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The reviews are rolling in this time of year, and that’s what takes up most of the reading list this week. Did you have any idea that UNCHARTED 2 and PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe are awesome? You’re welcome! :-)

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 28, 2009)

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  • You have

    “Naughty Dog talks Uncharted 2, Uncharted PSP, and Jak and Daxter PS3 in exclusive interview – Examiner”

    on there twice at the moment I think!

  • Currently playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – I highly recommend it.

    Demons Souls is coming Tuesday and I seriously cannot wait.

    Uncharted 2 the following week…’nuff said.

    Ratchet 2 weeks after that.

    MW2 and GOW collection 2 weeks after that.

    Good god.

  • PixelJunk Shooter looks SOOOOOOO amazing! i cant wait to get my hands (virtually that is) on it!
    I’ve been playing Monsters deluxe alot lately and have to say, i love it! FREAKING love it! i REALLY hope the bonus content in it comes to the ps3 one (online and gati gati island)
    Great week jeff, what do you personally think about monsters deluxe?

  • Cant wait for Uncharted 2, looks great.

  • Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Trophies:

    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Goes Gold!!!:

    A countdown for the game on the blog would be cool, perhaps? :p

  • Jeff, are you sure Unharted 2 is that good? Because I don’t want to be addicted to awesomeness. :P

  • Hey Jeff,

    Is there any way you could ask the devolpement team if they could do an update for the ps3 so you can delete trohy games in `my trophies`that you have 0% in.

    Also to delete trophy games that you have some trophies in that way if you can`t get 100% in it and your a completionist.

    Please reply, thanks. You never answer me.

  • Naughty Dog looks to of cemented itself among the world elite developers if not being the top of the list.
    It is incredible reading all the Uncharted 2 reviews, just under 2 weeks! :D

    Amazing how epic the multiplayer is for the studio’s first stab at it.

  • prof. playstation.. is there any chance that you could ask sega if they will release the outrun 2006 coasttocoast playstation portable game to the store.. or if it would ever be feasable.
    i did try to find it by like 08 gamestops this past year and none have it.

  • @2 So true. Looking forward to them all.

    Sony, all your games are belong to me!

  • That Examiner interview must be really important that it’s on there twice lol, Naughty Dog please make a Jak & Daxter for PS3.

  • this week is all abt uncharted….

  • @2 def gettin tht

  • @Jeff Rubenstein OR Chris Morell


    Q:WAY Dark Mist & NUMBLAST PSN\PSP & Topatoi




  • Hey Jeff did you get to try the Motion Controller? and did you get to talk to someone from Kojima Productions in TGS?

  • So whats the deal with the Dreamcast games? When are we going to hear something official?

  • When will the Kazunori Yamauchi interview be up?

  • ..agree with #15 ..when something about GT5?

  • yeah.. when something about GT5?

  • Uncharted 2 is gonna freakin rule!!!

  • … agree with 15, 16, 17… GT5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m pissed it’s coming next year!

  • Can Sony explain the price weirdness of the PSP downloadable games? It seems inconsistent and messy.
    Locoroco 1 is $23 or $22 and Locoroco 2 is $17 or $18. That’s just one example. I just don’t get it.
    Some are way expensive and some are reasonable.

  • hay Jeff,

    im still wanting a ps3 J&D. comeon id even buy a remake of the frist one(1 was my fav.)

    id buy the remake 10 times (LOL)

    maybe something in the past were there was no guns.

  • WOW.
    My brain 2 much games and all are good games sony thx but u are makin me crazy X_X hahaha no joke make more i will get it all.
    No in the some time. Hope u guys make more awesome games sony u are going UP!!!!!

  • Getting Uncharted 2 day one. :) but on to the serious stuff, Any one want to spill the beans on any type of uncharted or ratchet and clank DLC for littlebigplanet? ;)

  • Demons Souls in 2 days and Uncharted soon after. =)

  • Jeff, could you please tell the PlayStation Store team that we’re still waiting for ‘free & premium’ PSN Avatars?
    It’s been over a month!

    Another question, will *God of War III E3 demo* be the same one that will be on the PS Store before GoW 3 releases?

  • Dear developers at naughty dog while drakes is a solid game at best there are a few areas ypu need to address the multiplayer to many options also fix up the aiming on the weapons its crap the best weapons are the pistols. Also i have been playing the beta whie its enjoyable its not a game i would play for the online i’m only playing it until borderlands comes out. Also i won’t buy it if you penalize people for quitting that would be the dumbest move ever you need to faction balance better so games your team is getting pounded and you have no choice but to quit to save your stats maybe a switch team modes and have bots on the other team like crash commando does

  • I’m only playing the demo this game is not a buy it’s a rent at best there are much better games to buy such as borderlands flashpoint dragon rising and the saboteur and ratchet and clank a crack in time battlefield bad company 2 and call of duty modernwarfare 2 while drakes is a solid game at best it’s not for the serious gamer. Me personally won’t buy this game it’s got a lot of problems from the badly designed weapons which was a problem in the last game that hasn’t been fixed poor sights on weapons so guys i know you at naughty dog put a lot of work in but drakes 2 is a dog of game

  • Jeff, could you ask Square Enix if they can consider adding Chrono Cross(PS1) to the psp/ps3 store its a very high demanding game one of those amazing ps1 classics.

  • really want a psp go….

    anyone wanna play fat princess with me add me


  • @26,27



  • I have lost all interest in Trine. Releasing it between Uncharted 2 and Tekken 6 / Ratchet & Clank was a horrible idea.

  • I just wanna have any idea about when the 3.01 firmware will be fixed!

    There’s a lot of guys with problems to use their blue-ray discs.

  • What’s up with the lack of avatars?

    Also Sensme doesn’t sense a single thing correctly. It’s got all my music in the wrong categories and I don’t see an option to manually add them to any group besides “favorites”

  • i must ask when is resident evil 2 gunna be hittin the psn store ive already asked capcom and they said ask u guys so whats the delay when is it coming out plz tell us

  • Woot! Bitmob made that list. It is a great site. Way to go PS Blog!

  • Is there any chance that we can get some blog posts about upcoming Minis, either from the developers themselves or maybe an overview post some of the Sony bloggers? Thanks.

    Here’s a great PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe review:

  • You guys need to be hyping Demon’s Souls. It’s bad enough that I have not yet seen one ad on Adult Swim yet. I doubt I ever will. But come on support the original games.

    With the way you guys go on about Uncharted, it better be 100% perfect, not a SINGLE FLAW AT ALL.

  • Thanks Jeff that is what i wanted to know.
    I apreciate the reply.

  • Hey Jeff, a good batch of links as always. Wondered if you an the rest of the readers caught this week’s PSP Show podcast, with some quick thoughts on the PSP Go and a full review of Gran Turismo

    You can find it online here

  • So much news, its mind blowing!

  • i burp allot will the next ps3 firmware fix that?

  • @43 Lol

  • hey psp no goers just though u all should know that currently has the 32gb ipod touch for 279.99 yep 279.99 yeah the new one. so for $30 more u get double the memory, touch screen, voice control accelerometer, a better web browser more third party support and it comes with the headset that has a built in mic. oh yeah and lets not forget the insane itunes app library which is essentially psp minis but without inflated prices. sorry sony but i will continue the death to the pspgo campaign as it is absurd. this system should cost less than the 3000 not more.

  • Dood are there ever gonna be new Avatars? I would kill for some new ones.

  • I really hope there is a great dynamic theme for Uncharted 2 either this week or next! The main page itself on the Uncharted 2 demo where you have to press start, would be a wonderful dynamic theme. I would happily pay that. At the very least a good standard Uncharted 2 theme.

    Hope someone’s listening.

  • Where on earth is cross game voice chat SONY?!

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