We’re Looking For The Ultimate Gran Turismo Fan!

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I have some special news for all you GT fans out there.

If you followed the October 1 launch of the PSP debut of Gran Turismo, you’ve seen our TV ad teaser, the TV commercial itself, and the behind-the-scenes video for the TV commercial featuring Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust.

And if you are a true GT fan, you drooled over the custom GT-branded helmets and Alpinestars racing suits featured in the videos. Well, now’s your chance to win your very own suit, helmet and gloves!

GTsuit4 GTsuit6 Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack which just launched on Tuesday! The Entertainment Pack features a Mystic Silver PSP-3000 system, a copy of the game, a PlayStation Network voucher for The Italian Job movie, a 2 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, a voucher for the exclusive white version of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, and a Sony Music Pass voucher for 10 free songs.

GT PSP Bundle

How do you win one of these custom racing helmets and suits, you ask? Just send us a video, essay, or slideshow presentation and prove to us that you are the biggest Gran Turismo fan around. How you prove that is up to you.

The first place winner will get the driver racing suit, gloves and helmet with the visor, as worn by Rhys Millen, a Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack, plus a Gran Turismo poster signed by Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust.

The second place winner will get the passenger racing suit, gloves, and open-face helmet worn by the passenger in the TV commercial, Tanner Foust, plus a Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack, and a Gran Turismo poster signed by Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust.

The third place winner will win a Gran Turismo PSP Entertainment Pack, and a Gran Turismo poster signed by Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust.

And seven more winners will receive a Gran Turismo poster signed by Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust.

To enter, email your video (up to 2 minutes), essay (1 page) or slideshow presentation to PlayStation_Community_Support@playstation.sony.com by midnight PST on November 22 with “GT PSP Contest Entry” in the subject line. Visit here for official entry rules. Contest open to US residents only.

So what are you waiting for? Prove you’re the ultimate Gran Turismo fan and you’ll be able to wear your GT pride on your sleeve, and head, and all over!

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  • I’m in!

  • Is it open to anyone outside the US, ’cause I have an awesome video idea

  • NO ONE CARES! Give us Dissidia on PSN instead!!

  • this is awesome but i know im not the ultimate fan. wish i could win the psp entertainment pack tho

  • I agree, Dissidea and Resistance Retribution on PSN!

  • Oh Sony, you guys give us too many reasons to keep coming back =]

    Expect my novel-like essay in the e-mail within a few weeks! Oups! 1 page only? Scratch that.

    Expect my 2 min masterpiece fan video then.

    Heck, expect all three! An essay, video, and slide show all in one! ;D

  • I agree,

    Also, were the heck is all of the other games that came out this week? I am looking for Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 and there is no information as to when they will post it in the US site. This sucks because I found out that Hong Kong and Europe has the game (and others we don’t have) which was released on 10-20-09. WTF man?

  • Miss marketing manager, bring Final Fantasy dissidia to the PSN today. If not, at least let us know when or why it isn’t coming.

  • hey DAXAVIER300 Europe and other SCEE regions miss out on waaay more stuff and get totally ripped off so stop complaining

  • None of these updates on this blog really matter until the Square Enix titles get on PSN. Got a PSP Go I’m about to return.

  • Wow only 10 posts and already half of them are trolls.

    This is a great promo thank you very much!

  • Please tell me this is also for Canada? if so then i’ll do my best :)

  • @10

    Seriously, I’ve been waiting too long for games that are already out! Some of which I already own on umd…

  • Added to that I’m starting to believe that I may have wasted my money and trade in value for the PSP Go. Unless they start explaining things, I may trade in my PSP Go and stick to UMD’s. I find this disrespectful to the US fans who want the same products that other countries are getting. WE DEMAND ANSWERS. PS Blog.

  • You guys should take your (rather ridiculous) complaints to another place. This blog isn’t the place for it. Has nothing to do with the contest.

    With that said, it seems that everyone here is just complaining about the PSPgo, downloads, and square-enix, which have absolutely nothing to do with this blog, I should by default win ;)

  • Cool, then direct us to were we need to send our complaints. Because this seems to be the only place to submit. For the record, the PSP Go is a great peace of hardware. However, when a company makes a statement that all UMD games will be release after Oct 1st (but don’t give you all of the details as to when it when it will be released), what can one do but be upset. You are not upset because your game has yet to be delayed. Lastly, if anyone has any irrational lip to say because they are hiding behind the proverbial bushes of the internet, feel free to visit me in Philly personally. I will be happy to give you the proper directions. Otherwise, keep the comments rational, mature and professional people.


  • Wow… I really wanted to buy a psp go but if games will come late then I will pass… I though that games in psn with the go will come sooner at midnight or something.

    At topic, this is really great for gt fans and we know there a lot of them but I live in Puerto Rico soooo

  • @ DAXAVIER300 – Cute assumption. There are several games that I would like to download that are not yet available. But I’m not going to complain about it here.

    SCEA has several resources to use where you can voice your concerns. There are the public forums, phone numbers, e-mails, contact info., etc. which you can use to submit it.

    Just kind of disrespectful to come into a blog where they are giving the consumer an opportunity to get free stuff to talk about something completely irrelevant.

    Lots of GT fans out there. This is a great opportunity for them. Be assured your complaints will be addressed in due time. But there’s a lot that goes into running a business, especially one with as many complex developing and legal issues as international video gaming publishing and distributions.

    If you aren’t a GT fan then this blog doesn’t concern you, if you are, enjoy it like the rest of us and may the best entry win! (btw that will be mine) :)

  • Why doesn’t Polyphony Digital have a community manager? I’m sure there are many people who would like to find out about GT straight from the source and have their questions answered. For example, I’d like to know whether the poor AI and collision physics evident in GT5 videos have been addressed.

  • Man…no Canada love again. :-(

    I can participate in Disney Movie Rewards contest, but not in a SCEA contest…getting a little silly IMO.

    Good luck to my neighbors down south.

  • Ulimate Over Hyped game? GT5!! FTW! Been in developemnt for ever! Too much hype not enough show. I doubt I will ever buy this game. NFS Shift is filling the void.

  • If you like looking at 80’s graphics with no AA and lots of jaggies then get this game.

  • G-Force08

    I don’t mean to be a prick about it. It’s just that someone open the flood gates and I added on my frustration. Don’t get it twisted, I am a GT fan as I believe that it is a game built by GOD himself. I figured that being that this is the site were they announce PSN updates that this would be the appropriate place for them to see this. The assumption was cute though wasn’t it? ;)

    Thanks for understanding as well as the information you gave. This disscussion ends.

    Take care.

  • Disrespectful?

    What about Sony’s proclamation stating that every PSP game released After October 1st would end up on PSN… however later on they changed their minds by “leaving that up to the game developers” to do so.

    They have already flat out gone back on their promise and have yet to hear anything more on it.

  • @Jeff Rubenstien
    Don’t suppose it is still possible to make a recommendation for the PlayStation 3 MotionWand Controller is it? If so could you let the team know that after a bit of use on the wii that the lack of an analog stick on the Wii-mote is killing the system and will kill there product if we don’t get one? There is a reason the Dual Shock has 2 Analog sticks, there is a reason we want a second on PSP, and you can be sure that the need for another on the wand will be a request for sure.

    @Stephanie Yoshimoto
    This is an awesome contest, makes me wish I was a fan of the series -currently waiting for GT5 which will be my first in the series- so I could be apart of this.

  • Not only have they gone back on their claim, but then they don’t even make this entertainment pack a PSPGO pack.

    AND, the pricing on the PSN for the downloadable games is just insane. Give us an incentive for buying these off of PSN. i.e. $29.99or better $19.99 instead of straight up $40 for a version that doesn’t have the overhead of UMD manufacturing. It’s just wrong all around. Thanks for ruining something that could be beautiful, all because you’re afraid of retailers. Grow a pair, Sony, and let’s do this.

  • Stephanie,

    On behalf of the many Gran Turismo Fans, I would like to thank you for another great opportunity for us. There are many that appreciate your efforts. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us once GT5 is released.

  • I have a couple of questions…
    1. Do we have to submit a video in order to be eligible? Or will an essay / photo gallery do? (I do not have a video camera besides the one on my laptop… which sucks)
    2. What format do you want the slide show to be in? Just photos or photos + text?
    3. If I do just an essay because that may be what is most feasible can it me longer than 1 page?
    4. What sizes are the helmets and suits because well… I am a rather tall guy.

  • Stephanie, I may contemplate entering this contest, but I doubt I can compete with the people that have gone way overboard with cockpits and importing every GT dealership marketing product they can get their hands on.

    But I am loving this game. I got it on launch day and have over 5,000 miles driven and own 242 cars.

    Quick question, if you can answer it. We keep hearing that all cars earned in GT PSP can be moved into GT5. Does that mean that GT5 will not have localized car names? Or do you really mean all available cars? For instance, I can have a Hyundai Tiburon (US name) and Hyundai Tuscani (HK name) in GT PSP. In GT4 what it was called depended on the region your game was published for. We have noticed this while compiling car guides and questions about whether or not GT5 will localize the cars have come up.

  • Ugh, Tuscani is the Korean name for the Tiburon, not Hong Kong. Not sure what I was thinking.

  • Too bad you don’t have anything for Canada, oh well. :(

    @5 Why do you & others keep complaining about Resistance Retribution not being on PSN, it has been since Oct. 1… Go look under “R” & see for yourself.

  • Some Top Gear seasons on DVD would have been nice to include in that prize package.

  • AWESOME !!!

    This is a really cool contest !!

    I am kinda new to the GT series to be an ulimate fan, but I love the game !!

  • Why does it have to be a white psp. I have one and it picks up scratches like glue. It should had been black or at least have several colors on it. Disappointed in the package.

  • Yaaay another contest only for Americans. Awesome, thanks so much for screwing the rest.

  • GRRRR! Please fix this!

    “Contest open to US residents only.”

  • WOW no love for Canadians yet again. I know that europe and Asia get different contests, but how come Canada gets the shaft? no exclusives for us…not that I need a ton of free stuff, but to once in a while be able to enter these contests would be nice. Especially seeing as I have been a GT fan since day one release of the first!

  • The Italian Job… nice touch.

  • So … Canadians get the shaft again, ehÉ

  • Why is Playstation so pro US? Why do you hate Canada and the world?

  • I really, really hope this goes to a real GT fan and not just somebody with good video editing skills. I think the winner should be a regular here on the GT boards. Those are the real fans and there are many there that eat and sleep GT! That said, thank you for this contest and I look forward to seeing who really is the biggest GT fan :)

  • hmmm let me see what i can come up with :)

  • “U SAVED ME!!!!”

  • Those are some really nice prizes, to bad I’m Canadian and Sony/PD has ZERO interest in including us in contest.:(

    Thanks, Sony/PD

    I quess if we want to be included in contests, we need to buy a XBOX and Forza.

  • sometimes i pick my ear.

  • Dang, US only again… I just bought a new steering wheel when Need for Speed Shift came out, (really though, needed it anyway for GT though, if you make a package with a G27 wheel, I may have to buy one more!!!!!). But the joke is the fact that I still have my previous 3 wheels (only my PC one is still working, I killed the other on my PS2!). Would have done a nice 4 steering wheel video shot just for ya, but being a canadian, I have to pass (even if I absolutely like ANY racing games). I would definitively have liked to get a shot at this!

    Well, since I cannot enter the draw, can you at least ask the Motorstorm devs to patch both games so I can use my new wheel with it? Love Rift soooo much!

  • Please be aware that Canadian playstation fans looking for a forum or a blog, and all Canadian Gran Turismo fans looking for an official website, automatically get directed to the relative American sites.

    Using the differing contests laws between the two countries is no excuse, as there are contests that include both countries, and in cases where one contest can’t cover both nations, Sony and PD should be proactive on the matter, and host a Canadian exclusive contest.

    Otherwise, as a GT fan, those are great prizes.

  • Resistance Retribution is already on PSN download, i know this cause i have it,you just too lazy to look

  • The choice of whether they support a contest or promotion is up to SONY Entertainment Canada, and they cherry pick which ones they support because of the considerable red-tape here in Canada.

  • I cant wait for GT5 to come out, its gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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