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Hear ye, hear ye … calling all Fat Princess fans!

Last week the good people over at Titan Studios announced on this here blog the completion and imminent release of Patch 1.03 and the highly anticipated Demo.

Alas, the time has come and we are pleased to announce that the patch and demo will be out on the PlayStation Network today.

Fat Princess New Pork

In case you didn’t hear, Patch 1.03 contains a brand new map, New Pork, which we’re providing absolutely free. Yep, FREE. We’re extremely grateful to all the fans for their support of Fat Princess and we hope that many of you will spread the love and entice your friends who have not yet tried the game to give it a go.

We hope our beloved royal subject is only going to get bigger and better, and you all play a major part in making that happen. So thanks for your support, enjoy New Pork, and keep the feedback coming.

Until then, and as always…

Cake for everyone,
The Fat Princess Team

Fat Princess New Pork

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  • this game is awesome, my gf plays it more than me. i got pushed to the sidelines, but its ok. i would love to see a offline co-op, or even offline multiplayer. we love to play against each other, and she thinks she can win. but there’s only one way to find out.



  • About time you patch thsi buggy pos

  • played the demo this game is freaking sweet,really fun but now all my freinds say i like fat girls….*cry

  • Awesome update. Especially fixing the disappearing princess bug. Still think the dark priest is overpowered though. I hate the dark priest.

  • Last time someone of royalty mentioned “cake” she got her head cut off, let us hope our rotund princess has more luck!! :)

  • i got the game yesterday cuz i REALLY LOVED the demo! and the full game is by many times better! BEST PSN GAME! :) Thx for the free map too!

  • I was skeptical at first, but after I played the demo, I am convinced. I will buy this as soon as I pick up a PSN card! Awesome game!

  • YES!!!
    thank you titan.
    you know usually i HATE update but after i downloaded this one and saw the new level well… that just changed every thing. ahhhh if only every game could be like this.
    hay 1 more thing you should put in your next update, local multiplayer. trust me that will get you hundreds more downloads

  • Thank you so much for this Fantastic game and a free map. :)
    You should put Local Multiplayer in and some new classes. That would be very cool.
    But I really want to thank you for being so generous to give us a free map. :)

  • Nice demo, but still waiting for local multiplayer.

  • i agree it would be nice to have some kind of split screen so my girlfriend and i don’t have to switch off all the time

  • Well it’s about time developers start putting out demos. Because no one wants to spend money on crappy games. The good thing is, if your game is truly good, you benefit from it also. So it’s good for the developers as well. I bought fat princess after playing the demo and I’m spreading the word. You see, it does pay off. You can safely assume that the game is bad that’s why developers don’t want to release a demo. Because they”re afraid that the demo would put an end to people buying their game. It’s the developers who have to prove to the gamers…not the other way around.

  • will there be any addtional stuff or packs or weapons that can be purchased or even new maps

  • will there be a fat princess 2 pls reply anyone

  • Amusing and interesting game, unfortunately it suffers from the rather glaring loss of split screen multiplayer. There is no good reason for it not to be included and I bought this game specifically because I was certain split screen would be available. My wife was excited for this game and we were looking forward to playing it together, it never occured to us that there wouldn’t be split screen, hopefully sometime soon the developers will come to their senses and remedy this. This could be a great party game, and its very enjoyable, but its like getting a cupcake instead of the sweet serving of cake this game could be.

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