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  • whats up Chris? , great week has been for me , im really loving my new psp go and Motorstorm Arctic Edge, Gran Turismo and Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe and anticipating Little Big Planet , Jack and Daxter , Fat Princess , BUZZ Quiz World , Socom and Assassins Creed ( wow it is without a doubt the best line up of games in the history of the psp ) and im not counting Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker aside from all these great games i’d really want to see Uncharted , Heavenly Sword , inFamous and Warhawk make it to the little system

  • oh 1 more thing , can you talk to Eric and tell him to implement the same pause/resume option on the psp GO to the PS3 ??? man that is a great option

  • I agree with remanutd5. Warhawk on PSP would be freaking sweet! Also I really want a PSPgo, but 16GB internal memory isn’t enough to really make it a system to really build a large didital library on. Even with the additional memory you can add to it with M2, the largest one I’ve seen is 8GB, and that’s still not enough. I understand a solution would be to just purchase more M2 cards, but just as I didn’t wanna carry multiple UMD’s and memory sticks with me, I also don’t wanna do that with PSPgo. 32GB or 64GB sounds like the sweet spot to me. If there are any larger M2 cards out there, please point them out as I really do wanna make the PSPgo my all around portable game and media device.

  • Awesome week!

  • any news to wether sega will release its outrun game for the playstation portable a few years back for the playstation store.
    could you please ask. i can never find the game by any stores. i love the outrun games that i did import purchase the playstation03 one off of the uk store but i want one to play for the portable too.. gratias.

  • dang.. i did just type like a paragraph here and it did just delete.. well.. chris could you ask sega wether they will release the portable outrun they did a few years back for the playstation store for download. i could ask you or torgo and savory.. they love sega. and you may too. well yeah if you could it would be nice. gratias.

  • Good time to be alive

  • Good time to be alive.

  • I have to give it up for Sony’s marketing team they either got a new agency or the current one got their act together. These latest commercials involving that guy who’s title changes each commercial are fantastic, best commercials since the old crash bandicoot days of advertising.

    I can’t wait for Uncharted 2, played co-op and absolutly loved it. Best co-op i’ve played on the PS3 to date.

  • Would it be possible to get an interview with Bioware before Dragon Age is released? I have not seen any PS3 gameplay and I have a few questions to ask them.

  • Uncharted 2 is the best!
    I’m level 19, I dont play it for life, cuz I have one, but when I would normally play other games, I’m jammin on the beta.
    Also, any idea when there will be a PSPGO bundle?
    And whats the movie on the assassins creed bundle?

  • Sony Tech. please take off COPY&PASTE in the next frameware. I’m tired of IDIOTS sending me useless CHAIN MESSAGES.

  • I got a psp go and I kind of regret it, no UMD’s yet I can’t download any of the psp games I have.

    I’ll be patient

    waiting for

    Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the lions
    Crisis Core

    and hopefully since japan got it, Final Fantasy 8

    and legend of dragoon also added to classics list.

    Even though I have all these games, I would definitly buy them over to play on my PSPgo.

  • I WAN’T BENHECK’S Ps3 SLIM LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lately, Sony has been taking a step back for every step forward:

    PSP Go launches, but Home breaks with v. 1.3;

    PS3 Slim launches, but firmware 3.0 is god-awful.

    New products are always great, but competent QA is better.

  • i like 3.0

  • @15, yes but Sony is still my fav company. Apple use to be my #1, but lately they have gone down hill a lot worse then Sony has, so basically Sony is the company that sucks the least right now out of all my fav companies.

    I bought over $5000 worth of Apple junk – snowleopard bricks my new iMac – new iPod update bricks my iPod – mighty mouse always glitched out – apple airport extreme is not fully compatible with most devices (non-apple ones) which makes the connection slower – my girlfriends Mac Mini is garbage, its like we went back into the stone-age with that one, takes about 2 minutes to open one program.

    Sony has had some issues too in my opinion, but mostly I can just look passed them. I hate Apple now though, any ways, now that I am done venting.. lets play uncharted!

  • love my psp go but don’t know whether i should by new games or buy my old games again?

  • I find myself coming here every few hours to this blog hoping to see something about releasing more psp games for the network store…. I wish gamestop hadn’t lied to me about all games being available or else I wouldn’t have bought this Go.

  • Currently enjoying the totally awesome SensMe music mode and charging my battery from my marathon Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded session while thinking about Away We Go that I downloaded from the Video Store. I think I’m good for now…

  • Freaking fix Home 1.3 issues. The freezing is so annoying.

  • Well I really noticed the PSP Go has launched and people were downloading Gran Turismo, since PSN has quite some disturbances for the past 2 days. Don’t bother about the slow loading of the friends list or people being off the list but are back the next time I log in, but not receiving any messages and people think you’re annoying them, is something else :-P

    That’s my only complaint really xD

    One moment I say I’m not gonna buy a PSP Go I have a PSP anyway, next moment my mind tells me I should… argh, I hate this insecure stupidity.

  • PSP go is way to expensive and lacks 802.11g.
    my network doesn’t even support 802.11b anymore :X

  • Can’t wait for Uncharted 2! October is such a great month, I’m getting Demon’s Souls and Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising this week and then Uncharted 2, Fallout 3 GOTY and (maybe) Brutal Legend the week after. All I can say is thanks Sony for making October one of the best months in gaming. Now if only you guys could tell me if .detuned will be coming to the Canadian PS Store soon!

  • Once again another great week. I know i said it last week but its worth saying again. 2009 is definitely Sony’s year.

  • btw any word yet on a new sly cooper game?

  • ..sorry when interview or something official about GT5..?

  • could you ask for a blue ray jak and daxter remastered in HD pls.
    if it can olny be one make it part 1.

  • Am I the only one who could care less about the PSP Go and it;s lack up updated features? Come on no UMD support? High price? Smaller screen? rebuy all the UMD games you own?

  • hey psp no goers just though u all should know that currently has the 32gb ipod touch for 279.99 yep 279.99 yeah the new one. so for $30 more u get double the memory, touch screen, voice control accelerometer, a better web browser more third party support and it comes with the headset that has a built in mic. oh yeah and lets not forget the insane itunes app library which is essentially psp minis but without inflated prices. sorry sony but i will continue the death to the pspgo campaign as it is absurd. this system should cost less than the 3000 not more.

  • It was a great week, but the PSPgo IS weak.

  • I’m not understand why PS3 owners can’t get another update for Monsters for the extra stuff.

    I don’t really feel like rebuying half of Pixel Junk Monsters. It being portable isn’t a good enough reason to rebuy most of what I already have.

    It’s a huge ripoff.

  • i have the update for playstation home and it keeps freezing

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