The PlayStation Recap

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Okay, about my avatar. I lost a bet. I’m a Dodgers fan, Jeff’s a Phillies fan. You can figure the rest out for yourself. Now let us never speak of it again.

Courtesy of Ken Chan

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  • First wooooo!

  • Free fat princess add on rocks any more mag beta code givaways?

  • Blogs aren’t posting ?

  • Nevermind lol
    psn: Cronic_Gamer
    add me!

  • Nice Avatar! But I would have liked to see Joe Torre against the Yankees.

  • @6

    No he is a winner since he is first.

    Thank you for the recap Chris Morell!

  • Hey Chris and Jeff,

    I have a suggestion for blog comments,

    Is it possible to have a thumbs up or thumbs down rating system for our comments? That would be cool, I mean we CAN rate blogs, why not rate our own comments? :) Thanks guys!

  • Hopefully the Yankees will win tonight (then you might get your avatar back Chris)!

    Nice week. Been playing UC2 all week. Almost have my Platinum!

    • Yeah, but then the Yankees win and that\’s against everything I believe in :-) Then again, better than seeing the Red Sox holding up the trophy.

  • @ Thrasher
    I’d like to have the ability to edit our comments, I hate when I make spelling/grammar errors and I can’t correct them.

  • Poodude

    I agree with you

  • Cool, when they add some sort of UMD transfer or something that I can use on a Go then Ill get one as fast as possible

  • Dodgers SUCK. GO Angels!!!

  • Would it be possible to have Kevin Butler speak for Sony at E3 and every other public event? A lot of people are of the belief that Kevin should be given an actual V.P. position in Sony like V.P. of Brand Image.

  • Any official word about the lack of Uncharted Eye of Indra for Canada?

    It wasn’t mentioned in the article that it wouldn’t be available here and I was REALLY looking forward to it… It was a disappointment when I couldn’t find it in the PSN Store after the update…

  • Sony, why do you hate me? Please add Dissidia, Crisis Core and Portable Ops

  • @Thrasher

    No, he’s a loser because he thinks that he’s a winner in some sort of race. The only thing he’s succeeded in doing is making himself look stupid and wasting five comments for what could easily have taken just one. In more high profile blogs, this means that four other people would be kicked back a page, which could mean that their comments aren’t read- and it’s after half-wits like this jump for the first spot that actual comments of value get made.

    Now, look as I use this same ONE comment to include a SECOND topic.

    Sure was one hell of a week. Any word on how many pre-orders got made for the HIOPBWDIDTDT UMD?

    And, since I apparently haven’t made it clear in the past: for the love of Jebus, please remove that stupid “Delete All” key combination! We can EASILY just exit the text entry box and delete it all that way- we CAN’T “undo” accidentally deleting an entire message- “Shift+Backspace” is far too common an occurence to be reasonable.

    On a sidenote, while adding something like that, WHY would you remove the L3 and R3 function from videos? Subtitles and Audio track changes actually ARE helpful to have close at hand.

  • @jeigh

    god your just pouring with envy…….because I got first post lol it’s ok man maybe next time Chris will read yours first then we won’t have these bitter comments
    maybe next time if you keep it short you too could be first….looser! Ha ha ha sweet victory is mine!

  • Hey Jeff&Chris i hope those Phillies ready for the Yankees.


  • Oh and if the PS Blog isn’t high profile enough for you then maybe you should buy an xbox I’m sure they feel real good about themselfs on that blog site you’d fit right in. Notice how I used two comments to talk about two different subjects…. And still took up less space than you lol VICTORY!!!!!!!!

  • And he then proves my point by proceeding to spew his “brilliance” all over what could far too generously be referred to as “rebuttals.”

  • @Cronic

    I think you need to shut up. You’re a little kid. No, he is not pouring with ‘envy’, its just so damn annoying when somebody posts ‘first’ and then brags about it. Its like you just completed the hardest task in the world.

  • I have a couple of questions:

    1) Any update on when Military Madness is being released? Thought it was supposed to come out a couple of weeks ago.

    2) Any idea when new PSN avatars are going to be released?

    3) Can we get some info about Eye of Judgment PSP on the blog?

    • 1) soon. Look for an update on the blog within, say, 10 days.

      2) no, but any announcements would come here

      3) don\’t have any info for you here

      4) you have a top 10 best PSN ID handle

  • I have a question that I hope you fine PS Blog folks could help me with. I boght 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand (shut up, it got good reviews) after seeing that it received a trophy patch in Japan. I assumed that it would eventually release here and so I bought it when I found it on clearance. This was almost two months ago. I’ve heard nothing about the patch coming here since then. I’ve checked THQ’s website and even emailed customer support about it but they gave me a non-answer. Is it possible for you guys to bug THQ for an answer? I’ve had it sitting on my shelf unopened waiting for an answer on this.

    Thanks if you’re able to help!

    Also, Fat Princess demo FTW! I’ve been wanting to try it.

  • Angels SUCK. GO Dodgers!!!

  • Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition!!!!!!!!

  • Sony doing a great job with the commercials

  • @10 I feel you because i hate when i spell things wrong!

  • & Sony is doing outstanding real talk!

  • Mr. Morell, any word on why Uncharted: Eye of Indra isn’t on the PS Store in Canada? It’s mentioned nowhere in the blog post announcement nor in the Store update that the video is US Only. Even Neil Druckmann doesn’t know what’s going on (and he’s the lead game designer!). For reference, post 155 in the Eye of Indra blog entry has that quote.

    Would it have anything to do with the ads in the video?

  • @18
    Seriously, get a life, loser.

  • Hey, i see your a Phillies fan.
    Are you originally from Philly?

    I’m from philly, and we are gonna win the world series!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nice recap, but what is this about the Yankees winning would be better than Boston winning? I am disappointed in you.

  • GO Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will there ever be anymore G.A.P (Gamer Advisor Panel) Emails sent out? There hasn’t been another wave in over 2 and 1/2 years…

    And answer or a link of who to contact would be great!


  • @jeigh
    I am no longer proud of my first comment you have officially sucked the fun out of it I’ll just go back to playing my copy of uncharted 2 thank you from now on I will refer to posting a “firs”t comment as “jeigh-er-king off” congradulations on you obviouse victory you truelly deserve it!

  • Fricking iPhone !!!!!!>:(

  • Hey Jeff,

    Whatever happend to the UC2 Multplayer Beta Fortune Hunter Edition winners announcement, it was supposed to be announced on the 19th.

  • Months waiting for Trine and you release it when I’m broke. Thank you very much >_>

  • Any news on when…well, when anything will come to Canada?

    Neil D. said that he is looking into Eye of Indra, and forgive me for being a bit skeptical, but I’ve heard that before.

    Still no word on any Fortune Hunter for us either, at least not through any Sony channels that I’m aware of. Again, I keep hearing “Stay tuned” way too many times for me to take it seriously anymore.

    I want to believe. I really do.

  • go O’s yea thats what i thought lol yes they suck but you have to prove it first lol thanks for the recap as always

  • @36
    Damn, someone needs a grammar book lol.

  • Hey, Jeff Rubenstein. I have a few questions:

    1.) When are the next G.A.P (Gamer Advisor Panel) Invite’s going out, there hasn’t been another wave in over a year and 1/2. :/

    2.) Can/will the next G.A.P Invite’s be open to everyone? We can possibly fill out a survey and then Sony get’s back at us if we qualify.

    Thank you that’s all of the question’s I’ve had for you and your team today.


  • Didn’t you guys say we’d have new avatars with 3.00? What’s the hold up? They haven’t been updated in ages.

  • Why are there sooo many more comments, posts and voters on the US PlayStation Blog than the EU PlayStation Blog??

  • dasdfgdfg

  • would like to see more new psp games on playstation network. will pay full price to download naruto: shippuden!

  • Dude I was pissed!!! Dodgers had game 4 in their back pockets, and then J. Broxton F’s everything up!! I don’t believe the Dodgers did not make it to the World Series. Whoever the Dodgers would of played would of been awesome!! Now the World Series is going to suck! I for one am not watching!! I can not stand the teams that are playng!!

  • I hope the Phillies destroy the Yankees in the World Series. :)

  • OK……well wheres the update with cross game chat and a party system? im lovin demon souls but i would really like to be able to talk to my friends so we can meet up in the same area since there is no in game chat. Cross game chat is awesome and would come in great handy in situations like this one.

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