TGS 2009: Download PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe this Thursday!

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For the rest of the week, we’ll be sharing Tokyo Game Show show-floor interviews in which developers of PlayStation exclusives answer your questions.

When the convention center at Makuhari Messe opened its doors, our first meeting was with Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert. As is customary with this Kyoto-based team, every time you see them, they’re showing something new. We’ll be reporting on some new PixelJunk Shooter level reveals soon, but first –PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe is complete and ready to roll out this week (October 1) on PSP.

In this interview featuring new footage, Dylan details the new island, new trap tower, new enemies, and online play.

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  • Cool beans and BBQ!!!

  • Cool beans and BBQ

  • This Thursday’s PSS update is going to be massive! (at least on the PSP side of it) Any other last minute announcements for the update?

  • Launching a new game on the same day the Go ships and the PS Store asplodes with new PSP content? Gutsy! =)

  • SWEEEET! But how much is it gonna cost?

  • whats the price going to be? $9.99 hopefully! I don’t see why it would cost more since it cost that on The PSN

  • Cannot wait. We must play!

  • Silly Jeff, you ought to know the drill by now…

    HOW MUCH $$?

  • Lets keep these guys from jumping ship, keep them happy!!

  • Any word on the new content coming the PS3 version?

  • kick ass. definently getting this for my new PSP Go!

    Gran Turismo
    God of War
    PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe

    God i hope… they have Resistance and Ace Combat for PSP.

  • Looks good!

  • Oh my god I need money, I want gran turismo psp so bad

  • This and FieldRunner makes me go tower defense crazy.

  • also please release a gran turismo PSP demo

  • How can you announce a game to be released in 3 days with no price?


  • I was in Japan for a good portion of my summer, I was so tempted to figure out where they were and try making a visit. Kind of regret not trying it :P

  • Well, I guess I now know what my 1st download on Thursday will be. Any word on the price?

  • Im also surprised you didnt sensor about you guys getting drunk :P All the more reason to love the blog :)

  • PJ Monsters is a great game and I am interested in Deluxe. What is the price for this PSP version?

    I would like to pick up a PSPgo, but the 250 price point is just WAY too expensive. I still can’t believe a piece of hardware that is smaller, lighter, and removes features from the previous model is more expensive. Anyway, maybe down the line I will reconsider when a worthwhile bundle comes along.

  • Well the PSP go has 16GB of internal memory and Bluetooth support. I understand the price point.

  • Loved the one for the PS3, I will just wait for the news on PJ Shooter.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Is there any way you could ask the devolpement team if they could do an update for the ps3 so you can delete trohy games in `my trophies`that you have 0% in.

    Also to delete trophy games that you have some trophies in that way if you can`t get 100% in it and your a completionist.

    Please reply, thanks.

  • Looks like a perfect fit for the psp, I can’t wait to play it!

  • PJM is one of the best games ever! Can’t wait for Shooter (even though I think the name sucks).
    As for PJM:D, I don’t trust Sony to hold onto my games for me, I want a physical copy, so I’ll pass for now- but I wish you guys great luck.

  • @HouseMorton

    You’ll buy PJ Shooter but not PJM:D? All because you don’t want Sony to hold onto your games and you want a physical copy? *Boggle*

    i’ve been waiting to play this for3ver! now we can play together online without any hassle! Q-Games/PixelJunk Wins!

  • Wish this column was something to the effect of Pixeljunk Shooter, Dead Nation or (god forbid he say it) Trine releasing this next store update. I’m holding off on Zombie Apocalypse because the very small arena maps and non-upgradeable non-persistent old-school world it lives in. Old school games are great, they were at least. That’s why they still get released on PSN and XBL. However, if you’re going to make a new game, why not make it with new ideas and concepts. Something that feels fresh. Not an old game with a new coat of paint. Plus after seeing Dead Nation footage, I can’t possibly talk myself into spending the $10 on ZA when DN looks this good and has fantastic new gameplay ideas. I would buy Shooter however. Not everyone here owns a PSP. Makes me wish I didn’t sell the two I had. It happened before I bought a PS3…

  • great! Pixel Junks Monsters is one of my favorite games in my PS3

  • great! Pixel Junk Monsters is one of my favorite games in PSN

  • Sony, you guys are making it really hard for me not to buy another PSP (my original launch model was stolen from me). Now if Q Games would make an update for Pixel Junk Monsters Encore on the PS3 I would gladly pay for it. One can dream of more Pixel Junk, oh and I can’t wait for Shooter and the rumored Dungeon games to come out. Thank you for the great games Q Games.

  • hey jeff just to back up the other comment I also want to be able delete games from my trophy list. could you let us know when a new firmware will be available and what the programmers are working on.

  • You just have to love Dylan, he’s such a cool guy lol.

  • Thank you for more “babies” Mr. Cuthbert.

  • I hope you guys got plenty of backup servers going Thursday. Just another game I’ll have to buy now. Great job.

  • What a great game. Dylan Cuthbert and Q-Games are some of the best PlayStation developers out there.

    Is it crazy, to dream of a day where the same game releases for PSP and PS3; a co-op environment that allows two players, with two different systems, to enjoy a match together?

    This is the perfect opportunity. Though, I doubt we’ll see an update for the PS3 version.

  • nice Jeff i think im just gonna spend money on first party games , too many games im getting alongside the psp go im getting Motorstorm Arctic Edge , Gran Turismo , Little Big Planet , BUZZ Quiz World , Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe , Jack and Daxter The Lost Frontier and Socom Fireteam Bravo 3 , i’ll wait for reviews on Assassins Creed PSP , wow and im not counting the PS3 games yet lol

  • Why can’t they put Eden on PSP? I’ve played the demo using remote play and it doesn’t really feel like a console game. Seems better fit for PSP or a handheld.

  • How about bringing over the PixelJunk Blu-Ray collection that Asia has to North America, so you stop discriminating against people who want to play this on a disc?

    Disc = more sales. Fact.

  • the new psp are better then the old psps

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