LittleBigPlanet: Sack it to Me – “A Little Bit of Everything” Edition

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Sackboy in the News:

Since it’s been a while since our last “Sack it to Me,” here’s a list of links of the latest news around the web:

@ the PlayStation Store

Over at the PlayStation Store, the LittleBigPlanet Demo (FREE) has been a big hit, and the new LBP Dynamic PS3 Theme ($2.99) continues to find new homes. I love the idea of Sackboy running all day, everyday. Don’t forget to check these out when you get a chance.

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Community Picks

Our friends at have a new round of Community Picks. Have fun playing these GEMS:

Up & Away in Sky Town by jump_button

My thoughts: From a great gameplay hook (involving a single red helium balloon) to a visual style that can only be described as “beautiful,” this is definitely one of the best levels LittleBigPlanet has to offer. Don’t miss it.

Lafarge’s Request by Keldur

Part 2 is here.

My thoughts: Reminiscent of “The Islands”, “Lafarge’s Request” is a platforming level at heart, but it comes with enough creative innovation to keep you on your toes. Definitely a must-play.

Destiny! by CuzFeeshe

My thoughts: The premise of this level is simple: a cosmic storm is tearing apart your ship, and you’re the only one left who can save it! You’ll love the creative, fastpaced puzzles, and for those of you who can’t keep up, you can still move on (albeit with less points than you would have if you beat it). Give this level a shot – you’ll be glad you did.

Workshop of the Week

Ever want your Sackboy to teleport? Chaotictails put together a great tutorial here (even in the LBP presentation theme) to show you how. Great stuff! Goodies

Media Molecule has a new DevFace podcast focused on their teams designers. Get to know Mark and Danny and what they love about designing levels in LBP.

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