Mushroom Wars Coming to PSN This Thursday for $9.99

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Hey everyone! It’s Scott at Creat Studios again, here to tell you about our seventh (yes, seventh!) release for PlayStation Network in 2009. Our new RTS, Mushroom Wars, will be available for $9.99 this Thursday, October 15.

Now, you’re asking, what exactly is Mushroom Wars? Do I have to battle evil, killer mutant zombie mushrooms? Well, as cool as that might sound, (hmmm…maybe there’s a future PSN release!), you don’t battle the mushrooms themselves, but you will do battle for the mushrooms. Mushroom Wars is a fast-paced and accessible RTS, with a quaint, anime-inspired visual style where you send your cute armies into battle, upgrade your mushroom bases, improve your weaponry and fight skirmishes in close-quarter maps.

You can play against the AI or kick your friends’ butts in Campaign mode. The Skirmish mode lets you quickly jump right into battles. Local multiplayer allows up to four players to tough it out to see who’s the baddest army in the meadow.

We’re very excited about Mushroom Wars, and we’re confident that you’ll have a great time. Whether you’re pursuing a full campaign, or in the mood for a quick, five-minute RTS battle to jump-start your morning, Mushroom Wars is simply great fun.

Creat Studios wishes to continue to thank all of our fans who have played our PSN games this year. We greatly appreciate your support and your feedback. We can’t do it without you!

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  • Looks great! So much stuff to buy this month… ~~

  • looks pretty interesting, any chance there will be a demo?

  • No online play?

  • I thought this would never come >.<

  • Hmmmm, even the music is similar to pixeljunk monsters… How about giving some props where its due? :)

  • That looks like fun. Hope it comes out with a demo.

  • Looks to play a lot like Galcon on the iPhone/iPod Touch – I LIKEY! :D

  • Looks really fun.

  • think im going to get this for sure ive been missing a nice rts

  • love to see an episodic Turnbased RPG pop up on the PSN…

  • Was looking forward to this after seeing the E3 trailer; love the art. I wasn’t expecting it so soon after not hearing anything since E3.

  • another creat must buy for me!! we have all your titles in our house!! the wife and i love em

  • is this a cheap knock off of pixeljunk monsters?

  • Cheap? I don’t see 9.99 for something that looks like that being cheap.

    A knock off is more then likely however.

    Overpriced psn games need to take a note out of critter crunches book. awesome game with and even awesomer price tag.

  • A game in which you battle “for the mushrooms”? Finally, someone willing to speak out against the drug cartels, bring the issue to the public’s attention and tell it like it is! …In a quaint, playful artistic style. =P

    I’m not entirely sure I get how the game is played, and I get the feeling “PixelJunk Monsters knockoff” isn’t really accurate. I don’t see lines of monsters appearing out of nowhere, towers popping up from predesignated positions with the sole purpose of fighting said line nor any groups of creatures needing saving. No, it actually seems to be a mix of things, though I get the feeling there is no ‘co-op’ in this game- only competitive. The artstyle is obviously an ‘homage,’ but given the game’s apparent objectives, calling it a Monsters carbon copy would be erroneous.

  • I’m a fan of RTS games and oh man I want this! Can you play custom soundtracks while playing the game?

  • Yeah, i’m not about throwing rocks on other people’s work, but this game could be renamed Pixeljunk Mushrooms. Are they psychedelic? :D

  • Awful lot like Pixel Junk monsters, even the music :P

    Anyway, might check this game out, if theirs a demo.

  • Will it have online matches? Only way I will buy it!

  • When I think RTS… I think starcraft… or command and conquer… not ANOTHER tower defense game.

  • Creat Studios is great. Every game is beautifully done in HD, has good trophies, good support, and most have DLC. Mushroom Wars looks to be another great game from them, so I’m buying. You need to focus on network multiplayer though, MagicBall online is fun. Hope Interpol gets the promised network multiplayer soon.

  • Looks fun. I can always use more games with local multi-player. Especially if it is more than two player. Is this coming to Australia any time soon?

  • Creat should have its own store at PSN by now no? Like EA and Capcom.

  • No thanks. Not when I have Uncharted 2 to play the crap out of.=)

  • Gee, you know what else should come Thursday? Dissidia.

  • It looks fantastic guys! Just fantastict! just i cant buy anything without a demo first! i would REALLY like some demos of your games (especially this & Digger hd), then i can buy it !

  • It looks really interesting.. i might buy it and then hold till i finish uncharted 2

  • ifg theres trophies, I hope there arnt any online trophies. Ones requiring work online can never work for people who buy the game late, like me. I’m still kicking myself trying to 100% Resistance 2.

  • reminds me of comet crash and i liked that game a lot! might have to go buy this!!

  • is this game for psp too?

  • Dudes… who is going to be buying [DELETED] when Uncharted 2 just came out. Ugh SO GOOD!

    Not to take away from this upcoming Mushroom Wars game. Looks cute. I’m not into RTS though. Creat Studios seems like a busy dev company. Keep up the good work.

  • Online play and custom soundtracks would have made this a purchase on day one. Still looks like great fun though.

  • Looks like a mixture between PJM and Pikmin. Which would be awesome.

  • Very monsterish! (which is good!)
    Demo please.

  • haha @ 29 I sold resistance 2 tonight because I know theres no way in hell ill ever 100% that game.

    The online trophies are impossible for someone who likes to play multiple games at once to keep things fresh. would take me till 2020 just to get half of em.

  • This looks compelling…hmmmm.

  • totally excited about this. looks really simple, but engaging. most of all, it looks fun!

  • I’m sorry, but the bar has been set very high by Critter Crunch in terms of price vs quality. And this game, judging from the video, is of less quality, and yet more expensive. Maybe next time, Creat. Too bad, I love Mushrooms.

  • I would have to be full of Magic Mushrooms to play this.

  • Will there be a demo? No demo, no sale.

  • I wish the PS3 had more tower defense games.

  • WTF!? This is so lame :S we, PS3 owners, want real games not this crap games.

    Are you serious with the $9.99!?


  • this just makes me more hungry for the eventual release of Plants VS Zombies

  • why do they make these silly lame games . because people wont stop buying them . maybe if people didn’t they would work a little more to earn are money . just a thought though

  • Great.. so where’s Dissidia?

  • what ever :(

  • the looks and music are pretty symilar to Pixeljunk Monsters

  • This game makes me think Galcon with a PJM style, and throw in a dash of Tower Defense….

    But the core gameplay seems almost identical to Galcon. From the trailer at least.

  • I have about $15 left on my account. I don’t think I’m ever going to get to spend it. Can you just cut me a check?
    Release Hustle Kings before Christmas and all will be forgiven.

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