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Hello! It’s good to be back with the SingStore update!

SingStar - Blondie "Rapture"

Some great tracks this week from Blondie with ‘Rapture’, Spandau Ballet’s ‘Through The Barricades’ and ‘Here Comes your Man’ by The Pixies. Please check out the whole list of tracks and artists below.

The SongPack this week comes courtesy of the amazingly talented Dizzee Rascal including ‘Dance Wiv Me’, ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’ and his latest hit single with Armand van Helden, ‘Bonkers’.

To everybody who downloaded the Coldplay 2 SongPack: If you could delete and re-download it, the medley should definitely be working now! Sorry for the delay with fixing this one.

Also a big thanks to Erin for filling in for me two weeks ago!

Keep on singing and see you soon,

Nina x

In English

  • Eoghan Quigg — “28,000 Friends”
  • The Libertines — “Can’t Stand Me Now”
  • Pixies — “Here Comes Your Man”
  • The Sounds — “Painted by Numbers”
  • Friendly Fires — “Paris”
  • Blondie — “Rapture”
  • September — “Satellites”
  • Spandau Ballet — “Through the Barricades”
  • I’m From Barcelona — “We’re From Barcelona”

In Spanish

  • Sidonie Los Olvidados


  • Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome — “Dance Wiv Me,” “Flex,” and “Holiday”
  • Armand van Helden – “Bonkers,” and ” Fix Up, Look Sharp”

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13 Author Replies

  • When will we get songs in the American store that we’d want to sing?

  • Hey Nina,

    Any chance on getting a patch that will allow the awesome Logitech wireless microphone to work with SingStar? Better yet, any chance of Sony or you guys to create a BLUETOOTH microphone? Microsofts Lips has got a 1up on SingStar in this department and its time for you guys to strike back!


  • Will we ever be able to unlock the Playstation Home SingStar trophy reward items here in the US? I have earned all of the trophies but the items have yet to release here in the US.

  • Will be picking up the Pixies. Thanks. Request: More Radiohead please!! :D

  • And once again, I’ll stick with Microsoft’s Lips.

    Why do you hate us?

  • I still demand Depeche Mode be brought over for the US versions!!

  • Nina x are you really Nina Cherry? cause her stage name for a while there was Nina X.

  • its not letting me post what I want to post. stupid iphones messing with the blog.

  • How come you guys don’t release current songs? This is ridiculous. For god sakes we are in 2009 people. When are we going to see the wireless mics?

  • Sounds like a plan

  • Come on why do you insist on releasing these songs? Who do you screen them to before you deside which ones to release? Why not more modern songs and not just chick songs from Brintny. I mean come on Coldplay, Shinedown, more rock music and not this oldies crap that my mom doesn’t even like.

    Please I would gladly buy songs if they are more popular. This is America not Europe I guess we have different taste is songs so please get a better focus group for our country.

  • You know Sony if you would use the money you spend on developing new features like video editing, and used it on releasing better copy righted songs people will love that. Really. Just try it.

    • Better copyrighted songs? Not sure what you mean?

      Like I have said countless times before – unfortunately it is not up to us and our hands are tied when it comes to the US and the store.

      We are working on this constantly but it\’s a very slow processs. I wish we could give you everything the European store has. I really do!

  • was woundering if we could get some christian artists in the mix like Toby Mac


  • all u guys winning about wirless mice by them online from europe store…. i bought them and they work fine and singstar queen from europe too. Blue rays are not region locked

  • Is there a way for a US singstar personnel to come here and reply to the people’s comments? Because you always mention that you will let your US colleagues know what is up, but then we always get nothing new, everything seems uncertain, and it’s like there’s a lack of communication.

    I have been waiting forever for the US singstore to receive songs that US customers know, I am a very patient guy. But for the rest of the people that complain, they’ll end up losing hope, complain some more, and probably stop playing the game.

    I would love to get some tracks that we know, and i would love to buy the wireless mics when it comes out here, but to this day, no one STILL knows when those would arrive here. =(

  • –Nina
    “But we love you and are doing our best. Honest!”

    With as due respect, Nina don’t say that because if this is your best then we shouldn’t bother hoping for better.

  • WHY US updates sucks,look for EU Singstar Updates,they are so GOOD!!

  • I will download Can’t stand me now….but thats probably it. Sad update

  • Thanks Nina,

    You are doing your best, and thats appreciated (not sure about the rest of your co-workers though ;) )

    Anyway, could Singstar release a statement or anything about why its so slow to get decent songs to US, and why there are hardly any Sony songs let alone UMG songs? Some simple explanations would help quell the rage, for awhile atleast.

    Keep up the good work, and get on yoru co-workers!

  • Nina, thanks for adding some more Spandau Ballet…loving the constant stream from what I’d term THE MOST UNDERVALUED 80’s POP BAND!!

    That said, Sony owns nearly all of Michael Jackson’s catalog post Motown…Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, Blood on the Dance Floor and Invincible right? Any chance we may see album releases, or…perhaps, Singstar Michael Jackson? Here, overseas…I really don’t care, I’ll buy it. I know this is likely less a question of IF, but WHEN…and politics are grizzly surrounding an artist’s death…but PLEASE?!?

    And please do pass on our concerns for the wirless mics here in the states. We NEED these!

  • This game had so much potential, i even bought the vol 1 and 2 but you guys aren’t releasing enough songs and songs with a wider range of appeal. We’re still waiting for mics and Vol 3 and 4 :(

  • I know you say you are trying your best and that you have no control, and I really appreciate it, but Singstar has got to do better really soon. i love this game but lack of support is making me sad. (And those of you who say Lips is better, you are wrong unless you just like sparkly mics.) Anyhow, please get us some more Coldplay (Viva la vida, please!!)

    Thanks so much for your time Nina!!

  • @10. The wireless mics were released months ago…Ive already seen them in shops here in South Africa

  • I gotta ask – what’s up with Nirvana being available in the UK and not in the States?

  • @24

    but the mics were never released in the US.

  • One thing the US consumers have to keep in mind is that Singstar has been released in EU for years. The product is in its infancy in the North American market. Keep supporting the product and requesting songs, and they will eventually start to pay attention to us.

  • I am seriously disheartened by these lackluster updates time and again for the U.S. fans. I have to agree with all of the other crtical comments above due to what I view as a steady decline in Sony’s support of US SingStar over the summer.

    Why does Sony insist on passing the buck? Why does poor Nina get crucified for something she’s not responsible for? Why is no one from the U.S. SingStar development willing to step up the plate and speak to us fans on what the deal is?

    Chief among my concerns:

    Are there licensing issues? And if so, what are they encountering? Is it just taking longer to cut through red tape or are they not planning on bringing certain songs to the U.S. market at all? (A little transparency would foster patience and understanding on behalf of most users.)

    Also, why have they not released the wireless mics for an affordable price in the US?

    Are they planning on stopping US support alltogether? (This is my guess.)

    I guess I just don’t understand Sony’s mindset – how can you expect a game to have a large, profitable following if no money is spent marketing and licensing hit songs and no communication takes place even to your most loyal core fan base?

  • I don’t blame you Nina, more likely the US and it’s copyright laws and the song studios holders. But I’m done with Singstar. I’m heading to Toys-r-us to do a trade. To little way to late.


    Please explain it’s been available for years for the PS2. It just started taking off recently in the US, hence the new talk.

  • Thanks for the update… would still love to see more parity with the EU store.

    More U2, Nirvana, Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, MGMT, etc. please.

  • What about our trophy items here in the US? Why hasn’t someone answered our questions in regards to them? Even the Home Mods seem to be ignoring our questions.

  • @28 Your post sums up what I’ve been saying all along. Transparency would help a ton.

    It really feels like SCEA is kinda giving the the Singstar team the middle-finger. I don’t doubt that Singstar wants THEIR game to do well, but the fact is that they are a UK based company and they need support from SCEA for legal and licensing issues, and I’m getting the sense that they are not getting it.

    It does feel like in a year or so there will be no US Singstar. Thats the only explanation for the lack of support over here in the US.

    And as said before, good work Nina, ignore all the people hating on you. You are only doing your job (and doing a great job at it!). I don’t doubt your remorse for the lack of content here in the US.

  • who cares if the wirless mics are not in the U.S yet. just by them on the internet from a europe store with U.S. money and u will have them sent in the mail just like i did and i love them ive already been playing queen singstar for over 5 months now too. Importing is awsome!!

  • I want the wireless mics.

    Importing cost extra. I will not pay $60+ for $30 dollar mics.

    For now, I will have to live with have my kids accidently yanking out the mics from the ps3. :(

  • @mgsfoxhound2

    Why, so they can provide half-ass support every time they sell us a game? No. They released the game in this territory, they can also release the updated peripheral here.

  • seriously sony stop worrying about singstar and get your firmware 3.0 fixed!!

  • we get it! wireless mics :X
    can’t people read?

    sony is probably trying to get the prices down for americans, and getting the timing right (aka pre-December).
    american products are usually bundled, while in europe they are sold better separately.

    the Microsoft lips thing is a complete and utter failure in europe, it’s too american (with that i mean, in your face!)
    it’s like the charger light on the xbox360’s controller (it’s a bright red/green light blinking in your face, that’s considered very rude in Europe/Japan but quite acceptable in America for some reason?)

  • 3 months without buying new songs and counting.

  • Nina- A few questions if you don’t mind:

    Do you know if we will ever be able to upload songs from PS2 format discs? At the moment, most of my saved media is from PS2 discs. Of course, if this is not possible, I wouldn’t mind seeing the PS2 discs in the Singstore at some point either.

    Is there(or will there ever be)a way to transport downloaded music between consoles. I have a ton of music downloaded on my hard drive, but I often play at my friend’s place, so I’m stuck with the default tracks unless I buy them twice.

  • The update is so so but I know Nina is trying her best to please us… It’s not her fault about the crappy update… Thanks for posting anyway ;)
    Nina do you know anything about a Singstar Latino coming to the US PS2 and PS3 this fall? Here’s the link:
    Thank you girl :)

  • Crosses fingers and hopes Singstar Latino is real and contains actual songs that I know.

    give me Mana, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, La Mafia, Selena, Nelly Furtado (new Spanish Album), Marco Antonio Solis…

  • I feel so bad for Nina.

    lol… Oh well. >.> Thanks for stopping by all the time and talking to us. :D

  • Are songs from EU store available to use on the US discs? I have a UK account and a friend over there that can fund my account with some pounds, but I need to know if the songs will work on my US system and disc.

  • I have given up on singstar :(

    I cant take these UK releases anymore.

    I will miss the amazing setup but if the songs selection is like this then what good is a great setup.

  • Haven’t purchased any new songs in 2 months.
    Last time I played was 1 month ago.
    Pleas, give me a reason to fire up this fantastic game, with better DL offerings.

    People are eager to buy songs, and Sony could be making a fortune off SS in NA.
    It’s a shame really.

  • Nina…I appreciate that you are ‘doing your best.’

    Why GRATES at people such as myself that have purchased SINGSTAR PS3 is that we see games like Rockband and Guitar Hero have ZERO issues with getting licensed content for the North American audience.

    So whatever can the problem be that is holding back SONY when EA/Harmonix and ActiBlizzard seem to have very little issues in this regard. Is it a lack of expertise in licensing in the US? Then HIRE EA to publish the game for you in the US and appease your fans.

    A better explanation that ‘it’s hard’ is warranted since I dropped $60 on your game and expected to have content in the Singstore that was relevant to a North American taste.

  • The Libertines rules… that’s all I have to say.

  • Might get We’re From Barcelona – but I’m still waiting on PSN technical department to let me DL my songs onto my PS3 – they said it’d be a few days, it’s been a few weeks. Might wait, since it’d be strange to only have one DLC song. lmao

  • We want the EUROPEEN UPDATE !!!!

    But, The sounds – Painted by numbers is awesome, one of my favorite band !!! The sounds – No one sleeps when i’m awake will be great too!!!


    If Can’t put Good American Music Put Some Good Spanish Music I think it be Cheaper

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