LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – “Whole’lotta Community Gems” Edition

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The past two weeks we’ve seen tons of community activity so we wanted to dedicate this weeks SITM post to you guys…so “without further ado”…yes we read the comments. :)

What’s New in LittleBigPlanet (PSP)

But first…wanna learn more about costumes in LBP PSP? We’ve posted the latest dev story from our SCEE Cambridge team on the News Page about Sackboy’s new costumes in this new adventure.


And speaking of costumes…don’t forget to get your pre-order to get your hands on the six (6) exclusive costumes from UNCHARTED 2, Killzone 2 and MotorStorm. Click here for details and participating retailers.

Dear PlayStation…LittleBigPodcast Edition!!!

OK, this isn’t exactly LBP news…but our friends over at LittleBigPodcast have had a little too much fun with the camera and spoofed our “Dear PlayStation” spots. Our team here had a laugh and thought we’d share.

Amazing Community Finds

Some of the community packs we’re finding are really starting to catch our eye.

Check out PSN ID: TSRFJ, who has pulled together a vehicles pack through various levels – he’s keen on us making an official vehicles pack and decided to do it himself. Be sure to try these levels out and get your hands on som pre-made vehicles. Cool stuff.



If ‘tagging’ is your thing, check out the creativity oozing from PSN ID: defo-est. He’s mastered the pop-it tool to create some brilliant masterpieces.

defo-est_1 defo-est_3

defo-est_2 FrightFest Competition

In the mood to CREATE a scary Halloween themed level? If so, head on over to, and check out the community contest they’re running. They even made a promotional level for the contest.

Can’t wait to see the kind of levels to come out of there.

User Diary…”My Trip to Mm”

David Dino, one of our GOTY bonus level creators, made his way out to the UK and took some time to visit Media Molecule.

Dino @ Mm

Have a read on his trip…ENVY WARNING – he received a lot of swag from the team (I’m so jealous!).

If in London…Come Meet the Teams

Media Molecule and our brothers and sisters at SCEE (Europe) are hosting a Mini Fan Meet @ the London Eurogamer Expo in London on October 30.

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