TGS 09: EA’s PSP minis

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Tokyo Game Show hasn’t quite kicked off yet, but that didn’t stop EA from showing off their wares to press. With the PSPgo now just a week from nestling into gamers’ pockets worldwide, I caught up with Mayumi Koyanagi to ask about EA’s plans for minis. While Tetris and Sudoku have already been announced, Koyanagi confirmed that EA has more in development.

Now as far as Tetris and Sudoku are concerned, both work pretty much as you’d expect. Fortunately, they take advantage of the PSP’s display for the highest resolution versions of these classics that I’ve yet seen. You can see that for yourself next week.

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  • Oh, someone nearly walked right in front of the camera :P That was close.

  • A nice, if somewhat predictable start for the Minis idea. Will there be new IPs developed strictly for the Minis line?

  • already pre-ordered my PSPgo and still loving my fossil PSP! i’ll be a sony fan forever even after i get alzheimers! thanks you guys! SALUT!

  • good job, ea!!! i have a psp 2000 and modded the eff outta it. this year is gonna be a gr8 year for tha psp!!! i love my system!!!!

  • wait jeff, are there going to be minis that will be apps for like our everday life that can help us like maps, calenders, calculator, currency rates, and other usefull stuff? but if not they would definatly be a nice addition to the psp

  • it’s okay. i’m into tetris

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