GTA: Chinatown Wars Launching Today for PSP on UMD and PSN

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With Grand Theft Auto: China Chinatown Wars hitting for PSP today, Rockstar Games sent along a brand new clip from the game. Like you’d see on any talk show, they also set up the clip; here’s Rich Rosado, a R* producer.

Hello all! It’s pleasure for me to introduce this next clip for the PSP and PSPgo fans reading this out there. We know that a lot of fans have been waiting to finally get their hands on Chinatown Wars and we’re thrilled to finally bring an even more refined version of this game to the PSP.

For anyone that hasn’t heard anything about Chinatown Wars yet, I can tell you that it brings a unique, arcade-like approach to the series. We really rethought the way a portable GTA experience could work from the ground up. On the PSP, the game includes some exclusive missions, music, re-optimized controls, and an intense high-resolution graphical overhaul that could only be done on this platform.

Some may still not realize this, but Chinatown Wars is actually the biggest portable GTA we’ve ever done – even bigger than Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories in terms of polygon counts, lines of code, and especially environmental assets. Altogether, we have something that clearly looks and feels different than the Stories titles in our legacy lineup (both of which are launching on PSN this Thursday) – but the end result is one of our proudest achievements thus far, non-stop, innovative Grand Theft Auto gaming. We can’t wait for everyone to dive into it on the PSP today.

In this clip below, you can get a look at how we’ve chosen to weave the mini-game elements into the broader gameplay without ever forcing players to take their hands off of the system. These gameplay elements feel even more tactile on the analog stick, and it’s an integral component of the game that highlights the graphic novel style we’ve incorporated into the game.

When stealing certain cars, you disassemble the steering wheel column to hotwire the car with the analog stick – and as you can see, it works seamlessly. Whether you’re screwing together a sniper rifle to focus in on a headshots, or directing the fire hose on a fire truck onto a car that’s in flames and about to explode, the controls in the game have been optimized for a much faster experience on the PSP. This is especially true for when players are looking to throw projectiles weapons, either on foot or while driving. You don’t have to stop moving in order to pinpoint a grenade onto the hood of a rival gang’s vehicle. Here you can also see Huang taking on one of the Triad bosses above a construction site in a helicopter. Locking on with the R-button and firing away with an RPG-missile should do the trick. And this is one of those scenarios that I love, an old-school, arcade style boss battle. That’s really the direction we wanted to move in with this entry into the series: Quick, explosive, and precisely designed to work best as a portable gaming experience. It’s really unique, and unlike anything we’ve done on a handheld before.

There’s plenty more I’d love to be able to share with you about this extraordinary game. With all of our past PSP titles from Rockstar Games hitting the PSN storefront this week, along with the launch of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, I’d love to be able to answer any of the burning questions that many of you might have. As the team said, please feel free to send over any questions you have for me and I’ll be answering as many as I can right here on the PlayStation Blog very soon.

Rich has worked on all of Grand Theft Auto’s PSP iterations thus far, so send along your CTW questions and we’ll get ’em answered.

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2 Author Replies

  • Why is it that the store can update today for GTA: Chinatown Wars but not The Beatles Rock Band DLC for Abbey Road (which all the other consoles get today)?

    I mean I understood if it had to be on a regular Thursday update, but if you’re taking the time already to throw it up there can’t you just throw up Abbey Road too so PS3 isn’t behind?

  • Hello! Will the PSN version of Vice City Stories have pop-in issues?

  • What about San Andreas stories for Psp and pspgo? Or a new manhunt for ps3?
    Add me psn: cronicgamer( all caps)

  • I have three questions.

    The first is are any plans up for a new gta for psp in the future? Assuming this one sells of course.

    The second is for someone who owns the umd version of stories, will the digital versions perform better?

    Last is when is gta 4 getting dlc? (I don’t expect an answer to the last one. Just answer the others if you’d like).

    Love the games

  • ummmm. its already out now.

  • That’s great and all….
    but I still feel cheated by Sony…
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they say that after the PSP GO came out, all games released to retail would ALSO be available on the PSN Store? Is there some FINE PRINT to that statement that I missed?

    Most notably…Half Minute Hero is a game I was REALLY looking forward to playing on my PSP Go…. but now I can’t… because it’s only available on UMD.

    And what’s the holdup of releasing Dissidia on PSN?

    I’m sorry… I know it’s up to the publishers… but Sony could be doing much more to get these games released on PSN. An incentives program of some sort to get publishers to release on the PSN store…. ANYTHING!

    If neither game comes out on PSN in the next couple weeks…. I am going to lose a lot of faith in Sony…. and stop buying products from them.

  • ummm… its already out now. :| im playing it.

  • I have this game for DS… it’s really great, one not to miss.

  • Went online today, visited gametrailers, saw the ad that said it was being released today, plugged in my pspGO to my PC, started Media Go Playstation store, spent 40 bucks.

    I had noticed that NBA game came out on a Tuesday too, so it was worth the shot.

  • Cool, I downloaded this last night but am at work right now. I look forward to giving it some playtime during lunch, but am pleased to see it looks like a good bit of thought went into PSP-izing the game. I hope that this pays off (for us games and you guys both) well enough for us to see more GTA games make their way to the PSP :)

  • @6
    Half Minute Hero is coming to the PSN on Thursday

  • You’re late but it’s ok I downloaded this to my PSPGo last night

  • You’re a little late but it’s ok. I downloaded this to my PSPGo last night!

  • I also bought this last night. Great job getting this out on the release date.

  • Good to have this one.
    Off topic, is there no plan of making a PSN version for Intelligent Qube SONY? that would be amazing.

  • Hey Jeff, the future is now! Keep up the good work. Glad to see Rockstar are releasing there titles on psn

  • YEEEESSSSSSS!!!! thank you guys so much!
    I’m so happy that we don’t have to wait ’till Thursdays to get our games.

  • @ justintimeROA – 1

    I agree 100%.

  • hey any chance you will let non sony sites use PSN info. had awesome intagration with PSN trophys but someone from SCEA told them to remove it. (gerrr)

  • Now thats what im talking about at first i didnt know but im going to get this!

  • mister1337 is appalled by your lack of Dissidia.

  • Wow I was really not expecting this to be put on the store until Thursday. EXTREMELY glad I was wrong. Please consider releasing future PSP titles on the store day and date with the UMD versions! Downloading now.

    Also, I would LOVE to see San Andreas Stories or Los Santos Stories released for PSP! Oh, and give us GTAIV DLC already!

  • Jeff,

    Can you contact the team working on Life with PlayStation, and let them know some of the community members would like to see more news/weather from other cities.

  • I have a PSPGo to and a 2000. Will I be able to download it to both units with a single purchase? (i.e. Similar to the way I can download PSN games to 5 PS3’s.)

    Great job R*!

  • A couple of things:

    1. Will the PSN versions of the stories suffer the HORRENDOUS pop ins as the UMD versions?
    2. Release San Andreas Stories or a new 3D GTA for the PSP go. We know a San Andreas Stories would never fit on the 1.6GB restrictions of UMD but PSP go doesn’t have that restriction :). Seriously all the hell and lies we were put through, PSP go owners deserve a little something.
    3. Make the GTA IV DLC come to PS3!

    Don’t ignore what I said. ALL of it has been said and asked here a bunch of times and many more elsewhere.

    Also, does anyone know if Chinatown Wars has custom soundtracks?

  • I will get it for the iPhone… Sorry Sony. I am used to touch now. Hope “PSP2” has got a touchscreen.

  • @24 Yes, you can have up to 5 psps with the same content

  • Great we got GTA:CTW, but where the hell is FIFA 10 at? This game broke records overseas but yet you can’t put it up for the PSN on release date? What gives? I hope to god I see it on Thursday.

  • I got another question.

    Now I know what Sony will say but I want rockstars take. What will make you more money? The umd or psn versions. I’m leaning psn fir convience but I want rockstar to get the most out of the deal.

  • hmmm… 40 bucks hey? i think a psn game should be cheaper then a retail umd.

    i think i’ll wait on this re-done gta 1 look alike port.

  • @6 Asgiov

    You should have taken the warnings of the community over the promises of Sony. Myself and others warned that Sony wouldn’t be able to live up to that promise for at least 6 months after the units release.

    Many of us said it would take forever to tackle the back catalog which incidently includes anything released up to December. So don’t expect FF Dissidia for awhile. If the PSOne titles have been any indication it will take them a year or 2 to get all this crap straightened out. Seems the only stuff sony has control over is PSP titles they’ve released. A bigger question is why weren’t new releases being thrown on the store a year before the GO’s release on the games release day? I wanted Soul Calibur 4 from the store, but they didn’t put it up until after the PSP Go’s release, same with dissidia….so why the hell did they wait?

    PSP Go is a bum deal, it’s probably part of the reason they haven’t released the Go’s sales numbers because the sales spike was probably for the PSP3000.

    Anyway waiting is part of the Game with the Go if you didn’t want to wait you should have gotten a PSP3000.

  • still waiting for dissdia……..

    still waiting…..

  • I’m a huge GTA Fan, Have every single version and think that this one is just a updated copy of GTA 2. Come on guys we are used to a 3rd person gta, not this top down stuff for the DS. I might have to try out a friends copy or something before I decide that its worthy to ME for purchase. How about a Demo to get people like ME interested…

  • this was actually released yesterday on the PSN…I almost bought it straight from my PSP but for some reason I can’t warp my mind around paying $39.99 for a PSP game…even less in digital form. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t really play PSP that much or maybe I’m spoiled by the great games the PSN offers for PS3 gamers at very very low prices…

    still the game looks great…can we play custom music in this one like in the stories titles?? Do the radio stations feature DJs and ads? I haven’t played Chinatown Wars but I guess they axed those features because of the DS restrictions…did they make a comeback on the PSP version? It’d be weird to play a GTA without DJs and fake ads…

  • When will we get the 3 PSOne Grand Theft Auto games in the US store?

  • Here’s my question Rich: I bought GTA:CTW for the DS and thought it ROCKED! (BTW: Thanks for an awesome game.) For someone like myself who played it, beat it and did all the extras in it, how would you convince me to buy the PSP version? Thanks for your time Rich; check ya later. ;)

  • I didn’t even know this came out today! I barely have time for gaming these days but I’ll still pick this one up for sure.

  • this game is great i just wish there was an option to move with the d pad the nub gets annoying after a while….

  • Why did Rockstar choose to focus on another portable GTA game on Nintendo’s current portable rather then making another for the PSP?

    That aside, it seems like it’s only being ported to the PSP because of slow sales on the DS. And though it’s certainly interesting, don’t you think the controls will leave the mini games either feeling ill suited on the PSP or were toned down just to fit. But, I suppose that’s why you emphasize the controls balancing.

  • Why did Rockstar choose to focus on another portable GTA game on Nintendo’s current portable rather then making another for the PSP?

    That aside, it seems like it’s only being ported to the PSP because of slow sales on the DS. And though it’s certainly interesting, don’t you think the controls will leave the mini games either feeling ill suited on the PSP or were toned down just to fit. But, I suppose that’s why you emphasize the controls balancing.

    So, it just leaves me wondering if/when I should start looking for the next GTA stories as I really enjoyed LCS.

  • cool,where are the avatars jeff?!

  • im gettin a psp this weekend (finally)… should i get this or the other GTA Psp games?

  • Jeff,

    I have the DS verison of this game. I have to say it is by far my most favorite handheld game of all time And I really mean that. I have liberty city stories but everything about this game is better, and more fun. I have to say, I have a hard time finding truly fun games. This is one of them though..especially the adding of the cop cars you can wreck to lose your wanted level. I hope you put this in other future GTA games, its a great idea.

    My question to you is, Jeff, is there enough in the new PSP version to warrant another purchase? I already have it on the DS and I’m 25% thru, I even got all 100 cameras.

  • Got my copy :)

  • im gonna have to get this, ive been a big fan of gta since ps1! Stories is great, hope to see another 1 such as san andreas mayb? but this will make a fine addition 2 my gta lineup. mayb someday we will see the gta4 content.

  • Good work with the day and date digital release, this needs to happen more often in the future for PSPgo to succeed.

  • My PS3 has broken down due to faulty hardware. My Blu-ray drive has stopped working and while updating the firmware it now freezes halfway through every time in an endless loop…. restarts and freeze. The error message says contact technical support but technical support only tells me that I have to pay $150 to get it fixed. Only a few monthes out of warrenty.

    I hope that the ps3 slim will drop in price now that the 120GB is coming out and hopefully you wont just charge more than $300 for the 120GB. If that happens and there is no price drop I am done with sony and will not buy another ps3 now or ever. I am not going to waste more of my money. I miss being able to enjoy games at my own conveniance but now that has been taken from and its not worth $300 just to maintain that. I think sony should take care of me, take my ps3 plus $100 and send me a new freaking one… that will not lose you revenue and you can actually make more money as I will start buying games again.

  • i got my copy today. i liked the ds version but sold the ds a few months ago and got the psp1001. so far it looks better and rockstar has implemented variations to the control scheme which still give the same great feel as the ds version. please allow users with cfw to access the psn store on the psp because in order for me to get this game i was forced to update. :(

  • Thank you for putting this on UMD

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