Motion Controller Update Part III: Deep Dive into the E3 Demo

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In the third part of the motion controller Blog series, Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov break down their E3 on-stage demo in more detail. From plasma whips and drawing, to abstract domino snakes and real time strategy-style games, you’ll see some things you’re already familiar with, as well as some never before seen applications that didn’t quite make the show. More details are included in the video below.

Stay tuned for more exclusive motion controller updates soon. If you’re just tuning in, be sure to check out Motion Controller Update Parts One and Two as well.

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  • Need to see applications with the motion controller. SOny, Give me an Uncharted Beta code.

  • The motions controller looks great, but is Sony going to support this the way they supported the Eyetoy or the PS Eye? There was a couple of below average applications that were released around launch of the PS Eye and nothing since. So I just spent about $40 for what? I am skeptical about this as well and will not be purchasing this day 1 like I will Uncharted 2.

  • The motions controller looks great, but is Sony going to support this the way they supported the Eyetoy or the PS Eye?
    There was a couple of below average applications that were released around launch of the PS Eye and nothing since. So I just spent about $40 for what? I am skeptical about this as well and will not be purchasing this day 1 like I will Uncharted 2.

  • That was pretty cool.

    Any comment about Capcom saying that they’re “delighted” about the PS3 motion controls so that they can start porting over Wii games?

    Is that the plan? For the PS3 to become a port target for the Wii shovelware?

  • I love these demos. Keep ’em coming guys!

  • The POINTER tracking is a little off – but can easily be fixed by each game by their own CENTER featre which, like virtual boards in some schools, give a point on the screen for you to point and click at, and from there know where exactly your camera is to your TV so can make the accuracy close to one hundred percent.

  • Really nice.

    Can’t wait for this to come out.

  • Looking good, i can’t wait to try it out myself! Although, I guess we still have to wait a very long time till we can.

  • I hope by the time this comes out there is some application support, because the tech is definitely more impressive than the Not-all.

  • This is why the motion controller seems great. All the videos make it appear the most responsive of any motion control technology I’ve seen.

    I’m glad to see this actually developing into a positive thing and having Richard and Anton show off some real-world (can you say real-world if you’re talking about video games?) applications for the controller in “core” games.

  • I was shocked when this was shown at E3, and the technology is looking better and better.
    Good work Sony.

  • If you make an RPG like Oblivion for this controller, it will sell 5 million easy.

  • Looks awesome!!!

    Need to play an rpg with it!!!!

  • I would realy love for this to work,but if there will be as much lag as there is in the video this thing will be unusable for gaming.

  • RPG with motion controls would be amazing

  • That is so cool! I knew Sony wasn’t going to let Microsoft have all the fun with Project Natal!

  • I don’t like the the controller. I hope they design some kind of Dualshock variant, where maybe you can split it into two and than you have two motion controllers, than put it together and it just a regular controller. There was some demo of that somewhere online but I don’t know what happened to that.

    This would be awesome:

  • Awesome. My bro and I were in the Shrine when you guys were showing this off—you easily floored us!

  • Will be interesting to see what game devs do with the motion controls.

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  • LMAO @ 21! Thats what you get for doing whatever you did…

  • I was watching this video on my PS3, and it got the YLOD! :(

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  • two motion controllers + rpg = =O

  • This stuff is awesome! Another item to my list of reasons I own a PS3!!

    I can’t wait to see the games use it.

    So when can we expect to see it in production?

  • I’ve got an idea for you to help illustrate just how amazing this new controller is. Invite a famous painter or graffiti artist over to demonstrate !

  • really amazing! ^^

  • really amazing

  • we need more gamess that were on ps eye…2 games i think would go great with stick is air guitar and pool, and table tennis

  • I wonder if any developers have tried using this in conjunction with the Sixaxis/DS3 controller.

    One of the upsides to the wii is it’s attachments to it’s wand and I’m hoping to see something to that effect, but manages to do away with the cord.

  • What kind of update can we expect from TGS?

  • This tech looks amazing and sure to be one of if not the most advanced controller on the market.

    The thing is the games though

    A good idea would be to sell 2 types of games

    1. Rail shooters: these would be great, a cool idea would be to port arcade ones considering ppl dont use the arcade much these days and these games are really fun. I mean just ask sega or capcom or all the other companies for some and all you have to do is port, add online leaderboards and online co-op.

    2. a regular motion control games: these games are more so the other part of this which is just regular motion control games that you sword fight, explore, battle whatever that shows the tech and fun these controlers have. If you guys can it would be awome to have some arcade game remakes using this such as pac man, galaga, space invaders etc. using this. Heck, even psn games like Shatter could use this as an extra.

    Anyways if you guys do this then you will be golden and us gamers will be happy.

  • i have a question, with the drawing and spray paint parts, Will we be able to take a screen shot of our created artwork? also if we can, will we be able to export them to the hdd? another question, can we just have the artwork on a plain white page or other background color as opposed to the board in the game when we save a pic(assuming we could save them)?

  • this will be epic as long as they do 2 things 1 sell it with a game so people can start using it right away and 2 have a lot of good game titles ready to go at launch that u can choose from. i mean take a page out of Nintendo book OH WAIT YOU ALREADY ARE.LOL

  • Really impresses me how quick and precise the response is.

    (analog stick on there please!)

    Good luck with next week’s TGS showing.

  • thats just awesome im buying this

  • Very cool stuff, especially the domino snakes.

    Are you guys going to be showing the bow & arrow shooting at the skeletons again? To me, that was the most impressive part of the E3 demo.

  • The game Demon Souls, would be a perfect game to use the mechanics of the new motion control, and Sony keeps on impressing.

  • If you guys make this motion crap required, I might just have to quit gaming. Motion controls are an overrated gimmick on ANY console. If I wanted to shoot an arrow, I’d go do it. And so on and so forth. If you force me to buy those “flashlights” to play my games in the future, I will be surpremely pissed. I want my good old dualshock and not a mag light to play my games. If every game that comes out after this crap forces it, I’m done. I hate motin controls and yes, I hate the six axis as well. I have a wii, I hate it, it’s got more dust on it that my 360 does and that’s covered as well.

    Motion is NOT the way to go people, when will you learn this.

  • wow. i really want a survival horror game with this. use 2 controllers one for a flashlight and one for a gun. i hope developers use these for actual games and not just crappy mini-games. cant wait to see some games for it.

  • Show us what types of games we can expect, we have seen these ones already and are they going to be like the wii games?

    Kind regards

  • Please tell me you guys will support this way better than the PS Eye and Eye Toy! &Make sure there are analog sticks of some kind on the motion controller!

    Other than that, I’m excited to see how this turns out. :)

  • Needs an analogue stick solution otherwise it will be useless for proper games. Will be a huge failure without one.

    And holding a DS3 with one hand is not an option.

  • I’m digging the fire snakes.

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