New Crash Commando Update Coming this Week to PSN

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Hey Crash Commando fans. There’s a new patch update that we will be releasing later this week, which will fix some of the issues (see below) that have come to our attention since the initial launch of the full game, and the inclusion of the DLC pack released previously in August. As a reminder to players that perhaps have not purchased the latest DLC pack, you will find that we have included 6 new playable characters, ranging from a Commando, to a French Mermaid all with their own unique taunts and animations, and 2 new playable Maps.

The DLC pack can be purchased for $4.99, or you can purchase the 3 individual packs for $1.99 each. The full game is priced at $9.99, and there’s even a demo so you can try before you by.

For more on the update, once again here’s John McLaughlin from Xdev Studio Europe to give you a rundown. Looking forward to seeing you online soon!!

Hello to all Crash Commandos,

Well I asked you all to go easy on my last time, but it looks like no one took any notice of my begging. :o)

I hope you are enjoying the new maps and characters…I’ve been hearing the Colonel taking about some lederhosen and had the Ninja chop me like Sushi!

Crash Commando Rapper

Well I know it hasn’t been long since the last one, but we have another patch coming your way. This fixes a couple of things we have noticed since the last build and adds in some rumble support!

Crash Commando Canyon

I’ll be seeing you all online – and remember, “Hurts so bad, feels so good.” :o)

  • Sound fix for issues where various sounds are not being played at all
  • Unlock Heist Map Pack fix
  • Now unlocks the Heist Map Pack properly when purchasing it within the game’s online store.
  • Heist cash bag fix
  • Corrected detection of when players and other players bots are removed from the game taking the cash bag with them.
  • DUALSHOCK 3 Vibration support
  • Added rumble for player weapons, near player explosions, player vehicle weapons, player vehicle collision impacts, weapon impacts on the player etc.
  • To avoid any new text issues the game only acknowledges the on/off setting of vibrations the player can set in the system’s controller settings.


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  • Great!.. will be updating it :)

  • Nice, I was thinking you guys forgot about this game.

    Thank you!!!

  • In this thread, we honor the great accomplishment of Uncyrus, who managed to have the first post in the comment section of new crash commando dlc on This momumental achievement will be remembered for decades to come. When reached for comment, UNcyrus said, “1st.” Tears were brought to the eyes of children everywhere as they heard such memorable and inspiring words on this faithful day.

  • oh btw, i just realised that your actually the 3rd person who did a comment. EPIC FAIL.

  • Ah, I need to get back into this game… If only I didn’t suck at it so much.

  • Good to see this great game still getting support. I still need to get the DLC and the rest of the trophies, so hopefully at the end of the week when I’m able to finally get some money, I can get back into Crash Commando.

  • I would love to see a version of this for PSP! Please make it happen.

  • I still have not been able to get into any games since the initial launch with more than 2 people in it. Ive complained several times on this blog and the playstation forums. Ive even gotten a hold of someone from the crash commando team and he gave me a few tips to try with my router/network setup. None of which worked. Ive tried so many things but it just wont let me connect. I can always connect to a room with 1 or 2 players. But anymore than that it says “cant connect to all players”. My nat type is correct, i have awesome internet service, I have over 50 PSN games all which work properly on the multiplayer side etc. etc. I know im not the only one with this problem cause I saw a bunch of other similar forum posts after the launch of this game. I am convinced it is something that needs to be fixed on your end.

    I loved the game so far but I am so disappointed with my purchase and therefore wouldnt recommend it to anyone. Worst psn purchase ive made to date so far. I figured eventually this would be fixed due to all the complaints but apparently its not affecting enough of us to matter to the devs. Anyway clearly I wont be picking up the DLC. Thanks anyways.

  • @ 3 jimfear
    UNcyrus hasn’t even posted on this blog post as yet. But your comment made me lolz

  • 10th!

    Cool, looking forward to rumble support, and might buy the DLC

  • Sweet, Love this game and can’t wait to update! Sniper is still overpowered to me though…

  • A ‘French Mermaid’, huh? Spellcheck can’t catch misinterpretations, my friend.

    As for Crash Commando, well: I stopped playing and deleted the game, once the lovable racial stereotypes and ridiculous characters made their way into the game.

    No deal!

  • Glad to see you guys are fixing some stuff. This game is awesome.

  • i cant wait i still havent gotten the dlc yet but thats cause i cant find 20 psn cards at walmart anymore they only have the 50 one

  • Cool EPOS, thanks for the update!

    Falcon, if they downgraded the sniper anymore, it wouldn’t exist… it has the least ammo and the longest reload out of all the weapons. Be happy.

    EPOS, I’d like to see support for more players – the new maps are huge and could easily host 20+ players. I know there is a demand for more private gaming options and clan support too. I wonder if we can expect to see another update down the road?

    Best game ever, keep it going!

  • Thanks for fixing the sound, that’s been really annoying!

    Who said to nerf the sniper more – are you nuts? It needs to be de-nerfed just a bit instead, maybe faster reload.

    Anymore DLC coming? New weapons? New maps? MORE players in matches would be great for the Heist maps as the last poster said. Not enough people play Heist, but it’s my favorite mode.

    Anything to keep this game going is great, it’s the only game I really play nowadays, and I’ve been playing it since it came out. I never seem to tire of it although I don’t play for hours in a row like I used to, can’t say the same for ANY other game, I get bored of everything else real quick.

    This game is SO much better than Fat Princess, but gets nowhere near the love.

  • Hey man, great work? Its really fun, but I am always having people over the house and i’m like, this would be a really great game to play with three other friends. Any plans,concepts on that? thats the only reason why i havent bought the whole game

  • Hey man, Great work! I love the demo and the only thing that is keeping me from buying this game is lack of split screen. you guys have any plans? btw i love the demo and i’ve even played the full game at a friends house. keep up the good work

  • my bad

  • Somehow I missed this game… upon doing a little homework I will be picking it up for sure. Hate missing things… pleasant surprise though.

  • toology01, I had similar issues with Crash Commando. Does your PS3 have a static IP and does your router have DMZ enabled? This game doesn’t like DMZ at all for what ever reason. If DMZ is enabled disable it and open these ports…

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 – 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070

    This solved my issue with Crash Commando. I also had the same problems with Uncharted 2 and Ultra Bomberman which this also solved. Hope that helps.

  • Dear Crash Commando; can you please release more DLC so I can willingly forfeit all of my money to you. Don’t care if it’s the most useless crap, I want it. I WANT IT, DAMNIT

  • @BlooodyCow : I guess someone deleted his “verry usefull” comment.

  • Only major things missing now is invite friend and join friend when thats possible I’ll play it and download your extras. get back to work. see you then!

  • Nice job EPOS!!! You guys are the best! I think some of us got over the Sniper Nerf so thanks :) keep up the good work.

    It would be awesome if you guys added clan support and the 20 player maps as virtueone said:)

  • nice update! One suggestion though… How bout a 2 player split screen mode? I love the game but I know I’ll get twice more playtime if I have someone with me

  • I would also like to shamelessly beg for a split screen mode. Smash brothers would have nothing on this game if there were a split screen mode.

  • I don’t have a credit card so I purchased Gran Turismo at Best buy via the Playstation Network Game Card. Now Sony tells me I don’t get the PSN gift (2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V) b/c I used a voucher to download the game. WTF?!?! Way to screw your loyal customers Sony! That is the last PSN game I ever buy. The only reason I bought the PSN version was for that car. Hope the PSPGo is a complete failure b/c I’ll be playing only UMDs on my PSP-3000 from here on out.

  • “I will find you…and I will kill you”

  • @Davenport

    There are a couple ways you could handle that in the future, if you wish. You could buy a PSN card to add that amount to your wallet instead of the game voucher. There’s also a couple ways to have the use of a credit card without actually having to have one. Ask about VISA or Mastercard check cards at your financial institution.

    Now, onto Crash Commando…love it. Thanks for supporting the game so solidly after release. Wishing for new weapons and vehicles in the future, but great job so far mates.

    Also, any word on maybe another project you guys might be working on for PSN?

  • after i updated cc 2.02,i cant join multiplayer,due to errors ”lost connection”,b4 update everythin’ fine.Pls fix it asap.

  • It’s out! Awesome. Thanks EPOS! When’s the next DLC? We want more!!! ;)

  • damn right more DLC!! or get crackin’ on CC2!!! best game on PSN – take it from someone with pretty much all of them. hai rah, sushi for everyone!!

  • i love the game, but i can’t help but wonder if there’s going to be more in the future.

    if you ask me, i think all this game really needs is the ability to play split screen with at least one other person… even if it’s just offline. i think adding this would make it a lot more fun to play, so you could take on bots with a friend rather than have him watch if you wanted.

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