Topatoi Available Today on PSN for $9.99

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Hi guys!

My name is Natalia, I’m a PR Manager for Boolat Games, a developer based in East Ukraine.

I’d like to announce that the first episode of our puzzle-oriented PlayStation 3/PSN platformer Topatoi finally gets released in North America.

topatoi banner

As some of you possibly know, Topatoi (which is basically one of the first East European PSN games) was released in Europe, Asia and Australia earlier this year. Check out the game’s official website for more information, including screenshots, in-game videos and trailers. Here’s the latest Topatoi trailer embedded here for your convenience:

In short, the core of Topatoi’s gameplay is based on the fact that the player controls a small explorer vehicle that works like a spinning top. The spin needs to be controlled carefully, as it affects the device’s movement and behavior. The game sticks to the old school traditions of the puzzler platformers (like, say, Bubba ‘n’ Stix or The Lost Vikings), including emphasis on the original concepts and unique immersive gameplay.

topatoi screenshot 2 topatoi screenshot 1

Try it and share your thoughts on Topatoi here — it’s really important for us!

More stuff is coming your way, so stay tuned for updates!

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  • Looks interesting! Will there be a demo avail today as well?

  • No but really, the game looks fun.


  • seems like it’ll be a good day for the playstation store.

  • We need a contest to win it :)

  • I hope you guy release FINAL FANTASY 8 PLEASE!!!!!

  • @1
    such simply pleasures bring you so much joy. wish i was so easily pleased…..

    i have had topatoi since its euro release and it is a fun little game. albeit not so action packed, it does bring new elements to game play. at the 9.99 price it is well worth it. i’m enjoying my lazy play of it. haven’t finished it as of yet, someday i’ll get there.

  • @9
    i was being sarcastic and making fun of 90% of the people that comment here.

  • oh, and before you guys start asking, yes it has trophies. and why are people asking for a game that has nothing to do with the people involved n this one. stupid entitlists!


  • @10
    likely excuse. why is it that all twits that do the “zomg 1st” posts always use that as their excuse?

  • Looks really good, I hope they put a demo out as well

  • I would give you guys 5 bucks for it.

  • здравствуйте Natalia. My girlfriend is from Donetsk, so I’ll be sure to pick this up and support a “local” developer.

  • looks neat…

  • Oops I just watched the video, I’ll pay no more than 3 dollars for this one.

  • ZeN can learn a thing or two about how to promote a game from the BooLaT company :p pictures and a VIDEO!! VERY IMPORTANTE! lol but yeah this game looks fun and for 1o buks…(which is what i would spend in a day for breakfast and lunch) its a must buy.IMO

  • Looks cool, hopefully there’s going to be a demo

  • Looks interesting. Obviously, I haven’t played it yet, so would you say the challenge comes from the controlling of the character or from the actually design of the levels?

  • how come im not seeing this on my store

  • This looks awesome! Can’t wait until the update, this is a must buy for me!!

  • Looks fun, but if it’s not on a disc, it’s not worth buying.

    Disc or no purchase.

  • @24

    Why do you need a disc?

  • The visuals look very good.

  • hopefully you guys don’t fail and not release more psp games for PSP Go owners. 2 weeks of crap content won’t look good for you guys.

  • I remember your post back at the end of July and am glad to hear that this is finally coming out in North America. I liked the longer video you showed then, but this teaser does the job well.

    Back then you mentioned story mode and arcade mode, which seem to be the “tree” and “geometric shapes” levels. Do you have to finish all of the story mode before you can play the arcade mode?

  • Is there a local co-op for the story mode?

  • I remember this game, it looked interesting. A demo would certainly be nice since I’ve had to be quite stingy lately on my gaming purchases :(

  • Looks like it could be fun. Is there a demo? Is there offline multiplayer?

  • Hey, meatheads, this lady has NOTHING to do with the release of Final Fantasy games on the PSN. She’s telling us about a product she WAS involved in, so try and show a little respect. Dang!

  • Looks like a fun little game, though not perhaps worth $10 depending on:
    1. What’s the native resolution of the graphics? Is multi-sampling FSAA being used?

    2. Are the audio assets lossless? 24-bit? Will they play as LPCM for those of us using HDMI?

    3. Who did the music? Anything interesting worth noting on that front?

    4. Any local co-op play? If so, is it split-screen? (My husband and I really don’t care for split-screen games.)

    5. Leaderboards? Trophies?

    In lieu of a demo, I’ll need to know these things before I consider a purchase.

    Thanks! :)

  • I might get it if I can try it out first. Are we getting a demo?

  • Just took a closer look at the screenshots:
    1. Definitely looks to be 720p, or even less :(

    2. Lots of jaggies and blurry textures all over, so no FSAA is being used.

    I’ll wait to hear back about the music, but unless it’s 24-bit lossless and amazing, I’ll wait for a patch that brings the graphics up to what we’ve come to expect from PSN.

  • Finally

  • nice this looks really fun :D

  • need a demo to consider it

  • Another $10 game. And more people asking for a bunch of PSN games on a disc which is just never going to happen. Every week it’s the same.

  • @25

    I don’t buy digital games. Period.

    Doesn’t matter what system or what company makes it.

    It has to be released on disc for me to even look at it.

  • @39

    If Sony would actually release some disc compilations, we would stop asking.

  • lol@ Einhander138

    Your missing out on some of the best games ever because you won’t buy digital. Not to mention most of the games that are digital are done with a smaller budget, thus reducing the odds even more of there being a disc for them.

    I feel bad for you man.

  • Why cant I find this game on ps store? Its just not on there not even in the new release section and its making me mad!

  • @21
    i’d say both elements, an i own it already.

    yes 720p
    not sure on audio
    to answer 4 & 5 yes and yes and yes and yes
    as far as the audio is concerned, its not all that great imho, and the soundtrack is kinda cutesy like the visuals. the pics and vid don’t do justice to the overall appearance ingame. it is fun to play and i have enjoyed my time with it thus far. haven’t beaten it yet. of course with as many psn downloads as i have, not alot of time to beat them all.

  • @43
    of course you’re not finding it in the NA store, the store hasn’t been updated yet.

  • I thought it gets updated every Thursday?

  • @46 it does update every Thursday. However not a set time, and the time ussualy runs quite late in the afternoon/evening.

    As for the devs, I’m intrigued I’ll give you that. I hope there’s a demo as well tho? Looks good tho from what I’ve seen, curious about length.

  • @47
    seems lengthy, takes awhile to complete each level, roughly 15-20 minutes. of course alot of that time is spent looking for hidden stuff.

  • No word on a demo makes me think there won’t be one. I really hope I’m wrong and there is because I’ve gone into the “No Demo, No Purchase” mode as I’ve been burned by too many games that turned out to be crap.

    This game looks interesting and I’d love to give it a whirl (so to speak), but if I can’t get my hands on a playable demo, I’m not buying. I don’t care what reviews say, I don’t care what other people say, it’s just what I’ve come to in the past few years of D/L titles on XBL, PSN and Wii.

  • This game looks pretty interesting. I’ll look forward to purchasing it after I update my PS3 with a new hard drive since I’ve run out of memory.

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