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Hi again everyone!

This is John Bates and Jennifer Pourchot from Pelfast. Pelfast is a small indie startup located in sunny California.

Our highly acclaimed debut title, Comet Crash for PS3 has turned the tower defense genre on its head with completely new and exciting gameplay. We’ve been busy again with a free update that will add a few new features described at the end of the post. For those unfamiliar with Comet Crash, here’s a quick run down.

Tower defense fans appreciate the simple yet addictive experience of building towers to defend from enemy waves. On the other hand, we at Pelfast love the thrill of a massive offensive rush to demolish an enemy base. We designed Comet Crash with both of these elements in mind. Finally, you can send massive swarms of your own troops to wreak havoc on the relentless waves of enemies. Ahhh…sweet revenge!

Comet Crash Update Screen1

In Comet Crash, your first priority is to defend your territory from an assortment of enemy invaders. For those of you new to tower defense gameplay, this involves strategically placing various weapon towers to destroy enemy units before they get to your base. To get the job done, Comet Crash provides a devastating arsenal of weapons, including Turrets, Pulsars and Bombers. Future space commanders will need to place each of these weapons strategically to slow the oncoming waves of enemy units. An effective tactician will need to draw on the strengths and weaknesses of their own weapons and units, but also of their enemies.

As we mentioned earlier, one of Comet Crash’s defining characteristics is actively bringing the fight to the enemies own front door — you must devise an offensive strategy. Comet Crash lets you choose between a variety of offensive units to create your own army. Each of these specialized mobile units has its own speed, strength and behavior. Once you have a massive army…ATTACK! By the way, remember that powerful Cell processor that you all have in your PS3? It’s for real. We cranked up the army cap to 1000 individual units per player for some seriously huge attacks. If all else fails, bust through the enemy defenses by destroying their towers. Choose to use simple brute force, devise a crafty offensive strategy, initiate land grabs, or use a combination of tactics to win.

Comet Crash Update Screen2

In the Campaign, 1-3 players can fight through 28 action-packed levels. As you move through the Campaign you gain access to new technologies that add new strategies to your arsenal. It is up to you to find the most efficient way to spend your resources and to throw together first-class strategies to take down your enemy. Levels can be passed in many different ways so feel free to release your inner genius.

Battle mode allows you to play against your friends, supporting 2-4 players offline. The goal is simple: take out your buddies before they take you out!

We hope you enjoy the latest Comet Crash gameplay footage.

Comet Crash will get a free patch in a few weeks with some new and remastered sound effects, graphics tweaks, language support and a newly optimized SDTV layout.

Thanks for reading!

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  • @John Bates
    Read this OFFER AND gave me your opinion:

    or this

    or this

    if you interested(Pelfast) why not give it a try.

  • Great game, definitely worth playing if you haven’t already gotten it.

  • I enjoy tower defense games, hope there’s a demo to try out first.

  • How about a additional MAPS? Since this game doesn’t have a online competitive feature. And 5 worlds is simply not enough for a addictive game like this.

  • How about addition map packs? Since this game doesn’t support on-line competitive feature. And 5 worlds simply ain’t enough for a great and addictive game like this.

  • @1 ghamdikh1

    What relevance does this have?
    The game is already out it’s already exclusive.

    While I still have not picked this game up this new game-play video (at least new to me) has enticed me to grab this game.


  • Is putting ‘free’ in the title really necessary? I would be devastated if we had to pay for a every game update.

  • Ahhhhhhhh… Just wanted to ask for more content for this game…

    Good to see some prompt positive feedback like that!!! :D

  • I like turtles.

  • Now that the turtles have been answered, here’s a question.
    Any chance you’ll allow us to listen to our music in the background from our PS3?
    It’s nice to blow things up to my own track list. It’s even nicer when I can multitask with only one device.

  • In that case, you guys just made my short list of heroes. You have joined the elite list of such notables as Leon Moisseiff and the guy who invented Hot Pockets. Keep up the good work.

  • Any info regarding Comet Crash coming to PAL territories?

  • Man, I love this game. This is one of the best of the best of the PSN. Everyone should get this game, Its extremely good and very addictive. I’m really looking forward for new DLC from you guys at Pelfast. Thanks for making a game like this.

  • I’m in love with this game. This future-proof classic will be played for years with my friends and family alongside M.U.L.E. and Lords of Conquest.

  • Excellent! Thanks John! :)

  • I’m going to listen to the reviews and pick this up. I love tower defense games. Glad to see you guys are doing things to improve the game. Thanks for bringing this to PSN!

  • This game is great I cant wait for the Dlc will be very cool new levels for such a good game but i’ve got one question because the only thing which isnt great in this game is that it doesnt have an online multiplayer so please please guys please answer me and it would be even better if u say yes just tell me will there be an online multiplayer in the DLC or a patch? please make an online multiplayer please please^^

    • I knew this question was coming :) Later this year we will run some tests to find out if Comet Crash can function online with 1000s of units. If the results are positive, you will hear more news about this…

  • Dear Comet in heaven… if this goes online… oh my!

  • Not only people who want online multiplayer but what about playing offline with a computer? I mean, I’d like to take on a practice match with a computer, like a warm up or something. So, is it possible for you guys to add such a feature?

  • I like the music in this game, remindes me of Dune 2 :D

    But yeah, this game is awsome, really fun playing with friends over, however, they are somewhat bad at it, and it ends up with me just steamrolling them, and they leave with the door wide open, so if we where to get Online play it would be welcomed with open arms :)

    Kudos for finally bringing it to PAL :)

  • I like these kinds of games!

  • whoo hoo! cant wait for DLC!!!!!!!

  • psn and ps3 my ps3 hass horible internet connection and still freezes affte update 30.1 i like the ps3 but if im on a 50 killstreak on qos it will freze in the miidle of the game i got it and beat it when it happened make another update i was even thinking of getting a xbox 360 just for playing online but i love ps3

  • and can u place trophies and downloaded games everything to a new ps3 even if smething inside 2 keep it up breau crepce it can u do this??

  • Is it ever coming out on disc?

    Because it’s not worth buying if not.

  • i like free stuff, thanks.

  • I’m not into this kind of game, but free stuff is always nice, so thanks.

  • Is PSN going to get anything new and orignal ever?

  • @23

    No one I knows has ever had problems with their PS3 because of an update. Are you sure the update causes this?


    Is there ever anything new and original in the world, ever?

  • Ooops i’m a little behind on my blogs, good to finally see some news on Comet Crash, i really enjoy playing this game very much (a job well done by Pelfast, Gratz!!) and was wondering if we were ever gonna see or hear anymore news about it. Cant wait to play it again with your new patch and i would love to see some DLC for it soon, it’s a definite buy for me. Keep up the great work Pelfast.

    For those of you that like these type of games and havent played it yet, what are you waiting for, you will have a blast and its worth every penny spent.

  • I can’t believe your still supporting this game! That is so cool. I got it recently, and i have to say its awesome… ranked #15 on first map in the game. DLC should give us new maps/ trophies.

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