UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra – First Episode on PSN Today

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I hope everyone’s digging UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves. It’s awesome that so many of you are already playing through the single player campaign for the second time, or even multiple times. For all of you wanting more Nathan Drake, you’re in luck – hitting the PSN today is UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra – a four episode Motion Comic – it’s an original prequel story to UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune. We’ve been working on this baby for the past year and it’s been brutal not being able to talk about it.

UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra

For those unfamiliar with them, a Motion Comic is essentially an animated comic book – you watch it like a movie. Characters move, there’s some 3D effects, and cool panel transitions. Expect some of your favorite characters and voice-actors from the UNCHARTED universe to show up throughout the story. Other than Nolan North reprising his role as Nathan Drake, I can’t announce who else shows up in the story as that’ll spoil some of the fun.

We’re launching the first episode for free to whet your appetite and the rest of the episodes will come out in November. Be on the lookout for an upcoming announcement about an awesome pack-in that we’ll include with future episodes.

Alright, enough out of me, go download the first episode and see what Drake was up to a few months before he used Elena to raise the coffin of Sir Francis Drake.

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  • Niiiice. I’m guessing the rest of the episodes will cost money then?

  • @20..i mean anime would be cool maybe if this was Japan.. but I doubt that look would be cool for the Uncharted world. I’ve never seen one of these motion-comics before, but I’m open to new things. I already like the characters, this is just a big plus! nice job!

  • Can I be able to see it also on my PSP?

  • Will it be in the PS Store Game section or the Video section? Please add it to the Game section since the Video one is not available in all regions, and it would be sad to miss it. Thanks

  • @Neil Druckmann

    Uncharted 2 is just awesome! However I’m sad now as I’ve had the Platinum trophy since sunday and I continue to crave playing the game long after the fact. To me that is the sign of a damn good game if it can leave me feeling that way even after spending 40 hours on single player and 5 hours on multiplayer. I’m glad the multiplayer both co-op and competitive were added (wish there was a way to do custom searches btw as I hate Elimination) to this game as it just adds to an already magnificent game and will surely keep me busy until Uncharted 3.

    Also I would just like to express my interest in a Spinoff for Chloe or Sully or even both. Maybe something for PSP2 (PSP just can’t do this game justice in my opinion) in the future.

    Thanks again for such an amazing game Naughty Dog has out done themselves.

  • Can’t wait for this, I have played through uncharted 2 three times and I must say with each play through I have noticed something that I did not see or realize before, be it a smart remark from drake or just something in the background, I must say this game is truly awesome, thanks for the masterpiece N.D.!!!

  • Elena is my sweetheart. drake is my comic relieve lol. wow this is great please just please tell me that these will all be free :)
    Oh and keeps posted if you get any info on the movie itself. Man oh man, i just can’t get enough of uncharted. i want more more more :)

  • Just watched the Uncharted Motion Comic… Pretty well made guys ;)

  • Is this going to be free? if not, how much?

  • awesome, i love thursdays :)

  • So where’s the HOME SPACE?

  • It says it’s gonna be free, Does it work on the PSP?

  • I would also like to know if this can be viewed via my PSP and if I could DL it today to my PSP?

  • Where is it? I wanna “go download” …i wish you would give us a time if its not up immediately

  • This is awesome fan service for the best game this generation, every chance I get I scream at the top of my lungs:
    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


    Thank you for these comics, I will so be downloading them!

  • @Minister you just won’t stop commenting on that F**** game called dissidia! It told it will come out!

  • Man really into this series, thanks! I hoped game engine animation, but this also works.

  • Man can never get enough uncharted Thank you sony and Naughty Dog.

  • I just got this game last night due to taking forever to ship. I just thought I would say what a visual masterpiece you guys have created!! Thanks sooo much for all your hard work and looking forward to your next project!!

  • I would have enjoyed Uncharted 2 if you guys hadn’t gimped the single player in favour of a pointless multiplayer and trivial stuff like Twitter.

    Oh and excluding Canada in *every* contest you had.

    Thanks, Xenophobes!

  • Will the Uncharted comic:

    A: Never be released in Europe.
    B: Forever have a “coming soon” stamp in Europe.
    … or, however unlikely it may sound with the say Sony is treating European PSN:
    C: Eventually actually be available in Europe.

  • Not talk about it? Funny, I heard abotu this 4 months ago.

  • Any chance of a DVD/Bluray release w/ Special Features?

  • Thank you for offering the FIRST episode for FREE!

    At least EVERYONE has the chance to check it out and know what they will be getting with future episodes.

    I hope an Uncharted dynamic theme comes packaged with one of those episodes!

  • This seems pretty cool, I will definitely check it out!

    On another note, I remember reading that you guys take suggestions for future PSOne games for release on the PSN … how about the Fear Effect games? That would be killer!

  • Thankfully this won’t be like that awkward Watchmen motion comic where one guy did the voice for everyone, guys and girls alike.

  • @1
    I agree…this is Kool-Aid

  • SUPRISE!!! Ok this is awesome, howd u manage to keep quiet about it, looks like something from Penny Arcade but I WANTTT!!!!

  • sounds awesome. just got my PS3 back today from repairs. ran right over to blockbuster but they had no copies. they only had 3Copies all together what is wrong with them. i was actually willing to pay 10 whole bucks to rent it and they dont have it. wish i had the money to buy it. stupid repair cost to much

  • I will be getting ALL of ’em!

  • So, will this be in the Games section or the Video section of the Store?

  • Maybe we get to see more of Eddie.

  • I shall be downloading this. Are the other episodes going to have a price?

    Also, can we get some Uncharted 2 avatars? I don’t care if I have to pay $0.50 cents for ’em as long as I get ’em.

    It’s been nearly two months since 3.0. I mean, seriously. =\

    Someone answer this. Someone Sony. =]

  • @70….

    The single player experience of UC2 is better in everyway than UC1…the Multiplayer didn’t gimp it at all.

    As for Canadian contests…I agree…but lets put pressure on Kyle Moffat who only drops by here once a year.

  • Kind of looks like Donut Drake if you ask me.

  • Hope it comes to Europe very very soon :(

  • Dude, Neil. Your game design in Uncharted 2 is incredible.

  • what will the price be for the UK?

    I bet something like £6 an ep knowing SCEE

  • this is great news im looking forward to seeing this story, and thanks for the free comic too.

  • So this story is considered canon for Nate & the Uncharted universe, then?

  • I hope the pack-in is an Uncharted 2 dynamic theme.

  • Can’t wait for more Drake.

    How’s Uncharted 3 coming along? Cause I’m gonna need that as soon as possible.


  • i’m guessing half of y’all don’t read the posts or at lest the replies. cause like 7-10 of y’all ask the same exact question the same exact way. don’t y’all Europeans have y’all own blog now.

  • Hey Neil maybe you can help with this…or at least forward it to the correct person.

    A buddy of mine just finished UCDF on crushing, the trophy message popped up and he got the money credit but the trophy icon isn’t there and it won’t synch to the server as gotten. This also happened to his brutal expert trophy.

    Any ideas?

  • $2.50 sounds VERY reasonable. Can’t wait to get it!

  • AWESOME!!! I will download now! =D

  • I think this will be a 99 cent per episode in November, still good stuff for background story.

  • i want a Dynamic Uncharted 2 theme, too!

  • Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Neil. Any chance this will be localized for the various European languages when it’s released on the EU store?

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