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Here are this week’s PlayStation links, presented one hour later than usual.
Please share with the group, putting any of your favorite links in the comments area below. And if you saw any good PlayStation-relevant Halloween costumes last night, go ahead and share those as well.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 26, 2009)

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  • Nice week, im enjoying Ratchet and Clank:A Crack in Time
    ok to my links here’s the biggest PSN game coming this month ( Big in size that is)

  • first comment! little big planet psp gameplay is nice

  • Whats going on in the web this week? Lat me see…..

  • third.

    short list this week.

  • I only wish I had been lucky enough to get that fortune hunter edition.

  • Jef is Sony aware of the copyright infringment of SCEA property appearing on the 360 dashboard shown on this article?
    Wanted to mail this through the week, know you’re the man to send it to ;D

    No mistaking it, that’s the Kratos mask showing on the GoW sites news page.

  • Dear Playstation,

    What the hell were you (naughty dog) thinking with that huge penalty for quitting/disconnecting matches in UC2? Sometimes I have to leave a match or my connection goes down… why should i lose hours of progress?

    This was a TERRIBLE mistake. The communities on GT, IGN and gamespot are all up in arms.

    Put it back to the way it was…. big deal, someone quits a match. UC2 is way too awesome to be ruined by this garbage

    • I can tell you that ND reads the boards pretty religiously. If the move is truly unpopular, then I\’m sure they\’re listening.

  • this is has been a great week overall. specially with the announcement of netflix for the ps3! :o this link is about an interview that rpgamer did with the devs of wkc!

    anyways, i hope this month is as good as the last one!

  • I read and saw that the Japanese store not only has Dissidia but, also has 100x as much awesome content than the North American store. Make it happen, Dissidia this week!

  • I agree with “BigPoppaB” (comment 5).

    I never heard this happen, but if it’s true, it is a TERRIBLE mistake as BigPoppaB has said. Sometimes some of us have to leave quickly or have a connection problem; that’s just not fair.

    P.S. Uncharted 2 is awesome and I have nothing against it.

  • Any possible word on when the ModNation Racers beta will start?

  • Nice to see Borderlands got a patch, now I may pick it up.

  • heres hoping capcom makes a resident evil 2 announcement this coming week…

  • What about the podcast Jeff? I already posted on Europe Blog’s… A joint US/EU podcast would be pretty cool.

    • Chris is working on a pilot episode. As it stands, it\’s not cross-continental, but we\’ll see what works and what doesn\’t.

  • Dear PlayStation,

    Please deny all knowledge of PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.10. I’m sick of websites talking about rumors as fact. . .and then rumors talking about delays of rumors that were never facts that could be delayed in the first place.

    You do know you can quiet the entire rumor mill with a simple : “Yes it exists and we’ll give more information when it’s closer to release.” . . .or “No it doesn’t, a chat feature will not be available for the console.”

    Why must you bait them by staying silent?!

  • Now im still not sure why comment which is number 1 didnt get approved yet? jeff? it keeps saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation” by that no one will see the link

    • All comments with links are automatically pulled into moderation – a precaution to prevent the comments from being filled with spam and pr0n links. You made it through.

  • what i want to know is why my first post and link was beign moderated? since it was a nice post and linkage about an interview that an rpg website did with the guys of white knight chronicles!

    i dont get it, jeff you tell us to ask our links and yet you moderate me. whats up with that?O_0

  • I have a feeling #’s 13 and 14 are the same people.

  • @ 15

    LMAO NO but i sure laughed when i read your comment as i knew someone would say that seeing how 14 said he got the first comment with a link as well and he also posted a link to an RPG game tho i listed a link to another game called Argest Wars

  • I (like many other people) like the idea of trophies and how they are being used, but i really think it could be expanded on. for instance, for every 500 trophies you earn you are entered into a game beta, or get 1 free game add-on (of your choice) that cost less than $1.99. those are just some examples, but it could really be expanded on well.

  • Yes the PS2 is so wonderful…. so wonderful in fact that Sony refused to release an emulator so it’s legacy can last well beyond it’s years. If PS3 starts turning a profit like many claim it is and the PS3 just happens to see a price drop late next year, then sony better be considering BC for the future. Especially PS4, my 60 gig is not going to last 10 years and I plan on jumping to PS4 for the same reasons I jumped to PS2. Because my PS1 died and PS2 was where I wanted to be and provided the best cost solution to continue my PS1 games.

  • Hey Jeff, can you inquire to the Dogs as to if there are any FHE’s left? Still waiting to see some make the trip up north.

    BTW, and this is coming from a Jays fan, Phillies will overcome.

    • You know, I\’m still pissed about the 93 series…

      I\’m told that Canadian fans will be finding out about their ways to win the FHE this week. Stay tuned to the Blog.

  • BTW now that we know who won the Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Contests. When will the Blog contest I read about arrive?

  • hey Jeff i was wondering if its possible if u could get a word in to the people in charge of getting things on the PS store, to add the GoW collection trailer in HD, since all ive seen is the ones put on sites(and i doubt that fully shows the improvements). I would like to have it on my Ps3(as im sort of collecting all the GoW trailers on my Ps3) And im also not able to dl it from the GoW site for some reason on my PC.

  • Just had to say this:
    Uncharted 2 is the best game I have ever played

    it is amazing

  • Hey whatever happened to the cross game chat and party system that was suposed to come with a firmware update by the end of October?

  • sorry for the hatorade before (post #7)…

    Uncharted 2 is the best game ive played in a LONG time… and it just kinda sucked to have like 2 hours of leveling up progress (which actually means a lot in UC2 MP) erased for no legit reason.

    You lose $40,000 in game currency + a level.. thats way too harsh. $10,000.. which is the equivalent of a match would be fine

    Please adjust this asap… this isn’t the proper way to curb game quitting… and disconnections are uncontrollable

  • is naughty dog going to patch uncharted 2 where it auto shut downs 60 gig to 80 gig ps3s…?’

    Please Jeff respond if NDI isnt taking this into consideration make them do it, its ridiculous

  • Go YANKS!!! 2-1 in first inning. going to watch dexter in 10 min though.

  • i thought titan studios once mentioned fat princess for psp…i just got a psp go and was lookin for it cuz i love that game for know anything about this jeff?

  • @ 7 i understand you but to me it’s not a big deal , yes it can be upsetting when that happen and it had happen to me but it dont happen alot for me . if you a good team mate then it should happen a little but if your not then get uses to it. lol you can play as a team and enjoy or keep getting your game disconnected lol it’s your call.

  • Did you read that a lot of people with older ps3 consoles got their blu-ray drives bricked by the 3.01 update? Please fix this! All of you who say that software can’t affect hardware, try uninstalling your cd-rom driver in windows and tell me if the drive still works.

  • OOHH It’s Playstation Sunday, that means a new Playstation commercial. :)

    Depressed teenage Mom:
    Dear Playstation,
    My child’s grades have been dropping lately and I’ve noticed he’s been getting paler due to lack of sun exposure. The point I’m trying to get at is, he hasn’t left his PS3 for a while now, he says that he can’t pass Master Ninja on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and is trying to balance playing Uncharted 2 at the same time. Is there any way I can get him back to school?

    Give him 2 more days he’ll suffer from frustration and eventually get carpal tunnel.

    It’s been 3 weeks.

    Yea- I’m going to file this under not an issue.

    It only does depression
    ………… frustration
    ………… great games

    PS3 now $299



    P.S. I’m not hating on the PS3 just doing this for fun. :)

  • Oh my, people have already started joining my movement from last week with the playstation ads. Keep it going guys. :)

  • What you guys are going to do a podcast why bother just post PSnation on the blog and you are done. All it will cost you guys are some drinks probably.

  • and by d way Uncharted 2 its fine d way it is now i hate quitters but i wish u could vote people out on co-op

  • I wore a Kratos costume. >.>

    No way in hell was I going to paint my body and go shirtless when it was that cold out, but I did get a white shirt and painted it. Did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. >.>

  • How about bringing someone from Infinity Ward and Ubisoft to talk about their games since they will be releasing soon?

  • P.S don’t do the PSnation podcasts…. IMO they are awful

  • Don’t forget this! =D

    (you should add that to the post, that one’s important!)

  • Hey jeff,

    I made an Uncharted 2 machinima video for gametrailers Halloween user movie contest.

    It would be cool if you could link to it on the blog somewhere… if it’s up to standards of course ;)

  • Jeff, do you happen to know when Atlus is going to announce the winners of the autographed Demon’s Souls posters?

    I hope I won one >_<, Demon's Souls FTW XD

  • Frogger Returns Coming to PSN:
    Brütal Legend DLC Announced:
    Bad Company 2: Limited Edition:

  • Good couple of weeks Sony… Netflix, check. Awesome games in October, check. Uncharted 2, Demon’s Souls, and Ratchet & Clank all awesome in their own ways.

    Now if we could get Cross Game Voice Chat, and Auto-Sync Trophies. This console would be really something. An improved/fixed friends list would be nice too.

  • Uncharted 2’s party system is awesome… what if we could do that all the time along with cross-game voice chat? :)

  • Agree on the trophy issue, that it gives replay value at a certain level, though you know what would even be better? We can “actually” do something with those things and not in home, but like earning DLC’s or PSN games or something. Valuable to “everyone”.

    WOOOOOT?! 3D DOT GAME HEROES CONFIRMED FOR THE US?!! Whoa… nice one StuntF… didn’t know that _O_

    *singing, JRPG’s are coming, JPRG’s are coming, JRPG’s are finally coming, yah, yah, yah* LOL

    Ow I tested out the God of War III demo… good thing the collection is coming, so I can try that out. Usually these type of games weren’t my thing, but ever since Bioshock, that kind of changed :-D

    Speaking of collections, even more hoping for a Ratchet & Clank collection and Ico / SotC *hint, hint* :D

    Ow and final thing… You’re looking at the biggest Uncharted female fan out there! Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, GAME OF THE YEAR!

  • About 3D Dot game heroes:

    Jeff Rubenstein replied on November 1, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    We’re the ones who broke the story!


    Really? When? I must have missed it, probably too busy with erm…. Uncharted 2 perhaps? *whistles*.

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