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  • Can’t wait to see more Uncharted 2 reviews.

  • When will we here about Fortune Hunter Edition give aways on the Blog? I can’t eran one from the beta anymore, my PS3 got the YLOD. :(

    I really hope I can get one on the blog.

  • Hey Chris have are al the mag beta invites out yet because I still have not recieved mine and I suscribed the qore when the September issue was released

    • Long-time Qore subscribers should have received them by now. Make sure you haven\’t opted out of email notifications and that you have the correct email address on file. Then contact Customer Services here:

  • Can’t wait for lost planet 2 demo won the uncharted beta code on Twitter and I can’t get any sleep with so many epic games and the launch of the PSPGO I see alot of sleepless nights coming one question though is the a way to adjust the mic for uncharted my a/c is running in my house and I know everyone Im playing with has to listen to it just watching my mic icon flickering constantly is annoying to me I just don’t want to give people a reason to shoot me also is there a duck/crouch button ?????

  • ***stargamer****
    how do you earn the collectors edition from playing the beta??? I have the beta and I want the colectors edition??

  • *cough* TRINE *cough*

  • Hey Chris,

    Can you forward a request off to the firmware division of the PSP for me?

    I’d like better organization of games on the XMB that I’ve downloaded. The Expiration deal doesn’t really do it for me. I’d like to organize by UMD, PSN, and PSOne if it all possible. At the least PSOne and UMD and reorder the stuff by alphabetical, creation date, or most played. I’d also liked to see some Icon Cashing going on so it loads up to the XMB a little faster. There was some noticeable improvement in firmware 6.0, but it could go a little further I think with a caching file and better organization through folders like the ones I suggested above.

    With 16 gigs of storage and 22 games stored on my PSP from the PS Store, it is starting to get a bit messy like my PS3 which organizes much better.

  • waiting for the first add on for ferrari challange new cars and tracks for the game

  • Hoping for this next week:

    1) Premium avatars debut
    2) Big home releases(we know singstar, what about v1.3?)

    3) More FREE Dynamic themes
    4)Some sort of surprise (maybe more enhancements like sending messages to your friends via

  • Great weeks for PS news. Can you guys let slip any plans you have for the Blog with it being TGS next week yet?

  • release crash team racing in the U.S.

  • Additional Recap:

    Firmware 3.01 continues to wreak havoc for those of us with 60gb launch consoles. Blu Ray discs crippled. Games freeze and crash. Sony has not acknowledged the issue and customer service has been less than helpful.

  • hey chris got a ? i bought the 1yr qore on september 17th at around 8pm east coast time and i still haven’t receive my mag beta code what day should be the latest that ill receive it ? plz answer my?

    • If you *just* signed up, give it a little time. In the meantime, make sure your email is correct and that you are NOT opted out of email contact.

  • @agentxray / @12

    What are you talking about?
    I have a 60 gig with no problems and haven’t heard of anybody having problems

  • Can’t wait for Uncharted 2! It’s gonna be so much fun. Also does anyone know if .detuned is coming to the PSN this week?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Have the MAG beta emails been sent out yet?
    I’ve been a Qore subscriber since launch last year, and resubscribed for the discount price this year and haven’t got the email.

  • @5 I believe one can win the FHE by playing the demo online. I think they said they’re giving away one each day. I’m not sure about the public demo though, it may only apple to those who pre-ordered through Gamestop/Ebgames. I’m still waiting to hear if we’re getting anything special in Canada before I pre-order.

  • LOL i wrote apple instead of apply in my last comment.

  • Dear Chris,

    I just saw this link and I am actually disgusted that people could be so damn greedy and try and take advantage of those without tech knowledge.

    In addition to completely throwing Best Buy’s integrity out the window, they are actually bringing down the Sony brand with them

    Seriously, $130 to create a free account and download latest firmware? Sadly there are people who will probably fall for this.

    Curious what you think about this

  • I have been a Qore subscriber scence the very beginning, but I have not received my MAG beta code yet.

  • @12 i have a 60gig and i haven’t been experiencing any of those problems.

  • How many ways is there to win the collectors edition of uncharted? Blog only? Twitter?

  • Wow, good thing I’m checking the BLOG time after time, hope I won’t miss it..

  • @agentxray

    No one wants to hear your lies being spread about the latest PS3 firmware.

    Launch 60 gig with 3.01

    PS3 games run flawlessly
    PS2 games run flawlessly
    PS1 games run flawlessly
    Blu-Ray movies play flawlessly

    If there was an even tiny problem with 3.01 the Xbots in the gaming media would be screaming about it with a flood of stories.

  • @NEJ165 @NissanFlyboy

    There are many reports of Firmware 3.00 and 3.01 killing BluRay functionality. If you can sort through the signal to noise ratio, read the comments here:

    Sony maintains it’s pure coincidence that so many BR drives “broke” just after installation of the 3.00/3.01 firmware but I have a hard time believing it.

  • wow i’m shock i got my beta code on Tuesday. and i been a Qore subscriber since last year.

  • All who are not getting the codes. If you are currently not getting regular psn e-mails, this problem MAY be interferring with your ability on getting the MAG code. Some people though are reporting that they ARE still getting their codes though. Please visit the ps forums>ps network>People not getting emails please post here! thread for more info. The good thing everyone is that Jeff of the blog is working hard on getting Sony to fix this. :)

  • Lakers? Eww.

    Go Blazers!

  • got my mag beta code thur and i only been in 1 game and that because of work anyway i like the game alot i think it’s better then modern warfare . now don’t anyone get upset with mine comment ok , i like how you really have to work as a team you can’t just john rambo your way like in COD.

  • will we be seeing options to turn off the spam since 3.00? Options to turn off the ticker, and extra store icons would be appreciated. The “What’s New” section makes the ticker entirely redundant.

  • trine? any word on the North American release of trine? I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any info.

  • More Demons Souls hype please. We need to make sure this game sells so we can get more games like it. Ninja Gaiden as well. Tecmo put so much extra stuff in Sigma 2 it would be wrong if it sold like crap.

  • Cool Recap On The Blog Cant Wait Til Mondays Blog Update

  • Uncharted 2 is looking to be a great game. But I was planning on buying Fallout 3. Should I get Fallout 3 Game of the Year or Uncharted 2? I can only afford one.

  • When is Demon’s Souls coming to Europa?

  • When is Demon’s Souls coming to Europe?

  • EmpireNO

    I’m not sure if Demon’s Souls is scheduled to come to Europe. Last I heard it wasn’t, I hope I’m wrong.

  • @flatulentGhost

    No lies. Love my PS3 and would just like it to work again. Check the comments section under the 3.01 update on this very blog. Seems like a lot of people having very similar problems just after the 3.00/3.01 firmware update.

  • im having the same problems as #12 but only in uncharted when you go from chapter 17 to 18

  • Still nothing about GoW III …

    And I think that we won’t see a new trailer at TGS …


  • Still nothing about GoW III. :/

    And I think we won’t see a new trailer at TGS. :'(

  • ^

    Wow I thought my first message didn’t work, sorry.

  • I just read that Yakuza 3 is being localised for the West. Apparently it can’t be just subtitled because SCEA has some stupid policy about dubs. What’s that all about? Why does Sony have to mess averything up all the time and make things more complicated than they need to be? It’s simple, English speaking people want to play the game, add subtitles, release it, profit. They employed a great cast of Japanese actors for the game, it’s like putting an English dub over Shichinin no Samurai. Stop being stupid SCEA.

  • I’m another day one Qore subscriber and resubscriber that has not received a mag beta code yet I’ve sent along all the little emails but still no real response. I love the sony hardware and the exclusives but i have had the worst possible customer service with sony over any issue i ever have with them. You just seem to get canned responses and people trying to pass the buck to someone else.

  • ok this has nothing to do about this topic but this is very important so please everyone read!! especially administrators
    there is a playstation network account named psdeath666____ and he sends people with psns messages that contain a virus that allows him to control your computer. if u recieve a message from him delete it imediatly and do not open the attachment for it is the virus. and block him as soon as you recieve this message. ive lost 2 friends in the past 5 minutes cause of him

  • Well, despite my past comments, I’m pretty happy Valkyria Chronicles 2 is coming out over here. As for Valkyria Chronicles’ fourth DLC, I REALLY hope it’s not the last. Jeff: PLEASE let Sega back here to rally support for a trophy patch and licensing for the anime series!


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