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Hey Everyone!

Erin English here with this week’s SingStore update.

This week’s update includes a special Duran Duran song pack featuring five chart-topping tracks from the 80’s super group such as “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “Ordinary World” and “Girls On Film.”

Also included in the update are some great new tracks from Everclear including “Everything to Everyone” and “Santa Monica” as well as “Holiday” and “Bonkers” courtesy of the excellent Mr. Dizzee Rascal.

SingStar - Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden_Bonkers

In addition to new songs, there will also be a brand new download available from the ‘Extras’ section of the SingStore on Thursday. The Wallpaper Creator lets you create your very own in-game wallpapers using images from your hard drive, plus you can change the menu colors and music to suit your style. You can download the Wallpaper Creator for $2.99. Existing SingStar wallpapers are now available for $.75.


Duran Duran Song Pack

  • Hungry Like The Wolf
  • Rio
  • Ordinary World
  • Save A Prayer
  • Girls On Film

In English

  • Slice of Heaven – Dave Dobbyn
  • Hungry For Love – Di-rect
  • Holiday – Dizzee Rascal
  • Bonkers – Dizzee Rascal
  • Everything To Everyone – Everclear
  • Santa Monica – Everclear
  • Our Lips Are Sealed – Fun Boy Three
  • Belly Up – Maria Mena
  • Walk On Water – Milk Inc
  • Whisper – Milk Inc
  • Are You The One I’ve Been Waiting For? – Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
  • I Am The Resurrection – The Stone Roses

In Spanish

  • Amores De Barra – Ella Baila Sola

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  • Awesome! I love Singstar! FIRST POST!

  • @1
    I wish “first” comments would just die.

  • I’ve heard of Duran Duran, and Everclear. What the heck is the rest of that stuff?



  • Much better than last time. Thanks, guys.

  • How about we get some King Diamond.

  • @3
    Duran Duran were popular in the 80’s…

  • I am a first adopter of singstar for the PS3 I have even went so far as to import the wireless mics which I really enjoy using. I have wondered why we did not get them in the first place when in the opening of the game they are whats being used by the 2 guys?

    Another thing is I am consistently disappointed by the selection of songs that are released to us in the U.S. If I had the ability I would buy the songs from the European store since the selection there has more of the songs I want (and know). Just wish I had an explanation as to why our pickings are so slim in the U.S., I can’t believe that it is that much of a copyright/contractual issue when there is a huge selection of songs on the PS2 versions of singstar that can used/ported in/on to the singstore. meanwhile games like Guitar Hero & Rock Band get a regular influx of music. When it comes to the service with singstar I get truly upset. A simple explanation would go a long way to give us the players an understanding of why this is.

  • Getting better

  • does singstar have Twista? i wanna see somebody try it

  • wow singstar really is an epic fail. im just goin to go get your competitors game seeing as it has songs from the us.

  • really slow news day for the blog if this actually got a post. If youre going to update the US store put songs in it that people either know or like. I think i would rather be more interesting in hearing about your latest bowel movement.

  • Much better than last weeks, thanks!

  • Ok, I’m probably not the most up to date guy with current music trends and such but besides Duran Duran and Everclear, who are the other groups/singers/bands on this update? Usually I don’t comment but this is getting a little ridiculous.

    Do we get these songs that only a few people know because of the expense of licensing and such? If that’s the case, then could we get a bunch of top 10 songs from the 70’s through to the 90’s or early 00’s? There has to be more than just this which more people would recognize right?

    If these types of updates are the results of a shrinking fan base, you also have to know that the shrinking fan base is the result of these types of updates. It’s a vicious circle which could be fixed easily, though I do understand it may not be budget worthy.

  • …to continue

    Sorry for the rant. I love Singstar to death but I can’t bring myself to sing songs I’ve never heard before.

    Oh, and one more thing, if it’s the music videos which are making it harder to get the song, then how about generic music videos for the songs? I mean, karaoke machines all around the world use them. Oh, and maybe you could also apply the customization feature to the videos as well, allowing us to have videos or pictures we have on our ps3 hard drives play/show while the song is playing?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Sorry for the rant. I love Singstar to death but I can’t bring myself to sing songs I’ve never heard before.

    Oh, and one more thing, if it’s the music videos which are making it harder to get the song, then how about generic music videos for the songs? I mean, karaoke machines all around the world use them. Oh, and maybe you could also apply the customization feature to the videos as well, allowing us to have videos or pictures we have on our ps3 hard drives play/show while the song is playing?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Why do the pics of SS that end up in a blog or online always look like they are in HD while I can think of only one song that I actually have for SS that is in HD (Sympathy for the Devil). Sad really.

  • The singstar BLOG

    Where the singstar community talks to a BRICK WALL

    Noth America needs NA artist and songs that we know here .

  • @ 16

    Don’t be sorry about nothiung. singstar north america have really suck and thats putting it nice. every other music game is getting songs left and right every week . But SONY the music /film Giant can’t put this thing together for North america . Either they have poor taste of music or you just don’t care about North america..

    still love you guys


  • I don’t ever expect any SS update to be great.

    Because it never is!

    Why can’t somebody just explain the reason as to why North America can’t get ANY good songs. Why must we keep having to buy UMD to get better songs?

    There has to be a reason you can give us Loyal Fans. We patiently wait every two weeks for an update, and as always it lets us down.

    It takes money to make money. I have money! You want it? Give me something to buy, and you can have my money. But im NOT going to spend my hard earned money for songs I have never heard of, let alone like.

    Is anybody going to reply to this post? Never mind I already know the answer. Atleast Nina said “I’ll get you and answer in a day or two” and then never actually answering the questions. But at least I knew she was reading the posts!

    Another Disappointed Customer

  • @ 22

    and you miss nina for what ?? She a great prolly a great person but nothing was ever done or answer so thank god we have a new person . lets hope erin can get something done .

  • Well, I’ve never really been into this kind of thing, but I think that speaks for a great deal of the US fanbase, and I think that answers a lot of your questions right there: potential costs versus potential gains cannot be justified in the more high-profile cases. SingStar, Buzz! and soccer (football) games are just more of Europe’s things than ours, and so the licensing costs can be justified over their.

    Marketing COULD solve this problem, and with the up-tick in interest for the PS3 as of late, it could be possible to drive forward the idea of casual gaming for the PS3 through these “European” games, but I don’t think they have any intention of doing so.

  • Yeah definitely agree where are the US artists come on SCEA if you are going to take over the Singstar then grab it by the horns. Need artists like Rhianna, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake, anything that we know as US artists that are popular.

  • The repeated lack of attention to the US singstar is sick! We love the game but seeing more current updates going to the UK store is making alot of us very doubtful of the future success of the game. Someone from SCEA needs to explain the lack of current artist and products like wireless mics. We can only stand by and watch SCEE get the better product before we just all put down our mics. There is a fanbase for this product but not the content to support it.

    Still disappointed customer

  • How about some good songs in Spanish. Please get some recognized artists, Mana, Enanitos Verdes, Adolecentes, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Oscar D’leon, Carlos Ponsi, Marc Anthony, etc.

  • Dizzee Rascal is soooooo fun to remixxx,

  • I already have Hungry like the wolf so the song pack isn’t a buy for me. That only leaves Everclear for me.

  • Yeah, I’ve wondered about the lack of “good” titles on the US Singstar store. There have been a few gems, but for Sony being one of the music giants, I really am quite disappointed. Can we get some kind of comment from the “powers that be” over why this game isn’t delivering what its potential could be?

  • I feel for you guys in the US not getting the content on Singstore that you think is important in song choices.

    But if you saw how much better the Playstation Store is for you compared with our effort in Australia, you’d be surprised. I’m sure your Singstore will flesh out a lot quicker than our Playstation Store content will given the market size difference!

  • To those that haven’t yet, making a Europe account helps in a great way in getting great content that for some reason isn’t released in the North American store. Instead of listing the exact topic, here’s the forum itself:
    Other topics might interest you too.

    I really wonder why they don’t listen to what forum posters say for one, and why they also don’t have a poll of tracks that they could get in the future to come to the SingStore. Then obviously they wouldn’t waste time on songs that most people wouldn’t want and they’d get more money from songs that are actually wanted.

  • Dizzee Rascal? The British rapper that no one in NA has heard of? Way to go Singstar!

    @23: I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but Erin has yet to respond to even one comment since taking over. That’s why people miss Nina. Sure, nothing got done, but at least we had the impression that someone was listening. Now, we’re pretty much just sitting here complaining to each other.

    The sad truth is that #24 is right. Singstar just isn’t popular enough in the US to get any kind of real support. It would be nice to get more, but it will probably never happen.

  • @ 33

    dizzee rascal that is a freakin joke for NA.On top of that they brought his singstar room to NA which nobody cares about in NA. I know what your saying with nina but i can sit here and answer question for you all day . Does that make it ok when nothing gets done. Look at this , this is a joke 33 comments no reply . Jack tretton if your reading our post on your lunch break

    Can we please have someone in NA be the freakin community manager ????
    Can you(jack tretton) answer why we in NA are getting CRappy of all the crappiest songs????
    michael jackson(old mike) is own by sony…
    where are all the michael jackson songs ????

  • @32

    you can’t buy europe song and play it on your US ps3 . Even if you made a europe account . I have try that and fail…

  • Better than the last two…I’ll give it two stars out of five.

    Where are the songs we actually care about? It’s fun to try obscure artists sometimes, but is getting sad.

    And where are wireless mics? Do our cries and pleas go ignored?

  • Honestly, this is just what we are going to have to accept. There are more Americans who vote for Ralph Nader than there are who own Singstar. Europe is going to always come first and we are going to always be the afterthought.

    In the end, I guess this is just business. Like I’m sure that the five people who still play Calling All Cars are going to be pissed when the servers are pulled, but the money doesn’t make sense. Likewise, not enough people in the US own Singstar for anyone to really care.

    I guess, in the end, don’t expect to EVER get wireless mics. Expect nothing but crap songs in the Singstore from now on, and PS3 discs that only get released in Europe. It is, what it is.

    Sadly, Lipz isn’t exactly shocking the world either. Maybe we can hope that Activision, Red Octane, EA, and MTV Games will pick all of the good things out of Singstar and create a Karaoke game worthy of next-gen status.

  • We got ripped again

    I was looking forward to these from the Euro release

    Erasure – Oh L’Amour
    Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
    The Cure – Just Like Heaven
    The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution

  • I luv PS HOME after work i get in my virtual world & kick it wit gamers but man we need jewellery, more urban wear, cars, animals, & some free movies at the theatre. c’mon PS Home hook us up.

  • More Duran Duran, please! Since their last record (“Red Carpet Massacre”) was published by Sony, I hope to see those tracks up soon! (Specifically, “Red Carpet Massacre”, “Skin Divers”, “Night Runner”, and “Falling Down”.)

    If you’re limited by songs that have videos, it would be great to see “Too Much Information”, “White Lines”, “Out of My Mind”, “Electric Barbarella”, and “Someone Else Not Me”.

    PS: 24-bit lossless tracks, pretty please? PS3 has built-in DTS-HD decoding, for goodness’ sake!


  • Why does the Singstore suck so bad? I’ve never heard of 80% of the artists there.

  • Damn nothing that I like. I want to spend my money but I just can’t buy these songs that I never heard of.

  • Duran Duran is a cool addition, but I still won’t be making any more purchases until the wireless mics are released in the U.S.


  • what a joke and this is my last comment regarding singstar.Not one single reply

    Thanks SCEA singstar for crappy support

  • I was thinking the same thing– not one single reply! At least Nina used to read our comments and reply to some. Wow! I am really disappointed.

  • I was wondering why “Rio” wasn’t in the Duran Duran library already. Great song. Thanks.

    I don’t like Everclear at all, but “Santa Monica” is a good song, go figure. Will probably buy.

    Anyone that doesn’t know who the Stone Roses or Nick Cave are needs to get out more.

    Dizzee Rascal could be fun, though I’m really more partial to his older albums.

    And just reading through the 1st 40 comments on this blog I have an idea why ‘Erin’ isn’t responding to any of these comments. If I were him/her I wouldn’t even bother reading these…

    (p.s. Just spent $35 in the UK singstore for my USA version of Singstar. It is possible. And worth every penny.)

  • @46

    you must live in the UK to even speaK of dizzee rascal. Nobody in america knows who the blank he is . and yes i do go out and probably listen to more music than you . be real stone ross and nick cave LMAO . yeah it is possible to spend money at the uk store for the us ps3 if you go through all those loopholes and trust me its not that easy . but do i really want to do that since this can all be resolved easy . its people like you that singstar scea still sucks .

  • Wow… everyone else in the world gets the better music and we get DIZZIE Rascal??? WTF?? Come on! The UK got MJ’s Billie Jean! And he’s american!!! What about spanish music, too??? I dont think its that hard to get the copyrights for the music. Its SONY!! What about EMI??? We should be able to download music without having the need to see the videos! Is there anyway to just import our music and run it through a program so singstar can play it? That would be awesome! Oh wait… it would be free huh? hahaha… It will never happen! SURPRISE US SONY!!!

  • @35 not true, there is a way to buy UK songs and play them in the states. There are instructions on how to do so in the Singstar forums. I’ve been doing it for weeks and everything works perfect. However…we shouldn’t have to have a special way to do it…just release the songs we want on the US store!

  • I hope they`ll do soon some of my favorite band The Doors.

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