Get Buzzed at Voodoo in New Orleans with BUZZ! Quiz World!

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BUZZ! is back and better than ever with BUZZ! Quiz World for PS3 and PSP. In celebration of the upcoming launch of BUZZ! Quiz World in November, today we are announcing the “Get Buzzed at Voodoo in New Orleans” Sweepstakes.

You will have the chance to enter to win a trip for you and a friend to New Orleans to attend Voodoo Experience over Halloween weekend (October 30 through November 1). Voodoo Experience is a multi-day music festival in New Orleans, Louisiana and will feature a blockbuster lineup for 2009. Headlining this year’s festival are Kiss, Eminem, Jane’s Addiction, Widespread Panic, and The Flaming Lips.

BUZZ! Quiz World at Voodoo!

At Voodoo Experience, two sweepstakes winners will face off with BUZZ! Quiz World PS3 on the BUZZ! stage, and the winner of the face off will have a chance to compete against a TBA Voodoo Experience musician!

The promotion starts September 23, 2009 at 5:00 PM and ends October 5, 2009 at 12:00 PM PST. Please see the sweepstakes page for entry and more information.

And for those of you not familiar with BUZZ! Quiz World, check out the game Web sites for PS3 and PSP.

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  • Sweet! Sounds like fun!

    Can’t wait to hear more details!

  • Sweet!

    Can’t wait to hear more details! This sounds like fun!

  • First!! = Fail

  • @B-RadGfromOV

    The server wasn’t reponding quickly so comments weren’t registering for me to see. So I apologize.

  • Anthony what about New York??? ohh and im pretty new to the whole BUZZ series but believe me you guys got 1 more fan already , im getting BUZZ Quiz World for my ps3 and if you put it on the playstation store i will be getting it for the psp go too

  • No Canada :-(

  • Of course nothing gose to Canada.. no video store.. no contests.. no nothing :(

  • Wow, here come the complainers complaining that something cant be in their area. You realize that theres 6 billion plus people on this planet?

    You realize that this contest is set in New Orleans, and I’m from NY and im not complaining about it.

  • Just wondering, is the new Buzz going to be backwards compatible, at all? I mean, if you’ve already bought the question packs for Quiz TV off of the PlayStation Store, can you use them for this Buzz, too?

  • Anthony Caiazzo // Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

    Will Buzz! Quiz World for the PlayStation 3 feature Voice Chat for sofa vs sofa battles unlike its earlier counter part?

  • Anthony Caiazzo // Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

    Will Buzz! Quize World feature Voice Chat Via PlayStation Network for Sofa v.s. Sofa battles? unlike its earlier counterpart?

  • awesome …hoping i win

    birthday in november and i get to see kiss , janes addiction and the flaming lips ..


  • Please ………………

    Make sure you can play with more than one player on the sofa to sofa.

  • I would love to check out “Buzz!” but I can’t because firmware 3.01 bricked my bluRay drive. Sony, when are you going to acknowledge and fix the issue?

  • Please, please, please let us mix the rounds up a bit both off and online so it’s not always the same predictable pattern.

    In addition, have a statistics page that shows us as much info as possible – either in the game, online or both.


  • @1, 2, 5 & 7
    You need to be banned, so people don’t have to read useless comments like yours.

  • do peoples still live in new orleans?

  • horrible bands except for The Flaming Lips.

  • @+ndw I live in new orleans… (well not exactly NO but like 20 mins away…)

  • More Buzz! is always a good thing. Cannot wait. :)

  • Will Buzz Quiz World have more media on it (movies, music)? The last one felt like it was just too many text questions……

  • Will Buzz Quiz World have more media (movies, music streaming) kind of questions? The last one felt like it was too text heavy…..

  • @12 – Microshock.

    Wasn’t going to post this, but I can relate to the guys saying it’s not in Canada again.

    I’ve seen many whiners from the US when games are only available in Europe or Japan.

    So I think we’re all equally guilty of it.

  • I tried to fill out the form, and when I submitted it, I did not get any type of confirmation, so I thought to check my email, and there was nothing in there. How do I know if I registered correct?

  • You guys got to bring this with the multi language option.

    Just think about all the French and Spanish/Latinos that could enjoy your game if it were in their language.

    Thats gonna be a big deciding point on wether I get this get or not.

  • 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your submit form is broke.

    You hit submit and goes to the blank form again, no confirmation.

    How do we know if we entered or not???

  • And what about all the quiz packs I previously purchased for Quiz TV? Will I still have access to them if I buy Quiz World? I think it’s pretty suspicious that there has been no mention of this. I love Buzz!, but if my quiz packs don’t transfer over then I’m not buying the new one. I really think someone should address this issue and it surprises me that only one other person prior to me has thought to ask this very important question.

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