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SingStar Simple Minds_Don't you forget about me

Hi and welcome to what is sadly going to be my last SingStore update post for you guys across the big pond.

My lovely colleagues at SCEA will be updating you about everything SingStar and SingStore from now onwards, which is great because they are actually not finishing work when you get up so responses will be much faster than me having to catch up with you the next day in London! Exciting news all around!

Moving on to this week’s update, which boasts great tracks from the likes of Kool & the Gang, Celine Dion, Cheap Trick and The Specials. My personal favorite however will have to be ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds because it’s just brilliant and featured in the equally brilliant movie ‘The Breakfast Club’.

That’s it from me. Thanks for all your support on here over past few months, I’ll miss y’all. And should you really have the urge to get in contact with me again, you can always stop by on the EU Blog to say ‘Hi’.

Keep on singin’,

Nina x

PS: I would still love a ‘Save Nina’ T-Shirt :-)

SingStar Vampire Weekend_A Punk

In English

  • Blind – “Break Away”
  • Sanne Salomonsen – “Everybody’s Eyes On You”
  • 1990s – “You’re Supposed To Be My Friend”
  • Aleksander With – “A Little Too Perfect”
  • Badly Drawn Boy – “Once Around The Block”
  • Celine Dion – “Love Can Move Mountains”
  • Cheap Trick – “The Flame”
  • Kajagoogoo – “Too Shy”
  • Kool And The Gang – “Ladies Night”
  • Koop Arponen – “Every Song I Hear”
  • Spandau Ballet – “Lifeline”
  • Superfamily – “The Radio Has Expressed Concerns About What You Did Last Night”
  • The Specials – “Ghost Town”
  • Vampire Weekend – “A Punk”
  • Senses Fail – “Can’t be Saved”
  • Fools Garden – “Lemon Tree”
  • Simple Minds – “Don’t You Forget About Me”
  • Lovin’ Spoonful – “Summer In The City”
  • Chris Brown – “With You”
  • Neverstore – “Rejected All Along”

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  • I haven’t picked this one up yet, but I think I might know someone who would like it.

  • Still one major problem.


  • Thanks Nina for your help. I really appreciate your efforts.

    Talking about the update, i only like the song Fools Garden – “Lemon Tree”. But What´s Up with spanish songs?????

    I Hope the new manager of the store takes notes of this. We need latin american songs. I am mexican and there are too many latin american users that will enjoy with songs more appropiated for us. There are to many great songs in Spanish, not only coming from Spain. Just as a start you can put in the store the songs from “Singstar Latino”(PS2) and the songs from “Singstar Clasicos” (Also for PS2, the one which has songs like “Olvidame y Pega la Vuelta – Pimpinela”, “Soy Rebelde – Jeanette” and “Me Gustas Mucho – Rocio Durcal”. Please put this kind of music in the store. We beg you. Thanks.

    PD: Sorry for my English. I am not too good writting it.

    • Hiya – your English is perfect!

      I\’ll actually still be lookinmg after the store form over here, just not the blog updates:).

      There are actually a few Spanish and Portuguese tracks in this update (must have vanished from the list when posting) but you can still check in your \’new\’ section in the store when language is set to \’all\’.

      We\’ll be working on specific Latin American songs very very soon. Hope this helps.

  • After almost 1 month without good updates, I have to congratulate you for this one… It’s not the best update of the year but it’s pretty good… Nina, I have seen some UMG artists in there. Is the UMG deal finally coming to the US? You are THE girl… Hehehe. Cheers ;)

  • Thanks Nina for taking the brunt of our frustration these past months. You’ve been a real trooper. Do you post songs on the SingStar community?

  • I recently saw a listing for SingStar Latino for the PS3 here in NA. Any word if this is real, and, if so, when is it coming out?

    • It is certainly real but when it comes to the exacat release date, maybe ask my colleagues in the US next week? :) Soon I believe…

  • singstar space is crashing – fix it! :D

  • We need more modern songs, kryptonite by 3doors down, or linkin park would be amazing. Three days grace any of the songs from one-x….yeah those are mainly rock songs but you get the idea of my opinion.

  • Chris Brown is the only good one, but as with Kelly Clarkson, don’t expect another Chris Brown song for at least a couple of months.

    Now, why did Kaz Hirai mention Singstar at TGS? Are you (finally) gonna launch it in Japan?

  • Well, good luck to whoever is coming from SCEA. I have a feeling that they’re not going to have much fun with this blog for the first few weeks.

  • We’l miss you Nina, I wish you could have gone out with a better update xD

  • Better….warmer…..happier

  • Still havent seen enough songs worth me purchasing for my wife. Do you guys at singstar not like r and b or something. And please dont put celine dion as r and b. Get some REAL r and b in there.


    *goes back to X360’s Lips*

  • You will be missed Nina, have you heard anything on US release of wireless mics for singstar?

  • The Singstar on PS2 had better songs then what Ps3 has put out since launch. The had Amped and Rock and pop which had current songs and not mainly just stuff from before I was born which was 1982. I like some old songs but why can’t we get more recent rock songs?I know copyright but come on this is just a waste.

    Also fix it to where we can redownload the songs if our systems crash and we have to get another one.

  • i would stop posting here to if you continued to dissapoint fans

  • It is a very sad day Nina! Thanks for keeping us updated for the time you did! I’ll miss seeing you around here!

    Also, thanks for the reply on the spanish songs! I hope you guys bring lots more!

  • How about releasing expansion discs on the Singstore? I would love to get some, or indeed all, of the Queen songs, but I will not buy a disc or condone disc-swapping. This is unforgivable in this generation. Let us download these expansions, please!

  • Ooo since yall brought Chris Brown, I hope there is more Neyo.

  • Thanks for all of your posts up to now. You will be missed.

  • Not a terrible update.. thanks for posting this every week. Still, it’s about half of the EU update, which NEEDS to be addressed.

  • My dear lovely Nina,

    Im sorry, I know you guys want us to buy the singstar microphones but Ive been eyeballing the wireless mic by Logitech and they say singstar is CURRENTLY not supported. I wanna buy singstar for PS3 but I wont until theres a patch that allows us to use Logitechs wireless mic. What can I say, im a sucker for Logitech! Please grant me my wish before I die.

  • hey guys, i just wanted to let you know that i think its great that you finally put the blog on the “whats new” section of ps3. finally getting it out there! =D

  • SAVE NINA! Heh, just kidding.

    Seriously though, thanks for the time you’ve taken over the last couple months posting the US updates and replying to comments. Before you began posting it felt like there was absolutely no way for US users communicate with the SingStar Team. We didn’t even get updates announced, let alone questions answered. The change over the last few months has been really dramatic, especially because you actually respond to our comments.

    Also thanks for putting up with us the last few weeks in particular. We understand that you aren’t responsible for the current US licensing issues, and even though it sucks for us, it has been great that you stuck around and replied to our feedback in an open and honest way.

    So yeah. We really appreciate you getting our blog’s SingStar content up and running. Let’s just hope that your replacement is as awesome at replying to comments as you have been. :)

    • :) Hey, it\’s (or was) my job!

      It\’s good to know you understand the problems we\’re facing. I also understand though that this doesn\’t make it any less frustrating for you guys over there. We\’ll keep on trying, that\’s all I can promise!

  • Whats up with “Singstar Motown”? I see Its being released in EU. But is it coming out in NA? If so has the song list been finalized? Some retailers have it listed for this winter but I haven’t heard a lot of details about it. Can someone elaborate?

  • It’s my birthday!

  • Nina,

    Any idea when Singstar Motown will be coming to this side of the pond?

    Also, could you possibly clue us in as to what exactly the problem is w/ getting the US Singstore as up to date as the UK Singstore? Is it a legal/rights issue? If so, w/ whom?


  • Oh my gosh I will miss you! You are like the most patient and answer-giving-est person on the blog. :(

    So I guess I will have to come visit you on the European Blog still. :)

    Whoever takes your place has big shoes to fill, and better be ready to answer some questions! :D

    • See you on the EU blog :).

      I am sure my successor will be making just as much effort with the commenting and answering your questions.

      You probably won\’t remember who I am before long! Haha!

  • ROLLBACK FW 3.01 to 2.80!!!

  • Thanks Nina. Although I wont be purchasing any of these songs, I appreciate you keeping us up to date with everything.

  • :(
    No comment is a good comment on singstar

    North americans are FRUSTRATED with these song selection . Doesn’t one artist in North america wants to license there songs or what ?????????

  • At first, I read that as “Hi and welcome to what is sadly going to be the last SingStore update post for you guys across the big pond.” I wouldn’t have been surprised. America seems to always be the lowest priority for the SingStar series.

  • Well thanks for this final update from you. we’ll miss you and well, that’s a good tracklist to end with.

    Just a question, when are you guys planning to release Singstar in Japan, or at least Japanese songs on the Singstore? thanks

    • Thanks.

      There are no plans for Japanese songs as yet on the store and on a SingStar release in Japan: that is something for the big bosses to let me know about (and they haven\’t as yet :)).

  • Thanks Nina for getting the ball rolling as far as updating us. Even with not so friendly U.S. updates, atleast we were informed before the update.

    I hope we will get some answers from our US singstar reps. now.

    Good Luck over the pond, I’ll keep an eye on your UK Blog aswell ;)

  • Why isn’t Depeche Mode in the US? WTF?!?

  • Great Job Nina. You have done a swell job taking the full force of the internet rage for things out of your control with SCEA. Goodbye, thanks and good luck.

    To our new SCEA overlords, welcome. Your product is not well supported, hopefully you have come on to support it, but I doubt it seriously.

    My wife still plays ABBA, if there was to be actual useful content in the store. I might reconsider returning to SS. Until then I have looked elsewhere and am enjoying the Beatles.

  • Last time I browsed the SingStore there were just three songs available in HD format (I own one of them). I’m just not interested in buying SD content for my PS3 and 1080p HDTV. I do use the PS2 discs, but I’m not buying new content in an inferior format.

  • Will PS3 users ever get 24-bit audio tracks? There’s a lot of these I would love to sing, but also just to play as a jukebox. That being said, going from SACD and DVD Audio to lossy 16-bit isn’t a leap I’m willing to make. This limitation is one of the reasons I still haven’t gotten into Rock Band.

    With regard to Latin songs, I’d love to see both the english and spanish versions of Cobra Starship’s song ‘Guilty Pleasure’ make it onto the store :)

  • Yeah 80s! more please. and all songs from Amped.

  • i relly will like some good Spanish Music the be great i know i’ll be buy a lot of spanish music if good music

  • We want latin american songs PLEASE!!!
    You could start by adding the Singstar latino songs to the store!


  • I just wanna say that Nina leaving us hanging is terrible news. The US Singstar team is crap. Major crap actually. And while we still got the shaft while Nina was here updating us, at least she was trying and she was communicating with us.

    You just wait and see, the US Singstar team will post a couple of times and then completely ignore us. They are no better than Grace Chen with her awful communication skills. Really the only good regular ones here on the blog are Jeff and Chris.

  • Hi Nina,

    Thanks for the post, and your responses. It is in fact the only blog post from sony I have EVER seen with a response. Perhaps ONLY third party developers are aware that they can respond, can you please let your “lovely” colleagues at SCEA know that the feature exists?!?

    Also, SingStar-specific: While in the UK when you unlock Home Rewards in the game you, um, actually unlock Home Rewards – here in the US it only claims you unlocked a reward, while in fact there is nothing in the US-region Home unlocked..?! Many of us where hoping to see these missing items added when the SingStar room launched in Home, and while that is nice, that is a completely seperate set of rewards. Is there a time line for this?

    [continued below]

  • [continued from above]

    Lastly, one very important feature you should seriously consider adding to the game is a way to save songs/videos to the HD. It can be in a un-copyable save and all, the more more important aspect is not requiring us to switch thru all of our discs during a party session. Obviously people new to this thing are irritated that they need to look on the back of several different discs to find what they are looking for.

    Thanks again for actually reading and responding to these messages. It is such a welcome change to see a Sony rep actually responding to customers and you should be an inspiration to SCEA.

    Cheers and keep them tunes coming!

  • Lastly, one very important feature you should seriously consider adding to the game is a way to save songs/videos to the HD. It can be in a un-copyable save and all, the more more important aspect is not requiring us to switch thru all of our discs during a party session. Obviously people new to this thing are irritated that they need to look on the back of several different discs to find what they are looking for.

    Thanks again for actually reading and responding to these messages. It is such a welcome change to see a Sony rep actually responding to customers and you should be an inspiration to SCEA.

    Cheers and keep them tunes coming!

  • I don’t understand what singstar is but IT appears to be a place where people go to talk to their boyfriends and girlfriends

  • (Sigh)… ERASURE and DEPECHE MODE PLEASE!!! How many times does the community have to ask for these songs? You know.. like Erasure’s “A Little Respect”… something the Singstar community needs since we keep getting awful US updates!

    • I am sorry but we cannot get these artists for the US store at this moment in time. We keep asking people, too as we really would love to give them to you, but no luck so far.

  • This update is actually pretty good. There are about 4 or 5 songs that I may get.

    Looking forward to Latin America tracks on Singstore. ;)


  • chris brown is the only good one & the only one i’ll actually buy. thank you!

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