Digger HD Available Tomorrow on PSN for $9.99

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Hi everyone! It’s Scott from Creat Studios, back again to announce the launch of yet another PSN title, and ask: “How old-school are you?”

If you’re a fan of classic games, but not so much a fan of tired, ancient graphics, then you’re going to love Digger HD.

Digger HD 1

Creat Studios has reconstructed the timeless 1980s PC hit, Digger, for the 21st century as Digger HD, available October 1st on PlayStation Network for $9.99. The gameplay that everyone loved back when fax machines were considered hi-tech remains intact. All the visuals, however, have been given a better facelift than an aging Hollywood starlet! The environments, sound, animations, music, menus…everything is fully updated to PlayStation 3 standards.

Control the feisty little construction vehicle and burrow your way around the dangerous underground world. Dig through the dirt horizontally and vertically to create paths, collect jewels and coins, avoid crazy monsters and falling bags of gold in single and cooperative multiplayer modes. Maneuver your way around 60 complex levels and find secret, hidden artifacts.

The playful, cutting-edge techno score features original tracks from up-and-coming artists Candie Hank, Gangpol & Mit and GMG. And as a bonus, you can return to those 1980s roots with the Vintage mode that replicates the original Digger’s 8-bit vibe.

For a good throwback experience to the decade of parachute pants, hairspray, VHS tapes and John Hughes movies, you don’t need to dig up a VCR. Download Digger HD, and travel back in time in style!

As always, thanks to all of our fans and customers. We love making games, and we love your feedback. Please let us know how much you enjoy Digger HD.

Digger HD 2

Digger HD 3 Digger HD 4

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  • Hi everyone. This is Scott Hyman, Director of Business Development at Creat Studios. Please feel free to fire off any questions you have.

    And one correction: the musical artist who contributed to the soundtrack is GNG… not GMG. That’s G – N – G. Got it?

    That’s what happens when you type with carpal tunnel. Typos, typos, everywhere!

  • Sweet, been waiting for this one. Day one purchase for sure!

    • DKShadow is a fine, upstanding human being who shines as a light for the rest of us to follow! Hear, hear, DKShadow! (The check is in the mail, BTW.)

    • Thanks, DK! So glad that you\’ve been waiting. We\’re sure that you will enjoy it.

  • reminds me of Mr Do!

  • That does look pretty fun. I’m not sure if I’ll pick it up tomorrow, but I will likely get it at some point. Need to read some reviews first to make sure (got burned by Battle Tanks, hehe).

    • Can I review it for you?

      \”Digger HD is the best game ever to be created, and should be a mandatory purchase for every PS3 owner.\”

      Is that too biased?

  • Great, more HD remakes. Keep coming.

    • Will do! Feel free to fire suggestions our way any time. Creat Studios and Tik Games are always looking for feedback from our fans.

  • Awesome. Thanks for reviving this classic for 2009. Price is right for this too!

    • jamesdevil, you are very welcome. A lot of us here at Creat Studios and TikGames are die-hard, old school gaming fans. We have loved every part of developing this one, and we are confident that you will enjoy it, too.

  • kind of reminds me of dig dug. And when I was a kid dig dug was like one of my favorite games. Might have to check this out.

  • Used to play this on the PC way back when. Fun game. This looks fun too. :)

  • Never played the original but looks interesting.

    Are there continues / level select or is it old-school always back to level 1 when you run out of lives?

  • Cool! Any info about some of the trophies and what might you have to do? I’ve read that there’ll be some secret trophies as well which will be challenging to find :)

    • The game isn\’t even for sale yet, and you want secret trophy information already!?!?!?

      Sorry, our producer will beat me senseless if I reveal such things now.

  • Cool! Any info about some of the trophies and what might you have to do? I’ve read that there’ll be some secret trophies as well which will be challenging to find :) Can’t wait!

  • Does Creat studios develop exclusively for Playstation? Is this on any other platforms?

    • We have developed for a number of platforms, but we loooooove us some PSN. This is our sixth game for PSN this year, and number seven, Mushroom Wars, is coming later this month.

  • Mr hyman. What’s the download size?

  • Oh goodie another lame psn game..You guys should stick to “SMASH CARS” or something better than these old games. I’m sorry creat im just tired of seeing old redone games. I love smash cars btw.

    • So glad that you love Smash Cars, Dano! Not every game is for every gamer, which is why we make all different kinds.

      And if you love Smash Cars, just wait until you see what\’s coming in 2010!

  • How many MBs is the game?

  • Sweet! Maybe if more downloadable games get released I can forget about firmware 3.01 and my dead BluRay drive.


  • Love HD remakes! Wish more companies would get into doing this with their past gen games. Sure, I like new games and new IPs, but I also like replaying past games that I like. What’s better than to have them updated to current standards for my next playthrough? Thanks for the remaster. :-)

    • So glad you like them, LokeSTL. Now, tell every friend you have to buy it, so we know to make more. Heck, tell your enemies NOT buy it, so they will purchase it just to spite you.

      We love the classic era, even if it dates me as an old gamer. Bringing the old style of gameplay to a new generation is what Creat Studios and TikGames set out to do.

  • Looks AWESOME!
    Love the promo video!
    I am sold!
    I own EVERY Creat Studios and Tik Games titles on PSN.
    Keep ’em coming!

    • Now everybody here needs to work hard, eat their vegetables, get regular exercise and try to be just like Enforcer_X.

  • Oh, man. That was the first game that I played ever, 25 years ago. A lot of good old memories…

    Some questions. What game modes there will be? Offline coop? “Classic mode” with the original levels or even graphics?

    • Oh, Don… you\’re gonna love this.

      Yes to Offline Cooperative.
      Yes to Class mode with original graphics, levels and sounds.
      Yes to hours and hours of old school fun.
      Yes to you purchasing it first thing tomorrow morning!

  • If I still own my original Digger game on 3.5″ Floppy disk for my old IBM Model 30 (8530) [look it up, no mouse, no GUI, just good old DOS]….Do I get a free upgrade to HD? I have probably been supporting this game for the longest on this blog lol.

    Still dust it off and fire up the 512k RAM powerhouse for some Black Cauldron/Digger gaming.


    • I can\’t offer you a freebie, but I can send your note to the co-creator of the original Digger. She loves to hear about fans that still have the original materials.

  • getting this for sure, love you guys for doing this.

    • And we love you for loving us.

      Actually, we love you for playing our games. If you love us, too, that just makes us happier.

  • Thanks. That’s a good thing because I’m down to 5 gigs on my 6gig. And no I’m not swapping out my hard drive. Lol

  • Thanks to do this remake. I will buy it and will try to convince my parents to play it again with me, just to remember the times we played the original Digger

    • The family that plays together, stays together. Unless they all play in separate locations via online connection, that is.

  • 60gig*

  • wow this is great. imagine if sony spent timing bringing us the games we actually asked for. no offense to the developer but this really sort of a niche product as it doesnt really seem that much improved by the video but it defintiely looks fun and nostalgic. they did a great job updating it and keeping true to the core game. how ever i wish sony would u know get the games that a few hundred thousand people ask for. but thats just me(oh and the hundred thousand or so people who constantly request games and psone classics).

    • IA, while I can tell you first hand that a LOT of people did indeed ask for this, you still have a point.

      Drop us a line here at Creat. Tell us what games, whether remakes or new, that you want to play that are not being made.

      We listen. We really do. We want to make games players want to play.

  • I would like too see some remakes of classic Playstion 1 games. That would be cool.

  • and oh yeah ps3 80 gig fat model only 279.99 on pcrichard.com go get it and u can enjoy this magnificent remake at home.

  • This is ridiculous. This is the last thing we need on PSN is ANOTHER old remake. Can you devs not come up with modern NEW ideas to make games with? If not you can just hire me. I’ll make sure you’re game is relevant and feels new. Not some 80’s arcade game that’s getting a “next gen makeover” which quite frankly isn’t that next gen. I’m kinda gettin’ sick of this drivel that’s being pushed out. Just because they are $10-$15 games doesn’t mean they should be sacrificed in quality or execution. I’m seriously kind of annoyed at this trend. MAKE NEW GAMES. The past is the past, get over those concepts and start coming up with your own. Leave this to Billy Mitchell and Wiebe make us something grand instead. This is pure laziness to cash in on once-popular franchises. Sorry if the makers are offended by this but if you don’t think I have a good point you’re probably the poor chap that spent the last several months churning out this remake..

  • A Mr. Do knockoff if I every saw one.

  • I’m looking forward to this one. Creat makes great games. Count me in.

  • wow someone let scott hyman roll around free and unsupervised in the comment section today.


  • @Pelt_Hunter:

    Please don’t be so angry. A lot of us old timers appreciate these updated classics and gladly pay for them and play them. Don’t ruin it for us because you’re angry.

  • yeah i must say, smash cars is one of the best psn games i have downloaded in a long time.

  • I wanted some information about the normal trophies, I want to find the secret trophies for myself ;) btw, isn’t this your 5th PSN game, and not the 6th? You’ve put out Cuboid (Bought, best game I feel you’ve put out), Mahjong (Not bought it), Magic Ball (Bought it, pretty fun!) and Smash Cars (Nice, but got a bit reptitive). So doesn’t that make Digger HD the 5th? Oh, and I don’t suppose you might be doing giveaways of the game, are you? ;)

    • You missed Interpol, which came out a couple of weeks ago. But that\’s ok, you can go buy it now! :-)

      As for giveaways, we\’re always chatting about such things. But nothing planned just yet.

      As for trophies, it\’s a bit much to detail here in the blog. If you have a specific question, I will be happy to fire it off to our producer.

  • Thanks Scott, I knew that would be the answer…just thought I would go for brownie points. I will prolly get this next week when I grab a new PSN card. But I am caught between a rock and a hard place, because with a new Digger, I have one less reason to fire up the old IBM again.

    Game looks great by the way.

  • @pelt_hunter seriously go troll somewhere else. In all actuality there isn’t anyone on here who really cares about your opinion on whether or not old school games should be re made and released and or if you enjoy them. I mean really who are you? what have you done that warrants your supposed “expertise”?

    • pelthunter might have been a bit brash, but he did post only once (and didn\’t troll with multiple posts), and he\’s entitled to his opinion. Creat Studios makes a variety of games because not every game is for every gamer.

      That said, thanks for the sentiment, myfrozen. We appreciate fans coming to our defense, and we really appreciate feedback on our games.

  • Greetings from South Africa! Also remember playing this game when I was 6 or so, glad to have it come back! Cant wait to try classic mode as well! So this is coming to the EU store tomorrow as well?

    • Sorry, Arion87. You will have to hold on for a long, boring seven full days before being able to purchase Digger HD from the EU store. I know that it\’s tough, but please hang in there for October 8th!

  • ok this is some what of good news..remakes turned HD is not that impressive.im sure theres hard work into it but i think you guys can create a better game for 10 buks.smash cars was a pretty good game i would like to see more of those new unique kind of games on the psn.i thinks those are worth my money.:)now to be honest with you guys i wouldnt mind seeing a XCITE BIKE HD game there..with OFF and ONLINE Multilayer and Custom race tracks :p…ID BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR x 10 lol

  • Greetings from South Africa! I remember playing this game when I was 6 or so and am glad its coming back, cant wait to try classic mode! Is this game coming to the EU store tomorrow as well?

  • @myfrozenscars

    You should re-consider. I was also running out of room on my 60gb, and decided to make the jump. I was surprised to find out that after all of the time it took for me to surgically transfer all of my PS2 and PS1 save files, they DID actually backup with the PS3 backup feature. Believe me, I was sweating the transfer. The process is easier and quicker than I expected. I got the 7200rpm 16mb cache 320gb WD3200BJKT. I get slightly faster loading speeds, and much faster download and install speeds.

  • Wow – I love the classics! Any chance we’ll see this and my other faves like Cuboid, Magic Ball on the PSP! It would great to leverage Sony’s portable market especially now that their new PSPGo is out tomorrow.

  • @ nYcFrEeWiLL82 i second that. It would be great to see xcite bike in HD. Good idea.

  • Oh, forgot about Interpol :P Anyways, thanks for answering all my questions, shows how much you guys listen :) Also, does this game have online co-op? Another question, you guys have been putting out a pretty steady stream of games for PSN, will this stop anytime soon? (Not that I want it to ;)

    • Thank you, Zuler. We love chatting with our fans. Why bother to make games otherwise?

      Sorry, there is no online co-op, just local. And no, we will never stop. We can\’t be stopped. PSN game by PSN game, we will take over the world!

  • One more note Scott, in regards to your post on comment #26…

    If you are looking for games to remake how about The Black Cauldron…The very first Adventure/RPG I ever played and still one of the greatest and hardest lol. Disney/Sierra Produced/Developed the original in case you need to drop them a line. This game with HD graphics and maybe the ability to move smoothly in diagonal movements would be great!

  • LOL…you guys are allways on the ball with “REPLIES” to your games. I can only commend you guys once again. (@34) YES SIR best game I have dl’ed in some time as well.

    Any plans for DLC for Smash Cars creat ?
    I sure would snatch it up.

  • Please add the following:

    >Custom Soundtracks
    >Online co-op

    …why don’t all PSN games have these features???

  • @LokeSTL

    Well its not really the whole process of doing it. For me its the anxiety of swapping out the hard drive and the “possible” problems that can occur like hard drive corruptiion etc….. I know its a very slim chance of that happening but im very paranoid lol

  • You guys are the best. Now I gotta go out and buy another PSN Prepaid card for this game.

    I rate this game and Creat Studios a 10/10!

  • Looks sharp… Does it run in 1080p? Loved Magic Ball — wished there were more add-ons for it.

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