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It’s been a huge week out there for PlayStation fans. As you know TGS is officially winding down today, and a lot of news came out the show that you should definitely be reading up on.

But you’ll notice down at the bottom, the first part of the week was dominated by PSPgo. Press unboxings, many game previews including Fat Princess, Gran Turismo and LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival, and even a look into PSP minis make the feed this week.

Also this week, see what Itagaki (haven’t heard that name in a while) thinks about about Team Ninja and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and see some Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker updates from Tokyo.

Finally, the new, slimmer PS3 is very popular, hitting one million sold since its launch. That and other TGS news on the feed. Read up, and share your links as usual!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 21, 2009)

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  • Any news on premium avatars or a free dynamic theme for the NA store this week?

  • Cant wait for Heavy rain!! I just read the link you posted and the guy says its coming this winter in Japan and in 2010 in north america, does that mean its coming out in Japan before??

  • Some nice updates are going around for the motion controller, I am glad we now know more of it.

    As for the name of the controller, it’s strange that it still doesn’t have a name, so after a little thinking I came up with what I believe is a pretty good name for the controller — Eye Control.

    Please let me know what you think of it, and tell others about it. :D

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  • Why is John Koeller stringing us along? On Sept 21st Worth Playing interview (linked above):

    WP: What about upgraders? In the past, Sony has said that it was hoping to have a solution for current PSP owners with large UMD collections to move to the PSPgo, but we haven’t heard a lot about that. Do you have any more to tell us? Have you figured out what to do?

    JK: We don’t actually have the answer to give you today on that, but we do understand the importance of our current PSP owner and the legacy that they have. I think our most loyal PSP consumers are going to be the ones who are going to step up to buy Go first. There’s nothing really to report today, but we do understand that the program’s important.

    I’m sorry John but this is unacceptable. Your hardware is ready for launch and you can’t tell consumers what a potential upgrade path is going to look like?? Did the hardware people design this in a vacumm with ZERO input from the software/licensing people? In June Eric Lempel was here on the blog telling us an announcement was coming ‘soon’…now 3 mos + later and you STILL have no concept of what you may or may not offer?

    Shameful really.

  • Haven’t heard from David Jaffe in a LONG time. He isn’t dead, is he?

    Anyway, good news on the sales front, but there are a LOT of questions being thrown at the blog that are just getting stonewalled. That really needs to stop if the blog is going to continue to succeed as a conduit to the public.

  • @3 Since you HAVE TO have the EYE for the wand to work why not just PlayStation EYE+ ?

  • Wheres premium avatars? can i get a “soon” or something??

  • When Sony support Arabic language in PS3?

  • @7…maybe the premium avatars have something to do with 3.1 rumours….

    If 3.1 contains ‘stuff’ that was supposed to be in 3.0 perhaps that is why the current friend bars look like something designed by Nintendo instead of SONY?

  • Things PS3 needs *badly*:

    1) Cross game voice chat (outside chat program).
    2) Auto Trophy Sync (many many people don’t know they have to sync trophies, this is terrible Sony, at least sync on startup, it’s insane that 3.0 didn’t add this).
    3) Party Features (see #1).
    4) New Avatars (still no new avatars wtf).
    5) Fixed friends list, it’s so ugly.
    6) Improved web browser that supports modern things like ajax (come on the browser is much slower than even my iPhone)

  • I wish I had my PSP Go already. I preordered it from Gamestop. Does anyone know if they are handing it out early? I know some stores did that with the PS3 Slim.

  • My links for the week-

    Borderlands Claptrap episode 2-

    and in case you missed it, episode 1-

    I can’t wait for this game.

  • Hey Chris,

    Is there any way you could ask the devolpement team if they could do an update for the ps3 so you can delete trohy games in `my trophies`that you have 0% in.

    Also to delete trophy games that you have some trophies in that way if you can`t get 100% in it and your a completionist.

    Please reply, thanks.

  • good posts this week! i just picked up motorstorm arctic edge and hope to hear some news for it in future posts :D

  • @4 Nothing to string along. There is no upgrade path. Either buy a go or not at this point.

  • No news on Suda51’s Kurayami? :(

  • When are the avatars coming? We want cross game chat too, it would be great. And option to tune the size of the icons and font of XMB would be lovely as well. Thank you Sony.

    PS3 4 life.

  • It was a nice week, played & loved the downloadable MGS Peace Walker demo :)
    Did you try the demo Chris???

    Also, is the news true about the english version of Yakuza 3 coming next year around March?

  • Chris, I think you need to see this.

    Somebody has been witholding information from us about PS3 getting PS2 BC. Do you know anything about this??

  • More info on the new motion controller! I don’t want to have to hold a dualshock and a motion controller… make a nunchuck!

  • Also more dynamic themes and where are the premium avatars?

  • @Chris

    “Fumito Ueda Wants To See ICO and Shadow of the Colossus on PS3”

    And so would us fans. It seems that we need to let Sony execs know that we want this to happen. Consider this my vote of “YES”. We want the Team ICO Collection on PS3!!!

  • Hey Sony

    what happened to the games you guys were supposed to announce at TGS? All we got was WKC2 and God k owe when that’ll hit thewest considering the first game hits Q1 2010.

    BTW any idea on what’s glib on with Bumpy Trot 2?

  • I want cross game chat and also update 3.01 didn’t help me with uncharted freezing…

  • I am just curious here, why do we need CROSS GAME CHAT? Is it becasue XBOX has it or what?? You can’t stand playing your PS3 without talking to your “friends” ? Whats next? 3-way chat on PS3??

  • The Gateway for PS3 CONFIRMED!

  • Eight Days with Motion controls CONFIRMED!

  • Party System for PSN CONFIRMED!

  • Always, no matter all the good in this system, people are always asking for more on these posts. At least give them a little break.
    Well Back on the topic, I will definetly be getting the motion controller if the Ape Escape is to the scale(or larger) than its previous Iterations.

  • anyone going to the eurogamer expo next month?

  • Omg I would love to see a Ico and Shadow of the Colossus pack in similar to the GoW compilation. Make it happen Sony! Please!!!


    Sony you guys are known for having artistic and story driven games, and I would LOVE to have Ninokuni on the PSP!!! I would buy a PSP for it! It does say “& other platform,” so hopefully you guys worked your magic! Studio Ghibli games on PS platforms would be awesome!!

  • Any News on PS3 fix? Update 3.01 rendered my PS3 useless…no longer reads discs. Wonder where the major news article is on this disappointment.

  • Any News on fixing what update 3.01 destroyed? Our PS3s!!!! Can we get a fix PLEASE!?

  • once again an amazing week. this is definitely sony’s year!

  • Been reading a lot about the release date of GT5. A lot of people disappointed. The game looks really good but the collision physics and AI are still poor. Damage is in, that is good, but there’s still a lot of improvement to be done in other areas.

    Polyphony Digital need a community manager. I don’t think the fans feedback is getting back to Yamauchi and journalists seem too scared to bring up criticisms. The game will suffer as a result.


    Do you really expect us to play with the DS3 in our other hand?! Come out with another controller that has an analog stick like the Wii!!

  • @-Erniejpan-Finally! I can’t wait to play them for my Playstation 5!

  • God of War Collection footage

    “Off camera, and the video runs a bit slow. Might wanna just turn the sound off completely too.”

  • I just want more trophies on the exclusives that have not received them.

  • PSP4000 when?

  • Will Soul Calibur BD ever be downloadable on the PSN Store???

    Weak news on the UMD to Go! program you all were cooking up. You couldn’t give us ANYTHING to entice us to upgrade? Europe is at least getting vouchers for 3 titles if they register an older model and their Go! and we get NOTHING AT ALL in NA? I’d like a Go! but between the price and this whole mess, I may never get one. Maybe in a few years when I have amassed a lot of downloadable titles, but I’ll probably have a PSP2 to look forward to by then…

    Increase the warranty period on PS3 fat machines- and especially on refurbished units! I can’t keep paying you $150 every year, this is getting ridiculous. Hopefully my unit will be serviced and back to me by the end of this week. :(

  • @39
    You know Sony is going to put it down… Thanks to you.

  • Interesting that none of the things you read include the negative reaction to the use of the DualShock 3 with the Motion Controller instead of just doing what every gamer wants and add an analogue stick/nub to the controller! Please listen to 99.9% of the internet Sony, even if it means delaying the launch a few months we won’t mind! Your choice is quite simple:

    1) Two Motion Controllers with analogue stick/nub on each = Motion gaming equivalent of a DualShock and huge success, with out of the box support for complex dual-hand motions (bow & arrow) and simple 2-player gaming (one controller each). Offering a genuinely differentiated experience compared with solutions on other consoles.

    2) One Motion Controller with no analogue and awkward use of the DS3 controller in the other hand = horrible horrible idea that fails to deliver the full potential of the new controller, and a subject of ridicule from the gaming community at the poorly thought out copy of the Wiimote and Nunchuck, with no support for cool dual-handed games as devs won’t invest on the assumption people will buy two controllers.

  • How do you not have the biggest news of the week?!

    “We were evaluating a UMD conversion program, but due to legal and technical reasons we will not be offering the program at this time,” a Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesman told Kotaku.

    Epic fail on SCEA’s part! EPIC FAIL! At least SCEE is trying to lessen the pain with a free copy of GT PSP and the PSP Rewards Program….

    I never though I would say this, but I wished I didn’t live in the US right now…

  • Everything is telling me, and most other people, that you’re about to make a HUGE mistake and severely limit the potential/appeal of your new controller before it’s even launched – it will be an even bigger mistake than the decision to put only one analogue nub on the PSP! It took you years to admit publicly that was a bad decision, don’t make the same mistake and ignore what your customers are telling you again – because I can guarantee you will look back in years to come and say “in hindsight it was a mistake not to include analogue controls and two controllers as standard”.

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