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Things are picking up steam for us as we head into the final weeks before UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves releases worldwide in October. It’s hard to believe that just nine months ago, we announced UNCHARTED 2 with our “Cliffhanger” trailer at the 2008 SPIKE Video Game Awards. We took the next few months to slowly tease out more information on our single-player campaign until we dropped the bomb in late April that we were including multiplayer gameplay modes in UNCHARTED 2. Everyone at Naughty Dog worked exceptionally hard to get those modes ready to provide everyone with a small preview of what we were up to when we launched our Multiplayer Beta during E3 2009. Not only did we feel great that everyone was finally getting some hands-on time with UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer, but we were equally stoked to end E3 2009 with over 20 awards, including 6 “Best in Show” awards.


Since then, we’ve spent all our time putting the finishing touches on the game and we were able to recently announce that UNCHARTED 2 had gone gold. Since then, we’ve been eagerly waiting to see what game critics have thought about our game and we’re just now starting to see the reviews come in. Earlier this week, we were absolutely thrilled to see our first review garnering a 5 out of 5 and Editors’ Choice Award in the November 2009 issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine. Then, today, we received two more reviews – IGN had the exclusive review and gave UNCHARTED 2 a 9.5 out of 10 and GamesRadar UK chimed in with another perfect 10 out of 10. Needless to say, we can’t wait to read the rest of the reviews over the next few weeks!

Don’t forget that just because we release on October 13, 2009, doesn’t mean you can’t get some hands on time with UNCHARTED 2 before we launch – our Multiplayer Demo will be available to everyone via PlayStation Network on September 29 or, if you pre-order a copy at GameStop now, you can jump in today!

If you do play the Multiplayer Demo, keep a sharp eye out as you’re playing anytime over the next four weeks – a bunch of Naughty Dogs will be playing with you! You can spot us by the red paw next to our PlayStation Network ID in Multiplayer matches and some of us will also be using unique Naughty Dog character skins – Nathan Drake and a pirate from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, both wearing a Naughty Dog shirt.

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  • Congrats, its almost here…like Christmas! :-p

  • Great news Demo is fantastic i hope everyone can try it out

  • Already pre-baught the game, cant wait to pick it up, multiplayer beta is really fun

  • So what’s up with the Fortune Hunter Edition contest? Haven’t heard any news on that…

  • Naughty GOD! You guys are awesome!

    Hey, Arne, how about MP with me? I’m really good. (I’m level 30 BTW)

    If I wasn’t downloading MAG update, I would have jump in and play UC MP Beta right now.

    • I\’ll be in and out of games all the time! Hopefully you\’ll run into me — want everyone to get a fair shot at playing with a Dog.

  • As I’ve said before, this is the first game I have ever pre-ordered and I will always know why.

    Congrats Naughty Dog on an amazing game, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to playing it!

  • Uncharted 2 will be first day buy for me! Uncharted 2 and MW2, of course.

  • First game I’ve ever preordered.

    Congratulations Naughty dog, this game is looking amazing and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to playing this!

  • I can’t wait. First game was so awesome. To bad my PS3 died an hour ago. Second time in the last 2 months. Well at least it’s still under the 90 day repair warranty & I backed my data up this morning. Time to dust off the old PSP.

  • Uncharted FTMFW

  • This is the first game i’ve preordered too..can’t wait .anymore news about the fortune hunter edition?

  • Congratulations Naughty Dog!

  • IGN always tough on there reviews. It totally deserves a 10. Oh well it was already on my pre-order list. Can’t wait. Good job ND.

  • I’m not surprised, I already knew Uncharted 2 was going to be awesome! 11/10

  • Definitely not the first game I’ve preordered, but I’ve had it ordered for a while.

    I played through the first so many times, I’m scared about how much I might play this one with the multiplayer. The demo is awesome so far.

  • I always struggled to believe just how much could be improved over the first title and you’ve continually impressed with everything new shown. This isn’t merely a new game, this is surely the new yard stick with how it combines technical wizardry, story telling and immersive gameplay.

    Thank you Naughty Dog, thank you Sony, I can not wait untill October.

  • Here is the embed code to embed the video review. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves at IGN.com

  • Great Job Naughty Dog !
    Love the Uncharted series, i pre-orderd Uncharted 2 like a few hours ago!
    Arne Meyer, any news on the Fortune Hunters Edition ? Will it be coming to the UK?

  • You should use the embed code to embed the video it is right next to the video on the page. Also IGN should use it as well on their stories. Great Review.

  • Well deserved too.

    Games was a buy reguardless of reviews, but it’s nice to see the work being recognised.

    $20m well spent!

  • FANTASTIC! I downloaded the multi-player demo last night and two hours later, had to force myself to go to bed. Goodbye family. You were lots of fun, but Nathan Drake is calling…

  • Whoa! I thought this was a new commercial at first and I clicked the play button. Congrats on some of the scores that have come in but I will have to pass on this video, as I don’t want to spoil anything for myself.

  • I’ve been playing the multi-player demo and it is pretty fun, though I’m not a big fan of online games. For me the real treat will be the single-player, I can hardly wait.

    I really hope I win a Fortune Hunter Edition, although I’ve pretty much given up all hope of that ever happening.

  • I’m playing the beta right now haha. <3 Naughty Dog and Sony.

  • Mad props to Naughty Dog on delivering my favorite new series of this generation. October 13th can’t come soon enough.

  • Ohhh, seems like there is a surprise ending maybe like from the first. I really really really hope so O_O I love the way you guys twisted the first one.

  • I cant wait for this game!! I love the multiplayer!! The story is gonna be awesome!! Oct is gonna be a big month for games!! Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank, Tekken 6, Demon souls, Fallout3, and Nba 2k!! Yall curse my wallet so…… :D

  • Really want to replay Uncharted DF. if anyone knows where I left my copy……..

  • GOTY, just give the game and move on.

  • Congrats so far! This is the reason why I own a Playstation 3, for games like this. I would also like to hear more information about the contest as well. I just want t win for the autograph so I can admire it, I already plan on buying the game at midnight. But again, congratulations with the positive reviews so far. I can assure you they’ll stay that way…

  • Good job!

    I cant wait to get my hands on this game with demons souls :)

  • very very good game im getting it

  • pre ordered this yesterday. Uncharted is my favorite game of the generation, and I have a feeling U2 will be taking its place very soon.

  • Congratulations Naughty Gods, I’m very proud of you.

  • I hope you guys are given an extremely good break/vacation for this. You all put so much work into this game, so any small vacation won’t do, you guys really deserve something special. :)

  • I wish it were possible to release it a few days earlier. 3.5 weeks to go…

  • there a website that gave Uncharted 2 a 21/20.. LOL.. GOTY

  • You guys made my favorite game ever I spent an entire night playing the beta and I’m still going strong at level 34

  • im sad that my ps3 is broke. gotta spend all my extra money on fixing it and cant afford this game and ratchet and clank. fricking sony and there 150$ repair fees. they suck

  • I hope this game gets the justice it deserves, and doesnt get any hate from XBOT sites, like EDGE and EUROGAMER.

  • you guys deserve this! The game is just amazing! I hope you guys can give us some DLC, at least some maps or extra character skins in the future.

    Can’t wait for this game… argh… still one month to go… any “early” releases like last time?? ;)

  • Good work, Naughty Dogs!

  • @Ennikguy

    Buhuhahahaha level 34, and to think you’ll looses it all when the game releases.

  • Congratulations to all at Naughty Dog on this game. The multiplayer demo is A LOT of fun. (btw, the music does sound MUCH better in the sequel)

    However, I will probably be taking a break from it. One, my stats are going to reset anyway. Two, I need to recreate my Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune save game (with a completion) to get that bonus when U2 ships. Along the way, I lost my save in the first game, and even though I have already noticed that firmware 3.01 has not entirely cleaned up all the glitches, I will strive to be dilligent in finishing it.

    Again, congrats on the reviews so far, the *ahem* upcoming bundle, and the worthy buzz.

  • I LOVED(!!!) the Multiplayer Demo! But not multiplayer modes itself- only Co-op modes are what I am a HUGE FAN OF! By the way, will you include SUBTITLE TO EVERY video(s) you include in the game itself? I mean EVEN THE TRAILERS, too? Because many times when the trailers were released via websites, they tend to have voice-over(s) without subtitle being included. It would be nice for us to hear and amuse oursevlves with the subtitle included. I am deaf, but not only because of that. Think of general population who do not have the opportunity to amuse themselves as well…

    By the way, speaking of DLCs… Would you include them after a few weeks or months after its initial release date? I hope so. That should be FOR EVERYONE. PLEASE… :-D

    • Thanks! You\’ll be glad to know that most of our cinematics, videos and even in-game dialogue have subtitles included. We couldn\’t get absolutely everything, but I think you\’ll be happy.

  • oh ya and please give us a Jak skin for MultiPlayer

  • Can’t wait to play this game. Reviews thus far have all been great, and you guys deserve the praise. Congrats on making what will no doubt be GOTY for 2009!

  • This is why I am glad I own a PS3. I have had it basically since launch, and I never once thought Sony would not come through. It is what Sony does best. Never, and I say never, let Naughty Dog leave you guys Sony.

  • Congrats ND!! If the single player is anything near the awesomeness of the multiplayer, we’re all in for one hell of a ride.

  • Very impressive, Naughty Dog. Consider me a day-1er!

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