Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars only $4.99 on PSN for a Limited Time

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Greetings PlayStation.Blog readers,


October marks the one-year anniversary of the release of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARPBC), our first self-published title, and we feel like having a party. But what kind of birthday party would this be without gifts, right? We want you to come celebrate with us. So how about a birthday where we give the gifts to YOU! From October 15 through October 29, you can download SARPBC for just $4.99 in celebration of the game’s first successful year! Yup, not one week, but two whole weeks to get in gear and download one of PSN‘s most explosive and addictive games for only $4.99!!!

Like our fans, we here at Psyonix absolutely love SARPBC and its die-hard community; they are the best fans an independent developer could ask for, which is exactly why we want to recruit more of you! We know you’re out there, so let’s make the SARPBC community explode! Hop online, get in the Battle-Car arena and show us what you’ve got because if you’ve been waiting for the right time to get this game, there’s no better time than now!

Have you had the opportunity to play SARPBC? Have you acquired all of the trophies and/or uploaded your awesome goals and saves to YouTube using the in-game editor? We want to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave a comment or two below.


Oh, and before I let you go, be sure to follow us on Twitter @Psyonixinc and sign up on our forums at And to all our dedicated fans already out there, thank you for all of your support and to one heck of a year!

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  • $4.99 is sweet!


  • Good deal.

    It’s my birthday as well.

  • Yeah this is kinda see price drops and realize u paid TWICE the amount. :/ well atleast there will be more people online now huh..mission accomplished sony. how about some exclusive stuff for the early loyal a new car or something :p

  • I bought this game LAST October for $14.99 and it was worth every penny! I’m still playing it to this day, and it’s a bargain for $4.99. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

  • For $4.99, I no longer have a reason not to buy this. I’ve heard great things about it, so I look forward to it!

  • Lol, now they change the price=). I will be buying .detuned and playing Uncharted 2. But thanks anyway.

  • Yeah, if you haven’t, pick this game up people. For 5 dollars it is the BEST deal on the PSN.

    Great Job Psyonix!

  • Happy Birthday Ftwrthtx, I hope you and other potential new players love the game as much as our current fans do!

    nYc, we LOVE our loyal fans like you more than you realize! That’s why we released the new arenas in August for free and will always release new SARPBC content for free. Oh yeah, look for some promotional giveaways soon, likely to be announced on our forums. ;)

  • I’ll be buying this tonight, even though it won’t be played until I finish Uncharted 2 and Demon’s Souls. The demo was a lot of fun, I can’t believe I forgot about the game.

  • Nice. Might have to pick this up with .detuned today.

  • great great great game, i was hoping to wait till it dropped to this price but i bought it about a month ago… amazing party game

  • to bad my credit card wont work on the psn…..and im to broke to buy a 20 dollar prepaid card…will amazon have it for this much?

  • Hey everybody! I’m a European SARPBC player who bought it at the European release back in February. To this day I’ve yet to let go of it. It’s just so amazingly addictive!

    This game is for ANYONE who wants a good time with there friends, or wants to get some challenge online (While still having fun).

    Also, if anyone is interrested in making montages, machinima or just short replays of their awesome goals or saves, then this is the game to get! It’s got the coolest replay editor ever!

    I, myself, enjoy making montages… Here’s my latest one: *Free advertising*

    If I were you I wouldn’t even wait for the PlayStation Store to update. It’s great!

  • Awesome game, now there’s no reason not to own it.

    Go buy it people!

  • jerk_man, working on getting it on Amazon, but unlikely it will happen within the next two weeks unfortunately (not Psyonix’s delay – we’d love to have it there for you)…

  • Good competitive pricing. Now I’m motivated to spend a little cash on this. Since day one I thought the $15 price tag was ridiculous so I never bothered. Jordan, the key to having a block buster hit on PSN is to have a undeniable price (between $5-$10). Speaking for myself and a few friends, we don’t buy anything that’s $10-$15+ on PSN. My only two exceptions were Wipeout Pure and Lumines.

  • This is a really good game and if you still haven’t gotten it, the $4.99 price tag should not leave you any reason not to purchase this game.

  • See, this is how you publish on PSN. Release a good game and build a fan base, then keep all DLC free.Psyonix obviously realized that paid-DLC will just split up their community.

    This is way better than the likes of Fat Princess where they expect us to pay for a single map!

  • Lame game. dont waste you $$ on this one.

  • I bought this game the day after it released a year ago for $15 and I’ve played it like it was a $60 game. I had to put away Resistance 2 to play this game because its just so fun and addicting. $5 is a steal for this game. If you don’t already have it, get it before the price goes back up to $10.

  • Hands down the best PSN title that is available! I would love to see like a thousand more people playing this game online and get some 3v3 ranked going finally. I’ve had this game since day one and it is the only PSN title that i keep coming back to for more! BUY NOW!!

  • Needs more info on how Dissidia will be up today.

  • I like the game but the heavy tearing of the graphics give me headaches. It would be so great if the game would run with vsync on, maybe a little bit slower! Other Unreal Engine Games dont have this issue, i wonder why!

    • Hi Tojeka,

      We do have VSync available in the game\’s options if the tearing bothers you. We have it off by default because many of our players prefer faster framerate over VSync, but if it\’s stopping you from playing please try flipping that option to \”On\” and play some more!

    • Hey tojeka,

      We have an option available in the \”System Options\” that enables VSync for players that prefer having it on.

      We leave it off by default because most of our players have reported preferring the faster framerate achieved by leaving VSync off, but if it\’s stopping you from playing, please turn it on and see if that helps! Thanks!

  • I, like Carter above, bought this game when it first came out a year ago for $15 and haven’t stopped playing it since. $5 is a steal for this game.

    @tojeka: The game does have a Vsync on/off system option in the settings to remove any screen tearing issues that may pop up.

  • I love this game! DLC Hint Psyonix…adding missles to the game that can target the ball and/or other cars would be awesome!!

  • Still says $9.99 for me, will it drop when the PS store update rolls out?

    $4.99 is a steal, and this is PSN exclusive right? I’ll buy it just to support the PSN and your studio.

    • Manick- The price drop is effective today through the 29th, but sometimes PSN takes several hours to make the updates take effect. So standby…

  • My birthday is the 20th.. so Borderlands is what I’m claiming is my gift from Gearbox. However, since I have an extra 5 sitting in my PSN wallet I might just have to pick this up. Especially since it has trophies.

  • Thanks everyone for your support!!! Being a small independent studio, it means the world to us!

    We LOOOOOOOVVVVVVE our fans!!!

    its freakn awsome super addicting
    i played once with one of the developers dont remember his name i think it was pen something not sure
    great game trying to convince my best friend to buy it im sure he will.

  • The price drop is great to get more people to play it!!!

    Just hope you have released new arenas, game modes, or something for us who own it since first week. Can’t believe it has been a whole year!!

  • worth every penny!
    my number 1 played game this year.
    addictive as hell
    much love for Psyonix :D

  • Hmmm. Debating on getting this. 5 bucks does seem like a steal so I think I will :)

    This game looks fun!

  • I really love this game.

    The reviews I’ve read on it have been harsh, unjust, and inaccurate. And this game sticks out in my mind as one of the best examples of why game reviewing is so screwed up anymore, and how much game reviews are self fulfilling prophesies.

    It kills the sales on a real gem of a game. A lot of people who would have loved it end up never trying it.

    It’s a travesty.

    This really is a great game. It’s a unique game play idea. There’s nothing else like it.

    I’d say it’s not for the casual gamer, because the basic game mechanic requires you to hit a ball more or less accurately with a toy car. It’s not super hard, but it does take a bit of skill. Anyone above casual level can do it with a little practice.

    But frankly, that’s what makes the game fun. It seems like every game is designed (ie. dumbed down) for casual gamers anymore, and it’s nice to see one that isn’t.

  • lol, i just bought the game last week. its a good fun game!

  • Wow! I wish my friends celebrated their birthday by giving me gifts. For 5 bucks I’ll buy basically anything :D I remember playing the demo of this and thinking it was pretty cool but never got it cause of the 15 dollar price, then when it hit 10 I kind of forgot about it but 5 bucks, I’m practically stealing. Any chance the fbi knock down my door and arrest me if I buy this?

  • Great game, everyone should buy it. I still play it and Ive had it since day one. Support Psyonix, the more people playing the more new free DLC we’ll get.

  • Was this $10 or $15 before?

    Either way $5 is a sweet spot for me so I say SOLD!

  • @38: It started out as $15, but they then lowered it to $10, and now 5$ :)

  • Definitely picking this up!! It is one of my favourite demos on PSN but just never had enough remaining in my wallet after other purchases. Now I have no reason not to buy it.

  • it still says 9.99 how long before its 4.99? im dyin to play this my friend has it on his ps3 and its such an awesome game!!

  • @4
    I paid three times the price drop when it first came out and still think it’s worth it. But perhaps that’s just me.

    If there’s any one who should be getting anything, it’s those of us who paid the full amount of $14.99 when it first released. If they had priced it at $9.99 to begin with, I’m sure this would have had a crazy amount of people playing it. Oh, and also, releasing it in Europe the same time as America (considering this is soccer) probably would have helped too. Well, what could have been, right?

  • I wouldn’t buy a DD game if it were 1 cent.

    Give me a disc or I will not purchase it.


  • @43: Well, too bad that you’re missing out on one of the greatest games.


  • Is there still an active online community for this game? I’d consider getting it if the online portion of the game isn’t a ghost town.

    • There most certainly is an active community. Actually, it looks like we have a few of the guys from our forums here showing their support. – thanks guys.

      You could always download the demo, and if you like it its only $4.99 through the 29th.

      Have fun!

    • There most certainly is an active community. Actually, it looks like we have a few of the guys from our forums here showing their support. Thanks guys.

      You could always download the demo and if you like it its only $4.99 for the whole game from now through the 29th.

      Have fun!

  • @45: There’s still a rather big community. You should check up on the forums to see for yourself

  • @45 for $4.99 are you really worried. That’s probably the reason they are lowering the price-to do some rebuilding and revitalize the community.

  • Taake it, Maake it,
    All systems GO!!!
    Rocketpowered battlecars!!

    =D =D =D =D

  • Why is still 9.99 at the PSN store?

    • As mentioned before, the technical aspect of actually dropping the price is a PSN thing. I think they usually make changes to the store later in the day on Thursdays, so we just have to bear with it… hopefully it\’ll take place soon! Thanks for your patience AND for your support!!!

  • how long before its actually 4.99 cause it still says 9.99 T_T

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