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We’re less than a month out from the launch of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and we’re starting to see reviews come in. We just received the November issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine in the studio which has the first world review of UNCHARTED 2. Subscribers should have this issue in the mail any time now and, if you don’t have a subscription, you can pick up a copy from newsstands in the next couple of weeks.

Cracking open the issue, which features UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves as its cover, we were totally thrilled to see that our game received a perfect 5/5 AND the Editors’ Choice award for the month! We’ve been working incredibly hard over the past two years to make UNCHARTED 2 the best game we’ve made yet and we’re all smiles to hear that we’re not the only ones who think we’ve got something really great on our hands.

You’ll have to pick up your own copy to read the ten full pages of UNCHARTED 2 details, but in the meantime here’s an image of the cover to serve as a preview:

PTOM UCHARTED 2 review cover

I’m pretty sure just reading reviews of our game won’t be enough to hold you over until we launch on October 13, so be sure to check out our Multiplayer Demo. If you pre-ordered UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves through GameStop, then your early access to the demo starts tomorrow and runs up until just prior to the launch of our game. If you haven’t pre-ordered, the Multiplayer Demo opens up to everyone via a PlayStation Network download on September 29.

We’ll be back on the PlayStation.Blog tomorrow with more details about the multiplayer demo and an associated contest you’ll definitely want to know about!

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  • For those claiming just because it’s a PS magazine, did you guys all forget they gave Lair a 5/10, Haze a 5/10, and even Resistance 2 an 8/10?

    And judging by the previews, beta, and the first game, come on a 5/5 is a no brainer!

    This is the first of many 5/5’s coming I bet. But it will be WELL DESERVED. Naughty Dog and Sony have really gave us an amazing game and I cant wait to get my hands on it Oct 13th

  • I think everyone seen this coming. This game is packed with features, the beta was amazing, and the first one was incredible. I can’t wait to play this game.

  • i cant wait to receive it. Im a proud subscriber since 2-3 years!


    Can i ask a thing?

    Is anything about the special edition reserved to Europe?

  • Game of the Eternity.

  • If this game doesnt get the highest score then i dont know what will.

    I got into the previous beta thanks to the cintamani contest on this here blog ;] and it was amazing. Cant wait to see more about the collectors edition contest and especially this game.

    So now whos ready for some MP tonight? >:]

  • “Forget game of the year. This is one of the best games of all time.”

    I agree 100%

  • Awesome!! so we get are code in the email right? lol

  • This is my most anticipated game of the year. I can’t wait to own it! I played the first beta demo online over and over and I can’t wait to play the new online demo tomorrow.

    Has there/will there be any issues with Uncharted 2 and firmware 3.0?

    Naughty Dog, get some DLC ready now because tons of fans will be begging for more.

  • Sony,

    If firmware update 3.0 ends up causing any problems with Uncharted 2, especially freezing and crashing like it is with the first Uncharted. I’m positive you will have many, many angry fans and customers.

    Please don’t allow a firmware update to ruin any fans/customers experience with Uncharted 2.

  • Cant wait for this game to come out >.<

  • Second good review so far. Some EU reviewer gave it a 21/20. Now, either they have some bizarre rating scale or (as I expect) Uncharted 2 is really a game worthy of a 105%!

    P.S. If I pre-order the game from Gamestop RIGHT NOW, will I still be sent an early-beta access code?

  • Also, I don’t understand why everyone is afraid of Uncharted 2 being effected by Firmware 3.00. Uncharted 1 and 2 are two completely different games (besides being of the same franchise). You people really don’t believe ND outfitted the game for the update? Might I remind you that UC1 was released in 2007. This is 2009 folks. Something was bound to happen with a 2-year-old game.

  • Suggestion!

    I’d like to see some kind of combo subscription between this magazine and Qore.

  • Congratulations Naughty Dog! The game looks like it deserves the rating. Can’t wait to play the demo once again. Thanks for the tease that was the Beta.

    • Thanks everyone! We\’re really proud to see our game recognized like this. We can\’t wait to hear what you all think about it when Oct 13 comes around.

  • The way I see it, that’s not even a suprise. :)

  • Congrats guys, good to see the hard work paying off i cant wait for this game :D

  • Nice

  • “Forget game of the year. This is one of the best games of all time”
    very high praise but hopefully it can live up to it

  • Congrats on the perfect score, guys!

    Hey, Do we have an Australian release date yet? I want to know if I should be ordering it from America, or if it’s close enough to wait for it over here.

    Everywhere I’ve checked says it’s still TBA which worries me. :(

  • October 13th will be a great day for Playstation

  • Awesome, now to avoid reading ANY reviews before my baby…errr Uncharted hits the stores.

  • I’m hoping this game lives up to all the hype; and sells a lot of copies as well.

  • Maybe I’d be more excited about this one if you guys got around to fixing the 3.0 broken first one so I can finish it. Please?

  • nice job, i can’t wait for tommorow.

  • @ 2 dude you are getting kill hear , next time do your homework before you comment lol i guess we won’t hear anything from you for a week lmao take the foot out your mouth.

  • Firmware 3.00 should have come with a time machine update so I could get this game faster. I don’t want to play anything other than Uncharted 2 I’m so stoked about this game that I can’t think of anything else.

  • First day buy!

  • I subscribe to Playstation Magazine, and I will tell you they’re not biased towards PS3 exclusives. They had plenty of negative things to say about Infamous, and they hated Haze. Also to say a game is one of the best of all time is a hugely risky statement, one that could make your magazine the laughing stock of the video game community if it isn’t that great. No, this review is completlely for real. I couldn’t be more excited for Uncharted 2; it will be absolutely be game of the year and one of the most epic and satisfying experiences a video game has to offer. Enjoy the best game ever Sony fans, because this is only possible on Playstation 3. It only does everything. haha

  • What’s the embargo for the other reviews?

  • oh man, i can not wait for this game any longer, SOMEBODY!!! call an ambulance im gunna faint!

  • Can’t wait for this game, although i would love to play the first one.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Buffalo Bills Lost by 1 God Damn Point. =(

    Other than that Uncharted 2 looks phenomenal I can’t wait to play the second beta tomorrow.

  • Pretty Awesome!

  • Very Nice! The PlayStation 3 deserves a proper Indiana Jones-type game. Uncharted is that game, methinks. =) I’d love it if Naughty Dog could take control of the Indy franchise from LucasArts and do it justice! =) … and have Harrison Ford as the voice actor for Dr. Henry Jones Junior. =)

  • Question what time exactly will be demo be available? Will it be midnight tonight EST or PST and if not tonight what time exactly tomorrow. Thanks for any info. I can’t wait!!!

  • One of the best games ever? Dang It! Now i need to buy ratchet and clank, and this! (don’t worry, this has been on my list pretty much since it was announced). Darn you naughty dog for making such great games and for making the multiplayer so dang awesome!!!!

  • where’s the fortune hunter limited edition?! i want it! :D

  • The thing that sets Naughty Dog apart (in my opinion) from other major game developers is their honesty. Like a good author creates a book he/she would want to read, ND creates games they would want to play. With the amount of creativity locked up in their studio it is inevitable that great products will come to fruition by their hand. I tilt my proverbial hat to you folks for so courteously inviting us into your world. Thanks for the good times!

  • hey, arne! love your avatar of n. drake! tell sony to update their avatars! :D

  • Thank you Naughty Dog for working endlessly to bring us Uncharted 2. Developers such as yourself are the reason why I keep playing games year after year.

    Uncharted 2 looks AMAZING and you deserve all the praise and awards you will for sure earn for this amazing title.

    October 13 can’t come quickly enough!

  • super psyched about this game!!!! one of the best of all time? is this good competition for MGS4!? MGS4 is one of my favorites and i have no doubt that this will be in my all time favorites, loved the first and i beat it for the first time like 2 weeks ago, then again 3 days ago, i haven’t had the game freeze on me at all, guess i was lucky. CANT WAIT! thanks naughty dog!

  • Congrats ND for the well deserved score. This game truly needs a collector edition for fans like me.

  • Ok time to make some room for Uncharted 2 and get rid of some old games I never play. I can’t wait! Uncharted is the only game in along time that I’ve played through 3 times to get all the trophies and loved it every min each time. I played the Beta and was blown away at its awesomeness!!!

  • Question for Naughty Dog: If i preordered today, do i still get a code tomorrow?

  • Flip the switch Arne ;)

  • Funny, you promote THIS game without ‘fixing’ the other, I finnally found time to play uncharted again, and now I can’t play it when I want to. I am mad, STOP promoting uncharted 2, until you get UNCHARTED 1 fixed…pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • Also, i can’t wait to play the demo as it will be packed considering it is 1.5 GB and from what IGN says it will include. I am so psyched about this game. I’ve been a fan of Naughty Dog since i first played Crash Bandicoot 3: WARPED :)

  • For the reviews it’s getting, and making me wait so long in anticipation, this game better be the greatest contribution to mankind or the cure to at least one type of cancer.

    Even if it’s not, thank you Naughty Dog. Your built-in skill point system in your previous games will always be the birth of Achievement Points/Trophies in my eyes. I can’t wait to get my hands on Uncharted 2.

  • hi Arne, what time the multiplayer demo start downloading? tks.

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