Gran Turismo Update: Video Interview with Jay Leno

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As many of you might know, comedian and nightly talk-show host Jay Leno is a gearhead through and through. His passion for cars is legendary, and so is his vast garage. It was in this very garage that the Qore crew caught up with Jay to talk about his inclusion in the upcoming Gran Turismo title for PSP, which is due out this Thursday, Oct 1 on UMD and as a digital download. Jay Leno lent his iconic voice to Gran Turismo game and his Voice Over can be heard from the first time you fire up the game on PSP. Check out the video segment below that ran in the September issue of Qore on PSN.

Keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog for more Gran Turismo updates this week.

For more on Gran Turismo for PSP, check out the new GT website.

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  • I can’t wait for this game! Thank you Imasaki-san :)

  • Boat anchor. lol

  • Jay’s collection is amazing. GT5 can’t come soon enough.

  • Can’t wait for GT5 and Jay’s collection is amazing.

  • Nice interview. He’s looking for a boat anchor. That was hilarious xD

  • I forgot this in my initial post; Is there an official listing of all 800 cars anywhere? I haven’t seen one yet and would be interested in seeing it as I’m sure everyone else would be as well.

    Thanks again

  • Looking forward to GT5.

  • Jay Leno is a good choice.

    I wonder if Jeremy Clarkson does the UK version.

  • @Cobra1 It is not 800 “unique” cars, but 800 cars in total. Meaning that quite a few of the cars are variations on existing models.

  • @CartBlanche I understand. Whether they are unique or variations I am still interested in seeing a full list of all cars in the game.

  • too bad Jay Leno is in the game… suckage

  • Hey Taku, please pass on a message to PD to correct the poor collision physics and AI demonstrated in gameplay from GT5 before release.

    In a recent video of a Ferrari 458 racing it showed the same ridiculous bumper car physics as last generation’s games. Another video showed dumb AI cars slamming into a stationary car on the track with no evasion. This is poor and not up to par with current racing game standards. Also, PD should have a community manager to pass on such feedback and constructive criticism to the team. Thanks!

  • hahaha silly. This was probably the best thing Leno has ever done. Funny vid too.

    So he does all the engine sounds ah ca pela eh? The more you know!

  • Audrey Cleo :O

  • I hope one of those GT updates will be how the US PSPGo owners get a free copy

  • Any news on Ad-Hoc Party in the U.S? GTPSP would benefit immenseley from this!

  • Why am I paying for Qore again?

  • @Sponge-worthy

    That’s exactly what I was thinking…

  • I know it’s not possible now for psp go to
    play a umd game.. but have you guys thought

    about the possibility of making retail games
    on a memory stick??? you could make a pretty

    big game on that and everybody still gets a
    physical copy!

  • LOL he’s a funny guy!

    “brake heavy, slow in fast out… just like making love”

    “Oh really a Volvo, I’m looking for a boat anchor so that’ll be good”


  • I didn’t watch the video, but Jay Leno’s awesome.

  • WARNING: You add Jay Leno to the PS3 game, I’m not buying it.

  • @15: Completely agree! Currently, i’m waiting for the GT PSP-3000 bundle that will come out october 20th, but if we get the GT PSPGo deal, i’ll probably change my mind.

  • Thanks Taku, from all your friends at the GT forums! Jay Leno is one heck of a ‘Get’!

    I know the PSP game will allow a garage transfer, but those of us still playing Prologue are still wondering if that garage will carry over as well?

  • Jay Leno is a tool. This is disgusting.

  • Thanks for the Video, Taku. I see you’ve been “lurking” about our Gran Turismo Forums. It’s O.K. to post there. When will SCEA release some Game information like Car lists and track lists?

  • @19 that is a good question. since all psp come equipped with a memory stick slot, why did sony not release games on a locked memory stick or something and avoid the use of a spinning umd drive? any thoughts in this?

  • Is Jay Leno’s voice only for GTPSP? Or will he appear in GT5? Can’t wait to pick up GTPSP in a couple of days.

  • This is pretty much the only thing I was interested in seeing in the Qore episode, thanks for posting it.

  • and as far as i know, you can have a game as big as 1 – 16gigs (not that you would need so much space) so space would never be an issue since umd disc can hold a kittle less than 2gigs i think. so theoretically its possible to make a game on psp bigger than anything even on aa 360.

  • sold

  • When I think of Great cars I think of
    #1 Gran Turismo
    #2 Jay Leno

  • jay leno is the freakin man!!!

  • Jay! YOU THE MAN! I hope he’s in GT5 as well, that would be soooo AWESOME!!!!

  • Listen to this phony. He said his dream as a kid was to have a garage full of gt cars. Hello, gt wasnt out when you were a kid. Game is awsome, jay leno, not so much.

  • OOoOoO lala

  • Damn that chick is hot!!!

    Sorry guys, but for me is Women first then video games. :P

  • What’s her name again?

  • There should be a DLC Leno pack complete with a Leno skined garage!

  • The only Gran Turismo update I ever wanna hear again is GT5 is coming out in Dec 09 instead of March 2010+

  • can’t wait to drive the tank car, thanks Jay

  • Hot dayyum who’s this Audrey Cleo chick? Never seen her before. But me likey very much! :P

    Oh and GT is pretty cool too ;)

  • Listening to leno about his example of racing with a friend reminded me of the time playing the first GT.

    My friend was saying the game was ver cool and he said he could beat me in any race. So i said ok i want to chose what ever car i wanted and just one solo race to get the hang of the car, and i let him chose the track.

    when done he chose one of the top of the line race cars he unlocked. and i chose a Stationwagon. Yes thats right i chose a station wagon.

    Lets just say i beat the snot out of him with that stationwagon. for him when we raced he didnt have full control over his car. He was over powering in the curves and the track had to many short streches for him to use the full power of the car he was using. On the other hand i was full throttle on every curve and taking the corners better since i was not going to fast for the corners.

    Kinda funny beating him by half the track length.

    Moral of the story, make sure you pick the right car for the right track.

  • Hahaha lol this is even funnier then his tv show

    (and this video is not that funny=)

  • We need to see more of Audrey Cleo……….. and GT.

  • This is grate news! But will Jay be on the PS3 game as well? That would make this news even better.

  • why are people paying for Qore when the interviews are being put on the blog for free? -.-

  • Should this even be up here since it was released through qore which people like myself actually paid money for. This is whats wrong with Sony and why they are in last place. Whats the point of paying for something that’s just gonna be released for free soon anyway. Stop slappin ur loyal longstanding customers in the face and show half as much devotion to them as they show to you. (Yes i’m also referncing the psp here)

  • @47 J_a_k_k_
    I agree i just posted the same thing every episode of qore should come with a free $5 psn voucher to make it worth it to the people who paid for it and yet everyone else gets everything on it for free anyway. It always seems like everything in qore is released to subscribers oh about a week before they just release to everyone for free. last time i checked i didnt pay for an early access pass but for exclusive content. hey sony look up exclusive in a dictionary.

  • way off topic i know but pc richard and son is having a special sale on ps3 for 279.99 an extra $20 off the reduced price. so if anyone is on the fence about buying the new ps3 get off ur @ss and go get one. bigger install base = better games and more dev support. 1 million in amonth right so why not 2 million in months

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