COLD FRONT Downloadable Pack for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

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Today, we are very happy to announce the COLD FRONT downloadable pack for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation. Loaded with new features and content, this pack brings a brand new snowy Eastern European area of operations into play with two all new maps and three classic SOCOM maps for 16 to 32 players. The classic maps are drawn from some of the most popular SOCOM maps of all time, each built from the ground up for the PS3!

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Kit yourself out in snow gear and fight your way through blizzard conditions, joining a team of mercenaries or a squad from one of the world’s top Special Forces regiments including the Russian Spetsnaz.

Try your hand at Arms Run, a new game mode that features dynamically placed missile launchers that must be activated or destroyed, depending on which side you’re fighting for.

Employ the new thermal vision scope weapon attachment to track your enemies’ heat signatures – vital in the dark and useful in daylight for picking out white camouflaged adversaries. In addition, we have new primary weapons to make use of and new attachments.


All told, this pack will have:

  • New Russian / Eastern European Area of Operation
  • Snow setting complete with snow effects, new snow gear and camo for both the Special Forces and Mercenaries, and thermal vision
  • New ARMS RUN gameplay mode
  • 5 New Maps: Uprising, Entrapment, Blizzard, Night Stalker, Vigilance
  • All new mercenaries characters with new looks and new VO.
  • New Special Forces squad, the Russian Spetsnaz
  • Gun turrets emplacements
  • New music
  • All new character specialization/progression system
  • Allows players to pick a primary and secondary specialization and unlock new equipment exclusive to those specializations
  • New weapons, including: 3 new weapons, 6 enhanced versions of weapons available as part of the new weapons specialization system, 2 new weapon attachments (including the thermal scope), 5 enhanced versions of weapon attachments also available as part of the new weapons specialization system.
  • 2 new grenade launcher ammo types (flash and smoke)
  • New Trophies

This pack will be available for download via the Playstation Network for $14.99.

Stand by. More information on this COLD FRONT DLC will be coming your way very soon.



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  • Looks like a nice addition

  • Looks like a nice addition to the game

  • I sold socom months ago and they want $15 for more for a broken game I’ll pass. Play MGO it is alot better in my opion.

  • Those maps are good from socom 2 but i hate when they remake them and give them a different look. Anyways i don’t have the game anymore since i was disappointed with it. I hope zipper can return to make a real socom game with SOCOM 4.

  • why isn’t this free?

  • We have waited a year for this and now you are going to drop it with a price point of $14.99? Seems a little high.

  • I have been waiting for months and it isn’t free?

  • agree with #5

    or at least it shouldnt be 14.99
    not worth that much. when i saw that price tag i almost threw up a little. which would be nasty because i just had quiznos

  • What’s with the negative comments? Jeez.

    Anyway, this looks good. Gives me a bit more of an incentive to pay Confrontation more. Nice job. I’ll be eagerly awating the rest of the info on the DLC.

  • As long as we had to wait after purchasing the game for it to work properly, these maps should be free.

  • When is this coming out?!?

  • a little late to release this. most people who were clinging to this lack luster title, have moved on.

  • The maps look cool

  • I think thats an amazing about of content. for any other game, this would be a steal (in comparison, I still think companies should take an approach more akin to Valve with TF2) but, with SOCOM Conf. the amount of issues this game had AND how long they let those problems go for… I really dont see this being any more than a slap in the face for those early supporters of the game

  • Is this game still broken. I have no idea?

  • Where is the free content that was supposed to come out with patch 1.6. Guess I won’t be playing Socom until Zipper takes back over and does it right

  • @NDC89: WTF are you talking about? SOCOM had a bad launch and that was it. Problems have been solved by all the patches published. The gameplay is classic SOCOM in my opinion, and I still play it when I have free time to play. I’m definitely buying this day 1! Really happy about this announcement. SOCOM: Confrontation was able to bring SOCOM back to the close-quarters gameplay SOCOM 3 and Combined Assault took away from the series.

  • i hope the dlc will not be broken like the game was.

  • Should be free since a broken game was released a year ago without the features on the back of the box. Count your losses Sony. And stop dogging /6 like that, I can understand being dissapointed but it was their first ps3 outting. Atleast it wasn’t a Haze, now that was a horrible game and you still can’t fing any strategic military console shooter at the moment, unless you’re going back to the ps2. Seriously though Sony count your losses, I for one won’t be buying this even though I want to show support to the devs but the game was broken and the patch system is horrible.

  • Agree with #5 and #8
    The price feels like a kick in the ****. After all the bugs and technical problems that you guys are having, the only way of “resurrect” this game is giving this pack for free.

  • I am very excited to see this and in all honestly the $15 price tag is OK. Sure free would be best but when did anyone ever get map packs away for free? We spend the extra money on this and maybe we will be able to get more map packs in the future, if this resnags people etc. With about 10k playing at night (sometimes more, sometimes less) this could get it up to even 20 via word of mouth and more if marketed. My biggest concern is marketing this game. Gotta spend a little money and get it out there, “With all new maps and special forces!” etc. Problem is this, how much would make it a loss to market it a ton versus what the game brings in. I would hate this to be the end of the franchise if more don’t start picking it up.

  • $14.99?
    Why is this DLC not for free? Had this game via PSN since launch and have played it very vague. This DLC should be free ‘a la Burnout Paradise’….when will they learn?

    my $.02

  • WoW! I can’t believe it isn’t free. Plus, 14.99 for a pack…that’s more than a Call of Duty pack. This should eliminate the rest of the people who stuck around for this announcement. It’s too bad because it really was a good game.

  • Whit all the problem this game has had they want ME to spend $15? No way. They need to cut us a break and make it A LOT cheaper for all the BS we went through. Go play MAG made by the REAL inventors of SOCOM.

  • Im not paying 14.99 for that. Its taken too long to try to make the game we allw anted from the beginning and even with the new stuff. some of which should be free its certainly not worth 14.99.

  • Looks good, but the $15 price tag is a bit much for me.

    Maybe they’ll release a bundle of multiple packs in the future for a discounted price.

  • I got this through the PSN, after all the crap we had to go through for a decent/playable game were now hit with another 15 bucks for this pack?

    If it were a highly polished game on release, and the DLC didn’t take so long because if the patching I might have considered this. Even then I don’t think I would have liked the 14.99 price.

  • ….and the ball just keeps getting dropped.

    five, five, five dollar foot long!

  • I love socom so much but I think I will wait a bit to get this cause at this time of year there are too many games for me to buy. Too bad this didn’t come out in the summer.

  • Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • I think 14.99 is a little high in price, but it shouldn’t be free. I know that the game had a broken launch, but it costs them money to be able to fix things and even put out DLC. Stop being such a**holes and support the game if you want, stop playing if you don’t want to.

  • MAG. ‘Nuff said.

  • To bad the game flopped for me. And good luck selling this for 15 bucks a DLC for a game that people hardly play anymore considering all the new releases…. it all spells out failure.

  • Please adress the Blu-ray drive issues caused by the 3.01 firmware…

    A 5 minutes google search will convince you there are way too many players affected by this to be a pure coincidence.

    Make an official statement or something? Tell players you’re aware there are a lot of problems and you’re willing to AT LEAST look into it?

    And sorry for the off-topic – I’m just, in the name of all players affected by the problem, looking for a responsible reaction from Sony.

  • Socom Site: “$9.99 if you purchase within the first 24 hours of launch”

  • @19 umm MAG comes to mind and yes it isn’t out yet but the beta rocks and socom isn’t bad it just had a ruff start don’t play it anymore though and 15 bucks is way to high 4 dlc what this offers about 6 bucks is about the right price for this but yeah I do agree it should be free but if they have to charge then no more than 6bucks

  • there’s still a lot of people playing this game every day by the way!

  • “$9.99 if purchased within 24 hours of launch”.

    I can just smell the sneaky launch.

  • LOL

    this HAS to be a joke

    all us SOCOM:C supporters just got b**** slapped

    especially those that have had the game since DAY 1 and it still is in the current state it’s in, now this

    SOCOM:C is officially done

  • LOL this has got to be a joke

    we just got b slapped, especially those of us who have had the game since DAY 1

    b slap, and it hurts

  • 9.99 if bought in the first 24 hours?

    should be 9.99 anyways, IF that

    just sad

  • I do not mind paying for DLC, but I think Slant 6 should do their community a huge solid and not charge for this pack. At it’s launch the game shipped in a broken state, now it is 200X better, but it still doesn’t excuse it not workig properly day 1. Or the fact that it was missing key features that were in the back of the box. This first should be free, just as a nice “we are sorry” to those who stuck with the game even though it was horribly flawed for a few weeks

  • @ 43

    it’s only 200x better because it was in such a sorry state for so long. it STILL has issues, one could hardly say it runs like it should, yeah, it’s better but dayum, this game is still a pile of junk

    no guns, no maps, even after YEAR of release

    they really dropped the ball on this SOCOM and I was hoping the new stuff would really be worth it. haven’t played in a while, been waiting for new stuff and so far all I see is talk of the new stuff, they haven’t delivered on this game AT ALL

    now they’re going to take advantage of everyone that still plays, or most cause we all know the SOCOM fanatics (which are all just starting to look like crazy people) will buy it

  • 15$! lol pass. maybe if it was free id actually put the disk in the system again… maybe.
    Oh Sony. You guys will always fall short of the greatness of the PC and services like Steam.
    HatMan is right, we had to wait like 6 months before the game was even playable, this would have been a great *kiss and makeup* update…

  • How many of the advertised features are going to REALLY be available when buying the pack? and how many a year from now?

    this should be free after all that happened with the game. I’m glad I didn’t have money to buy the game when was launched, and when I finally got the money I read all complaints about it’s flaws and lies on the box.

  • *kiss and makeup* update

    perfectly said

    am really disappointed with how everything has gone, but who cares, we’ll all forget as this stuff won’t even be out for 2-3 months, then when it does drop people will have to wait another month or two for the new bugs that are introduced to be fixed

    that’s been the story so far

    they couldnt put out a decent game, they can’t update/patch the game without ruining something else, it’s all so garbage that it really is funny

  • This map pack should not cost more than $7.99

  • $14.99? LOL


  • $14.99 LMFAO! What a joke. You guys are too funny.

  • $14?


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