Call of Duty: World at War Map Packs 50% Off, New Playlists!

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For one week only (offer ending November 1, 2009), Call of Duty: World at War Map Packs 1, 2, and 3 for PS3 will be half-off in the PlayStation Store (only available in North America). So if you are missing one, we hope this makes it a bit easier to complete your collection!


With this, we’re announcing some important playlist changes you’ll want to take note of:

  • Hardcore HQ: The addition of Hardcore Headquarters to the Hardcore playlists has taken effect, by popular demand.
  • Team Flags: In the MAP PACK category, the old “Team Objective” playlist has been removed, and replaced with two playlists; Team Flags being one of them (CTF, Domination, and War).
  • Team Objectives: Also in the MAP PACK category, the counterpart to Team Flags is this new playlist, Team Objectives (S&D, HQ, and Sabotage).
  • Also, all 3 map packs are now in the MAP PACK rotation. So if you want to play only new content, but are tired of the same 3 maps, this will hopefully be a happy medium for you =).

Finally, we’ve turned on Double-XP which will also end Monday, November 1st. So hit that prestige button one more time while the XP is cheap!

To your last breath!

CODWWMP3Battery2 CODWWMP3ZombieFactory5

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  • Nobody cares? Why no comments?

  • hey on world at war the game has been laggy the last few days please work on the servers my friends are having the same problems looking into it for us also match making needs to be updated sometimes when you go to start some of your friends wont be able to get in and you gotta keep backing out to get them

  • God finally a price cut. I may get all 3. I was actually complaining about this a month ago that they are far too expensive when all I wanted was the zombie packs.

    I wish you would have a pack exclusive to the zombie levels, OR have 1 pack that contains all 3 for a cheaper amount.

    Also howcome it takes so long to join a zombie game sometimes? It can take up to an hour or longer some times. It says there are thousands of people playing the map I want too.

  • @#1, it’s because probably everyone who owns World At War already bought this… P.S Can’t wait for MW2!!!

  • COD:MW2 comes out in 14 days, why would I buy 3 map packs for a game that I won’t be playing? The price drop is nice, but the timing is aweful. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Good I’ll have to tell my friend… Oh yeah, that’s right, he lives in Canada. Is this only available to the US?

  • Grrr not for Europe :(

  • What would be really good is if you could make a Zombie map pack.

    I couldn’t care less about the extra MP maps, but I’d definitely buy a zombie map pack.

  • Agree with comment 5: plus all this “added content” is way too overpriced and it splits the community. Its almost a self destructive tactic for a shooter imo.

  • I would of bought them from the get go if they had been this price.

  • Too bad my ps3 broke down due to faulty hardware. My blu ray drive no longer works so my ps3 cant complete the firmeware update leaving me stuck in limbo. Sony doesnt care all they want is more of my money $150 to be exact. I would buy your games but you gotta help me first and get me a working ps3

  • Waaaa MidnightBlues. Purchase a warranty and/or Get a job.

    No need to buy these packs with MW2 coming out next month. ;)

  • Cool. I’m interested to see how COD7 by Treyarch will be. The zombie mode in COD5 is huge and it’s a lot of fun.

  • Although I already have these mps, I would love to see a fourth. I could care less about mw2 and its deathstreaks. Can’t wait for cod7, Treyarch FTW. IW Fratboys suck.

  • I don’t play the normal online game too much but there is rarely a day that goes by that I don’t play at least one round of the zombie game. Time to pick up Pack #3. Thanks guys!

  • World At War, the best Call Of Duty ever created.

  • I think people are too busy complaining about the next COD to really care about this one, sorry.

  • map pack 4 is not coming rigth

  • MP4 MP4 MP4

  • I feel rooked I boughjt them at full price

  • Not for Europe?

    Then i shall politely tell you to shove your DLC where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Why not just keep them half price?

  • Sorry bad timing dudes. Will MW2 have less glitches than CoD 4 and CoD WaW.

  • MOVE OVER treyarch, IW is gonna show you how its done.

  • Well, I guess I’ll be buying them all then while they’re 50% off.

  • great double xp. i already have all three from day ones:) bad time for those who are getting MW2 like me. thanks for the update unlike xbox were ur go on and bam double xp. And for all u guys who will think im a xbot IM NOT. i have had every single playstation model from ps1 to ps3. i got a 360 so i could play with my real friends not the ones i met online. I have an 80gb motorstorm ps3 that plays ps2 games and has 4 usb ports.

  • My dad and I got to round 41 yesterday on Der Riese. :)

    Hope to see more maps soon! :D

  • awesome. will be buying all 3 of these as soon as I get home from work. I knew a price drop was going to come sooner or later. I don’t play the game much anymore but now with the map packs it might respawn my interest. thanks!

  • The only reason I play WAW anymore is for Zombies. Same with my friends. I don’t think we will buy anymore map packs unless there is one that contains only Zombie maps, whether it is a single or has multiple maps in it. Zombies ftw, but WAW online is getting too old for our tastes.

  • 1 week before a new COD? Way to get every last penny before the game is no longer played. :p

  • Is it half-price for EU as well?
    Coz I need Map Pack 1 & 2 for da trophies but Im not plannin on MP1 coz there aren’t any trophies but can only afford 1 map pack atm = ( *sigh*

  • Thank U Treyarch I have been waiting for this to happen. And I don’t know why people want more map packs I want a new Game WAW2. And also there is nothing I enjoy more than Killing me some zombies Love them. :)Hopefully this will get me back into it been awhile. :D

  • The prices were never really bad, in fact I don’t got to many stores to by what I want. But thank you.

  • Thx , enjoying the new playslists =)

  • All i got is MODERN WARFARE 2! You should have done this 2 months ago instead of 14 day’s before the release of the greatest game of all time. Infinity Ward Rules

  • You waited way too long to drop the price.

  • That’s cool. I see that you guys probably dropped the price because MW2 is coming out. Although I don’t really care for MW2

  • im pretty sure they already have these maps built when the game comes out. they just wanna get more money out of us…i hate business and economy in america

  • so will we be seeing a 4th map pack for this? i would love new zombie map and weapons and more multiplayer map….

  • All this good news and my PS3 is dead. I am currently using my Wife’s… But my disc is stuck in my dead PS3! Arrgh!

    Oneday I’ll send it in.

    Thanks for the update. I’ll be playing the new Map Packs soon.

  • i was wondering if ya can annouce the release for map pack 4 and also can ya stop the lagg

  • My opinion is that the map packs are extremely overpriced in Europe. 30€ buys you a brand new game for god`s sake. Why do PC legitimate and non-letigimate owners get them for free with the latest 1.6 patch?
    Makes me wonder whether I`m being ripped off by the whole console business. I might buy Modern Warfare 2 for my pc just to avoid getting ripped off with the new maps.

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