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Hi everyone! We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new PSPgo and today it’s finally here. PSPgo is now available in “Piano Black” and “Ceramic White” at all major retailers in North America for $249.99 (MSRP). In addition to its sleek, pocket-sized design with sliding screen, the launch of PSPgo marks the first time in the industry that complete, full-length portable games will be available in an all digital format. With the strongest software lineup ever available on the PSP platform in 2009, there’s no better time to pick-up the sleekest, most portable handheld entertainment device on the market.

PSPgo with Rockband

When we launched the PSP-1000 in 2005, it was clear that there was a huge demand for not only a great portable gaming system, but a complete portable entertainment device. Since then, the PSP has sold more than 15 million units in North America and 53 million units worldwide – that’s no small feat! We’ve taken great strides to listen to your feedback and make improvements to the PSP system along the way, including a smaller, lighter form-factor (PSP-2000) and brighter, more vibrant LCD and built-in microphone (PSP-3000). Now, with the launch of PSPgo, we’ve taken the best portable handheld gaming device and made it even more suited for the mobile lifestyle.

To coincide with the launch of PSPgo, we’ll have a lot of great, new content available on the PlayStation Network . From highly anticipated first-party titles such as Gran Turismo and MotorStorm Arctic Edge to some of the best known franchises from our publishing partners, virtually all PSP titles going forward will be available on the PlayStation Store to download anytime, anywhere via Wi-Fi, your PC (via Media Go) or through your PlayStation 3. You’ll also have a huge number of new and exclusive game and video content to download from the PlayStation Store, including:

The recently introduced PlayStation Network Game Cards, which give you an additional option to purchase your favorite digital games at retail, will also be available starting today at participating retailers.

POSA card Gran Turismo POSA card MotorStorm Arctic Edge

In addition, the PSPgo system will have a number of peripherals available at retail to compliment your entertainment needs.

  • Memory Stick Micro M2 – Amp up your memory capacity and save even more games, videos, music and photos
  • Cradle – Dock your PSPgo system to charge it, sync content with your PC or use video-out to view on a big screen
  • Carrying Case – Store and protect your PSPgo system with stylish, durable carrying cases
  • Screen Protective Film – Save the ultra-crisp LCD screen from surface scratches
  • In-ear Headset – Listen to games, movies, and music with this premium quality headset
  • Use with DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller and Bluetooth Headset – Use PSPgo with these PS3 peripherals
  • AV Cables – Enjoy games and videos stored on your 16GB flash memory on the big screen
  • AC Adaptor and Car Adaptor – Charge your PSPgo at home or in the car

As we mentioned before, included with the PSPgo system is a voucher to download a starter version of MTV Games’ Rock Band Unplugged from PlayStation Store. You’ll also receive a demo of Patapon 2 pre-loaded onto the system’s memory, along with an interactive ESRB application that explains ESRB Ratings and Content Descriptors and provides instructional videos on how to setup the PSPgo’s parental controls.

We’re extremely excited for you to try out the newest addition to the PSP family. Don’t forget to update your firmware upon purchase to ensure your system has the latest and greatest. As always, let us know your thoughts and enjoy!

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  • @John Koller,

    Can you gameshare PSP games up to five PSPs? That’s the only thing holding me back from buying PSPgo.

  • I’m sold, I’m getting a psp go this afternoon.

  • who would pay $250 for a PSP? the price is rediculous and dosnt make any sense. i mean $50 less than a ps3?? come on sony, get your head in the game.

  • Can’t wait to pick mine up this afternoon, and excited about the HUGE PSN update list–I’m sure I’ll be picking up quite a few full games today.

    Very sad to see that LUMINES wasn’t on the list though, it’s still one of my favorite PSP games of all time, and the perfect companion for the Go.

  • i have 2 kids, so if i was to buy a game by download of the store would i be able to put that game on both psp,or would i have to buy 2 copy’s of that game thanks.

  • Nice ! Im getting mine in about an hour !

  • overpriced! no reason to upgrade from my psp-3000 when I have a stack of umd games I will not be able to play.

  • Why not upload your entire PSP back catalog? Where is Medal Gear Solid: Portable Ops or Dissidia? Are we honestly to believe that Konami and Square-Enix are against giving customers another way in which to buy their respective products?

    I want a PSP Go, but if I can’t play the games I want on it, what’s the point?

  • Just waiting for GameStop to open. I need to know about the one game and multiple psps question too.

  • Is Sony still offering the tradein policy for the new Pspgo buyers? Where you trade in a Umd for a digital copy of the game.

  • Great news! congrats for the launch
    I’m not a big fan of any portable device but if i had not a PSP already i would buy a PSPgo for sure i like it.

  • I’d get one if I wasn’t broke right now. Maybe someday….

  • I Want my exclusive car for Arctic Edge…

  • Also, $10 for Tetris? Are you crazy? I thought Minis were supposed to have mini price tags as well. God of War is only $5 more.

  • why would you not add gps to this device, then maybe it would have been worth the 250 price tag. not gonna do it!

  • Woo Hooo. Lets prepare for failure.

    @ Sony – You really didn’t think this one through did you?

  • For $250, I get a system that can’t play my UMD games, and is missing a huge chunk of the PSP library. On top of that, you’re throwing in a half-complete Rock Band Unplugged with a demo of Patapon 2 and an interactive ESRB edutainment title!?

    Talk about killer app, Sony’s John Koller, Director of Terrible Ideas Marketing! :D

    Here’s how you build a ‘Win Machine’, Sony’s John Koller, Director of Bad Decision Dinosaur Marketing:

    Take a PSP Go. Check. Add a UMD drive. Check. Profit.

    Alternatively: Take a PSP 3000. Check. Replace the interlaced LCD with the panel on the PSP Go. Check. Profit.

    Lower the prices on digital games by 25%, for an added revenue bonus. How’s that work? Well, you see, more people will buy cheaper goods; you’re betting on volume here. Alternatively, each UMD purchased would allow the consumer to redeem, what I’m calling, a ‘digital copy’ of their game. Man, that’s such a good idea. I wonder where I’ve heard this, before…

  • Oh. Right. With Blu-Ray. Which is something your company is rolling out as we speak.

    I will purchase either of these great ideas, just waiting to emerge from your ‘Good Ideas Heavy Industries’ fabrication plant.

    Thanks for your time, Sony’s John Koller, Director of All I Want for Christmas is a PSP Marketing. And Godspeed!

    P.S. “LocoRoco 2: Midnight Carnival”? Really?

  • Hmm. do I get the PSPGo for $249, or the nextgen system for $50 more.

    I don’t understand the pricing at all. This thing should be >$200.

  • Good luck, Sony! I can’t see how it will sell well with this feature set and price. I was excited back in the rumor days, set aside $200 for “PSP 2” then the Go was announced. No new gameplay features or gaming hardware capabilities – and a higher price? The article in PlayStation magazine couldn’t even come up with decent list of reasons to buy it! I hope it does well, and encourages you to one day produce a proper PSP2.

  • @Trucidation, it’s almost Christmas. All you want for Christmas is a PSP.

    Trust me on this one.

  • people, buy an xbox 360, it’s a lot cheaper lol

  • @1 tagout

    NO! Only one system at a time can be activated.

  • I am very excited to get my PSP Go today! I also like the fact that Sony is offering the PSN cards for the games. That is a smart way for the retailers to keep getting revenue.

    I like PSN very much, and have been very pleased with the service, and have never had a problem with PSN!

    Keep it up!

  • My thought is the minis are WAY to expensive.

  • Love psp, hate price. i’ll wait about 1 1/2 year for price drop.

  • John,

    Seeing as the earlier thread consisted of at least 90% negative posts, I wouldn’t expect these things to be flying off the shelves. Even the eBayers don’t seem to interested this time around.

    I’m monitoring this launch because I’m fascinated that Sony has received such a low level of enthusiasm about this product and has still charged ahead. You say Sony has been carefully listening to feedback, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I know Sony has always been a company that tries to build cool stuff and then makes marketing an afterthought, but one would hope you guys would have learned your lesson after two and a half years of botching the PS3 launch. (Thank goodness the PS3 marketing is finally moving in the right direction!)

    It’s the 21st century now, and it’s time to realize that marketing has evolved. You can’t build a long-term strategy around a product line unless you’re listening to the voice of the consumer.

    Like most people here, I want to see Sony doing well in the US, but I just shake my head at you guys sometimes. You never seem to learn from your mistakes.

    Good luck with the launch.

  • @1 and 5…It depends on the game AND you would have to be the registered user on each PSP…before you buy the game look at the TOS…for instance the brand new GT PSP allows for download up to 5 systems associated with the PSN id. Most games allow this sharing.

    @10 Although John Koeller certainly came onto the blog to suggest that such a plan would be coming (back in June) he has not come on to the blog to explain that now it is not. Poor customer service there and the reason I just got me a iPod Touch. I was willing to live without the UMD transfer service but not willing to buy hardware from SONY while John avoided the issue with us here on the blog. Too bad SONY…I’ve got a cr@p load of money that isn’t flowing your way now.

  • Typical Sony: Take a great concept, half-ass the implementation, then overprice it.

    Smaller screen, no UMD option, and an outrageous $250 price tag.

    I’m officially re-brand this device as the PSPWent (as in ‘dead on arrival’)

    Way to go Mr. Koller!! You and Mr. Lempel are quite a team. Sorta like “Dumb and Dumber”


  • This is the biggest rip-off I have ever seen from Sony and I hope that the PSPgo fails miserably at retail.

    I was happy to pay $250 for my launch PSP. Heck, I paid around $400 because I was forced to buy a bundle with games and peripherals to get it at launch, so it’s not about the money.

    I’m a huge Sony fan, but for our sake, I hope that the PSPgo fails miserably.

  • sorry, sony but u FAIL whit that price!!!!

  • $250? When’s the price drop coming?

  • Going to pick mine up in few!!!!

    Boo hoo @ all of you kiddies who can’t afford it. I bet if it were cheaper you wouldn’t be nitpicking and complaining about things you don’t like about it.

  • I’ll pass until Peace Walker comes out.

  • Overpriced shovelware

  • So what is the benefit of paying $80 more for the go over a regular PSP-3000?

    Bluetooth and a slightly better screen?

    Sounds worth it…

    Let me just throw out all of my old UMD games since I can’t redeem them for squat. No, I’d rather have the non-trade-in-able digital versions. I’d rather have them so much, I am willing to pay more for them then the in-store UMD prices. Also, I don’t want any of my old accessories to work with it. That would be annoying.

    Yawn… Sony. Wake up. Stop trying to rob the people that support you. You make the competition look so much better with stuff like this. I know, I know. In a few months you will drop the price and it will look like you guys are stretching to meet our demands. I understand the ploy of putting something new out for way too much money to get as much as you can from the early adopting suckers. (This has become more and more common-place in today’s crappy economy.)

    Anyone reading this, personally I’d suggest not buying this. At least, not yet. Wait for a significant price drop. If you have a 3000, don’t even worry about it. No reason to pay $80 more for bluetooth and even more for the same games you can play on your current system.


  • @30 It’s not about not being able to afford it. I can easily pay $250 for it right now, but I would feel like Sony is ripping me off.

    The PSPgo should be priced lower than the 3000 since it doesn’t have a UMD and it’s even smaller. Think of it as Sony launching the PS3 Slim and selling it for $600.

    It doesn’t make sense.

  • Awesome news and congratulations. Good luck on sales. I plan to get a PSPGo as soon as I acquire cash.

    I’d love to see what you guys did with the PSP catalog of just splattering 100 games on to the PS Store with PS One Clasics. Just splatter us with 200 PS One Classics in a random update.

  • i agree with alot of people here.
    i would have bought the psp at this price only if my umd games could have been converted to play on it(even with a small fee)

    or it was cheaper cause it looses most functionality.

    lastly being in Europe i still have yet to see a psn card here in the Netherlands so thats another no no.

    Sony really doesnt listen to the comunity its like they are hard headed.

    200 without umd service or 250 but with umd convert service.

    i like the sleek look and was looking forward to it but id stick with my psp3000 and just add 50 and buy a slim.

  • I pre-ordered my PSPgo, and it’s on its way right now to my house. This is my first real PSP, and I figured now would be a great time to get one.

    At least that’s what I thought.

    Most of the games on this list do not intrigue me. The MAIN reason I bought the PSPGo was so that I could play games like Crisis Core, Dissidia, and other Square titles.

    Where are these titles, Sony?! These titles are your CASH COW. Without them, you can’t keep the Go going! If these titles don’t surface soon, I’m going to be asking for a refund. Or better yet, you could offer an exchange service… trade in the PSPGo for a 3000??

  • “We’ve taken great strides to listen to your feedback and make improvements to the PSP system along the way”

    This has to be a joke. The PSPGo has everything to fail miserably. It’s like some crazy marketing guy designed this thing.

  • Great what a dumb idea I can use my DS3 controller on my PSP but I can’t play PSP games on my PS3. And there is no PRO DUO card slot SMART move sony. And to top it off its $250 another $50 and I have PS3 slim (i can’t decide). And I have to rebuy all my games for full price this is a joke gone wrong.

    Epic Fail = PSPgo

  • Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast is the best game on PSP. Too bad this device is pointless. PSPGo is a failure.


  • I have money. The reason I have money is because I do not buy overpriced pieces of garbage with smaller, reduced everything. PSPGo is pathetic and should be 149.99 to actually be able to compete in the handheld market.

  • @39…um…the idea is that you connect your PSP to your TV, no PS3 required.

  • I’ll buy it when its 200 dollars or less. This customer is smart.

  • @40/41

    I have a question. Do you go onto the websites of every product you don’t like and rant or is this a special case for the PSPgo because you really wanted one but are choosing not to get one?

    For instance I hate Nintendo products (though I just bought a DS for Scribblenauts)…I don’t go on their websites to blast them though.

  • @44

    I state facts, you foolish child. The games are overpriced, the minis are overpriced and the PSPGo is overpriced.


  • You guys do know that you’re not going to get much traction with the pricing the way it is, right? Sony isn’t Apple, you guys don’t make nearly poor enough quality products for that and you can’t price gouge on stuff and expect people to pay.

    To succeed the PSPGo needs to increase the value proposition of the PSP, not decrease it. The two primary things that make the PSP a poor value for customers is the UMD format (which gets dirt in it, is bulky, kills the battery) and the price of games. You guys have taken care of the first part but have made the second even worse.

    The people who buy your products understand about distribution and manufacturing costs and they understand how retailers make money (spoiler: it’s buy selling a PSP game for $40 when their cost was less than $40). You do realize that, right? We all understand that we’re getting ripped off paying the same for a permanent sale digital download as for a UMD, and I’m pretty sure most of us already find PSP prices to be outrageous, which is why we don’t buy games for the existing PSP.

  • @30
    It has nothing to do with not being able to afford it. Just because I can afford it, doesn’t mean it is a good value. duh.

    sorry, for what it is offering, the PSPgo is priced way too high.

    I also thought because games are distributed digitally and do not require a disc that the cost would be reduced. ??? There are no production costs to make the disc, there are no shipping cost to distribute the disc, and there are no packaging costs….so where are the savings? The downloadable version should ALWAYS be cheaper.

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