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So we’ve seen some concern about the frequency of updates for those choosing to use UNCHARTED 2: Among ThievesTwitter support. Some reviewers have had early access to the game and selected the option to update their Twitter accounts as they completed each chapter of the game. This has resulted in some Twitter feeds being updated multiple times an hour. We obviously want to provide the best experience for everybody, so for the time being we’ve disabled Twitter updates on chapter completions. The option will still exist in the menus when the game ships on 10/13, but if activated, it will do nothing. Some time after the game has shipped, we’ll release a patch to reactivate the feature, but with a limit on the frequency of updates.

We’re certainly sorry for any inconvenience, but I guess that’s the risk you run when trying to blaze a new trail in the complicated world of Social Media!

And the 140 character version:

Heard concerns about Twitter chapter updates for UNCHARTED 2. We’ve just disabled it but will patch soon to reactivate with frequency limits

UNCHARTED 2 Twitter update

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  • Good stuff, I’m waiting for my credit card in the mail to buy this from amazon.

  • Who cares, it’s a pointless feature anyway.

  • So what goes on? if you beat a chapter and what does twitter do?

  • That’s good… wouldn’t want to spoil the game before release! :)

  • Thats fine. I just want to play this game SOOOOOO bad.

  • Well that was mighty fast… >.>

  • Dandy…

    Not that I use twitter…

    but dandy nonetheless. Looking forward to this game…

  • You guys should change it for 1 tweet per day saying “I beet chapters x – y in z hours today” or something like that. Cool feature though but poorly executed ;/

  • Tell us the difference between the event on the 5th and the event on the 6th!!!!!

  • sick… but when does the beta come out? like tomorrow after noon or throughout the night… (tomorrow)

  • good idea. Keighley’s updates were frustrating me. Amazing multiplayer btw

  • @eaglefan129 – It just sends a twitter message that you completed X chapter in Uncharted. Some find that it is too often. Personally I am not bothered by it but it is nice to know the Dogs are on it!

  • Why on Earth would you disable it? I enjoyed seeing chapters being completed… who the hell would complain about something like that?

  • i think its great that they are trying some thing new.

  • @strykerisland i agree it, doesn’t even matter if you don’t look at it at all so why complain?

  • I was truly concerned about this. Mr. Keighley had this function turned on. This game has many, many chapters….

  • why don’t they just send messages over PSN to friends who are currently playing the same game? this way: 1. the audience is relevant; 2. it makes the single player game a bit of a competition between friends

  • it kinda scared me as I seen @geoffkeighley BLAZING thru chapter after chapter…I just hope its not as short as it was looking….

    but as someone who tweets 400+ times a day I dont care about the frequency of tweets going out….I just wish it said via “Uncharted 2” instead of just “API”

    I think if people DON’T use twitter then its simple they dont need to activate it….

  • It’s not a spoiler feature, it’s simply a tweet saying “so and so has completed chapter 1”, it’s a cool little feature, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why someone would complain about it.

  • I still don’t get the point in this feature? Who really cares if I beat chapter 1 or chapter 50? Isn’t the point of those sites is that YOU fill it out, not some machine doing a automatic update?

  • I dont understand why this was a problem for anyone. I’m confused what the issue is.

  • We forgive you.
    15 days is too much to wait, too much I tell you!

  • @21 You are completely missing the point, Twitter is for telling people what you’re up to, the game is simply automating the process so you don’t have to manually type it in.

    It’s a simple, but cool feature.

    This reminds me of the Killzone 2 debacle whereby a few whiners complained and ruined the online co-op for my friends and I by making all online games with bots Unranked, so none of us could play in a private room together against the AI in a co-op environment and still rank up and unlock classes and ribbons and such, because some 13-year old kids are worried about their precious leaderboard rankings.

    /smacks head against the wall

  • Thanks for the update

  • Evan, I asked you this on Twitter as well, but I figured I’d ask here too: will U2:AT have the friends list presence data activated in the retail version?


    UNCHARTED 2 Among Thieves: Playing Ch. X “Chapter Name”

  • Good choice guys.

    Uncharted 2 is gonna be huge =)
    Best of luck on breaking some records personal or professional!

  • I am very glad that you can disable this function. My boss is a friend of mine on Twitter and Facebook and I REALLY don’t want him to be updated with my game achievements constantly….especially if I happen to take a loooong lunch to play this one. lol.

  • I love how quick you guys are. You’re all true pros.

  • I liked twitter + uncharted2. My friends that are Xbox360 owners and they have a lot of automatic twits of games. I realy like the twits of uncharted2 and a realy expected to they back completaly on full version.

  • I guess ND didnt realize people would get so hooked and play for hours and hours and hours on end….


  • Will it still tweet when you get a trophy? the article only states upon chapter completions.

  • The beta for this game is sick, hope yall get to play it this week. This game is just awesome.

    Oh, and Evan, just to let you know, Uncharted 2 is sitting with a 97 (!) on metacritic right now (only 4 reviews though, but still). Nice!

  • @24

    Still seems like a pointless feature to me *shrugs.

  • uncharted 2 is perfect, just brings me to tears

  • I didn’t mind the frequency of the feature. I recommend using Twitter and following game devs. You can give them direct feedback which is awesome! Wish PS3 had integrated Twitter support.

  • Yeah the chapter tweeting might be a bit much. But the other options are great.

  • Can I has Fortune Hunter?

  • BOOOOOH!!!

  • This is wasted resources in my opinion.

  • At what time will the Uncharted 2 beta be available tomorrow?

  • At what time will the Uncharted 2 beta be available tomorrow? (If I double posted sorry)

  • Get a Sneak Peek of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves on the Big Screen!
    Can someone answers question for this blog post?..there are 132 comments and questions there but only 1 reply….


  • You guys had us give gamestop our money to reserve this demo with them for a chance to win the fortune hunter. I have seen nothing on a chance to win. Now the demo is released free tomorrow. Get your game together naughty dog i loved you guys since crash. Why did you sell out and make us give them money when the demo is free tomorrow. I will still make love to you, but this sucks. Goodbye forever.


  • 10/13 cant come soon enough for me! :)

  • Mr. Wells,

    Thanks for the update on the Twitter feature, it’s very cool that Naughty Dog is utilizing new technology on all fronts in Uncharted 2.

    A few of us have been wondering about further details on the upcoming events on October 5th & October 6th, as we’re all greatly anticipating the preview and release of Uncharted 2.

    If it’s at all within your power to get someone at Naughty Dog or the Sony Blog site to update us on any differences between the events on the 5th and 6th, as well as details on what these exciting events might hold, I’m sure many of us would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you and thanks for continuing to release AAA games!

  • Should have focused on making a good single player game instead of stupid, trendy crap like Twitter.

    Will never, ever touch this game.

    Getting too big for your britches Naughty Dog.

    Someone needs to knock you guys down a peg so you remember why your games became successful in the first place.

  • @#48 That is just plain wrong get your facts straight. This game is getting 10/10’s and has an excellent campaign, co-op, multiplayer, AND machinima.

    Your logic is just plain horrible.

  • What time demo will be available?

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