Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time First Review, Demos and New Videos

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As many of you know, things are heating up here as we’re approaching the launch of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time for PS3 next week! Today IGN ran the first review of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and you can check it out here.

Also to celebrate the launch, you’ve been invited to Insomniac Games’ Community Day as well as the PlayStation Home space for Ratchet & Clank. We’ve even dropped the price of Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty!

And the hits keep coming, as I’m happy to announce today that this Thursday on the PlayStation Store, you’ll be able to download the first of TWO Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time demos and we’re inviting you to check out the Clank Demo.

In this demo, you’ll take get to take control of Clank as he explores the Great Clock learning more about his past and his new time-based abilities that you’ll need to utilize to solve puzzles and defeat some of Dr. Nefarious’ minions. This is some brand new gameplay that Insomniac Games is introducing to the series and we all hope you enjoy it!

Details on the second demo, the Ratchet Demo, will be coming in the next few days, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, check out these sweet videos showing off some of Ratchet’s new arsenal and giving you more information about the Constructo line of weapons!

And this week, Insomniac Games Creative Director Brian Allgeier will be stopping by PlayStation.Blog for a PlayStation Eye Chat. So make sure to ask your questions in the comments section!

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  • Sweet! First day buy!

  • I played the demo at Fry’s in Roseville, Ca and it was a blast!

  • It looks great!

  • Fif!

    Can’t wait.

  • Cant wait !
    Might get the Special Editiion !

    Love the R&C games, i’ve got a feeling this’ll be the best yet. So many things to be anwsered !

  • Can’t wait to play those demos! Congrats on another great game. Now give us Resistance 3. =)

  • hey insomniac, is this the final R&C game or is it the final R&C game in the “Future” series?

    alot of people were questioning it.

  • Damn I still haven’t gotten Uncharted 2 yet. :(

  • Big fan of the series here so I can’t wait!

  • Wish this would’ve come out a few weeks ago at least.

  • R&C is the best. ive beaten all them games since the first PS2 one. insomniac is my favorite studio of all time. i hope this isnt that last we will see of this amazing galactic duo. and why not Clock Blockers lol


    In R&C 3, Nefarious’ ship was called the Leviathiain.
    Did you guys keep this in mind when making Resistance 2 or is it a concwindernce?

    Excusse me spelling !

    P.S, Yes, you do have fans here in Ireland ;)

  • Question for Brian Allgeier:

    In A Crack in Time, it’s been 1 year since Clank was kidnapped. So how long has it been since Quest for Booty?

  • Played the gamestop ratchet demo, and it was awesome, I replayed it 4 times, I payed off the game a month ago, cant wait to pick it up next tuesday, I am a serious Ratchet Fan, ToD was the real first reason I ever wanted my PS3 to begin with :D

  • Such a tough month for games. Still playing Uncharted 2, but I’ve moved onto multiplayer now that I have my platinum.

    Skipping borderlands this week in favor of another exclusive R&CFACiT and I have to keep up with Tekken…. but it just doesn’t get any easier with God of War collection only 3 weeks away.

    Anyway looking forward to the games guys, I’m being spoiled rotten this year.

  • I’ll be buying the game next week, I’m a big fan of the series, and Insomniac Games, but isn’t it a little odd to put out one demo this week, then one next week after the game is already out? By the time that demo comes out those of us who would have been looking forward to playing the demo won’t need to anymore since we’ll have had the game for 2 days by that point. Just a thought.

    • Good point! But for who those who might be on the fence about picking up their copy, we\’ll be offering up another demo to give them something else to try out from Ratchet & Clank.

  • Day 1 for sure

  • I know you guys said you wanted to focus on single player, I know you guys said we are going to get the ultimate single player experience, but, what I don’t know is why? Ratchet and Clank UYA had multiplayer and an awesome story. The multiplayer was astounding. On PS3, Uncharted 2 raised the bar. Astounding single player and an even more astounding multiplayer (considering astounding is an understatement). Please, just tell us hard core fans why there weren’t plans for multiplayer. A couple of explanations would be really great because right now, it is the only thing keeping me from getting this game.

  • Where is the commercial?

  • Awesome, I was eagerly anticipating this game since finishing quest for booty. Both ratchets didn’t have trophy support so I’m really looking forward to this next installment.


    This will be a BUY!!

    Great job Insomniac.

  • its looking good I’m on the fence for buying it. I just hope Insomniac will make a new IP after this game

  • Demon’s Souls, Uncharted 2, and Ratchet & Clank all getting 9’s. Outstanding Sony but jeeze you gotta space out these exclusives a bit better I can’t buy all this stuff at once :-P

    Now if only we could get a 3.1 firmware with the obvious needs… Cross game chat, improved friends list, avatars, improved in game xmb…

  • Sweet! Already got this preordered so Day 1 purchase here!! My 2 year old son loves the trailers so much theyre on loop on the PS3. He thinks its a movie ;) Cant wait to have him watch me play lol

  • So will the PSP see an end to the R&C series too? I sure would to see another adventure on the portable side if the PS3 story ends.

  • So, we just show up on the community day?

  • How about adding trophies to the first two PS3 games!!!!

  • hey Cristian Cardona it would be coOL if R&C: Tools Of Destruction was on the PSN to download. Along with other PS3 Platinum Hits to be DLC it would be good to build on top of the others that’s there.

  • I seriously hope this game isnt the last one as i really love the R&C series and would like to see more coming to ps3.. cant wait to pick up my copy

  • :D Yaaaay.
    My brother pre-ordered me this before he left for basic training.
    I’m gonna force my dad to pick it up before he goes to work. He might not be too happy since GameStop isn’t nearby, but… yeah. I’m going to force him. -twitch-
    I want to play it as soon as I get home on the day it comes out. :D

  • Was multiplayer ever considered for this sequel?

  • What is the difficulty level of this game? ToD was so easy it wasn’t really even a game at all. Anyone could progress without any real challenge.

    I certainly hope you’ve Ratchetted up the difficulty.

  • Is there multiplayer? they need to bring that back A.S.A.P!!
    and it would be sick if in an upcoming ratchet & clank they let us build the weapon from the ground up!

  • Can i get a Free copy of the game?

  • i hope the commercials are like what they were on the ps2 real people using the weapons and it goes wrong! CLASSIC!

  • Can’t wait. This will be my Christmas present from my brother. So I have to wait for another 10 weeks to play it. Can’t wait for the demos.

  • Aw, Insomniac. You didn’t think we really needed a review score to realize this game was going to be amazing, did you?

  • I played the Ratchet demo at Best Buy last week.

  • Insominac always seems to deliver quality games and this is another on it seems

    I got a question will we have get the ablitity to record and save voice/video chats? That seems like it’d be an awesome tool to have with the YouTube intergration the ps3 already has. As well a being able to do a podcast.

  • Don’t suppose you could tell me if us in the EU will be getting these this week?

    pretty please *puppy dog eyes*

  • Boo Clank demo. No one I know even liked the Clank sections of ToD. I hate its coming back in ACiT. I hope the new demo shows improvements. Otherwise I’ll be woefully disappointed.

    I hope the commerical brings back the charm of the ps2 commericals.

    Hopefully it also isn’t sexist like Uncharted 2 commerical.

    • For the Clank stuff, it\’s definitely something new so be sure to check it out. We\’re sure you won\’t be disappointed =)

  • Yes 1 week!!!

  • Hey, in two years please don’t make the release date of the next Ratchet and Clank game so close to Uncharted 3 :)

  • The last R&C was incredible – can’t wait to play this one

    Still working with Uncharted 2 but it’ll be a buy soon

  • I saw clank on ratchet
    s back at :44 :)

  • I saw clank on ratchet
    s back at :44 :)

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