Coming to PSN this Week: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

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Hellllloooo PlayStation Bloggers!

    Have you all decided on your Halloween costumes yet?
    Have you stocked up on candy for the Trick or Treating kids in the neighborhood?
    Have you charged your wallets up in preparation for LocoRoco Midnight Carnival for PSP, available this Thursday on PSN for $14.99?

Well, thankfully you have a few more days to get ready! In this week’s blog post, we’d like to share a little more on the features, specifically multiplayer!

For the first time in Loco history, you can now race friends through levels! Via Ad Hoc, connect with up to four players and see who can get to the end first. Each player controls their own tilt and bounce action, but you can see their position on your screen so you know when you are neck and neck. To show you how this works, I challenged Kumi, my LocoRoco partner-in-crime here, to a race and we recorded it.

Many of you regular readers may recall a blog post for LocoRoco 2 when we first introduced Ad Hoc competition LocoRoco Minigame called LocoRider. Kumi and I played head to head and she ended up beating me. So this is our rematch!

(She is the pink LocoRoco on the screen, and you will see my yellow avatar, which will indicate my position on the map.)

Well folks, I have good news! (for me at least)

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Image 1


Free Loco-Goodness on PSN
If you didn’t catch them last week, we put up some special FREE LocoRoco PSN items!

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Theme

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Wallpaper

A LocoRoco Midnight Carnival theme and spooky wallpaper! Make sure to swing by and grab them to get into the spirit!

Catch you again soon with more Loco-goodness!

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  • !st to show Loco love.

  • Now announce LoCo RoCo PS3 :)

  • LocoRoco is awesome. Looking forward to this

  • Helllllllllllllllloooooooooooooo

  • I am excited, still have not finished Loco 2. Loco Roco is perfect for PSP.How else can I play on the train on the way to work?

    • Agreed. Times like a train commute are perfect for LocoRoco.

      It makes the journey less painful, or rather, more enjoyable :-)

      Good luck with LocoRoco 2, and get ready for some extra bouncin\’ with LocoRoco Midnight Carnival!

  • Hey Tsubasa, how’s the WKC localization for WKC going? Are we going to see a dual audio option?

    • Oops, almost missed this one…

      Yes, thank you.
      We\’re making progress with White Knight Chronicles. Almost over the hill!

      As for the dual audio, however, we\’re sad to say no, as the lip sync has been re-configured to match English. (pls see TGS 2009 post on WKC)

      I realize a lot of you asked for this, and I am bummed we couldn\’t make it happen. But we heard you, and we tried!

      Stay tuned for updates on WKC.

      In the meantime, I hope you enjoy LocoRoco Midnight Carnival!

  • Great news, but i live in europe, and yet we don’t have a release date for locoroco midnight carnival, i hope it’s the same : this thursday in europe too !

  • Brilliant! Can’t wait for it to come out in Europe :)

    Great work LocoRoco people :)

  • I’ve never cared for multiplayer games. I’d be content if you guys kept pumping out Loco Roco games every few months.

    Will definitely be getting Midnight Carnival. :D

    Also Loco Roco plushie = so cute! :D

  • Booooo, ad-hoc. Not enough infrastructure PSP online games. :(
    Does this game have other modes or features?

    • Sorry about that…

      We have another post later this week.
      Hopefully some of the information we share will cheer you up?

  • Also, well done on beating Kumi, Tsubasa ;)

  • Keep the Loco Roco’s coming. A PS3 version PLEASE!!! Watch the sales soar!!

  • Instant purchase but is this download only? I’m an old school gamer who likes a tangible object…. (I like to show off all my games!)

    • I\’m sorry to say, this is a PSN-only release on a global basis.

      The up-side is the price point, and of course having a new edition of LocoRoco. It\’s very addicting!

  • Cool! I’ll def be picking this up! I love LocoRoco but I try not to think about it too much because that theme song from the first one gets stuck in… *theme song starts playing in head* oh no…

    • Yup, the theme song really does stick!

      I actually use the LocoRoco 2 theme for my cell phone. It softens the hard landing for work-related calls ;-p

  • Never played LocoRoco. But it seems like it has some great artistic appeal, both visually and aurally. I was just initiated to the PSP world 10/1 with the Go and am looking forward to this as my first Loco game ever!

  • LocoRoco PS3? PLEEZ! Any DLC planned for Midnight Carnival? I was reading that you put on accesories to gain powers….

  • My PS3 went YLOD 3 days ago…

    However, please bring us ps3 Loco Roco goodness! You’ll never make my sale with a PSP game.

    PS3 or go home!

    PS I’d be 40% happy with trophies for the first PS3 Loco Roco.

    • Sorry to hear of your PS3.
      Hope that gets resolved soon?

      PS3 version request noted!

      In the meantime, it\’s a perfect time and reason to at least try the PSP version! Please!

  • TuxBobble, LocoRoco is the best thing on the PSP, IMO. (Sure there’s lots of other great things on PSP but Loco is king)

  • I’m looking forward to this, I’ve loved the other two PSP Locoroco games. :)

  • A free LocoRoco premium theme with little locoroco’s running around would be SW33T!

    They did a free one for Afrika in Japan; now you can pioneer free premiums stateside!

  • Not a psp Owner but a PS3 owner and I would LOVE to see PATAPON on a PS3 PSN version, please make this happen, I need some PATAPON on my PS3!!! and my wife supports this idea, je je.

  • totally disagree!
    I think PSP is the best platform for LOCO ROCO.
    Must admit that the game itself doesnt last long in term of replaying (refered to the first 2 games), but hey, it’s like no other games, it’s really fun!!!
    Can’t wait to start rolling and bouncing again ^___^

  • Fantastic – loved LocoRoco 1 + 2 so this is a must purchase for my go :)

    I’ll echo TheMissingLink’s comment: ever think about a LocoRoco premium theme for PS3? Would be so awesome…

    Love your posts, sir! Looking forward to the release on Thursday.

    • Thank you!

      LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is even more perfect for the PSP go. As I have mentioned in previous replies, a good majority of the game can be played with the buttons tucked away.

      L/R shoulder buttons for menu navigation, tap both to confirm.


  • And from what I hear this LocoRoco can be played on the Go while its sliding screen is in the closed position?

    Not a must-have, but definitely nice, if it’s true!

    • Hmm… Some of my replies are disappearing..

      Yes, that information is true.
      For most of the game, such as menu navigation you can use the L/R shoulder buttons.
      Tap both simultaneously to confirm.

      Perfect reason to get yourself a shiny new PSP GO while you\’re at it, right?

      Ah, justifications :-)

  • I’d love to see a PS3 LocoRoco with the new “wand” coming out. That could make some really fun and quirky gameplay.

    • Hmmm. Interesting.

      Again, I\’m not sure what exactly to expect for future LocoRoco products, but will add this to our \”wish-list\” of our \”to do\” list.

  • Great news. My son and I LOVE LocoRoco. Can you tell me what the file size is going to be? My memory stick is getting full. thanks

  • Yes, it’s true!

    And it’s a MUST HAVE!

  • Forgot loco, gimme sum Kumi ;)

  • Glad to see a download-only game with a good price. :) Sad to see ad-hoc only multi-player. We need ah-hoc party in the US & Europe asap! :(

    This game looks pretty strange but fun! I’ll probably give it a try. Now about echochrono/shift….

    • Sorry about the Adhoc, but I\’m sure the game itself with the other features will make up for it. Besides, it\’s only $14.99.

      Demo is coming too!

      In regards to \”echoshift\”, another title Kumi and I will be delivering, we\’ll follow up at a later date with details. Stay tuned!

  • Wow.

    Tsubasa, I have to say, I really feel encouraged when someone working on a project makes an effort to get in touch with their fans.

    I said before I had never tried Loco and this would likely be a good game for my new PSP Go, but you have sealed the deal with your enthusiasm and posts. I looked at the thread: 29 comments, 25 responses!!! That’s absolutely an overwhelming response to the community comments, proving to me that you really care about this product, stand behind it, and truly love it.

    You have just made one guaranteed customer for the future.

    • Hello TuxBobble,

      Thanks for the kind words.
      I try. It\’s great for us to have an opportunity like this to reach out to our fans.

      Sometimes, we get some strange comments, but it\’s all good.

      I truly hope you will enjoy LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, as a starting point, and stay on with us for future products on PlayStation!

      all the best!

  • Is there going to be unlockable stickers and sticker sheets in this one too?

    • A new feature to the LocoRoco franchise is the addition of obtaining \”accessories\”.

      Try to collect the accessories.
      They not only look cute, but may have some sort of influence on your LocoRoco character.
      (not going to give away too much info on this!)


  • Awesome!
    i’ll buy it :).. will there ever be a loco roco game on ps3 with the same controllers as the psp? pretty please

  • Thank you!!!

    PS3 version request noted.
    Again, no promises here, but we hear ya!

  • Please stop teasing me with Ad-hoc….. Please release Ad-hoc party here in the states.

    Need Loco Roco, Patapon, GT PSP multiplayer goodness from the comfort of my home.

  • Would just like to show my LocoRoco love.
    Here’s a pic of a homemade LocoRoco sitting next to my PSP.
    And here’s the rest of the gang.

    • Those are awesome! You just made my day :-)

      Thank you so much for the support!
      We\’re very happy and excited for the release later this week.

  • Coming to PSN this Week: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival:


    1-LocoRoco HD FOR PS3

    2-Patapon HD FOR PS3

  • Locoroco is awesome… It’s a little gem from SCEA… I love it… Looking forward to this and many sequels in the future :D

  • Hello, i hope you are well. I have never played LocoRoco titles, do you think this title is good to start the series or should i play the other titles first?


    • Hello there!

      I am sure you will have lots of fun with LocoRoco Midnight Carnival. It\’s a great way to get started with the LocoRoco franchise.
      (good entry pricing too)

      If you like it, you can always re-visit us for the previous LocoRoco or LocoRoco 2 titles as well.

      We hope you will consider and enjoy the experience if you do!

  • Really need a new ps3 version. Especially if you could work in some kind of co-op. My kids (3 and 5) go nuts for loco roco, but they’d really like it more on the big screen.

    • Once again, something we can consider for the future. I can\’t make any promises, but the team who develop this game also follow the blogs, so we shall see!

  • I’ve never played a LocoRoco game — any chance we’ll see a demo for any of the LocoRoco games on PSN?

    • Good question!

      For those of you who are on the fence, a demo will be made available on the same day, Oct 29.

      Try the demo, and I\’m sure you will come back wanting more!

  • Please can make a LocoRoco for the PS3/PSN, would be a great seller!

  • We need more Playstation blog posts from Kumi :)

    • Ha ha.. had enough of me I guess? :-)

      We\’ll try to get Kumi on board also.
      She\’s being a trooper and is working hard on some of our other up coming titles.

  • Any plans for a UMD for this?

    I have all the LocoRoco games and I will be getting this one for sure, I just love me some physical media! =)

    Also you can note me as a PS3 user who wants and will BUY LocoRoco PS3.

    Ad Hoc Party too!

  • I’ve played the rest.
    I’m guess this is the best but I won’t be able to by this week cause my wallet is empty as I speak.
    Next payday will come in not next but after that week.
    Then will I get to take a peek.

    $20 in my wallet has to go on Home clothes for a project for school, about dressing for work and not look the fool.
    So if you don’t mind that I get it late, it’s the only chance and for it I’m going to take.

  • Hi,

    The trailer looks really great, but I don’t have a PSP. I know you get lots of requests for LocoRoco and Patapon for PS3, and I don’t want to repeat those *exactly*…

    I’d really love to see the original PS3 LocoRoco get patched to include trophies and lossless audio assets. (A ‘hint’ mechanism for locating unrescued LocoRoco in a given area would also be nice.)

    Sony has been doing an awesome service to fans by adding trophies to flOw and Lemmings, and we would all really appreciate it if LocoRoco (as well as Piyotama, Elefunk, Everyday Shooter, and Siren!) were next on the list. The bump in audio quality that was included in the last Echochrome patch got me back into playing for a few weeks, which got several people on my buddy list to make the purchase.

    So, even if we can’t get this new game on PS3, please keep up the trophy patches and audio asset enhancements by doing this for the original LocoRoco PS3.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks a bunch for your comments and wish-list. As I have mentioned, we cannot make any promises, but appreciate the fact these blogs let us communicate with you.

      There are things we can/cannot do for various reasons, but we\’re listening.

      Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm!

  • Hmm… this would be nice to have on my brand new shiny white PSP Go… And for $15. I’ll take a copy!

    How long is the game, compared to Locoroco 2?

    • I must admit the overall playing time is a tad bit shorter than LocoRoco 2, hence the price difference, but with the new game mechanics and slightly higher difficulty, you never know!

      $14.99 for this is a steal!

  • just wondering… is this game focused on halloween? like, is it filled with jackolanterns and witches, ghosts, and junk like that? or is it like a regular locoroco game?

    • You could say there is a high level theme that relates to Halloween, but not necessarily the stereotyped pumpkins and ghosts etc.

      As mentioned above and in previous blog posts, the game is based on some new game mechanics, so no, it\’s not a regular LocoRoco game.

      I\’m sure you\’ll like it!

  • Could someone please lower the cost of the first Loco Roco on the PSN. It just does not seem right that it costs like six dollars more then Loco Roco 2. Great games, BTW.

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