing I have ever watched.

    Its too bad you all couldn’t be bothered to address the whole we have no plans for LBP 2 and how you’ve basically let the community go to hell in a handbag by not giving us any new decent content ( in the next year? level packs would be great too…)

  • Thank you for sharign about the PSP Playstation Store DLC. I have been waiting for weeks to hear this.

  • Thanks, I wonder if we will ever see a Mortal Kombat sackboy?

  • *rolls eyes* they are just never pleased.

    this is great to hear! i’ll be updating my thread on Littlebigworkshop to include this!

    now for two more questions (XD i will never run out of them)

    1. i’m assuming that since you said 11/17, the game will be on there that day, correct? (don’t want my hopes dashed)

    2. and, will we be seeing the demo out pre or post game launch?

    • 1) if you\’re talking about LBP PSP on the PS Store…yes, it will be there on 11/17

      2) neither…(stay tuned)

  • Awesome; can’t wait for LBP PSP to come out! But when is the Water add-on for the PS3 coming out?!

  • The spacesuit reminds me of Moon, Seeing that Sony pictures picked up that indy film that is pretty apropriate. Now, someone better than me should make a Moon level with the 2 Sam Bell sackboys working together to get home.

  • Too bad the space suit helmet doesn’t give off a correct reflection of the surroundings. Well at least in the original space suit. Maybe they fixed it in this one. In any case, no biggie anyways.

  • Happy b-day!

  • Happy Birth Day LBP!
    Lets keep the support strong for a another year!

  • nice – Happy Birthday LBP! Guess I should play this for a bit to celebrate.

  • Happy Birthday to Little Big Planet! What a great game! =D

  • My sack boy is thirsty? Any idea on when Water is coming?

  • this is cool

  • good because i was thinking about getting it off PSN

  • Hey Mark here’s a crazy question…what ever happened to those week 1 littlebigplanet sackboy shirts ;)

  • my ps3 broke last week and i dont think ill get it back until after the bday costumes gone. is there any other way i could get it?

  • Will we ever get that T-Shirt everywhere else got as a launch shirt? That is all I am missing for a complete LBP DLC set!

  • I want a LBP Tee!

  • I’m looking forward to a xmas suit and present to hold or candy cane, both a santa and miss version of costume would be sweet. *Fingers Crossed*

    Space suit rocks aswell, and HAPPY B-Day!

  • It sounds like from the replies that Level packs are not the focus right now, which is disappointing.

    I still don’t understand the focus on costumes; since it does nothing for gameplay. Going back to the YouTube comparsion (which isn’t a good comparsion since YouTube is free, but I’ll play along); to me releasing costumes is like YouTube giving users an option to modify the gamma of videos, sure it lets the user control some aspects of the video, but it is still fundamentally the same video.

    Either way, I hope the Final Fantasy pack (ie; Sackiroth shown at TGS two years ago) will eventually released; I don’t care if it is a level pack or just costumes. I need a reason to be excited about LBP again.

    • LOL…thanks for playing along w/ my 4am analogy.

      If you remove pricing from the equation, they are both platforms which users create the sticky content. Costumes are more for individualism, gameplay-wise its \’horse armor\’, but you have to admit, when playing online its much more easier to identify which Sackboy is yours, and I get a kick out of seeing the different costume mash-ups people make.

  • Happy B day LBP ! hope you have many more!

  • YO,Mark,im making a level called
    “The Contraption” and i was woundering,how in the world do YOU get more people to reconise your level and how do i get it POSTED on the web just like
    “A Royal Love Letter”?
    by the way mark…


    YOU guys better not do exactly what you did to that FinalFantasy to the water idea,because we all think you guys just left that idea sit in the corner like it will it won’t ever come to LBP! and make it cheap!

    Oh,by the by,Im actually thinking of things you guys will never do,im smart you know,if only i was working there…

    LBP Idea #1-Magnet Boots,They attatch to metal material only and you can walk on the ceiling! IT’s a sackboy Enhanchment thing.

    LBP Idea #2- Wind,Why use invisible objects when you can use a switch trigger to activate the wind monitor that can point to any directions!

    LBP Idea #3-Lava and acid,This is a biggy Mark,don’t ignore it!!!
    You can change the water to lava or acid and when you touch either,it burns you up,like the fire pits

    Mark,im a smart person really,i’ve been thinking of things that wanted to tell MediaMolecule for 2 years and it seems i can’t find a way…

  • By the way,i wish that water was released right now,so ican get this level of levels started,but in the case you guys won’t see it cuz your not working fast enough…

  • and happy birthday.

  • Can’t wait to go and download the two costumes.

    on another note, i pre-ordered from amazon and didn’t get a code yet. should i be getting one? I ordered it on october 8th.

  • Well where’s the water exactly? I’m excited of course of everything else but I’ve been pumped for the water ever since the trailer was released.

  • how much memory is LBP going to take up!

  • First.. Yeah.. Happy Birthday LBP! Second and my biggest concern… Do they ever plan on updating their hardware… I mean have you played this game online with 2 – 3 other people? It’s impossible with the lag! I know it’s not just me.. there are tons of people complaining about lag issues..


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