Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 ZEN Pinball Table

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ZEN Studios has some exciting news for all you slice-and-dice fans! It’s my pleasure to announce that we have partnered with Tecmo as the inspiration for a Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 pinball table, which is the second expansion table for the PSN exclusive ZEN Pinball. Yes, the most intense action game series of all time will be paired with the fast-paced action, stunning visuals, and true-to-life ball and table physics from ZEN Pinball.

To further whet your appetite as we gear up for launch, the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 table boasts a record five multiball game modes, a massive amount of killer action-packed missions where players can unleash a ridiculous amount of punishment with lightning-fast weapon combos, ball slicing effects, electricity charged ramps and much more!

ZEN Pinball Ninja Gaiden table

Currently, we have a tentative release date scheduled for October 2009, so mark your calendars and plan to spend some quality time slashing your way through the Sky City Tokyo-themed table come this fall. As always, stay tuned to this blog or check out the official ZEN Pinball site for the most up-to-date information.

Until next time, keep those flipper fingers loose!

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  • What happens when you shake the controller?

  • you shake the table a little bit.

  • When it comes out on a disc, I’ll buy it.

    Otherwise, it’s not worth owning.

  • Nice graphics! added to my flicker!

  • Fantastic, keep them coming and at the same price as the street fighter table, and I’ll buy them all.

  • Canadian PSN Video Store????????????????

  • Sounds great, I still need to get the street fighter table. And play the originals a bunch more times, I don’t think I have one silver trophy yet.

  • How sweet is this?! I would like a Mars Attacks table or a haunted one like the 360 has. But this is fawkin’ awesome! More tables are always a good thing, I love this game. Although there are waaay too many instances where the ball goes down the gutter, which should be fixed, other than that it’s a phenomenal PSN game and a must own title.

  • Oh.. and I just got Demon’s Souls today!! This is great, there’s no way I’ll beat it in time for Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2 next tuesday but at least I’ll have all these amazing games to play.

  • Do you have realistic “boob physics” when the balls hit them? I fail to see how this is a Ninja Gaiden game if this does not happen, followed by a huge squirt of blood.

  • this is pretty cool..i might just have to get up on this Zen pinball game.i would like to see other backgrounds.. especially Ps exlusive ones like uncharted or Lbp or MgS or well u get the picture.keep up the good work Zen or whom ever is coming up with these

  • I can’t wait until……

    October 8th, 15th, 22nd or 29th ?????

    Zen for the win!

  • I love Zen Pinball… Please bring some to PSP!

  • Mark my calendar for October 2009?

  • Keep the tables coming!

  • So it’s NOT Rocky and Bullwinkle PS3, then? Damn.

  • Great to hear. We love this game. The more tables, the better!

  • I <3 NGS

  • AWESOME! Thank you ZEN. More tables = More Fun!
    Keep them coming!

  • Any chance for higher quality audio this time around? If not, I’ll probably skip this one.

  • I don’t have a credit card so I purchased Gran Turismo at Best buy via the Playstation Network Game Card. Now Sony tells me I don’t get the PSN gift (2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V) b/c I used a voucher to download the game. WTF?!?! Way to screw your loyal customers Sony! That is the last PSN game I ever buy. The only reason I bought the PSN version was for that car. Hope the PSPGo is a complete failure b/c I’ll be playing only UMDs on my PSP-3000 from here on out.

  • Hey ZEN STUDIOS wheres that USA patch for punisher no mercy that everyone at your zen studios forum is pissed about.

  • True to life ball physics? You clearly haven’t played the Williams Collection or Timeshock! where they don’t use ping pong balls in their games. ZEN, your ball is TOO FAST AND LIGHT. FIX IT.

  • This is gonna be awesome… Zen pinball rocks!! although i agree with Keebzerz on the ball being to fast and light… need more inertia

  • This announcement and getting demon souls just made my day.. (especially after my car was broken into last night and my mp3 player stolen :( ) I love zen pinball and the ng sigma series on ps3 are my favorite action games…

  • Will the hoped October release date also apply to the EU as well as the US.
    Our blog has not yet mentioned it :(

  • Zen Pinball is a great game! Brings me back to when pinballs were big. The Street Fighter table is a great addition! Keep the new tables coming!

  • Greatest news of the day!! We want more tables!! What about some pinball classics as well?? I’ll buy all of them. I promise!!

  • Looking forward to another table, but I wish they’d release a non-game oriented normal theme (like the original four). I’m feeling a need for a space/alien theme. ;)

  • Could never get used to the ball physics. Moved way too fast. Pass.

  • Zen pinball is possibly the best pinball game for doing these kind of themes. The street fighter one looks nice. Now if they could only get some old games or television shows. I remember going to the bowling alley and finding an Addams Family pinball game. I suck at real pinball but I’m decent at video game pinball. I want some oldies.

  • id prefer original tables instead of game based tables (especially if they are games i dont like that much)

    Im still gonna check it out

  • I think a table based on “PAIN” would just rock.

    I love this game, you keep making tables, I’ll keep buying them!

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