PlayStation Eye Chat: Insomniac’s Brian Allgeier

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We’re now just a few days away from the time when you can finally, eagerly tear open the wrapping to Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and cram it into your PS3. October 27th will be a good day. So too say the press, as the excellent reviews of RCF: A Crack in Time continue to roll in, including a 5/5 from G4 today, as well as a 9/10 “Buy It!” from Destructoid.

Yesterday I had the privilege of talking with Insomniac‘s Brian Allgeier, Creative Director on the Ratchet and Clank series. Brian took the time to answer all manner of your questions, ranging from difficulty to side missions to the art in the instruction booklet, along with video to back it up.

If you’re planning on attending this morning’s Insomniac Community Day #2 in Burbank, CA – here’s the info.

PROTIP: get there early.

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  • cool!

  • Played the Clank demo last night. The new Time and “Future Self and Me” puzzles are brilliant and a blast to play. Can’t wait for next week.

  • Would rather hear from someone who can make dissidia appear on PSN

  • top top comments whoooo baby… i have a very good question jeff, how many hours of interview do get and who’s you r make up artist t here lol.. no but really how many hours our gameplay does rn c offer i never played it b4, i see the good scores and wat not, How hard is the learning curve for this game .

  • Great Stuff!

    Insomniac please don’t let this genre die. You are our only hope!


  • Liking your intervies Jeff, i’ve been watching a few now.

    Keep it up !

  • Damn cant wait to see the end of the Future saga

  • Sorry but Destructoids opinion means NOTHING.

  • Yay! My question was the first one asked! I’m just glad it was asked. :)

  • PSeye chat is BACK. Why did you guys stop doing these chats? You guys should have one of these ever week.

  • Awesome!
    cant wait for the game :)

  • Yep, game manuals are almost an afterthought nowadays. Nice to see the Insomniacs put in an effort. :) Definitely going to get this.


    You asked my question !

    Thanks Jeff !

    Oh by the way, sorry Brain….Brian !

  • This will probably be the first of this series for me I think I’ll have to get this game.

  • I will have to stop playing Uncharted 2 and Demon’s Souls when this game comes out :)

  • I wonder if they will use the PlaySTation Wand for a future ratchet game…. Then again I’d want an analog stick on that wand before that happens.

  • do u need two play the frist two games two play this one.Casue i have never played one b4 looks hot so i want two know!

  • Cool interview! Thanks!

    I love the Instruction book art style XD

  • This game looks really good.
    Can’t wait to play it tuesday.

  • …….Anyone PLZ whats the storey!?Of R&C

  • why is the demo for clank so massive? 2.4g…

  • Wow Jeff, thanks for pointing out that instruction manual. I’m kinda weird but I love when developers COMPLETELY put themselves into their product, from top to bottom, even the box and manual.

    Honestly, that just convinces me that Insomniac really spent time with every aspect of this game creating a quality product. It makes me a lot more likely to purchase this despite having missed out on some of the series recently.

  • GIANT enemy crab.
    psn profile lol Insomniac

  • GIANT enemy crab
    massive demo

  • decent demo

    question: date for ratchet demo?

  • looking good thanks once again for a good interview Jeff and Brian thanks for taking part :)

  • Mister1337:

    Crawl back into your hole and die already.

  • Mr. Zircon is pleased. Unless he’s not in this game in which case, Mr. Zircon is most displeased.

  • WOOOO!!! Can’t wait!

  • Another entertaining interview, thanks Jeff! I love the Eye chat sessions, great way to show off some of the features of the Black Beast.

    Oh and I can’t wait for R&C:ACiT!! Absolutely loved the last 2 installments and I’m curious to see how it all ends. But please don’t let this be the last R&C game! Thanks Insomniac, you guys rule!

  • sony is using they’re own system to do an interview… that’s badass

  • yay, he answered my ….overquestioned question :-D
    everyone was wondering about it.

  • Can’t wait for Tuesday, just finished the clank demo and loved it. I think there should be more clank fighting scenes and maybe so weapons for too.

  • Good job guys, great interview. Looking forward to the new ratchet game.

  • Day 1. Day 1, I can’t have this username if I don’t get it day 1.

  • I just got home from the Insomniac Community Day! It was a blast the guys from Insomniac are top class people and as a company they are just plain awesome. We all got to enjoy a panel of people from insomniac and some of the voice actora as well as ted price himself. We all got a copy of the game which I am getting reay to play as I type. There were raffles for ps3 slims, pspgo’s and other great stuff, I myself won a dualshock 3 red controller….get this game day 1!!!!!!

  • I love the demo i have been playing it since it came out and i love it now i actually want to play as clank the reason being is that in the last games i felt like he was sort of really weak because he always had the little dogs or the zoni fight for him but now he can fight for himself which is amazing Can’t wait to get the game October 27

  • If anyone here is getting a lot of artifacting on their 1080p+ LCD panel, force the PS3 to only run at 1080p. This will cause the game to upscale itself through the hardware and the IQ is kept from a 720p screen.

    I have to do this on my computer screen, since the upscaler sucks and made the game look worse than the 60″ DLP in my living room. Love the game.

    ALSO, if it the demo looks washed out LOWER THE BRIGHTNESS until things look good to you.

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