Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Has Cracked Gold

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Hey everyone, wanted to drop by and share the happy news that Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time has officially gone gold and been released to manufacturing in North America. This means you can expect the game on October 27 in North America at your favorite game shop. It’s been an incredible experience seeing this game come together at Insomniac over the last year. From our earliest prototypes of Clank’s time gameplay, to the final space exploration levels that allow Ratchet to land on and explore spherical moons, there has been a ton of effort and love put into this game by the team here at Insomniac. We’re really excited to get it out to you guys, our fans, and let you experience the conclusion of the Ratchet & Clank Future story arc.

There will be much new content hitting over the next couple of weeks – including some special coverage on G4’s X-Play where you’ll see one of our time travel levels for the first time.

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

In the meantime though, head over to Game Informer to check out this special video we put together for their recent site re-launch. It’s all about the replay mode in the game. We spent a lot of time adding extra replay features, a special uber-boss you have to collect all of the Zoni to fight, the Insomniac Museum, optional super-hard Clank puzzles, and of course trophies, which are in addition to the Insomniac-created “Skill Points” we’ve had in all of our games since Spyro: Ripto’s Rage.

That’s all for now – if you haven’t pre-ordered the game already, we have some great in-game pre-order bonuses from our various retail partners Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy and Game Crazy. And if you haven’t checked out the Future series of games yet, Tools of Destruction is available as a Greatest Hits title now at $29.99 – so you have a couple weeks to catch up (when you’re not playing UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, of course).

If you have any questions, post them below and I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can!

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  • i want free stuff!

    • BTW all – sorry I\’m late on replying to your comments. If you know me, you realize I\’m a gigantic Nebraska Cornhusker fan, and while I wrote this post a couple days ago, it hit right before kickoff. I wasn\’t near a computer until now.

      Thanks for your patience, I\’ll try to answer as many questions as possible below, so feel free to add more!

  • Congtats guys, this is the biggest game of the year IMO, and i cant wait :) im a little sad we dont get a collectors editoin but ill deal :P

    again congrats on being one of the all time best devs for Sony and the PS3 i hope to work for you guys some day :D

  • Cool. Too bad I don’t have enough money to buy it. I only have enough for Uncharted 2 =(

  • October 27th can not come soon enough. I love R&C and believe that this is a series that will never loose it’s steam.

    Thank you so much, Insomniac!!

  • Sweet, I really hope this one is longer than the first one this gen. Cool nonetheless.

    • It\’s definitely longer than Tools of Destruction with a lot of secrets and stuff to find (check out that replay video I linked to in the post!)

  • 6th…lol… seriously though, nice job on an incredible looking game! I wont be able to sleep that night!

  • Sweet cant wait


    Not that it needs one, but will ACIT have any type of online mode? Or are you saving that surprise for launch?

    Buying it day one, for sure, regardless.

    • ACIT was designed as a single-player experience from the very beginning. We wanted to wrap up the Future trilogy and story arc in grand style.

  • Will there be a demo before launch? Id like to try this one out before buying it.

    • There will actually be two demos – one featuring Ratchet, the other featuring Clank. At least one should hit before launch.

  • Amazing, amazing! Well done Insomniac Games!

    But I don’t know why this game doesn’t get the attention it deserves!?! I personally think Sony should’ve shown it at their E3 press conference and GamesCom.

    This game deserves more hype. :(

  • I’m postponing getting Uncharted 2 for Ratchet and Clank. First day buy for me.

  • When does the demo release?
    And hopefully it doesn’t clash with my U2 time but still I want one!

  • I always wondered what ‘going gold’ meant, I was just too lazy to search. thanks for the info.

    day one buyer. maybe I can find someone to crack the street date. you guys shipping to 7-11?

  • Awesome. I pre-ordered Ratchet.

    I just have one question. How come it says the game comes out on the 20th of October on Gamestop.com

  • Why does Gamestop.com say that the game releases the 20th?

  • Can’t wait to play this one . Is the clank game available for Psp go or what? How many hours of stoy line am I looking forward to?

    • Not sure if Secret Agent Clank is on the PSN store (that was developed by our good friends High Impact Games).

      That said – A Crack in Time is longer than Tools of Destruction and a much bigger game in general with all of the various side quests and such.

  • psst: we need trophies for tools of destruction since crack in time will be release cmon sony make my dream true(i just bought my ps3 so… ill give you a cookie!)

    • I hear ya – but re-opening an old projects takes a huge amount of work, and we\’re already off and working on our next game.

  • Glad to hear the good news. By the way, is there going to be any possible DLC for this game in the future? (weapons, planets etc.)

  • sweet. Ratchet and Clank, Demon’s Souls, Borderlands, and lets not forget Uncharted 2 this month. I think this is the best gaming month I ever experience my all my years of gaming.

  • Pre ordered at best buy and I’m a bit confused about it.
    What exactly is the cryomine glove thing I get? Is a skin? Do I get the weapon for free? If it’s a skin is it exclusive?

    Thanks and can wait to get this and Tekken 6 on October 27.

    • You get the weapon for free (and early), an exclusive skin for it as well. And Tekken is going to be sick too, can\’t wait!

  • CAn’t wait for this an uncharted 2! These 2 will be amazing!

    Just a question. there’s no collectors edition for U.S right? =(

  • The box say PlayStation Network on it, so i am lead to beleive there are some connection to PSN. What kinds of PSN connectivity were implimented into this game (DLC, Leaderboards, etc.)???

    • There are single-player stats and leaderboards for those stats that will be on our new Insomniac website.

  • The Blog really needs a countdown for the game like the Uncharted 2 countdown. :P

  • Congratulations!
    I already have my copy pre ordered, so I will def. be playing it.
    And I think im gonna go buy Tools of destruction tomorrow so I can play it all weekend(im new to the R&C universe).
    Because once the 13th comes by all my time will be devoted to Uncharted 2 err… most of it, *shakes fist angrily at my college* Ha!

    • You should definitely play TOD this weekend (and maybe even download and try out Q4B if you have time) before U2 hits. It\’ll catch you up, and it\’s a really great game well worth your $30.

  • Awesome, can’t wait

  • terrible box art…

    will there be armors in this game?

    • There are several levels of Holo-Armor that Ratchet can upgrade to as the game goes on.

      Sorry you don\’t like the box art – we think it\’s pretty striking here!

  • terrible box art…

    will there be armors in this game?

  • Good news, can’t wait to buy this.

  • Now A crack in time is gold, please, patch tools of destruction with trophies!

  • Hey James !
    Great news, congrats to everyone at IG !

    Now that the game is finished, could you tell us how long is the game the first playthrough, compared to TOD ?

    With everything that was said about this game, it would seem it’s between 15 and 20 hours long, like Going Commando :)

  • @James Stevenson

    Nathan Hale better be in Resistance 3 or no buy. :)

  • @James Stevenson
    Actually let me re-phase that.
    Nathan Hale better be the main character or not buy.

  • Yo James Stevenson, imma let you finish, but I want to see Resistance 3 by next year, can Insomniac Games make that happen?

  • Can’t wait for this game, recently got ToD and was a lot of fun, its gonna be a busy month but of course I will have time for Ratchet. =)

    Is Resistance 3 next? really hope so!

  • hey James does Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time supports online play??? i keep seeing the playstation network logo in the boxart , well either way its a day 1 buy for me and im with BloodyCow Nathan Hale BETTER be the main character in Resistance 3 , i have played his story in the last 2 i dont want to play someone else’s story in part 3


  • It has been confirmed many times there will be no multiplayer in A Crack in Time.

  • I hope theres online co-op which would be awesome

  • Awesom been waitnig for this game for a while now hope its as good or better than the first…

  • Congrats! At least we get one decent update today.

  • I want the Fortune Hunter’s Edition of….damn. Wrong game.
    I like turtles.

  • Good job Insomniac! I have just one question though, I have Tools of Destruction, and plan on getting Quest for Booty, but am holding off on playing both of these in the hopes that trophies will be added. Is Insomniac planning a trophy patch for either? Thanks.

    • Hey Tiberux,

      No plans to add trophy support for either. It\’s pretty hard for us to re-open old projects and dive back into them – and all of our efforts are generally placed on our moving forward with future projects.

  • Video on GI still doesn’t work on safari… frustrating.

    • I talked to the GI folks and they\’re working on resolving the video issues, so check back soon.

      Sorry about that – they just launched their new site and it\’s still in beta! Looks really awesome though!

  • Just playing through Tools right now, it’s sooo good. It’s my first Ratchet game, but I recommend it to everyone! Check it out ASAP!

  • Also, I wish Insomniac would take two years to make their next game… not because their games aren’t great, but I want something amazing (which I know they could do with the time).

  • I have this baby preordered, I can’t wait to finish this epic chapter of R&C!!! :D

  • @36
    Deny, Insomniac uses its own engine for its games. Ratchet and Clank: Crack in Time uses an improved version of the engine for Resistance 2, which uses an improved version of the engine for Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. They have been using the same engine this gen. Just improving it with each game.

    I would expect that Resistance 3 use an improved version of the engine for this game.

  • Hmmmm, still no DIssidia on PSN.

  • Can’t wait for it. I’ve been playing through the old ones.

  • @45 IG do take 2 years to make a game. They have two teams working on both series.

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