PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

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The PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tonight, October 14. Maintenance is expected to start at 11pm Pacific and could last for several hours. During this time, some users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store or account management, and may encounter some difficulty while signing in to PSN.

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when the PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • firmware 3.10 confirmed? XD

  • Ha Ha perrandy, that’s what I thought!
    Cross Game CHAT!

    Lot’s of maintenance lately

  • If we had a psn status icon with a little info ticker in the top right corner, yah wouldn’t have to post this blog.

  • Lol @ perrandy….No worry….I’ll be busy playing Uncharted 2 XD

  • hmmm…a mystery…i’ll get sherlock on the case

  • hmmm wonder y?

  • hmmm…. wonder y?

  • in after 3.10 comment.

    HA! HA!
    No but seriously take the ticker off!

  • Thanks for the heads up.

    Loving Uncharted 2!!!

  • Fixing the long log in time for Home maybe?

  • @12
    PSN maintenance isn’t HOME maintenance. :/

  • No worries.. got Uncharted 2 to keep me busy :D

  • @3
    thats the funniest thing i’ve ever read on the blog

  • @3
    thats the funniest thing iv’e ever read on the blog

  • is this a good thing?

  • [quote]Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when the PSN is fully back online.[/quote]

    Am I the only one that’s sick of hearing this? I’m not on Twitter, and I never intend to be. So why should I need to log-in on that site to get updates on psn? Is that not what the ps blog is for?

  • I always wondered why and what was being done for/during these.

  • @17

    I agree. I’m not as angry, but I agree.

  • @12 I know, was just throwing it out there. lol

  • @ 15 & 3 I agree funniest comment to date.

  • I hope this downtime is for an update that include cross-game voice chat (ontop of other obvious things like voice messages and party chat; I assume the cross-game chat would be party chat).

    I mean the downtime is 2pm EST. That’s a bad time for maintenance. Why not start it at night?

  • No 3.10 or cross-game chat in this maintainence. If that were so then they would just have a firmware update on a Mon/Tue time frame. This is to add the new content for the PS Store and the Home spaces that were announced earlier on the Blog.

  • @17
    The Twitter updates as the Blog updates, the Twitter doesn’t update if the Blog doesn’t update. Get it?

  • @17

    Relax, and just click the little ‘Twitter feed’ link. No login required.

  • @18

    You don’t have to log in to see the updates, you just have to go the page. You could even add their twitter feed to your favorite feed reader (google reader?) and never have to go to the twitter website again to see their updates as they happen.

  • can’t wait for cross game chat, just what we need for mw2.

  • Cross game chat coming sooner than expected :D


  • A day after Uncharted 2 is released? Are you people dense? Why would you do maintenance today? During the day no less. What is going on over there at SCEA?

  • I heard a rumor that Sony can’t keep a secret no matter how hard it tries. Lol… I say just tell use everything as soon as you think of it… or you could threaten your workers with execution… nah that would not go over well.

  • @30 since uncharted is primarily a single player game I dont think it was much of a concern better to do it now than when MW2 drops and you guys all die from “OMG WTF I cant Log In WAHHHHHHHHH”

  • hey sony, why after I updated to 3.00 I can’t play music on the XMB? when I press the PS button it just says if I want to quit playback.

  • I hope they are adding the Grand Theft Auto psp games and Crisis Core and Phantasy Star and killzone.

  • Interesting, and thanks for the update. A shame no real information about what’s happening.

  • No Uncharted 2 multiplayer for me. But I haven’t even beat single-player. Stupid school!

  • 32 – i would love to taste the tears of nerd rage and wish they had

    33 – you can still play music from xmb just press the jewel once got to your music and click on it.

  • @33
    This was an odd issue, but I believe you can fix it by enabling 44Hz under audio settings.

  • sony, when are we going to see some uncharted 2 ads?
    im sick to death of seeing 10 halo ODST adds per day and 6 need for speed shift ones.
    you wana know why ps3 games are selling like crap?
    because you people dont market them.
    honestly the ps3 slim came out 1 month and 15 days ago and i have not seen 1 add for them.
    NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ive lost count the amount of 360 adds i have seen since the price drop.
    if you are paying people for marketing i suggest you fire them, because my birds could do a better job.
    in fact if you want, ill be happy for you to take them off my hands ;)

  • cross game voice chat here we come.

  • Hey Jeff, I think you guys need to start a countdown for Clockblockers seeing as how U2 is finally out (and it is EPIC! Just beat it.)

  • cross game chat would be sick……..hopefully we’ll get final fantasy 8 soon and perhaps a god of war 3 demo ^_^

  • I wonder whether they will bother reading this comment.
    Oh well, here goes.

    Dear PlayStation,

    would you kindly announce 3.10?
    we all know about it, Naughy Dog leaked it,
    and so have several sources.

    I’m not asking for the update today,
    I know it would have been announced,
    but please, dear SONY,
    announce firmware 3.10.

    Give us a video of cross game chat,
    tell us whether it supports several players,
    thats all I want,
    thats all I need,
    dear SONY,
    please hear me.

    Thanks for your time,

    PSN ID: Alex_Assassin_08

  • so whats rumor on 3.0 about? anyone care to fill me in?

  • @ 44

    Firmware 3.10 includes cross game voice chat.

  • @ 25, 26 and 27

    I don’t care how it works. I’m not a fan of social networking sites and I don’t want to contribute to them in any way. That means not visiting the site period.

    The point is twitter simply isn’t needed here, playstation has their own website and blog.

  • Still waiting for a ID tag name changing program. <_<

  • Naming changing program and more avatar options where?

  • @46

    You’re not. You click the link, read a post, close the browser. Nothing less, nothing more.

  • daniel aka danny you can still do that just go to system information icon then go down to restore settings the one that doesnt warn you doing this will delete the hard drize the one that does not aka one above it then restore settings then completed also doing this will fix the times played counter for music abd me on psn or send me message if needed more help by psn is johnelway72530

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