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    God of War III Fankit #3 – Use these new offerings forged together with the contents of past fankits to spread the story of God of War, so that all will be prepared come March for CHAOS!

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  • Get ready for Uncharted 2!

  • chris i have a question. Will we be seeing any GoW1&2 upgraded videos or screenshots anytime soon? i remember not too long ago i read here on the blog there will be footage soon. any word? and yes! finally some new GoW3 fan kit!

  • Got a psp go today… It’s been updating all day and I work in 45 minutes so I won’t play it till 6 tonite (cst)… Can’t wait though!!

  • Loving Demon’s Souls, dying never felt so good! :D

  • nice. chris whats your PSN id?

  • Yeah Uncharted 2! Finally coming. Wish I had it this weekend cause I would be able to play all day and night.

    I also want to know for sure if the God of War Collection got delayed. I hope it doesn’t, but that would be a big blow to Sony if it did.

  • God I want a ps3 slim UC2,KZ2,2K10 and all that good stuff this x-mas will be good.

  • @inuyasha5400
    I think it’s godofgwar

    Can’t wait for Uncharted 2! Everyone, remember the buy 2 get 1 free sale at Toys r Us from October 11 – 17! :D

  • Unnnncccchhhhhaaarrrrrttteeedddd Twwwoooooooooooooo!!!!!

    I’m not going to stop playing Campaign until it’s over!

  • Another week without GoW III. :'(

    Maybe we’ll have a new trailer during the Video Games Award on Spike, like last year.

  • who is it that decides the contest eligibility (country wise), sony, or the people hosting the contest?

  • Still don’t see anything about Dissidia on PSN… No one care about anything else.

  • When will Sony release Final Fantasy VIII and IX on Playstation Store.

  • Uncharted 2 must have,multiplayer is awesome and cant wait for it on tuesday.

  • I am one of the only people that just can’t find what is so great about Uncharted. The games just feel very sluggish to me. I would much rather play R:FoM or MGS4. I just don’t think that Uncharted is a good game. I will be getting Jak and Daxter, but have very low expectation due to ND not making it. Ratchet and Clank on the other hand is already fully paid off. I cannot wait to get this game.

  • ps3 slim on nov3 (bday) my 40gig is in a better place now =(

  • So can someone over there at this wonderful blog please tell me what is going on with the uncharted 2 special edition coming to Canada as I was told right here on this blog that we will have a chance but no one is talking. I was looking forward to winning it but even the states won’t be able to even know who won until way after the game is released therefore who wants two copys??so are we to get anything up here in the great white north before this month is even done???

  • Ps…Demon’s Souls ROCKS!!!!

  • PS FTW!!

  • @17…

    Why don’t you email Kyle Moffat and see if he has info. I’ve promised Jeff not to post email address here but Kyle’s is public info. Just do a Google search. He is head of Canadian PR.

    As for UC2:AT … Dell better not make me wait too long!

    News that SHOULD have been on the blog this week:

    flOw for North America has been patched to include Trophies. If you’re a Trophy hound you now have a new game to buy.


  • I got a question. Does all the xp were getting from the Uncharted 2 demo go towards our xp for after we purchase the game???

  • What are some of the things you get when you pre- order Uncharted 2.
    Because i did and all i got was a Uncharted Theme.

  • Chris do you if there will be new downloadable content for Resistance 2 any time soon? Thanks :)

  • Did anyone else play the Bayonetta demo off the Japanese PSN? People will be happy to know Platinum Games didn’t even bother with the PS3 version and passed it off to Sega to port. The end result is a greatly inferior version to the 360 with poor textures, tearing, slowdown, a framerate that drops to 15fps, basically a really, really bad version. It’s Ghostbusters all over again.

    Sony really need to help 3rd parties who seem to be struggling with the hardware. I’d think twice about getting Bayonetta too since Platinum Games seem unconcerned about handing out sloppy ports to PS3 owners (who have to pay the same price as 360 owners).

  • Kenshin actually if you read the games sites they say its no where near as bad as people are making it out to be. Months ago when they showed game video it was extremely muddy on the ps3 they have almost cleared all of that up.

    I actually think the game looks stupid from the ridiculous proportioning of the main hero to the rip off DMC gameplay.

    But from what I have read its no where near as bad as you are saying. Kotaku has a few hundred people on there that have tried it.

    If it was ghostbusters all over again the game would be designed for the ps3 finished set on a shelf for 6 months while they work on a 360 version and make it better then don’t bother to implement the changes in the ps3 version till 2 months after release.

    Don’t want a sloppy port? Don’t waste money on multiplat titles. Buy the exclusives that you know are going to use the hardware inside your system properly instead of using stuff designed by people that have their “Designed for windows” hats on.

    Sega handled the port though nothing should be the least bit surprising coming out of sega. Anyone want another sonic? I didn’t think so.

  • When does brutal legend hit stores?

  • Yeah bayonetta looks crappy it’s got the whole Japanese arcade techno music thing going on it looks like a devil may cry – clone ! Why buy the milk if you have the cow!

  • reserve at 7-11? no thanks, i would rather not get shot.

  • Those of you waiting for Uncharted 2, don’t overlook Demon’s Souls just because it came out a week before. This is another must have PS3 game. Good luck finding it though, it is sold out everywhere.

  • question. i recieved a message today saying that the on line play will no longer be free as of 12-1-09. is this true?

  • Thanks Chris!!!!

    I really need to fix my PS3 soon1!! I’m missing out on a bunch of new games like Uncharted 2, Demon’s Souls, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and soon GoW

  • Can you guys fix problem with activating PSP Go? Right now without activate I have two 250$ expensive bricks! ;(

  • @30…

    No…it is not true and perhaps you should grief the person who sent you that spam in the first place.

  • ty kspraydad. good to know.

  • @Warthorne

    “When will Sony release Final Fantasy VIII and IX on Playstation Store.”

    Apparently Sony hates money. I got FF7 from the PS store and would immediately get 8 and 9 if released – and I already own all 3 originals.

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