New UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves TV Commercial

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I’m hoping that most of you have already bought your copy of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and have been burning the midnight oil playing it. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the game.

Today’s post is pretty cool: the reviews and write-ups on the game have been outstanding, so to support the launch of UNCHARTED 2, we are airing another 15-second TV commercial to go with our existing one. You guys are the first to see this new commercial. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Best 15 second commercial out there.

    Uncharted 2 is a masterpiece indeed. Most amazing game I’ve ever played.

  • Great game, I may need to put new thermal paste on my ps3 chips after this game.

  • Sweet! Captures the game perfectly.

  • best game, best commercial, game of the year hands down congrats naughty dog.. . now about that cross game chat :-D

  • I’ve only been able to play the first two chapters so far…darn this life of mine! Always getting in the way!

  • Awesome TV ad, it was like watching a movie trailer :)

  • sweet! i luv the game, i play nonstop :)

  • Tremendous ad for a tremendous game. I love Naughty Dog!!:P

  • Just like the other commercial – my wife actually likes to watch me play games like Uncharted 2 because it’s like watching a movie!!!

  • Great ad! well done marketing! Great to see the tv ads getting better and better! I like it.

    The game is fantastic, I love every minute of it!

  • Can’t believe how good this game is.

    The graphics are absolutely mind boggling. After the first Uncharted, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 running 1080p 60fps it’s like the PS3 is an entire console generation ahead in graphics.

    There never has been another console generation where a single console as so totally annihilatedthe competition graphically like the PS3 has the 360 this gen.

    You really have to wonder how Microsoft so totally botched the 360 graphics hardware to be destroyed so utterly by the PS3’s insane Cell+RSX.

  • Great to see that Sony finally understanding how important marking really is, not everyone uses the net or check gaming website. Also the whats new section on the xmb is great but i wish i could turn off the blue background and make it load the same way as how the store game one loads its more neater that way. Uncharted 2 should be coming threw my post tomorrow cant wait.

  • The sad thing about this post is that it means the PS store won’t be updated for a while :(

  • Oddly enough, I just beat the game as I saw this post. Bravo Naughty Dog. Amazing game.

  • Awesome game and cool commercial.

  • Nice,i hope to god it sells well. It should and deserves it. game of the year! Sony get some MW 2 commercials out for ps3,M$ is trying to make believe it’s exclusive to them.

  • The game is fantastic.

  • Nice. Awesome game, probably the best I have played all year!

  • Finished the game. Unbelievable. I cannot possibly imagine how one can decide a 15sec footage out of that game.

    It’s like Matrix. “No one can be told what Uncharted 2 is, you have to play it for yourself.”

    Hey, I copyright that ;) with plagiarism.

  • I LOVE the game. It’s the best game I have ever played. Good work Naughty Dog!

  • I’m really getting tired of not getting the store update earlier in the day. Even that I’m playing Uncharted 2 right now, I want my Mushroom Wars and .deTuned NOW too.


  • Game of the year. Seriously.

  • Commercial is pretty cool and the game is absolutely fantastic! I already beat it once and I am working my way through again. Now all we need is a nice dynamic theme to go with the game.

  • Bought time Sony gets a commercial right. Good job Sony – now keep doing it right. Uncharted 2 is fricken amazing.

  • Great commercial…now, where’s the PSN update?

  • I’m really enjoying this game :)

    I thought it was a bit strange to make the player replay the intro once you reach it in the plot again, but other than that, EVERYTHING about this game is satisfactory to the fullest meaning.

    I mean, this is what a REAL $60 value is.

    Thank you Naughty Dog.
    Thank you so much.

  • Just finished the game. It was even more awesome that I hoped it would be. I still can’t believe they killed Sully off though.

    I’m just kidding….the didn’t kill Sully.

    Or did they?

    Naw, I’m just kidding….they didn’t kill Sully.

    Or did they?

  • Love it, shows a lot of action.

    Uncharted 2 is amazing!!! I’m on chapter 21.

  • Will this be on the PS Store today?

  • Awesome Commercial! Any idea one when we are going to see the Ratchet and Clank one?

  • Some of my friends don’t show up for a week or so. Whats going on?

  • “we would love to hear your thoughts on the game”

    Here are my thoughts: The game is a MASTERPIECE! and now I want more :(

  • Wish I could go get this now… :(

  • It certainly does a great job of showcasing the gameplay, but I think you should make more prominent use of the ’24 Perfect Scores and counting…’ After people have gotten a glimpse at the game the first few times, shifting their attention to a rapid scrolling through the ‘rave reviews’ would make for a hell of a selling point. Though you guys are the marketeers- I’m just throwing it out there.

    @ ExPresident (28)

    Not terribly observant, are we? Be wrong for as long as you like, but they’ve been doing a kick-ass job for months now.

  • The game is incredible. Seriously. Epic. I’m 5 hours into it. Wish I could play it more during the day but I don’t need my 3 year old walking around talking like Drake and his pals. :)

    The commercial is well done. Amazing what you can cram into 15 seconds. :)

  • Also, when is the store going to update?????

  • I laughed hard when I saw betrayal in the “It only does *insert thing here*” section.

  • Naughty Dog… why you did not insert all european languages on the disc?

    I buy my games from U.K. because pay less 20€ for it if i buy any on Portugal..

    For this one i will pay 100€ or more.. but the BD disc don’t have enought space?

  • Uncharted 2 is a masterpiece!!!!

  • NOICE!!!!! good job. i didn’t pick this game up… being that i’m broke. maybe i’ll be lucky enough to win the fortune hunter edition… but for now its like rent+bills or an amazing video game….

  • Very nice, one of the best ways to advertise a game that looks as stunning as Uncharted 2 is to show the gameplay. :)

  • Good commercial but I like the first one more. It’s funny. I guess this one is good for those shorter commercial breaks.

  • @ Jeigh (38)

    I thought this was the best of the most recent and was mainly referring to how they advertise games. I’ve been watching the new commercials whenever they put them on the blog here (I don’t watch much regular tv) and I’ve liked them all. I do concur that they have been doing a much better job, just didn’t post about it.

    @ my original post typo = Bout not Bought lol.

  • This is a truly wonderful and fantastic game to play. i myself am only 2 or so hours into it and WOW! I have to play after I get off work latenight and also have the problem of a child learning some new interesting words.
    Walked in on me once at the very moment Radec blew his head off in KZ2.


    For the Best Adventure Game I Have Ever Played!

  • Perfect little advert. Much better than the European 30 sec ones. It actually shows review scores and doesn’t have a random voice over

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