Demon’s Souls PS3 Video Walkthrough Part Two

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AtlusA.R.A.M. here with part two of our Demon’s Souls video walkthrough series. While our first part served primarily as an introduction to the game for newcomers, focusing on basics, this second video dives headlong into the most significant, most discussed, most acclaimed feature in the upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive action RPG: online functionality.

Where most games offer multiplayer as a separate mode, something detached from the main experience, Demon’s Souls takes the single-player games from online PS3 owners across the country, treats them as individual worlds in an interconnected universe, and allows the worlds to bridge from time to time, leading to some exciting cooperative and competitive interaction between players, in addition to the awesome messaging and bloodstain features.

There’s never really been a gaming experience quite like Demon’s Souls, and we’re excited to be able to show you, in detail, exactly why that’s the case.

Demon’s Souls releases on October 6 in two flavors: standard ($59.99) and deluxe ($69.99). The deluxe edition nets you a 160-page strategy guide (not sold separately!) and a beautiful embossed slipcase with foil accents. Pre-order EITHER version at a participating retailer (while supplies last) and you’ll also receive a 40-page, full-color art book and the game’s full soundtrack CD — all at no extra cost to you.

Thanks for all your support!

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  • All those online features are very interesting, boss battles looks epic.

    • Boss battles are indeed epic.

      Most tower over you, and some can kill most characters with just a couple blows, but in the tradition of all-time classic boss fights, they have patterns and tendencies that can be observed and mastered. With time, veterans will find boss fights to be exhilarating tests of patience, skill, and timing, but certainly nothing unmanageable.

      One of my personal favorites is the Dragon God. You\’ll know why when you encounter him. :)

      Thanks for the comment!

  • The stones can be useful when you need to recover your body, but I prefer to be in soul form myself since you don’t lose world tendency when you die in soul form.

    Though, it’s nice to have aliies against certain bosses, like flamelurker.

  • October 6ths sure does seem like a long ways away…

  • wow, that’s actually a very interesting use of the PSN connectivity. i know i’ve read and seen details of all this before, but seeing it all in action has made it all the more amazing.

    • The best part is that it is not a separate mode; you log into your PSN account and when you create your character and start to play, you\’re already online. By the time you\’re out of the tutorial, you\’ll be seeing all sorts of subtle elements of the online functionality (and that\’s before you even play a cooperative or competitive session with another person!).

  • WOW!
    This looks massive!
    I am very interested!

  • Already imported the Asian version long ago. I hope you new players enjoy the game. It really is a lot of fun. I sunk well over 100 hours into it.

  • AWSUUUUUUUM!!! If only someone would publish it in the EU.

  • I’m getting this game but I’m going to wait because I hate buying so many games at once. Last year two games which I bought and never played were DeadSpace and FALLOUT 3,I completely forgot about them until summer and I just beat FALLOUT 3 and have yet to start DeadSpace, don’t think I ever will.

    • There really are too many good games coming out; my wallet feels it, too. :)

      The good thing about Demon\’s Souls, for whenever you do get around to trying it out, is that you can leave your game in progress at any point and pick it up right where you left off. No archaic, limiting save systems to be found here.

      The game autosaves so consistently (to ensure that the consequences of your decisions/actions are experienced) that you\’ll never feel like you have to play the game for extended chunks at a time.

  • wow I hadn’t heard of this until now… it looks very interesting and since the game has been out overseas it should be pretty well sorted… count me in for a purchase! :)

  • Can’t wait.

    Hope we’ll get it in Europe as well.

    Demon’s Souls 2’s announcement at TGS ? ^^

  • Seems like a great game, but will have to wait until i beat my backlog.

  • I’ve had the deluxe edition pre-ordered since it was made available and am really looking forward to this game.

    Thanks for keeping us informed about it. Hopefully people better understand the multiplayer aspect now, as that was confusing some based on comments left on earlier posts.

  • This game has me intrigued. It’s like oblivion, but much faster paced, which is what sort of held me back from completing it. This game looks to be much more interesting in terms of working together, gathering clues from fallen comrades, etc. I expect to pick up the deluxe edition ASAP.

    This is great, I’ll have Uncharted 2 and Demon’s Souls right around launch. With Ratchet and Clank:ACIT shortly after. MW2 and AC2 can wait, First Party Titles always come first!!!

  • Well I was going to buy 2 games in the next couple of months, Uncharted and Demon Souls but my DS3 has just randomly died for no reason forcing me to miss out on this game because I have to get a new joystick.

    Hopefully I will get to enjoy this game and the community for it online will be vibrant but I have to get Uncharted 2…


  • I’m interested, just not interested enough to buy. Hopefully, that’ll change, but I’m still not feeling it.

  • Day One

    Crazy October

  • Awesome! I’ve had it pre-ordered for quite a while now. I’m getting the deluxe edition and I can’t wait.

    I’m also excited for NGS2 and Uncharted 2. It’s going to be an awesome (albeit busy,) October for me.

  • Got my DE on pre-order. Can’t friggin’ wait until 10/6!!!

    I have to say that I am the least bit interested in the online features. I do like the bloodstain messages idea. I may use the co-op feature if I’m in a bind, but not unless I feel it is absolutely necessary. To be fair, I’m not a fan of multiplayer/co-op in any game or any form. I will reserve my official judgement until I try the features myself, but I doubt I will feel very different about it.

    FYI – the co-op feature doesn’t seem like anything new. It looks like what I’ve seen in other games like Mercs 2.

    • LokeSTL,

      The beauty of the online in Demon\’s Souls is that aside from a few invasions from other players when you\’re in living form (and expect these to be few and far between), the online features only affect your single player experience as much as you care for them to (and of course, you can always play offline, too).

      The first time you narrowly avoid death courtesy of a trap, ambush, or pitfall thanks to another player\’s message or after watching their bloodstain ghost suffer the fate first, you\’ll fall in love with how subtle and seamlessly it\’s all integrated (and that\’s not even going into the thrill of cooperative or competitive play, although you do mention they\’re not your cup of tea).

      We\’re excited for you all to be able to play it on 10/6!

  • I am getting this game for sure. I never pre-order but I always get games on day 1.

    Thanks Atlus and Sony.

    • trustter,

      If you\’re getting the game for certain on day 1, I advise that you at least consider pre-ordering… we\’re offering a 40-page art book and the game\’s FULL soundtrack as pre-order bonuses at participating retailers, and since supplies will be limited and we have no plans to release those extras later, it would be your only chance to snag them.

      Here\’s a site with more info (and samples) of the pre-order bonuses:

  • I’m guessing this game 1. gunna be crap and 2. going to tank. Unless there is a really really good story go to along with it some of these RPGs are just a grind which gets old very fast. Look at Sacred 2 it is epic but boring as heck.

    • Hohlraum,

      The story in Demon\’s Souls, while understated, is far better presented than a typical \”hack and slash\” action RPG (a category some fans of the game would be hesitant to throw it into, as it suggests somewhat shallow game design, which is not the case).

      Expect to see well-presented, cinematic cutscenes throughout your play experience (with nice graphical touches like HDR, depth blur, film-style camera movements, etc), telling the story of a kingdom doomed by the power lust of its King, ruled now by an ancient evil demon called \”The Old One.\”

      In many games, story is told as much through atmosphere and visual design, and again, so too is the case with Demon\’s Souls. The game will not beat you across the face with its narrative, but it is there, and you will care about saving the Kingdom when all is said and done.

      Hope you give it a chance!

  • @Aram

    You guys localizing any more PS3 RPGs? Got anything up your sleeves for TGS?!! Thanks for your continued support of bringing RPGs to the U.S. and I look forward to Atlus’ future PS3 RPG releases.

  • Where is part one?

  • Sweet, I’ll have to watch this a bit later. Cannot wait for this game.

  • This is my most anticipated game of the year. I already have it reserved and as odd as it may sound, the only reason I didn’t import is because I want to see that atlus logo at the boot up screen. I love Atlus, you guys bring us the best rpgs and I hope to see more support for the ps3 in the future

  • @Hohlraum

    Well, it’s receiving great reviews (it’s got a 91% on gamerankings and a 90% on metacritic,) and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

    Maybe you should check out some previews and what-not and wait until you actually play the game to say stuff like that? I can understand not being interested, not everyone has the same tastes, but to assume it’s crap is pretty ignorant IMO.

  • Really, REALLY looking forward to playing this! Atlus does such an amazing job bringing titles to the US, and they always seem to choose the right games.

    Also, Crimson Gem Saga is my favorite PSP game.

  • Thanks Aram.

    Got my pre-order in after you people confirmed that this is also available in Canada. (you gave me the Canadian order site).

    Can’t wait for the game to come out.

  • Sweet Cant wait Demon’s Souls,Uncharted 2 and R&C:ACIT. October ROCKS

  • finally, been waiting for a us version

  • One thing that really bothered me playing through the game was that the messages to choose from are not in alphabetic order. Maybe it was because they were translated in that order or something but they are all random. This means you have to scroll through all the messages to find the particular one you want instead of just scrolling down to V for Valuable Item for instance. It’s a really clunky way of doing it.

    Hope Atlus can sort this out and maybe get From to release a patch for current owners that allows alphabetic sorting of messages.

  • This game looks crazy incredible. I would love to get this game, if only I had the money!!!!

  • Hi Aram, you’re doing a great job with these videos!

    I’m a DS veteran player and I think it’ll be good to make a video about the weapon upgrades and different kind of armor and how they may serve different kind of characters and their strategies to beat the many dangers in DS.

    I’ve played 3 very different characters, and not only their dominant stats set one apart from the other, but also the weapons (plus upgrades) and armor I chose for them through the game made them the more unique and it was like playing a different type of campaign each time.

  • @20

    You’d be foolish to have any preconceptions about this game. Sacred 2 was a grind; Demon’s Souls is the best game this generation, and one of the best ever made. I hope lots of people give it a chance, because it makes other games seem generic and unimaginative by comparison.

  • I gotta say i was never a fan of these old ancient feeling type of games, but watching the videos and looking at more gameplay i will definitely be giving this a chance.

  • Im kind of worried this will become like Valkyria Chronicles, a truly exceptional game, but unfortunately underrated and under peoples line of sight. Plus Im upset that the store I pre-ordered from doesnt have those pre order bonuses, and I already paid in full…

    Oh well, better to have the game without those bonuses than nothing at all… Stupid Play n Trade…

    With all that aside Im very very excited, though I wonder, will the game be harder for us day one guys because there are no messages left for us? Doesnt that mean were going to be traveling blindly into the unknown?

    Interesting prospect :P Clues are cool but who doesnt like the unknown, especially around halloween.

  • I’ll be getting the US Atlus deluxe version just for the extras and have a chance to play with some friends that’ll be getting the game too.

    I would STRONGLY recommend people genuinely interested in Demon’s Souls to get the DELUXE version and GET THAT GUIDE. Not because you won’t be able to enjoy and beat the game without it, but mainly because it’ll make the experience A LOT richer. Trust me, I got the platinum trophy and I know what I’m talking about. Besides, it’s less than $10 more than the regular version, it’s quite a steal!

  • Hope this Game become an European release also.

    Can´t wait for it !!!

  • wow this is the most boring video. Dudes voice is putting me to sleeppppp……………zzzzzz!

  • I preordered the deluxe edition the day it became available to do so. I can’t wait and thank you Atlus for bringing it this way!

  • I am extremely interested in this game, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s just too hard to be any fun. Surely dying on the same level over and over again eventually gets annoying? Are there any features to prevent frustration or help you along if you’re hopelessly stuck? (Aside from getting the guidebook, I mean.)

    • The online certainly helps with the challenge level. That\’s not to say folks without an internet connection are doomed, but folks who can play with others will be able to work together to overcome the game\’s many exciting challenges.

      The messages and bloodstains are also immensely helpful. I can\’t tell you how many times I\’ve avoided embarassing myself during demonstrations of the game by learning from someone else\’s earlier equally embarassing death. You really can avoid a lot of trouble by heeding the warnings of others.

      Lastly, the game is not unfair. It is just tough. You\’ll never feel cheated, at least, that\’s what most folks say. It just encourages you to make fewer mistakes——to be more on your game——than other games, and it really makes success that much more rewarding.

      Hope you enjoy it!

  • I cannot wait for this game! I just pre-ordered it yesterday. Of course I got the special edition.. Just.. can’t.. wait..

    The overall design of the multiplayer aspect is amazing. I just can’t wait for this. Did I mention I can’t wait for this?

    October 6th, gonna get there as soon as the store opens.

  • I literally found out about this game just a few weeks ago and I already have the Deluxe Edition pre-ordered. I also can’t wait for Uncharted 2, which comes out on my birthday :). Yeah, dude!

  • Day 1 Aram, Day 1!

  • Thanks guys. I have already pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition–it looks like a cool package and isn’t WAY overpriced.

    The game’s reputation for difficulty is actually one of the draws for me. I, and others, often lament over how all-too-easy many console games are these days.

  • This game is gonna kick my ass hard. So hard. I can’t wait.

    Already pre-ordered. (An exceedingly rare occurrence for me. Feel special.)

  • How much will the Deluxe “Stop Importing It!” Edition cost in Canada?

    That is the version I’m keen on getting, but would like to know the price.

    • Wuggyboobeaufuf,

      The NA MSRPs for the standard and deluxe editions are $59.99 and $69.99, respectively.

      We\’re not in charge of what retailers actually choose to charge for the game, but due to the conversion rate and additional shipping costs, it seems retailers in Canada will be selling the game for 69.99 and 79.99 CDN, respectively.

      Hope that helps!

  • I’m preordereing the collector’s edition, the game looks fantastic, nicely done guys!!! :D

  • if only this would come to the uk, i really wanna buy it!

  • This game is gonna be waayyy too hard, only because I’m not very good at this type of game, but that’s where having friends who love rpgs come in. I’d say the co-op and bloodstain messages will make it playable enough, glad you put those in!

  • Awesome stuff, when is it coming to Europe?

    • There are currently no plans for the game to be released in Europe.

      Here\’s hoping a European publisher decides to bring it to your region!

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