White Knight Chronicles: Introducing the Online System

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On the first day of Tokyo Game Show, Level-5 took us on a tour through the online system of White Knight Chronicles. Now even if you’ve been keeping up with the previously-released Japanese version of the game, this will be news to you.

Online mode opens up for you once you’ve completed Chapter 1 in Story Mode, and features 3 main facets of play – GeoNet, Georama, and Subquests.

GeoNet is a social networking service for WKC online players, where you can meet and interact with other players to get set for multiplayer quests.

Georama is where you can design your own “HomeTown”, which serves as a lobby for the online mode. There are 3 different fields to build your Georama in with 18 different combinations. You’ll drop in buildings, infrastructure, and even modify the earth itself. A 2D city sim this is not. Examples were shown where players could make hedge mazes or pixel art in the towns. What’s cool is you can recruit NPCs from the story mode to come live in your town. The NPCs have jobs of different levels, which will further change the town. Also, you and others can shop in the shops that you create. Up to a dozen players can enter one Georama at once, and from there you can head out questing. Hundreds (or more) parts and elements were shown – it’s pretty deep. Of note: North American players will be able to visit the Georama town of European friends, and vice versa.

Subquest – unlike the story mode, which centers around Leonard, you control your own avatar in this mode. As the story unfolds, quests will become available. When you are successful, you’ll accumulate points which will build your guild rank. The higher the rank, the more quests and weapons that are available for you. You can quest with friends or use the random matching system to be paired up with like minded strangers. 50 subquests will be available at launch, and new ones will be added along the way online.

Oh, btw: Voice Chat confirmed! It’ll also be patched into the Japanese version at some point in the future. An additional exclusive feature for North American and European gamers: Rogue Galaxy’s Live Talk feature will be implemented. Characters will issue forth a “huge variety” of context-specific commentary as the quests unfold. Of course, all the updates the Japanese release has seen will be on the disc when it hits North America and Europe in Spring 2010.

For more on the game, look for an interview with Level-5 on the PS.Blog soon.

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  • AWESOME! Can’t wait!

  • Spring can’t come soon enough.

  • Another of my most wanted games, but it’s take a little long to get over here:( and your gonna release it when all the rpgs are coming out it’s might get murdered

    nonetheless I’m buying it:D

    any word on a collector’s edition?

  • Very cool. This looking like an awesome exclusive.

  • Online sounds good; but we still need the actual release date; hopefully it comes out before FF13 so I don’t have to play two RPGs at the same time.

  • 1st i hope..doubt it though this internet sucks..but yeah this game sounds good.online is a must for a gaming now and days and im glad this game took it into consideration.if the story is good and theres more than just one button moves i will consider buying this game :p

  • I would have preferred an earlier release instead of online features.
    I’ll very probably still get it, but if we had gotten this as our 2009 RPG fix, it would have been much more welcome.

  • I used to be very excited for this game but its taking so long to get to the US, well if it makes the game better I guess its all good.

  • Yes, this looks like an awsome game. The voice chat is going to be sweet. It just to bad hardly anyone talks while gaming when I play games with voice chat.:(/ But this game gonna rule. I like that you got to play the game before you can play online, so people won’t just jump in and won’t know what to do.

  • nice..can’t wait for this game!!! ^_^

  • CAN’T WAIT for this game already!

    and they announced a sequel before we even got our hands on it here in the Western world :(

    i would rather they be working on Dark Cloud 3 though

  • Spring is going to be a very busy time for me.

    Star Ocean 4
    Final Fantasy XIII
    God of War 3
    PS3 Motion Controller (ya I’m going to take the leap of faith in this one)

    Anyway really looking forward to this game have been since the Japanese reviews started poring in. While I wish WKC was out much sooner than its current release date I’m glad that Level-5 has decided to make some much needed changes to help make up for this delay (mostly caused by the changes lol).

  • finally , the RPG that im waiting for its coming soon , Jeff i hope they dont take this long to do the localization of White Knight Chronicles 2

  • Really looking forward to this. Is the localization team working parallel on WKC2 as well so we can get that in a timely manner (or even simultaneously with the Japanese version)?

  • any trophies?! i love trophies! :D

  • Excellent.

    (Are we still asking about trophies? When was the last game released without trophies? Street Fighter IV?)

  • I’m not a big fan of online anything in games, so it’s discouraging that this game is taking so long to release. Couldn’t the game have been localized, bug fixed, and released this Fall like originally planned? All the online community updates could have been patched in Spring 2010. Oh well, still a day one purchase for me. Now we just need a friggin’ release date so that stores will start taking pre-orders.

    Oh yeah, Rogue Galaxy needs the upgrade to HD. PS3 upgrade of Rogue Galaxy please!!!

  • I DON’T like RPG games, but this game looks very interesting… This might be my first RPG game that I ever bought ! This game and Demon Souls look to be the RPG of the year !

  • Georama sounds like a very cool online system, reminds me much of Monster Hunter’s online, which I enjoyed very much.
    Glad to see localization brought over voice chat as well, the game’s online would’ve been horribly hindered from the get go if it wasn’t implemented.

  • Yeah. spring 2010 <3

  • Sweet. I haven’t played an RPG with my friends online since D2, this is gonna be nice.

  • Been waiting to buy this for what feels like forever.

  • Sounds very engaging and fun.

  • Quick question about voice chat. Please answer me this question truthfully:

    How would deaf people like me find a way to take advantage of this great feature which would benefit us greatly? Are there other “alternative” ways to benefit from this?- Such as text-based chat, PS EyeToy chat, or something like that? Please think about people like us, other than yourself (hearing people). I am no way to be too harsh toward that.

    You see, many games like this one gives us a great disadvantage for not being able to interact with others (other than using voice chat). Please take this message to Sony and general developer community to find a way to implement more features than just a voice chat itself only. That is all I am trying to say…

    But yeah! This game sounds awesome and I am definitely looking forward to play this one! Keep up the good work!

  • Ill become excited about this game once again when there is finally a solid release date and I know that waiting all this time wasnt for nothing (I.E. new features, especially voice chat). After all waiting this long for what is now an old game with nothing new is just ridiculous.

  • Looking good. Hey, Level 5, any chance PS3 will see a Dark Cloud sequel?

  • Please hurry up and bring this game to the States!

  • Best JRPG to come out next year? I think so. That amount of content you will be getting from this game, will put other JRPG to shame.

  • Good online part all I need it a release date.

    Could you narrow down the time frame for me?

    A particular month would be nice. I hope for Janurary.

  • Sweet!!! Btw since the PS3 is seriously lacking in the RPGs department, could you guys (Sony) REMASTER Rogue Galaxy and DARK CLOUD series with TROPHIES……on a BluRay Disk? Guaranteed sales!!!! PLEASE?

  • Thanks for the post Jeff looks like a great game !

    So many good games coming out now and in the very near future.

  • I was expecting this game to come out way before FFXIII, but now I’m not so sure. Buying them both even if they come out on the same day, but damn, it’s been a while! Over a year after the japanese version!

  • I’m glad they are really improving this game for the NA release! Seems so much better now!

    And yes like 32 said… remaster all of Level5’s PS2 RPGs!

  • This is a definite buy for me. Get it here sooner!!! Christmas is a much better time to release games for sale anyway. :)

  • Damn this game looks sick, hopefully we get it early 2010 id hate to wait longet for this awsome game.

  • I’d like to see some more gameplay but so far it’s looking very enticing.

  • Whatever happened to making a good, old-fashioned *SINGLE* player game.

    Especially with the lack of good RPGs this gen? :(

  • Any word on co-op??

  • Glad to hear some news about this title!

    Any word on possible unlockable reward items in Home?

  • WOW! This is MEGATON news to me! Keep up the great work guys (@ Sony and Level-5)

    HA, take that pathetic PS3 Haters/Xbot trolls! PLAYSTATION/SONY are on a roll!

    *give Jack Tretton a raise!” XD

  • Why oh why couldnt this be coming out this year. i feel like i’ve been waiting for this game just as long as FFXIII…. which mind you has been a long time. lmao

  • no, not spring.. it’s sad that GT5 and GOW3 will be out before this.. i guess it’s Demon’s Souls for me for the next 8 months

  • 1 year and more for localistion is inbelievebale in 2009 (dont forget japanese voice), i hope the II have worldwide release!!!

  • This game looks well boring, Fallout 3 and Oblivion are so much better, and if you want a good online RPG, go for sacred 2, that’s really good too, anyway I’ll be busy with dragon age: origins, Assassins creed 2, COD6, GOW3 and plenty more, so I’ll give this a miss.

    Fallout 3 DLC is out anyway :)

  • Getting two games for the price of one is always a plus to me! Love Level-5’s previous games, and have very high expectations for this one. It’s definitely a day one purchase for me, been desperately trying to avoid importing the Japanese version…but with all these updates and features it seems well worth the wait!

    Just please announce an official released date, and as always more information is always welcomed! :D

  • jeff can u ask them will this be on pspgo. Or will there be a game guide as a pre-order bundle.. TY 4 your time

  • Jeff thanks for the new info about the online system, I have definitely been looking forward to this title. Can we please get a release date. PLEASE? I really wished this title had made it for this year but I want to know how long I have to wait for it to get here.

  • Is Georama like your Home private space? Sure sounds like it. I’m kinda worried about finding team mates to group up with though. Having to “manually” find people is gonna be quite a hassle I imagine.

  • This RPG seems very cool but if you guys release it near the FF13 release window, it will fail! WK is taking way too long to be released in NA. Level 5 should’ve cashed in on this game awhile ago. Especially with the PS3’s no JRPG zone.

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