TGS 2009: Valkyria Chronicles 2 – your questions answered, multiplayer confirmed

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I’ve made no secret of my love of last year’s Valkyria Chronicles, the beautiful PS3-exclusive strategy RPG. I know I’m not alone in that regard, based on the favorable reaction to last week’s announcement of Valkyria Chronicles 2, coming next summer to PSP.

We caught up with who answered some of your questions, confirmed online play modes, and indicated openness to create another Valkyria game for PS3.

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What made you decide to develop the official sequel for Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP? (Submitted by user: Trollkotte)

For the original PS3 version of the game there were two key features: The Canvas graphics system and the BLiTZ combat system. So when we were discussing the sequel we obviously wanted to bring these two features over, but we wanted to upgrade it somehow. When we looked at the BLiTZ battle system specifically — especially in the Japanese market — co-op play and wireless play is becoming more and more popular and we felt that would expand the gameplay for the title in a great way. When we went further in that direction we discovered that the PSP is the perfect platform to take advantage of that.

Are you adding new unit classes, weapon types or vehicles? Will there be any returning characters from Valkyria Chronicles 1? (Submitted by user: BigBoss712)

Yes. In terms of new weapons and units, not only will there be more of each, but there will be expanded customisation options for both. We have Scouts and Stormtroopers, as we did in the first game, but Scouts may branch into Scouts who run faster or are more meant for battle. In that way, each of the units will branch into new units. In terms of weapons, in the first game a rifle might branch into three different rifles as you progress in the game. The amount of variation is even greater in the sequel. In terms of returning characters, you’ll definitely see Alicia and Welkin come back and you might see other members of Squad 7, too.

We can also customise tanks this time around. You can equip different weapons and change the colour, which will affect how the tank moves. There are many ways for you to customise your own troops, just based on all the different character, tank and weapon options.

With Valkyria Chronicles 2 going portable next year there have been rumours of its return to the PS3. Is that likely? (Submitted by user: G-Force08)

We’re still developing Valkyria Chronicles 2 so, to be honest, we’re not really thinking about Valkyria Chronicles 3, 4 or 5 at this point. Just in terms of how our team develops titles and our way of thinking when we choose the platform for each of our titles, it’s not necessarily “let’s make a PS3 game!”. It’s more a case of “what kind of game do we want to make?”. For example, the first Valkyria was on the PS3 because of all the features we wanted to incorporate into the game and we felt the PS3 was the most suitable platform, so that’s how we develop games in our team. So potentially Valkyria Chronicles 3, or another title that we work on next might be on the PS3, it might still be on the PSP, we don’t know at this point.

Because we’ve already got experience of working on the PS3 and now we’re developing another game on the PSP, that just adds to our level of experience and understanding of these platforms and will definitely help us in determining what is the best platform for the next game that we make.

The PSP is seeing a lot of success, particularly in Japan, with regards to its online and ad-hoc multiplayer. Will you be taking advantage of that in Valkyria Chronicles 2?

We are incorporating wireless ad-hoc play into the game, which will feature both co-op and versus modes. We can’t really talk too much about it in detail yet.

Are there any plans to add a versus mode to Valkyria Chronicles 1?

Valkyria Chronicles’ engine wasn’t made for this sort of gameplay, so we can’t just patch a versus mode into the first game. But if fans really want that, and the development team really feels that it would be a compelling addition to the Valkyria Chronicles franchise, then that might be when we create another Valkyria Chronicles game for the PS3.

How does the difficulty of Valkyria Chronicles 2 and the character progression system differ from the first game?

What has changed the most is the way the game flows. If you remember back to the first game, it’s like reading through a book, with a certain number of missions per chapter. So if you hit a particularly hard mission you have to use trial and error to get past it, or you’ll never progress. But Valkyria Chronicles 2 is mission based, so if you reach a mission you can’t clear, you have the option of trying other missions before returning to the more difficult one. By doing that you can level up your characters or you might meet someone who can help you clear this mission. It’s a different method of progressing through the game. Overall the game’s difficulty will be about the same as Valkyria Chronicles, but because the game flow is different you might find the game is easier or, depending on the player, more difficult.

After the interview, we went down to the show floor to go hands-on with the game for the first time. As a fan, I can safely say that Valkyria Chronicles brings everything that I loved about the original game to the PSP: It handles very similarly, looks great, and has the added benefit of portability.

SEGA also released a new batch of (Japanese) screens for VC2, you can find some of them here.

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  • Exellent ive been looking forward to this game from day one. Do you guys know if the release between the EU and the US will be the same as the first game or not.. since the EU got the ealier release.

  • Second, almost first xD

    Cant wait for this, Multiplayer for the win.

  • day1 buy for me.. but Sega HAS to make another Valkyria for the PS3

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome. Damn Sega’s been amazing with VC 1 and 2.

  • seriously, still no news about the firmware. I’d call sony i just dont want to talk to a robot that cant answer technical questions. please please do a q & a on the blog. sorry i posted here

  • Dumb decision to put it on PSP. Should have been a spin off instead. Maybe VC3 will be on the PS2 just for the lolz.

  • Thanks for the info!

    This and MGS:PW are the reasons i’m getting my first PSP!

    I will be getting a white PSPGo once that price drops a little bit ;)

  • I can’t wait until VC2, but I really can’t wait until VC3. VC3 on PS3 please. You have your mission.

    “Squad 7, Move Out!”

  • I got a PSP just for this game.

  • another AAA game on the PSP, awesome.

    Hey Jeff can we get an interview with Polyphony digital?

  • Those were some good question picks from the blog.

    VC2 sounds like its shaping up quite nicely. =)Can’t wait to buy it.

  • Great interview. Can’t wayt for VC2.

    That said… (sigh)… I hate to go off-topic, but you’re going to see about a billion of these posts today anyway:

    Why are you not letting us download previously-purchased UMD’s for play on the PSPgo? I can’t believe you would come to this decision. This is a slap in the face to all the fans that have kept the PSP platform alive over the years by continuing to purchase games and new hardware iterations. Now those of us who want to upgrade to the PSPgo are forced to either: (a) give up on the PSPgo; (b) throw away our game libraries; (c) carry *TWO* PSP’s around with us; (d) turn to unofficial firmware that will let us play ripped UMDs just so we can play our *legitimately purchased* games.

    If physically *mailing* you my UMD’s in their original cases and with the original receipts is what it takes for you to let me download them via the PSN, then that’s what I’ll do. But please, PLEASE don’t tell me I’m just plain out of luck. That’s just unacceptable, guys, and it hurts to see you treat your loyal fans and (more importantly) *CONSUMERS* like this.

    Again, my apologies for going off-topic, but we need a better solution because ”sorry” is not going to cut it.

  • Hey jeff where is the analog stick on the motion controller!?!? go hunt one down and demand an answer :) pls

  • Thanks for picking my question, Jeff!

    I didn’t think they’d be putting in co-op and versus modes in VC2, gonna be interesting to see how it turns out.
    I can see why they went with the PSP now though, since Ad-hoc play is very popular in japan.

  • YES!

    Valkyria Chronicles absolutely blew me away and easily became one of my all time favorite games(definitely top 5).

    As you can see im pretty hyped right now so thank you for the info.

  • More PS3 VC please.

    Also, Yakuza 3 Sega.

  • Jeff, we gotta play VC2! Valkyria fans unite!

  • @Jeff

    You missed the biggest and most asked question that is asked in EVERY blog and forum post since January of 2009.

    Will VC for the PS3 be getting a trophy patch?

  • Co-Op? I’m interested to see how this works out (not one for versus/competitive).

    Seriously, the more I read about VC2, the longer the wait seems to be. Definitely one of my favorite new IPs this gen. Really looking forward to the franchise gracing the PS3 again. Who knows, maybe a PS3 and PSP title in tandem with some PS3-PSP Connectivity for unlockable characters, gear, missions?

    Keep up the good work with the IP guys :)

  • I really love Valkyria Chronicles and i’m SOOOO happy to know that they are going to make another PS3 game :D

    The branching paths of unit types sounds AWESOME!! I really hope they will give us tons of customisation and more special status effects!!

  • Will there be any saved data content transfer to the PSP game?

  • Need to know release date in NA.

  • I’ve always been a fan of Sega, and I simply loved Valkyria Chronicles. Regardless of what’s going on, Valkyria Chronicles will be going in my shopping basket, Day One. (Any chance of a Soundtrack being included? The music in the original struck me from the very beginning with how beautiful it was. By the way, also picked up Sega Superstars Tennis and Viking just recently. Go Sega! =D)


  • when will we see trophies?

  • How did you confirm online play modes? The interview only seems to mention ad-hoc…

  • dudes chill they said at they tgs that you will be able to convrt every single umd game you own to pspg0 using your current media manager.. why dont yu go do some networking and read theses thing they say b4 you go holler all these bs complaints…. and why do evry one want the motion controller to have a joy STICK HAVE YOU FOOLS EVER THOUHT IT DONT NEED A JOY STICK TO MAKE MOVE MENTS???? SHESH

  • Co-op and versus mode? that sounds sweet, btw thanks for answering my questions, is great to know that there will be some returning characters from the first one. Looking forward to anything related to Valkyria. =)

  • I agree with the guy that made post 18, the most asked question is concerning trophies and there was no mention of it here.

    Personally, I don’t care if it gets trophies or not but seriously guys, some answers pretty soon, I’m getting sick of hearing people begging for them.

  • I love Valkyria Chronicles, but I would really prefer it on the PS3.

    The PS3 desperately needs RPGs. 4 of the top 10 best selling PS2 games were RPGs, how can Sony ignore such a popular and important genre?

  • I’m sorry Sega – I adore VC, I would marry Valkyria, I buy every DLC pack first day…

    but I don’t own a PSP. I don’t want a PSP. I don’t have a place in my life for mobile gaming. I think the PSP is a gigantic ripoff.

    So I won’t be getting this. I wish you a billion sales, but I won’t be able to be one of them. Bring it back to the PS3, especially with multiplayer, and I’ll pay a hundred for it.

  • Single-handedly, this game is the reason I’m buying a PSP.

  • This game looks amazing on the PSP and I can’t wait to get it! Now I can play VC anywhere I go! Sweeeeet….

  • Are they not letting me post!??

  • Actually, since they plan on being ridiculous, they should have made this game for the PS One. Why? Because then they could still stick with their dumbed down graphics. The game could be downloaded and played on the psp which would appeal to the Japanese market. The game could be played on the ps3 as well which would appeal to the rest of the world.

    Really, the PS One is the way to go for this game.

  • VC1 would have done well if they gave us the updates they said they would do in the summer. Remember that?

    What happened to the update coming in the summer?

    I won’t be buying it.

  • Will definitely buy this day 1!!!

    Now put trophies in VC1!

  • I just picked up VC1 this week and love it. I’m sure I’ll also get VC2. However, putting this title on the psp for the online play is flat out stupid. The psp is by far the worst of any gaming system for playing online.

  • The most important question didn’t get asked…

    Trophies for VC1.

  • Where is the UMd conversion program? Why does the PSP department of SCEA keep failing so hard!?!?!?!?!?

    At least European Go owners get 3 FREE GAMES as well as a FULL VERSION of GT PSP… What do we get? A sh***y demo of RBU and a pat on the back…

    WTF is wrong with SCEA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Im definitely picking up VC2 on the PSP…but I would love to see some trophy support for VC1 on the PS3.

  • You add multiplayer to the PSP version and not PS3? That may fly in Japan but nowhere else.

    Jesus you guys fail more every day.

  • Jeff, very nice with answering a lot of the communities questions…although I wont be reading them, it will only make me sadder that its not going to be available on the PS3 :*(

  • If things that you loved in the original went to the PSP version and then some, then that’s wonderful. I’m game.

  • i cannot wiat

  • i Hope you guys can patch the original with trophies, I think a lot of people would pick it up with the addition of trophies

  • Man, no replies here? Come on Jeff, you know people pay more attention to posts with some red!! Don’t want this VC to sell horribly too…. then VC3 will be a flash game or something…

  • VC1 trophy patch please.

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