Get Your MAG Marching Orders at 7-Eleven!

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Hey MAG fans –

We have some exciting news to announce. Starting this month, you can head to your local 7-Eleven and reserve your copy of MAG to receive an exclusive MAG recruitment kit and poster. What’s in this uber-exclusive recruitment kit? Expect to find a brief history of the Shadow War and learn about the three leading private military corporations (PMCs) – their skill sets, their reputation, and their purpose. And then decide where your loyalties will lie. Will you be attracted to the aggressive nature of S.V.E.R.; will the high-tech expertise of RAVEN be your calling, or will the honor of VALOR be your deciding factor? The choice will be yours.

MAG 7-Eleven

Head to 7-Eleven today, but please note that this offer is in the U.S. only and at select 7-Eleven stores that carry the MAG game. To find your local 7-Eleven, click here. To learn more about how to reserve your copy of MAG, see our pre-order Blog post. MAG Launches 1.26.10.

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  • Heh, 7-11’s still at this thing, eh? I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve been to one (or seen one for that matter). Do they have entire set-ups in the stores or is it just like a little rack next to the register?

  • If I dont pre order from gamestop I’m out of the BETA. PRE OREDERS are starting to blow hard. And I have never seen a 7-11 were I live there hiding from me. :)

  • RAVEN PWNED. Sony, you need to get this game more exposure in the media because it one hell of a game. I am skipping COD this year because of how amazing MAG is.

  • Everytime the EU is getting screwed…

    We never get awesome special editions and if we do, we pay WAAAY to much for it!

  • First gamecrazy, and now 7-11. You guys should be more discriminant with your marketing partners.

    • We also have special pre-orders at, Best Buy and Gamestop; Gamecrazy and 7-11 are just more options. The choice is really yours here.

  • hmm this is interesting

  • So, is MAG really that good? For a game that is online only, I’m having a hard time with the thought of paying full retail price for it. Is there any offline mode at all, or are you just immediately thrown to the wolves like Warhawk was at first.

  • 7-11 sells games?! Hahahahaha.

    • Of course! Its a big new initiative for them and we are excited to be partnering with them on it. And what you get there is unique; no other retailer has either the Marching Orders or the poster.
      Keep in mind, there is a limited run on the Marching Orders. Not every 7-11 will have them so you\’ll have to do some checking around. But the poster will be everywhere. Good luck!

  • I did not know 7-11 sold games…I thought this was for a slushee or something…

  • Sweet. I thought 7-11 only sold games in Japan guess not.

  • I’ll reserve when the grenade throwing doesn’t look so weird.

  • Yes. MAG is really that good. Totally worth the full price of admission. 256 players online, with servers built from the ground up specifically for this game, unbelievable! I’ve been running the beta & once in a blue moon you’ll see a hint of lag. As a matter of fact, Zipper began building the servers/server architecture before work on the actual game even started. They’re THAT dedicated!

  • It would be awesome if someone could get a 7-Eleven out here in Oklahoma or Tulsa to be exact

  • Then again Quick Trip is like holy land here in OK so nevermind I guess

  • The beta has left me very unimpressed from this game. I think you guys should delay it another 6 months and work on polishing it. There’s gonna be a lot of great shooters to fill in the gap anyways (MW2, BC2)…

  • Are there any pre-order bonuses coming to Canada? I remember you guys posting a couple weeks ago about MAG pre-order bonuses but I can’t remember if they’re all exclusive to the US.

    • you can pre-order the game at EB Games Canada and get pre-order items, including access to the Beta on Oct. 12.

  • 7-Eleven. Yikes.

  • Well first off there are no 7-11s by me anymore. They all died out to other places.

    Secondly why would I want to order from there and get a poster and a piece of paper saying how MAG started when I could go to, GameStop or Game Crazy and order from them and get some cool in game items?


  • Nice, there is one near by….I think I’ll swing by and get it!!!

  • Uh, I live in Minnesota, and last time I was around the Twin Cities, there are no 7-11’s. There’s SuperAmerica’s, Holiday’s, BP’s, etc, but no 7-11. I understand your deal with them, but this sucks kind of.

  • 7-11 in Canada definitely don’t carry videogames.

  • will other retailers be getting pre-order bonuses? (gamestop/ebgames, best buy, futureshop, amazon, etc)

    • Absolutely. Check out our blog post about pre-order items back on September 8th, which includes access to the October 12th Public Beta. The link to that post is in the last paragraph of this blog post.

  • @ StrykerIsland

    Yea I know right? When I read the post I was like wtf? 7-11 carries videogames. Then I realized it was US only.

  • That’s hilarious, They’ll do anything to gain some business. Since when are they into selling video games anyway? First they merge with Citgo and start selling gas and now video games, What’s next?

  • Will there be a download version? If so will it be available at the PSN Store?

  • Sony…seriously you guys have to do more media marketing I live in U.S and so far since i first heard of mag i’ve only seen one singe commercial and thats it you have to advertise more throught the media what your doing is a bit i don’t know not so good……

    • Oh, don\’t worry..its coming. But, since MAG is building a community from the ground up, we also rely on fans like yourself to get the word out. Lots of things coming very soon.

  • Yet another event where Canadians get the shaft.

    • not true! We love Canadians here at Sony (I even lived there for a while). Per a last post I put up, you can get access to the Public Beta by pre-ordering through EB Games Canada. Hope they are in your area!

  • My nearest 7-11 is 264.11 miles away. I MIGHT go tomorrow. Just maybe.

    Yeah, no!

  • Uhm…seriously? 7-11? And not even all of them, just certain ones?

    I have absolutely no idea how to react to this.

  • no best buy this time around?

  • gas and game! lmao

  • 7-11? never been inside those stores. @Viprdude that’s what i thought lol :)

  • What’s the Amazon offer?

  • Hi, my friend pre-ordered His copy of MAG here in Newfoundland Canada at EB Games, He paid in full but has yet to receive a code. He wants to know what the hang up is as He is dieing to play the beta. Any Help guys?

  • Looking forward to the game, but I personally prefer the local Play n Trade to get my games out. Oh well, yet ANOTHER game Im getting screwed on because of this pre-order BS.

    This is what happens when you try to support smaller local businesses…

  • @5 hahaha damn, Munson sure did shut you up.

  • Does anyone know for sure who has the exclusive in-game Valor character?

  • 7-eleven sales games?
    That’s new to me…

    *Goes out to a 7-Eleven*

  • This game has a major hurdle they need to get over. PSN players without headsets. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person that has one LOL! Sony desperately needs to start packing some cheap wired headset with the PS3.

  • they sell them near me but i have never seen anyone buy one for them. it would be pretty strange to see someone buy rock band there and come out of there carrying that big box.

  • Don’t think I’m getting this game, had high hopes but its looking very average tbh.

  • 7-Eleven? Seriously?


  • Is Sony considering doing a headset bundle with this game? Cause if I could get one partnered with the game and maybe save a little bit that would be incredible. This game would be vastly better with one.

  • I like the idea of going to 7-Eleven cuz you can also pick-up everything you need to be ready for a good game. You buy some soda, chips, and a game!

  • thats not fair, we dont have 7-eleven where i live?

  • I really hope this does well and gets a massive community going. 7-11 is the most visited store in ANY area, so I think this is great.

  • I pre-ordered at eb games/gamestop when you guys blog posted the first time about pre-order bonuses and was invited to play back when the beta started… It just seems that we canadains get left out on most ps blog events.. wasn’t saying that you didnt love us canadains.. how could you not love us we wear tuques and say eh… lol ;) S.V.E.R Since day one!!!!


  • When will the VALOR pre-order special be announced. I’m still waiting to Pre-order until I find out where to get a VALOR bonus!!


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