Demon’s Souls PS3 Video Walkthrough Part Two

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AtlusA.R.A.M. here with part two of our Demon’s Souls video walkthrough series. While our first part served primarily as an introduction to the game for newcomers, focusing on basics, this second video dives headlong into the most significant, most discussed, most acclaimed feature in the upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive action RPG: online functionality.

Where most games offer multiplayer as a separate mode, something detached from the main experience, Demon’s Souls takes the single-player games from online PS3 owners across the country, treats them as individual worlds in an interconnected universe, and allows the worlds to bridge from time to time, leading to some exciting cooperative and competitive interaction between players, in addition to the awesome messaging and bloodstain features.

There’s never really been a gaming experience quite like Demon’s Souls, and we’re excited to be able to show you, in detail, exactly why that’s the case.

Demon’s Souls releases on October 6 in two flavors: standard ($59.99) and deluxe ($69.99). The deluxe edition nets you a 160-page strategy guide (not sold separately!) and a beautiful embossed slipcase with foil accents. Pre-order EITHER version at a participating retailer (while supplies last) and you’ll also receive a 40-page, full-color art book and the game’s full soundtrack CD — all at no extra cost to you.

Thanks for all your support!

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  • Will the sound track be on a blue ray disk or copyable to the HDD? Oh, and did you guys add the new PS3 boxart logo?

    • The soundtrack disc is a standard audio CD, playable in any player of such media (car stereo, computer, PlayStation 1/2/3, etc).

      The box art does not feature the recently revealed new PS3 logo, as it was completed prior to its unveiling.

  • Preordered collector’s Edition!! I’m so glad there are still publishers out there like Atlus who take a chance on something different. Without them I might not have seen some of my favorite games last gen! (Odin Sphere & Steambot Chronicles)

  • Hey, Mr. Jabbari, long time fan, I have a question about the soul stones.
    Are they perishable? Or infinite use “Key Items?”

  • Pre-order from amazon, a lot of their games are $4 cheaper for some reason and no sales tax.

    This game looks great, can’t wait. I also started getting interested in Dragon Age: Origins. Both games look great!

  • @54

    I’m lucky, caught an (More like Amazin’.com, amirite?) deal in July and preordered the Collector’s edition for a cool $35 dollars. I’m very much looking forward to Demon’s Souls.

  • I’m totally looking forward to Demon’s Souls I went a head and pre-ordered the Elite Edition.

  • @54 & 55

    Doesn’t hurt that they now do free “release date delivery”. I used to shy away from pre-ordering from them not wanting to wait post release date to get stuff. Now that the deliver on release date, I refuse to pre-order from anyone else unless another retailer hase an edition that I prefer that Amazon doesn’t carry(The FFXII steel case for example). Can’t wait until that Demon’s Souls DE lands on my porch 10/6!!

  • I cant wait for this game!! its my most anticipated game with uncharted 2.

    Can you please make us an animated theme or at least some nice background, i took one of the images you have on your site and i have it on my ps3 as background but its not full screen i have to zoom and i lose some quality

  • Pre-ordered and paid off the Deluxe Edition, hopefully I can beat Persona PSP by then. If not, then I’ll get back to the PSP eventually…

  • Cant wait!

  • Going to pre-oreder the deluxe edition tomorrow. Can’t wait, this is my second most anticipated game this year, first is Uncharted 2. I’m not typically an RPG guy, but this game has me really intrigued. Looks great, Oct 6th can’t come soon enough.

  • oh great, this looks awesome, goodbye money…

  • This game wont come out of my console any time soon, once i receive it. Im looking for all the information i can get abou this incredible game. My only observation is the fact that i cant call a friend from psn to play along, but this is a mere detail. I would like to ask, If a friend of mine is in the same area as I am, and he drop the stone, will I be able to summon him?
    Do I need to have a US PSN account to play online? or i can do it with my Brazilian account?
    I already pre-ordered the Deluxe edition, October 6th seems soooooo far…. (plus shipping days to get here :(, so sad)

    • You will be able to summon your friend, provided you are within a certain number of levels (+/- 10, I believe) and that there aren\’t an obscene number of other compatible soul signs in the area. If so, you may need to leave and return.

      Either way, the ability to see the name of the user to whom the soul sign belongs to ensures you can, if you\’re so inclined, setup a coop session with an acquaintance.


  • @57
    I did not know that! I was hesitant about using for games again since I’ve always had issues with games arriving a week late.

  • I’m from Germany and I pre-ordered it 2 month ago at GameStop.
    Can’t wait for the game – It looks brilliant!

  • This game needs to come to PAL territories!! It’s a definite purchase for me if/when it does.

  • I was on the fence with this game. Then I though, no, I won’t get it. But after speaking to several people who have played it and continuing to be impressed by the videos and concepts… I am definitely grabbing it. Hopefully day one or pre-ordered, just need the scratch!

  • Will there be a limit for how many messages one could write or do they have a limit like 10 messages per week. Also how long would your message last in someones game?

    I ask because i wouldn’t like to see 100+ messages spam on the floor on every stage…

    Game looks like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to play it…just 2 more weeks :)

    • You won\’t see messages spamming the floor, there is a limit. Messages are primarily pushed out by new ones, but highly recommended messages linger longer.

      There are a number of checks and balances in place intended to prevent the messaging system from getting out of hand.

  • Awesome game. Thank you for bringing it over to NA. I imported the game when it released in Japan and already beat it. However, I still pre-ordered the deluxe edition as soon as it became available. Demon’s Souls is one of my favorite PS3 games. Can’t wait to play it again.

  • I’ve already played and beaten the Korean version of Demon Soul’s and I can tell you it is well worth getting. Great graphics, sounds, gameplay, and the online co-op is unlike any other. Not for casual gamers though as it is quite challenging. But a must have for any RPG fans out there.

  • QUESTION – I did have a question. Are the texts cumulative? Say, if 50 people left a message, will I see 50 texts on the ground? Is it only the most recent ones? How does this work exactly?

  • I just need to point out that my B-day is Oct 6th and on your last blog post you said you would sing to me, well one of you did. Don’t think I forgot. \m/^.^\m/ Rock on!

  • Already pre-ordered like, a month ago :D
    (also pre-ordered for a buddy of mine, because it seems it’s not coming to Quebec ? Oh well~)
    I can’t wait to play this game, however, I only constantly worry about one thing, getting invaded. It would be fun from time to time, I wouldn’t mind it either, but the thought is still there. I’m somewhat considering staying offline to play, but then I miss out on . . . Well, everything else. I guess I just have to man up :D
    Also, dying makes the game harder from what I hear. Now, how is that fair ? :P

  • my fiancee and i are getting married next year, so we sat down and went over our budget… we are both making huge unwanted sacrifices, and my gaming took a massive blow… however, demon’s souls made the cut! the only game im allowing myself to pick up this year, amongst the many gems…
    ive spent hours and hours, in place of playing other games, checking out demon’s souls… watching youtube videos, reading forums… its become an obssession!
    oct. 6th cant come fast enough

  • @Aram Jabbari

    I’m sad Sony didn’t pick this awesome game up and publish it in Europe also.

    But thank you for the answer, I’m importing it to Norway, my pre-order is made, can’t wait to get it. :)

  • I can’t wait, I’ve preordered the deluxe edition a while back.

  • I love From Software and Atlus. Thank you guys so much for bringing this game over here. I can’t wait. Pre-ordered the DE.

    With developers (and publishers) like you guys on the PS3 we’re all spoiled

  • i imported this back in February and fell in love with it;it was a breath of fresh air.

    Now i have the DE pre-ordered and can’t wait to jump back in again, keep up the awesome work atlus and delivering us PS rpg’s :)

  • For a game thats already in english, this game has taken a while to come out whats been the hold up

  • @ axl4004

    My first black phantom invasion was a scary moment (needless to say I was quickly dead!). But don’t let this put you off – if you’re in soul form, which is more of the time, you can’t be invaded.

    However, getting to higher experience levels you’ll find it really fun to team up with a friend (blue phantom), and relish black phantom invasions (two against one really turns the tables). If you do get invaded on your own, you can always try to call on the assistance of a blue phantom samaritan if one is around.

  • Question!
    if someone tries to invade my game, will i have to stop in place, in order for his connection to be synced with mine?

    cause you see if he/she suddenly want to join, i might lag and all and might get pwned xD

    do they only join when i Summon them?

    Thanks ATLUSH! =]

    • You do not have to stop at all. The game prompts you that you are being invaded, but the entire time your play is completely interrupted.

      As the invader, you\’ll go to a loading screen and then spawn in your invadee\’s world (and invaders aren\’t summoned, by the way… that\’s why they\’re invaders :D). Similarly, in coop, as the soul form player offering assistance, your game is interrupted, but as the host pulling 1-2 people into your game, your experience is seamless and devoid of loads.

      You will almost never experience lag in Demon\’s Souls, unless you\’re having internet issues, because all of the online functionality is designed to produce very little network overhead. It\’s all as efficient and streamlined as possible.

  • I was addicted to a borrowed copy of the Asia version of this game back in late Spring. I despise my so-called friend for demanding it back. I was about ready to crack and order my own import copy but luckily Atlus came to the rescue. Suffice it to say I CAN’T WAIT for my return trip to Boletaria…

  • this has been on pre order for awhile. the day is gonna be here in less than 2 weeks and i cant wait. lol say goodbye to any social life for awhile lmao

  • Innovation, awesome.

  • I lost interest in playing many of my other games, in anticipation for this one. Oct.6th needs to get here already.

  • This game looks to be very good! I’ll certainly be picking it up.

    I’m curious though, how optional is the online connectivity short of not having an internet connection enabled? I’m just curious if I were only interested in the co-op portion, if I can control whether or not the competitive portion affects me?


      Alas, it is all or nothing.

      A lot of folks who aren\’t the biggest fans of the idea of someone being able to break into the game actually find it to be far less stressful when it finally occurs to them. It will happen rather infrequently, and moreover, you\’ll commonly, if you\’re alive (and you\’d have to be to be invaded), have some cooperative help already summoned into their game. Imagine invading a game only to find 3 people waiting for you.

      You cannot disable aspects of the online play, but fortunately, you\’ll be in soul form for such an extended period of time that you\’ll likely get excited when you\’re alive and able to be invaded :)

      Thanks for the question!

  • Already have it. Imported because I couldnt wait :D

  • i pre-ordered the deluxe edition..i can’t wait ^_^

  • Can’t wait!!! ><

  • I love the novel concept of other player interaction in your gaming world. Big kudos on the concept and as others have said, day one purchase.

  • Ugh. Between this and Persona PSP my social life is going to be destroyed, my school GPA is going to drop like a rock, and my weight is going to skyrocket because I can’t get off Demon’s Soul/Persona. Thanks Atlas >:(

    Awww I can’t stay mad at you. Keep up the good work guys!

  • I absolutely cannot wait for this game.

  • I was just thinking this is kind of similar to Monster Hunter, I’ve only played it on the PSP. Do you guys think you could bring Demon’s Souls to the PSP?

    I was going to ask before I watched this video was will I see a lot of people online with similar equipment? I’ve watched a few youtube videos and everyone had the same helmet and possibly weapon.

    • Expect a good amount of variety. Any suit of armor you see on an NPC is something you can get for yourself if you\’re so inclined.

      At the top of the Nexus you\’ll find a \”hall of heroes\” of sorts, where the top 10 players in a few different categories are presented (essentially, its a leaderboard).

      When things get going with the North American servers, expect to see no end to the variety of awesome looking characters; anyone with an import copy can attest to that already.

  • I know it’s kinda late to post lol but I just wanted to say…Day 1 ‘ere! Deluxe Edition no less ;)
    A lot of my worries and questions were anwsered in this blog post, good job Aram^^

    I’l see you all in Boletaria! :D

  • I hope it’ll see a European release, other Atlus games made it to Europe after all (although it’d be interesting to know how the rights to the game are distributed, since From Software made the original version).

    In the end, I see myself importing it and 1 or 2 weeks later someone announces the publishing deal for Europe…

  • Dude, can we have a small demo for it, as much as i am interested alot, its something totally new to me.

    • that-acmilan-guy,

      I\’m sorry, but a demo will not be possible for Demon\’s Souls.

      If you\’re not sure whether you\’ll like it, then perhaps rental or checking out a friend\’s copy is the safest route to go.

      Sorry about that. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, if that helps!

  • Is this game going to be similar to Fable II (gameplay wise)?

  • Damn,nice walkthrough, I already bought the import, but this game is so fun and epic, and i want that strategy guide so I pre-oredered the deluxe edition and already paid for it…now I just need to figure out what i am going to do with the

    Thanks Atlus for bringing this over here! To many fps games have been repleased and us rpg fantatics don’t get enough love from devs or publishers… its not cool. I am really glad you are supporting the ps3 in this way, so many people praise this game and rightly so. I just got your Persona 1 remake and am loving that too, please bring more jp ps3/psp rpgs over as I will buy them up day 1. And if Persona 5 or other good jrpgs get made, please port them, as PS3 needs more rpgs, the fans demand it but there is a gap presently, You guys could fill that gap and make money doing it. Profits for you , great rpgs for us…win win!

  • Oh yeah I’m gonna be spending years playing this game.
    this game should get more ads.

  • I’m really looking forward to this game. The difficulty level (from what I’ve read) might be a bit frustrating at times, but imo, it’ll help add to the overall feel of the game.

    I’m really intrigued by the whole online aspect of it.

    Thanks for taking a chance on games like this, Atlus!

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