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Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! PSP Package

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all excited after reading the title of this post! Yes, thanks to all your support, we have decided to start a pre-order for a UMD version of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! at NISA’s online store,

We have received lots of emails and voices from our fans regarding their preferences to have a UMD version of Badman. (Thank you!) We first wanted to know if there was still a demand for the UMD version of Badman from our fans. So, we put up a poll to see how much our fans were still interested in getting the UMD version of Badman. We were very happy to see the results. Thank you all for voting!

And, with the results, we are currently working on getting support from retailers for the Badman UMD. We really appreciate your participation in the poll because being able to show how much people want the Badman UMD is much more effective! After all, your voice is most important.

So here is the deal with the preorder at

Seeing how much you guys are interested, we’ve decided to start the pre-order for the Badman UMD at However, in order to make it possible for us to manufacture the UMD, we will have to get at least 1000 orders. So we decided to start accepting pre-orders for the UMD (ends 11/13), and IF we receive at least 1000 pre-orders, we will start the manufacturing process.

If we can get some support from retailers, we will make the Badman UMD even if the pre-order does not reach 1000 orders by 11/13! If you know any friends, family members, coworkers, or anyone else who liked Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!, please let them know they can now get the UMD version of Badman at!

Click to preorder Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This?

I really appreciate your understanding of why we are doing this. Some of you who voted “Nay!” for the poll might be wondering about our move to start the pre-order, but the poll results from here and the NISA website indicated that there were many people who wanted to have the UMD version of Badman. So, we wanted to support the fans who want to have the UMD of Badman as much as we can!

Before wrapping up this post, I would like to let you know that the promotional trailer for Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2: Time To Tighten Up Security! is available now for your viewing pleasure!


Badman 2 will have 2.5 times as many heroes, 4 times the number of stages, and 3.3 times the number of monsters than the first Badman! What I really like about this sequel, well, besides the subtitle :p, is that your creepy crawly monster army can mutate! If you don’t keep your army’s ecosystem balanced, your Omnom bugs will mutate into this looooooong Omnomnomnom bug…like the image below. When you have mutated monsters and creatures, they will gain new abilities and strengths. So, mutation is good! This is just one example of mutation. Make sure to watch the Badman 2 trailer to learn more about it!


Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! 2: Time To Tighten Up Security! will be released in early 2010! As it gets closer to the release date, I hope I can come back here again to talk about it!

Thank you very much for supporting NISA, as always! It’s getting colder and colder lately, so stay healthy and fight off the flu and those nasty colds!

Best regards,


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13 Author Replies

  • why would anyone pre order this?

  • cool. must get pSp!

  • must get a pSp!

  • Nice. Can’t wait for Holy Invasion 2.

  • Awesome, I really want to pick this game up. Maybe I’ll postpone Demon Souls and get this instead.

  • good game y’all!!

  • I’m soo happy!! I hope you make it to 1000 pre-orders because I would really like to have this game! :)

    …Also, maybe you should start taking pre-orders for Badman 2 soon. It would be a hell of a lot easier to get to the required number of units prior to the PSN release.

    • Hello Jerel,

      Thank you! We hope we will get 1000 preorders as well!
      As for the preorders for Badman 2, yes we should start it soon! :-)


  • So… is the PSP GO dead already?

    • Hello neuroned,

      We are supporting PSP GO as well, as you see we released several PSP titles on PSN. We just wanted to support fans and gamers out there wanting to have the UMD version of Badman!


  • @Nao

    Will you guys be opening a Last Rebellion and/or Atelier Rorona website any time soon? Really pumped for these, and I hope you guys will localise Trinity Universe too.

    Love it when you post on the blog! Keep the PS3 games coming!!!

    • Hello LokeSTL,

      We are working on it! Atelier Rorona will be out in the Summer of 2010, so it should be launched next Spring!

      Thank you for your support as always! :)


  • @ Nao Zook

    is there any plans to release the games in PSP:-

    1-Generation of Chaos

    2-Spectral Souls – Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires

    3-Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos

  • Who cares about this game really? Maybe a few fans… Can you start making better games on UMD please ?

    • Hello MastahKillaj82,

      We believe that it is very important to us to make our fans happy, even if it is just a small portion of them…
      This game is all ready, so offering this preorder for Badman will not interfere with our future titles.


  • Nice to see you listen to the fans, but I already have my digital version and I’m loving it! I just wish it was a bit easier… I can’t get through some of those challenges.


  • I think it’s great that you guys are using fan feedback to justify a UMD release. I am not going to vote because while I think it SHOULD be available on UMD, I am not going to buy either version and I don’t want to skew your results.

    Hopefully the fans will speak up as there are usually not many chances to get heard and it is nice that NISA is providing this opportunity.

  • @1 why would anyone call themselves DrDre?
    are you a failed rapper?

    On topic though i picked this up already for my PSPGo =) loved it! keep up the hard work

  • Wow @ #10

    geez, the same thing COULD be said about you and your posting, but I am not that ignorant.

    I know me, me, me… that’s all it’s about.

  • Floppy disk = Dead
    Cartridge = Dead
    CD = Dead
    DVD = Dead
    UMD = Dead
    BlueRay = (won’t die until world-wide bandwidth becomes 25x faster)

    Digital Software is the future version of games.

    PSPGo is a great product and a trend-setter for a true portable digital gaming system.

  • @16 Digital is more the “now” than the future. I think a lot will have to change before it’s the future.

  • #16:

    Not sure what planet you’re living on, but UMD’s, CD’s and DVD’s are far from dead.

    DVD’s continue to outsell Blu-Ray by a MASSIVE margin…and will do so for many years to come.

  • @16 LOL that sounds like a craptastic idea!! :)

  • Sorry FOR MY LAST POST Nao

    is there any plans to release these games in PSN:-

    1-Generation of Chaos

    2-Spectral Souls – Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires

    3-Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos

  • drdre74:
    “why would anyone pre order this?”

    “Who cares about this game really? Maybe a few fans…”

    • • • • •

    Different people enjoy different things. This translates into games as well. If everybody liked the exact same things, the world would be a truly dull place.

    A wide variety of genres & games exists in the marketplace, meaning there IS something for everybody.

    If you don’t like this type of game, it’s fine — nobody’s forcing you to purchase, play, read about, or even think about this game. And there’s absolutely NO need to be rude about it. Are you just showing off or does it give you a thrill?

    Myself, I abhor sports more than anything else. Can’t stand ’em in any form, real or games. I also don’t understand people who waste their time watching someone else play sports when they could be doing it for real. Do I think all sports games should be banned? Should EA kill their sports division? No. I just ignore them; there are more than enough other games I DO enjoy.

    Yet I think it’s great we might get a UMD for this title, since (1) I’m interested in the game, and (2) I don’t buy ANYTHING that isn’t on physical media (i.e. no digital downloads.

    So there.

  • @16:

    datoupee unrealistic ideas = dead

    While DVD sales have dropped slightly, DVD income is SO large that it has ensured the survival of nearly every movie studios… DVD has kept them afloat for nearly 13 years now and it shows no signs of stopping.

    CDs and UMDs continue to sell a large amount as well, and BD growth margin has fantastic potential!

    Nice try.

  • Badman is TERRIBLE!! You know what isn’t terrible? Dissidia.

  • @Baronbrain(20)

    I’m impressed with how much patience you had for these ignorant, egocentric creeps. Nicely put.

    Personally, I’ve never had any fondness for carrying around UMDs- I think that digital just fits so much better with a portable system: I like knowing that if I have my PSP, I have everything I need (except for headphones, but I don’t know what to do about that). But verbally assaulting those with different desires from my own serves no purpose- it’s just plain stupid.

    I also applaud NISA for this simple, yet brilliant way of justifying the costs of production. Talk about utilizing all of the tools and resources available to you. Brilliant… Sounds like something I’d come up with. XD

  • The issue here, of course, is that NIS America does NOT have infinite resources. That’s why they’ve been weighing their options VERY carefully with the two polls and pre-order requirements.

    I still find it difficult to believe that every single person who voted for the UMD release is actually, no kidding, going to buy the game, even at the inevitable higher price. There is NO doubt in my mind that the people who voted for the UMD release did so entirely out of their fear/hatred/ignorance of digital distribution, and that they rallied the other stubborn old mules with the same mindset (who probably don’t care either way for the game, much less own a PSP in the first place).

    When an extremely niche game gets an extremely limited UMD release, the only winners here are the eBay rip-off artists. Who knows how this UMD release holds back the release of other NIS America titles, in ANY format?

  • Oh, and morons like mister1337 are TERRIBLE. Probably never played the game- just looking to plug his whining for Dissidia and tick off people in the process.

    It’s a niche game, both in terms of content and the way it’s meant to be played- short bursts rather than six to nine hours straight. Clearly many of the posters here are not part of the niche. Get over it and just leave.

  • @ Nao
    Thank you for the announcement tho if you dont mind i got a small question.. not sure if you heard about Ar Tolenico being announced for Japan and to be released on the 28th of Jan next year.. i was wondering will NISA be able to localize this game for ps3? pretty please? i know you guys localized Ar Tolenico 1 and 2 and i loved both so i hope NISA will do it and release it next year along with Atelier Rorona :)
    Thank you

    • Hello Destiny89,
      We really hope that we can localize Ar toenlico 3! At this moment, I don\’t know whether we will release AT3 in the US. However, when I get more information about it I will come back here and talk about it. :)


  • @Jeigh- I have played badman and it was terrible. I’m just trying to get a point across and it’s obviously working :)
    Release Dissidia, Sony! You are holding it hostage!!!!!

  • @Destiny89

    Forgot about that! Do you have an answer for that Nao? Has NISA decided whether they are going to localise Ar Tonelico 3 or not?

  • this game really isn’t that good imo. with the release of half minute hero last week, i would definitely get that over this

  • quite offtopic but this blog seriously needs a Reply option, its confusing to do the “@ (number)”
    Jefffff hear my call!!

    now back on topic
    i have this game and i LOVE it!

  • All right got my copy during the sale on PSN. Awesome game. Love the descriptions for some of the monsters, lol

    This may be a little off topic but since we’re talking about rosenqueen, you wouldn’t happen to know if Ar Tonelico 2 will come back in stock at some point, would you?

    • Hello RurouniSaiya-jin,

      Thanks for getting it on PSN! AS for the AT2 at RosenQueen, there are a couple of copies left, and you can order it now:)


  • already did it.

    good thing you mention it here.

  • The best part about NIS is that they always seem to be around and post replies on this board.

    I’m definitely in for a pre-order, I support NIS to the fullest!

    • Hello Ice2Dragon,

      Thanks for the nice comment! I\’m trying to reply as much as I can.

      Thanks for preordering Badman, and I really appreciate your support of NISA!


  • so what can i sa about nis.first i like the idea of havig bad man on umd great idea.already preorder it.

  • The first game is Awesome!!! even though i still can’t beat final-fantasticky 13….. but I will buy the sequel to it :D Can’t Wait! :)

  • The game is interesting, moght download it sooner or later, great work as always NISA.

  • Glad to see NISA is going in the wrong direction now… wait…

    Seriously, nothing more disappointing than knowing you guys are wasting resources on UMD releases. I love that you’ve brought so many of those quirky Japanese games over here, but you, Sony, and the rest of the fanboys need to listen up: UMD was DOA.

    • Hello GooieGreen,

      Thank you for your comment. We believe that supporting what our fans want is not going in the wrong direction as a company. Of course, we cannot do absolutely everything what our fans want us to do, but this preorder for the UMD version of Badman was within the capacity of what we can do. (And there is a reason why we have to get at least 1,000 preorders.) I hope that you can understand that there are people who want to have the physical media, and we would like to support them as much as we can


  • Consider it pre-ordered by me tomorrow.

  • I realize I’m a little late in asking this but is NISA going to be offering the soundtrack as a pre-order bonus like the original UMD release was supposed to have? Because if so I would be more than happy to buy the game all over again.

  • @38

    Pleasing the customers who want games on a physical media instead of DLC (which screws consumers) is not a waste at any time.

  • Wow love Holy Invasion of P. B.
    Cant wait for #2
    LONG LIVE PS and NIS America

    AND all of PS

  • Awwww, looks like I read your reply too late because it’s out of stock again ;.;

    Oh well. Thanks for the speedy reply and putting the last few copies on sale anyway. I really appreciate it. I’ll just have to continue keeping my eye out for a copy.

  • @mister1337 Go drown yourself. Please. Dissidia is a waste of plastic. If it comes to PSN it will be a wast of space on my television when I’m buying games that are actually GOOD. I hope it NEVER comes to the PSN, and I hope you NEVER get to play it on your dumb PSPGo. Shoulda bought a 3000 like those of us with some foresight. Gawd, you are ruining this blog by being so godawful negative and annoying. go away. do something else.

  • hello nao good to hear about you going to make a umd version badman. i will preorder holy invasion of privacy bad man from rosenqueen or retailer get a chance to allow any preorder for you to reach 1,000 copy. because i will gladly Preorder online or at retail to support this game on umd i so want a copy anyway this because i have never shop online before.

  • @#24 Jeigh

    Thanks for your note and understanding that DDs and UMDs CAN easily coexist!

    There’s no excuse for such ill manners; with their puerile talk & display of underdeveloped cognitive skills, these children are only embarrassing themselves.

    While I do have a lot of patience, there IS a limit to it — it’s especially taxed by gamers like “triple_lei”, who the forum can always count on to magically appear whenever UMDs are mentioned.

    As always, he find it impossible to accept or respect that other people have a different preference than himself… and feels the overwhelming need to repeatedly condemn physical media and campaign for its suspension.

    He employs brute forc” methods to push others into conforming solely to his own preferences of a strictly-digital distribution mode – i.e., presentating unrelated and/or unrealistic “facts”, plus misdirection.

    For example, he now “speaks” on NISA’s behalf about their private internal resources and developmental capabilities as it relates to an expansion of their intellectual properties…

    …in addition to new telepathetic abilities enabling him to know EXACTLY who among us took the “Badman” poll yet won’t preorder the UMD.

    Patience indeed.

  • I can’t wait for the 2nd one. I still haven’t got the 1st one but i’ve played the demo nonstop and I love it.

  • Well, BaronBrain, how are those pre-orders looking? Ha ha!

    Should’ve just gotten the game for $9.99 like I did…

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