Zombie Tycoon Shambles to PSP minis Today

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Zombies! Aren’t they AWESOME? Yeah we think so too.

Zombie Tycoon for PSP

However, while many games tend to be all about defeating a zombie infestation, we think it’s about time that zombies get to feast properly on human brains. Prepare your weapons and sharpen your teeth because you’ll be up against the whole humanity and not a single individual should escape!

Zombie Tycoon lets you take ‘control’ of a hilarious zombie horde in order to achieve complete world domination. Doing so will require a lot brain throwing, building trashing, mascot bashing as well as equipping some of the silliest loot ever conceived.

Zombie Tycoon for PSP

We are really proud to say that, just in time for Halloween, Zombie Tycoon will be available as a PSP mini title on the PlayStation Network for just $7.99.

Zombie Tycoon on PSPgo

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  • I’ll check this out this evening. Looks fun, and frantic, and just in time for Halloween. :)

  • This looks good. It may be my first mini purchase.


  • PSP!? No No No!!! Put it on PS3! I WANNA PLAY IT!

  • Might be cool.

  • More reason to get a PSP Go

  • @ 1 and 4 wow really ? do you say first when you get to the stop light first ? lol some of you guys make me wonder about you. there no way anyone can be that lonely but then agin? anyway good game may buy it for my psp , lol can’t wait to get mine hands on a psp go.

  • US$7.99? What happened to the Minis being inexpensive?

    Here’s hoping to a good upload today; looking forward to the PSOne and Mini uploads…

  • 7, Remember people can get these on the original PSPs. PSPgo is only digital, but that doesn’t mean that these games are only made for it.

  • Hell Yes! I’ve been waiting for this game ever since its announcement. I will definitely be purchasing this today. This is going to be a really fun game.

  • What’s with people griping on the price point? These aren’t your run of the mill, ridiculously shallow iphone apps, sure some of them might be, don’t buy those, these are just indie games that allow more devs to compete with first party developers at a lower price point than they start at.

    Can you even imagine what kind of drivel a 99 cent psp game would have in it? I’m not brainwashed, most of these are full 3D titles that look like they took effort and a team to make. Like most 4.99 or higher iphone apps.

    Why even bother comparing a gaming machine to a silly phone is beyond me, especially in price points, we’ve had gaming abilities on phones before, and NO ONE in their right mind would compare them to a gaming system.

  • Looks good; but way too expensive, especially when you can get full-fledged PSOne games from $6.99-$9.99.

    Minis are a great idea, but the execution (price and timing) has been awful.

  • A little too expensive. Minis should be at most $5, or else don’t call it a mini. The name suggests something small, but the price does not match the name.

  • Now if only I could get a PSP port of Burn Zombie Burn! Why that game is only on PS3 I’ll never know…it would be a perfect ‘pick up and play’ game for PSP.

    Anyway, Zombie Tycoon does look like a blast. I’ll be downloading asap.

  • I dunno… I’m rather skeptic of the minis… after being ripped off for that POS Hero of Sparta.. I think I’ll wait to hear about how a game is before I guy it. Even at $7 or $8… it it’s crap it’s $7/8 down the drain.

  • The greatest roadblock inhibiting price parity, especially for indie developers, is the ESRB. The iPhone games currently do not require ratings while the PSP ones do. This adds a hefty amount to the cost which, for small or starting studios, requires a higher price point. It isn’t really their fault…they’d offer them for cheaper if they could.

    That being said…I’m totally looking forward to this game. It looks freaking awesome. If the concept flies, I’d love to see it potted elsewhere with some multiplayer :)

  • Hmmm…if I had the money. Cause ya know, I’ll be broke in November.

  • The word Tycoon worries me, do you actually control the zombies or is it like Lemmings?

  • I’ll definitely be picking this up today. This game uses the Vicious Engine which was used to power Dead Head Fred so it should be pretty full featured.

    @blackgreensoul I think the level of control is more like Pikmin or Overlord. You can actually order your zombies around and equip them to do battle however you choose.

  • Ugh, why do Minis have to be so much? $3-$5 max
    I already feel like a heel for getting Tetris at $10. There’s Full Blown PSN Games that are cheaper. pass

  • We had better be getting Resident Evil 2 for Halloween, Sony…

  • looks fun
    havent been able to buy a psp tho but when i get mine ill definetly be buying this

  • trailer was full of fail.. While I think the images seemed to be pretty good (gameplay wise).. the trailer was utter horror.. (in a bad way)
    No Sfx, no voice, nothing.. Just a relatively lame tune..

    game looks decent, trailer was pure horror :(

  • looks freaking awesome, ill be getting it today!! lol if we actually get it updated before 12:00 am est.

  • cool

  • Yay, more zombies… let’s beat them back into the ground from which they rose.

  • Fantastic! Zombies…that’s synonimous with SOLD! Picking this up as soon as the network update goes live this afternoon.

  • Enough with the zombie games already! It’s getting ridiculous. The games are also becoming a parody of themselves.

  • i don’t see thpoint in psp minis if they’re just gona have the same price as most of the regular psp games

  • Price could be a little lower considering I can buy a PSOne Classic for $5.99.

  • Once the PSP Go is going for $150 I’ll be all over these downloadable games. As for now, I’m just going to be playing the sidelines with my original PSP.

  • So is this basically a RTS?

  • @ Martin Brouard

    IS THERE ANY PLANS to release I PS3 version of Zombie Tycoon(Zombie Tycoon HD)

  • This wasn’t a very good trailer, because the gameplay portion of the screen was so small I could barely see anything. Sorry, but it did not convince me.

  • Believe me the price is reasonable considering how much content Zombie Tycoon offers for a minis.

    You not only get a brand new franchise with a very funny story spanning 10 levels,but also a few animated cutscenes, boss fights, over 100 items to equip your troops and lots of achievements.

    And you get play the Zombies for once :-)

    All this for much less than a ticket to see a movie…

  • I understand that there may very well be a great deal of value to this game- I don’t know yet- but I have a problem with how “Minis” are represented. Way back when they were announced, I got the idea in my head that they were bite-sized, and likewise priced, titles. I’m really having trouble wrapping my head around what a “Mini” is supposed to be at this point, because if this has so much value, I’d figure it would be a full-on downloadable PSP title- it seems like it could stand on its own beside the likes of Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman.

    What I think many are getting at here is that the classification is what’s wrong- the game itself actually looks pretty damn good.

  • This game looks like a blast! And @ 7.99 it leaves me some change for a nice movie rental…

  • People are getting wayyyyy too concerned with the price. It’s 8 freakin’ dollars! How much were you expecting a game like this to be? $.50? $1? Common, be a little realistic. Like some others have said, you spend just as much (or more) paying to see a movie, renting a movie, or even buying lunch at a fast food place. Don’t be so cheap all of a sudden.

    But anyway, great work on this game! I can’t wait to try it out!

  • I can’t even tell whats going on with the trailer…

  • this is pretty sweet man. Are you sure this is a mini? It should be a full game!

    I will definately wait for reviews on this one – Like I usually do – Unless its a 99c iPhone game. But I WILL buy it if the reviews are decent.

  • “Much less than the price to see a movie”? I suppose I may live in an economically stable community (NW arkansas), but I can see two brand new movies for the price of this game.

    Sorry, but it would be difficult for you to defend this poorly priced game.

  • Ouch at the price.

    I think people are upset because pretty clearly the PSPMini line was meant to compete with the IPhone/Itouch app store. Indeed, probably half the minis available are simply ports of those.

    And yet we are seeing prices that are several times greater in many cases.

    While it’s probably a bit unfair to complain, since Mini developers probably have to pay more to Sony than Apple, and they have to paid to get their min rated by the ESRB and the similar boards in EU/Japan/wherever (which is like $2500 each place, I guess).

    But Sony should have thought of this before hand. And either relaxed their royalties or drop the ESRB requirement, to have closer parity between the two stores.

  • weren’t mini’s supposed to have a mini price too??? if this game was in the 3-5 range a buy for sure, but a 8 bucks, thats more then some ps 1 classics and right up there with regular psn games, dont see any point to these mini’s when there priced that high. i’ll but them for the i-phone at .99 or 1.99 a pop

  • Not buying it until the price is under 3.99$. In fact, not going to buy any Mini until the game is under that.

    You can get quite a variety of PSN PS3 Games that are actually good with online and way better graphics for the price.

    Please try and offer a little more detail on why we should pay 7.99$ for this.

  • if 7.99 is expensive these days i must of missed something

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